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Tombstone in Merrill Cemetery, Manchester NH
Tombstone in Merrill Cemetery

Manchester City Owned/Operated Cemeteries
[click this link for the official City of Manchester web site regarding cemeteries]

Please note that the "Date Acquired" is not an indicator of the actual age of the cemetery
Location & Comments
Date Acquired by City & Acreage
Located at 765 Brown Ave (entrance on Calef Rd). First used for burials starting in 1851.
275 acres

Two separate sources of tombstone listings:

#1 Burial Cards, Pine Grove Cemetery from Family Search


Pine Grove Cemetery at Find-A-Grave



History & Description (pdf) |


A Walking Tour of Valley Cemetery (VIDEO - Youtube, Manchester Historic Assn).

Located between Pine, Valley, Auburn & Willow Streets. Earliest burials after 1841.
SEE "Friends of Valley Cemetery"for tombstone epitaphs
20 acres



The 1 acre cemetery was conferred to the City in 1885. The most recent burial in Amoskeag was November 26, 2003.

Located on Manchester's West Side, Amoskeag Cemetery is located on Fieldcrest Road, just south of Goffstown Road. The most recent burial in Amoskeag was November 26, 2003.

1 acre


[oldest discernable stone was of Madison Monroe Stevens who d 19 Oct 1809, but of course there could be older]


Tombstone Photographs & Inscriptions (this site)
Merrill Cemetery is located just south of the Mall of NH on South Willow Street at the intersection of Huse Road. The stones here date to at least 1813 and probably earlier. The famous Commodore Nutt (George Washington Morrison Nutt) is buried in the Merrill Cemetery. Commodore Nutt was signed by circus showman Phineas T. Barnum to a 3 year contract in 1861 for the sum of $30,000. The last burial in the Merrill Cemetery was October 31, 1988.
1 acres

aka WEBSTER Cemetery

Stowell Cemetery, approximately one acre, is located on Bodwell Road (off Mammoth Road) in Manchester's south end and was deeded to the City in 1921. The Stowell Cemetery was formed in 1840 when citizens from North Londonderry and Mammoth Road purchased the land from Josiah Stowell for $15.00. The first person buried in the cemetery was Henrietta Stowell, in 1840. The most recent burial was August 8, 2000.

1 acre


One of the earliest discernable stones is that of Susan Morse who died in November of 1820. WEBSTER seems to be the predominant name in this cemetery.


General Photograph | Photographs and Inscriptions

Hall Cemetery is one-half acre, located at the intersection of Young and Sunnyside Streets, and was conferred to the City in 1921. The most recent burial in Hall Cemetery was March 23, 1942.

.5 acres



Tombstone Photographs & Inscriptions (this site)

The Huse Cemetery, also known as the Center (Centre) City or Derryfield Cemetery is located on Mammoth Road between Candia and Cilley Roads. Huse Cemetery is about one acre and was acquired by the City in 1921. The earliest burial was around 1769. The most recent burial in Huse Cemetery was June 21, 1996.

1 acres


According to C.E. Potter in his 1856 history, this property was deeded to the TOWN of Manchester by Lieut. John Hall and the City took possession on 13 December 1759.


Located on Bowman Street at the intersection of South Main Street behind the South Main Street Church, Piscatquog is a one acre cemetery acquired by the City in 1915.

George McGuire, known as the founder of Labor Day is buried in Lot 119 in the Piscataquog Cemetery. A Celtic Cross marks his grave with the inscription "Labor Day Founder." The first observance of Labor Day was Sept 6, 1886.

The last known burial in the Piscataquog Cemetery was October 11, 2002.

2 acres


First burial 1814.

MOORE (aka Goffs Falls) Cemetery

Article about this Cemetery

To get here: go to the Pine Island Park in the vicinity of 2534 Brown Avenue.
The cemetery is at the end of a 300-foot path that starts at the parking lot of Pine Island Park playground. The cemetery is atop an embankment that drops down to Brown Avenue, but you can’t see it from the road unless you know where to look..

Located on Brown Avenue, the Moore Cemetery is also known as the Brown Ave Cemetery or Goffs Falls Cemetery. It is about .25 acres and was conferred to the City in 1921. The date of last burial in Moore Cemetery is unknown.

.25 acres


Capt. Samuel Moore, a revolutionary war veteran, was buried here in July 1812. Might have stopped being used by the 1870s.

Non-city owned Cemeteries in Manchester NH

Mount Calvary Cemetery & Mausoleum

Web Site

474 Goffstown Rd
Manchester, NH 03102-2324

Catholic; originally St. Marie's Parish; opened 1881

Old St. Joseph Cemetery


SEE Contact below

New St. Joseph Cemetery


448 Donald St
Bedford, NH 03110
(603) 622-9522

St Augustin's


S Beech Street
Manchester, NH 03103
(603) 668-1355

Manchester Hebrew Cemetery

| Mapquest Directions

Just off South Beech Street near the junction of South Willow Street
Manchester, NH
(abuts Augustin's Cemetery)

Stark Burial Plot/Stark Park

| Foliage in Stark Park | See Photographs of his Burial spot

Located on River Road in Manchester (about 1/4 to 1/8 of a mile from Webster Street) on property that was once part of the original farm/homestead of John Stark.

See John Stark Burial Area at Stark Park by Find-A-Grave
"At length, suffering from the effects of a paralytic shock at the extreme age of 93 years, 8 months and 22 days, General John Stark departed this life on Wednesday, the 8th day of May, 1822." The Friday following his death, his remains were interred with military honors, in a cemetry [sic] he had enclosed upon his own farm, a large concourse of people being in attendance, to witness the imposing ceremony, and to pay their last respects over the body of the man who had contributed so largely in filling "the measure of his country's glory." The cemetery is situated upon a commanding bluff upon the east bank of the Merrimack, and over his remains his family have placed a plain shaft of granite, indicative alike of his simplicity and hardihood, upon which in inscribed "Maj. General Stark." This simple stone points to his ashes alone, but his deeds are traced in deep-lined characters upon the pages of our country's history, while his memory is engraved upon the hearts of his countrymen.
Other Local Cemeteries
(early settlers of Manchester area buried here)
East Pillsbury Road, LONDONDERRY NH
Mammoth Road in North Londonderry NH
TXT file this site
Pillsbury Road, LONDONDERRY NH

1896 Description of Cemeteries in Manchester NH
From: Willey's semi-centennial book of Manchester, 1846-1896, by George F. Willey; Manchester, N.H.: G.F. Willey, 1896

"The city owns two large cemeteries, beautiful now and growing in beauty with age. The older of the two, known as the "Valley Cemetery," is situated on the southern verge of the compact part of the city, and the industry of business is encircling it with manufactories, though in 1840, when the Amoskeag Company gave it to the city, it was considered far out of town. It contains nineteen and seventenths acres, and is bounded by Auburn, Pine, Valley and Willow Streets. The conditions of the deed are such that the land can be used for no other purposes than for a burying-ground and the Company reserved the right to flow the valley in it through which the Cemetery brook passes. The lots are now all taken up, and as early as 1855 the need for another resting-place for the dead became so apparent as to cause the purchase by the city in that year, from John S. Kidder and George M. Flanders, of two adjacent tracts of land about two miles and a half south of the city hall, between the Calef road and the River road. These contained about forty acres and were called the "Pine Grove Cemetery." The lack of natural irrigation has been here supplied by artificial water-works, and art has been added to both burial-grounds what nature refused to supply.

In accordance with the provisions of the deed of the Valley a committee was appointed in 1841 to assume its charge and has been annually appointed since, the Pine Grove being also placed under its care. The formal dedication occurred on the fifth of July, 1841, when the Sunday schools of the city, accompanied by many citizens and escorted by the Stark Guards, marched in procession to the spot.

There are also the old burying-ground at the Centre, which was extensively used until 1840; one at Goffe's Falls; one in Amoskeag; one in Piscataquog; one just upon the western limit of the city on the road to Amherst, occupied by the Roman Catholics; one near the school-house at Harvey's mills, known as the "Merrill cemetery;" one in the eastern part of the city, formerly known as the "Huse yard," and now as "Stowell's ground;" the "Ray cemetery" on the River road near Amoskeag Falls; "the Forest cemetery" on the old Weston farm in the south-eastern part of the city; and a small yard in the north part of the city. All of these but the Catholic burial-place are little used, and some are private and others under the control of the city."

From: History of Hillsborough County, New Hampshire
Philadelphia: J.W. Lewis & Co., 1885, page 113

"CEMETERIES--The oldest burial-place under the control of the city is what is known as the Valley Cemetery, which was given to the town by the Amoskeag Company in 1840. It contains about twenty acres. Pine Grove Cemetery contains about fifty-four acres, and is located about two and a half miles from the city hall, between the Calef and River roads. Other cemeteries are the Amoskeag, St. Joseph, St. Augustine, Mount Cavalry; also the old burying-ground at the Centre; one at Goffe's Falls; one in West Manchester; one near the school-house at Harvey's Mills, called the Merrill Cemetery; one in the eastern part of the city, known as Stowell's Ground; the Bay Cemetery, on the River road, near Amoskeag Falls; the Forest Cemetery, on the old Weston farm, in the southeastern part of the city; and a small yard in the north part of the city.

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