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This web site is a volunteer project by Janice (Webster) Brown.

I grew up on the south east side of Manchester, New Hampshire, as did my mother and grandparents. My great-grandparents were Irish immigrants who arrived in America in the mid-1800s, seeking relief from Ireland's Great Famine. They were middle-class workers who built the city as you see it now. They were boarding house owners, mill workers, chauffeurs, firemen, to name a few of their occupations. I hope that this web site reflects pride in both my heritage and the lovely city where I grew up.

My special thanks to the staff of the Manchester City Library, and specifically the New Hampshire Room there, who assisted me with research starting some 37 years ago.

You may contact me through email using the webmaster link at the bottom of this (and other) pages on this web site.

This is a primarily a FREE site of information, documents, photographs, etc. researched and collected by the webmaster.

Links to information I consider to be of considerable value, available by paid subscription, can occasionally be found here.

If you have benefitted in some way from the photographs, or other material on this web site, and you would like to thank me, you may do so by making a charitable contribution to "Liberty House Inc.", and mailing your donation to:

Liberty House Inc. (Veterans Shelter)
75 West Baker Street
Manchester, New Hampshire 03103

This organization is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Their contact telephone number can be found at the LINK directly above.

Please let us not forget our veterans! We do not have the ability to go back into our past, and thank our ancestors who participated in various wars and skirmishes, from the French & Indian Wars, through the American Revolution, down to today. Honor their memory by helping the homeless veterans of today who live in Manchester (by donating to the address above). Thank you! [JB]

I apologize, but due to the great number of inquiries I receive, I am not able to perform extensive research for you. If you have a specific question, I will take the time to respond, and offer advice on where you might this research on your own. If I learn that you are researching a family tree or historical topic of which I have already compiled information, I will certainly share that with you at the time of inquiry.

I recently received an email that read: "I was so very happy to find your site. I lived in Manchester New Hampshire till I was six. I now live in Orange County Ca. A lot of my family on my mother and fathers side still live there. My only problem is it is so hard to get pictures and dates from them,it's like they don't want to give any information. How and what part of the site do I go to to find pictures and dates?
I have no idea where to start."
Answer: The best place to start, is with yourself. A great web site that gives advice to beginning genealogists is at FamilySearch.

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