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Main Page - starting page of this web site, introduction

Business in 1864- scans of selected business advertising from the Manchester NH 1861 City Directory, includes a description of all the business "Blocks" and the "Squares"

Cemeteries - this is the only web site where you will find a list of ALL of the major cemeteries in Manchester NH, and their location. This past fall I spent several days photographing and documenting the tombstone inscriptions of TWO of the OLDEST cemeteries.

Contact Us - how to contact the creator of this web site, explanation of banner at top of each page

Family Trees - SOME biographies, family trees and links to same of early families of Manchester. If you would like to add your link, please contact me.

Genealogy - information on how to research your family's genealogy in Manchester, New Hampshire (such as how to obtain vital records, i.e. birth certificate).

History - a brief history of Manchester, New Hampshire with links to indepth history, and the history of Manchester NH organizations. ALSO has lists of soldiers, etc. so worth taking a look at if your ancestor lived here early in the city's history.

Historic Places - a list of places in Manchester NH on the National Historic Register

Links - general links if you are looking for more information about Manchester, New Hampshire

Maps & Statistics - maps, old and new of Manchester NH plus links to some antique NH maps; statistics and weather (comprehensive research tools)

NEWS (City) - if you are looking for CURRENT Manchester NH news, I've provided some news sources (online) for you.

Organizations - a list of most CHURCHES in Manchester NH, and how to contact them. Please do not contact ME if you have questions about when these churches originated, please contact the church directly. ALSO a list of SCHOOLS, and MAJOR CLUBS/SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS.

Photographs - a very comprehensive list of photographs available (either on this site or online) FREE to view -- people, places and things.

Resources - LOCAL REFERENCE - places you should visit if you are researching history or genealogy in Manchester NH. ALSO a list of books and magazines available about Manchester.


Stories & Tales - older stories about various ethnic groups in Manchester NH; add your own

Villages - a list of location names of Derryfield and Manchester NH.

WOMEN of Manchester - biographies, likenesses, and family trees of women who contributed to the development of Manchester NH


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