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F A M I L Y   T R E E S  of Merrimack, NH (Part X)

- Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the accurateness or authenticity of these genealogies. Please see the reference material used for more information.
- Primary Sources shown below

- The following genealogies are limited to persons born in Merrimack, it being outside the scope of this work to follow the descendants who have emigrated to other places...
- The FIRST generation of the family residing in MERRIMACK NH is shown in red, bold.

See the complete list of family trees available


[Note: A "*" mark indicates there is more information on an allied family, in the book, "History of Merrimack NH]

The Underwood Family of America, are mainly descended from the following lines:
A. Joseph Underwood--who settled in Hingham MA in 1637 with his brother Thomas and removed to Watertown MA in 1645. Thomas left no descendants.
B. William Underwood of Concord, Mass, removed to Chelmsford in 1652 -- **This is the line we are concerned with**
C. Henry Underwood, who settled in or near Newport, Rhode Island about 1665
D. William Thomas Underwood, who settled in Virginia about the middle of the seventeenth century
E. Alexander Underwood, who settled in Maryland about the middle of the seventeenth century.

WILLIAM-1 UNDERWOOD, of Chelmsford MA. His oldest daughter, Remembrance was born in Boston in 1639; he removed from Concord 1652 with about twenty other families from that place and Woburn, to Chelmsford where he was prominent in town affairs, and served as a town officer. Was admitted to the freeman's oath 22 May 1650. Concerning his early history nothing is known at present, but he is supposed to have come from England prior to 1640. He married Sarah Pellet/Pellat? possibly before leaving England, and had children in Concord and Chelmsford MA. Sarah died 5 Nov 1684, and he married 2nd, Anna Kidder of Billerica MA 17 March 1685. In his will, dated 14 March 1693, he calls her "Ann, my beloved wife."
Children of William & Sarah (Pellet) Underwood:
1. Remembrance Underwood, b 25 Feb 1640 [25 day 12 mo 1639] in Boston MA, bapt 1 Dec 1656 age abt 15 yr in Chelmsford MA; m. 6 June 1659 Concord MA to Josiah Richardson, by whom she had 8 children. She d. 20 Feb 1718/19 aged 79 years. They had a son Samuel named in his grandfather's will.
2. Sarah Underwood, b. 3/5 July 1641, m. 10 March 1669, Daniel Blogget/Blogged/Blodgett; had at least two sons mentioned in grandfather's will.
3. Priscilla Underwood, b. 16 Dec 1646, bapt. Dec 1656 ae 10 yrs in Chelmsford MA; m. 6 July 1663 Edward Spalden/Spaulding, and had son "Edward Spalden" as written in his grandfather's will.
4. Aquilla Underwood, b. 3 May 1647, bapt Dec 1656 ae 8yr in Chelmford MA ; d. 17 June 1657, drowned
5. Rebecca Underwood, b. 6 Apr 1650
6. Deborah Underwood, b. 1653, bapt Dec 1656 age 4 yr in Chelmford MA; m. 25 Dec 1668 Nathaniel Butterfield; had a son Joseph mentioned in his grandfather's will
7. +Samuel Underwood, b. 14 Feb 1656 [see]


Samuel-2 Underwood, son of William & Sarah (?Pellet) Underwood, was b. 14 Feb 1655 in Chelmsford MA, and d. 5 March 1753 in Litchfield NH. He married abt 1682 to Sarah [Parker or Gregory]. On the list of men in the garrison of the West Regiment of Middlesex, from Chelmsford March 16, 1691/2 is listed Samuel Underwood.
It is possible that there were children more than these two.
Children of Samuel & ? Underwood:
1. +Joseph Underwood, b. 1681
2. +Aquilla Underwood, b. 1693


Joseph-3 UNDERWOOD, son of Samuel Underwood, was b. 1681, Westford, MA, d. Jan 19, 1761; m. 1707 to Susannah Parker. She b. 1687 and d. Feb 18, 1769. They resided in Chelmford and Westford MA (children born there). Joseph and his brother Squilla were subscribers to the covenant in 1727, when the church at Westford was formed from the church at Chelmsford (the town of Westford having previously formed a part of Chelmsford). The church was organized in 1729. His house in Westford was located on the eastern slope of Tadmuch Hill, nearly opposite the later residence of Ira Leland.
Children of Joseph & Susannah (Parker) Underwood:
1. Joseph Underwood, b. March 1, 1708, d. Apr 4, 1745
2. Thomas Underwood, b. Oct 7, 1709, d. Oct 20, 1732
3. Mary Underwood, b. Oct 28, 1711, d. Nov 26, 1803
4. Elizabeth Underwood, b. Feb 2, 1714
5. Jonathan Underwood, b. Jan 22, 1716 Chelmford MA, d. Marlboro NH
6. Amy/Ame Underwood, b. Oct 16, 1717 Chelmsford MA, d. May 23, 1770
7. Ruth Underwood, b. Jan 20, 1719 Chelmsford MA, d. Sept 4, 1775
8. +Phineas Underwood, b. Jan 3, 1722, Chelmsford MA, d. 24 Sep 1757
9. Timothy Underwood, b. 11 pr 1724; m. Susannah Bond?, Litchfield NH
10. Susannah Underwood, b. Dec 26, 1725; d. Dec 26, 1729
11. John Underwood, b. Sept 15, 1727 Chelmsford MA; m. Hannah Wright and had two sons, Jereme, b. 1750 and John b 1755
12. Bethia Underwood, b. Sept 27, 1729
13. +James Underwood, b. Dec 1 1731 Litchfield NH d. Oct 23, 1808

AQUILA/AQUILLA-3 UNDERWOOD, son of Samuel Underwood, of Westfield MA, and later of Sandisfield MA, married 3 Feb 1721/22 [int] in Chelmsford MA to Margaret Tuttle, dau of Simon & Mary (Rogers) Tuttle of Littleton MA. She b. 24 Aug 1699 in Chelmsford MA and d. 25 Aug 1780 in Sandisfield MA. In 1729 he was constable of Westford MA. His house in Westfield MA stood on Tadmuck Hill near the later house of N. Harwood Wright. He was dismissed from the church in Westford, Nov 1741 to join with others forming a church at Litchfield NH, where he probably removed. He was received at the church in Sandisfield MA 26 July 1761, at which place he died 29 May 1767. His wife, Margaret, died 25 August 1780 in her 81st year. In May 1734 his name signed the request for incorporation of the town of Litchfield NH, which was granted 3 July 1734. Aquila was authorized to call the first town meeting.
Children of Aquilla and Margaret Underwood:
1. Samuel Underwood, b. 1 Feb 1722 Chelmsford MA, Removed to Michigan.
2. Mary Underwood, b. 26 Nov 1724 Chelmsford MA. Descendants reside in MA, CT and NY
3. Parker Underwood, b. 10 Feb 1728 in Chelmsford MA; m. 22 Aug 1767 in Littleton MA to Hannah (Tuttle or Bucham). Had at least one child, Parker Underwood b 22 Aug 1767 in Littleton MA
4. William Underwood [son of Aquila] bapt 5 Jan 1729 Chelmsford MA
5. Roger Underwood
6. Simon Underwood, some of this branch at Monterey, California
7. Lucy Underwood, b. 17 May 1731 in Canterbury, Windham CO CT; m. 13 March 1750 in Canterbury CT to John Brown, and had 9 children.
8. Olive Underwood
9. Margaret Underwood
10. Hannah Underwood


PHINEAS-4 UNDERWOOD, son of Joseph & Susannah (Parker) Underwood, b. Jan 3, 1722 in Massachusetts; d. Sept 24, 1757; m. Mary --. He served Merrimack NH as Constable, Town Clerk, Selectman, Surveyor of Highways, Treasurer and Moderator.
Children of Phineas and Mary Underwood:
1. Thomas Underwood, b. Jan 6, 1741
2. Susannah Underwood, b. Oct 13, 1743; m. June 11, 1764, John Purmot
3. Mary Underwood, b. Jan 28, 1745
3. Abigail Underwood, b. Sept. 14, 1748
4. Sariah Underwood, b. Jan 29, 1750
5. +Phinehas Underwood, b. Aug 27, 1753; m. Rebecca Dunn

JAMES-4 UNDERWOOD, son of Joseph & Susannah (Parker) Underwood, b. Dec 1, 1731 in Westford MA, d. Oct 23, 1808 in Litchfield NH; m. abt 1752 in Merrimack NH to Mary Lund, dau of William Lund. She b. Nov 28, 1773 in Westford MA and d. Aug 7, 1809.
Children of James & Mary (Lund) Underwood:
1. James Underwood, b. June 10, 1753 in Merrimack NH; reportedly had ch: Phineas, Mary Lund, Betsey, John and James.
2. Mary Underwood, b. Nov 22, 1755; d. Apr 9, 1789; m. Feb 12, 1782, William Patterson, had several children
3. +Thomas Underwood, b. 8 Apr 1759 in Litchfield NH, d. 18 Nov 1838 in Hillsborough Co NH; m. Apr 12, 1778 in Merrimack NH to Mehitable Gage
4. Susannah Underwood, b. Nov 16, 1761, d. Nov 20, 1777
5. Charlotte Underwood, b. 23 Feb 1764 in Litchfield NH; d. 31 Jan 1849; m. 28 Feb 1784 in Litchfield NH to Moses Towne. He b. 6 Sep 1757 in Topsfield MA and d. 24 Jan 1828. At least one ch, Moody Bridge Towne, b. 3 Oct 1805 in Litchfield NH.
6. Sally Underwood, b. 25 July 1766 in Litchfield NH; m. 5 July 1792 in Litchfield NH to Mathew Parker
7. John Underwood, b. 17 Feb 1769 in Litchfield NH; m. 5 July 1792 in Merrimack NH to Elizabeth Parker. Children: Susanna, James, Elizabeth, Sally, Matthew Parker (abt 1794), Mary Lund (b 3 July 1797)
8. Rachel Underwood, b. 15 Aug 1771 in Litchfield NH
9. Elizabeth Underwood, b. 5 June 1774 in Litchfield NH


PHINEHAS-5 UNDERWOOD, son of Phineas & Mary Underwood, b. Aug 27, 1753; m. Rebecca Dunn [intentions in Chelmsford MA, 10 Jan 1777]. In 1787 Phineas purchased for 240 pounds 70 acres of land in Nottingham West [later Hudson] NH lying eastly on the public highway and westerly on the Merrimack River, northly on Gerrish Lot, so called, and southerly by land of Joseph Winn. In 1793 he was on the tax list of Hudson NH. In 1797 he was among several men who petitioned the legislature for the incorporation of a library, to be called the Nottingham West Social Library.
Children of Phineas & Rebecca (Dunn) Underwood:
1. Phineas Underwood, b. 11 Nov 1778 in Chelmsford MA, d. 4 Dec 1800 in Nashville [now Nashua] NH
2. Rebecca Underwood, b. 22 Jan 1780 in Chelmsford MA; m. James Burns
3. Joseph Underwood, b. 4 Apr 1782 in Chelmsford MA, d. Nashua NH; m. Elizabeth Gibson Tenny; had ch: Elizabeth G. (1805), Martha T. (1807), Phineas (1809), Lucina A. (1811), Rebecca D. (1814), Mary T. (1816) and Joseph (1819).
4. +Jeptha Underwood, bapt Chelmsford MA 22 Feb 1784, and d. 6 June 1851. Married 5 Aug 1804 to Sarah Cummings, dau of Eleazer & Sarah (Hale) Cummings. She b. 3 Oct 1786, and d. 29 Nov 1873 in Hudson NH.
5. John Winslow Underwood, b. 28 Apr 1786 in Nottingham NH, m 12 June 1825 in Chelmsford MA to Mary/Polly Pierce. Had at least one ch.
6. Jonas Underwood, b. 14 Aug 1788 in Nottingham [now Hudson] NH, d. 1800 in Hudson NH [or ? m. 1820 to Eliza French and had possibly Susan M. (b 1830), John H. (1838 Andover MA) and James P. (1843 in Hingham MA)
7. James Underwood, b. 1 May 1790 in Nottingham NH

THOMAS-5 UNDERWOOD, son of James & Mary Lund Underwood, b 8 Apr 1759 in Litchfield NH and d. 18 Nov 1838 in Hillsborough CO NH; m. April 12, 1778 in Merrimack NH to Mehitable Gage, daughter of Aaron Gage. She b. 9 Sep 1760 in MA.
Children of Thomas & Mehitable (Gage) Underwood:
1. Susannah Underwood, b. 29 July 1779; m. 15 Jul 1798 in Amherst NH to John Mussey.
2. Thomas Gage Underwood, b. 24 Feb 1781 in NH, d. 3 May 1808 in Fayette ME
3. Joseph H. Underwood, b. 13 June 1783 Fayette ME, d. 8 Nov 1867 in Fayette ME, m. 16 Oct 1809 in Fayette ME to Mary Aiken, had ch.
4. Parker L. Underwood, b. 30 Apr 1785 in NH, d. 26 Jan 1812 in Fayette ME
5. Sallie/Sally H. Underwood, b. 8 July 1787 in NH, d. Sept 7, 1860; m. March 19, 1816 Isaac Gage. He b. 16 Oct 1788 in Bedford NH and d. in Bedford NH; they resided in Bedford and had several children.
6. John Underwood, b. 19 Aug 1789 in NH
7. Peter Underwood, b. 16 July 1792 in NH; m. 19 June 1817 to Ann Gage and had at least one ch, Ann Eliza, b. 22 Jan 1819 who m. Ezra Randall
8. +Charles Underwood, b. 21 May 1795 in Amherst NH; m1) Rebecca A. Langdell; m2). 13 Nov 1856 in Nashua NH to Mary R. Parker.
9. James Underwood, b. 3 May 1800 in NH; m. abt 1824 in NH to Esther Kendall, had ch. Mehitable (1825), John Kendall (1827) and James (1831)
10. William Underwood, b. 30 Oct 1806 in NH


Jeptha-6 UNDERWOOD, son of Phineas & Rebecca (Dunn) Underwood, bapt Chelmsford MA 22 Feb 1784, and d. 6 June 1851 in Nashua NH. Married 5 Aug 1804/5 in Hudson NH to Sarah Cummings, dau of Eleazer & Sarah (Hale) Cummings. She b. 3 Oct 1786 in Hudson NH, and d. 29 Nov 1873 in Hudson NH.
Children of Jeptha & Sarah (Cummings) Underwood:
1. Louisa Underwood, b. in Hudson NH 26 Oct 1805; m. 7 March 1827 Doliver Johnson. He b. in Bradford VT 1800.
2. Dustin Underwood, b. in Hudson NH 20 Apr 1807; d. in Malden MA 1814.

CHARLES-6 UNDERWOOD, son of Thomas-5 & Mehitable (Gage) Underwood, b. 21 May 1795 in Amherst NH; lived in the South District where J.H. Tarbell afterwards lived. They removed to Lowell MA. He m1) 8 Oct 1829 at Mt. Vernon NH to Rebecca Aurelia Langdell, dau of Ezra and Rebecca (Langdell) Landell. She was b. Mont Vernon 13 Aug 1810. Charles m2) 13 Nov 1856 in Nashua NH to Mary R. Parker.
Child of Charles & Rebecca A. (Langdell) Underwood:
1. +Charles Henry Underwood, b 9 Feb 1833 in Amherst NH, d. 1 Oct 1892 in Lowell MA.


CHARLES HENRY-7 UNDERWOOD, son of Charles & Rebecca A. (Langdell) Underwood, was b. 9 Feb 1833 in Amherst NH. He married 9 Nov 1850 to Elvira L. Hewey. She was b. 4 Jan 1837 in Bucksport, Hancock Co. Maine and d. 25 March 1880 in Lowell MA, daughter of Solomon W. & Marie Hewey; They resided in Lowell. His occupation was tinsmith.
1870 US Census > MA > Middlesex > Lowell Ward 5
Underwood Chas H 38 M W Tinsmith 300 NH
Underwood, Elvira L. 32 F Keeping House ME
Underwood, Arlington 11 M MA
Underwood, Gertrude B 9 F MA
Underwood, Carrie M 6/12 F MA
Annie Underwood b. 1873, d. 11 Nov 1873
Crown, Cyrus 32 M W Tinsmith
Tenny, Delwood 28 M W Stone Cutter VT
Saltmarsh John 32 M W Stone cutter NH
Children of Charles H. & Elvira L. (Hewey) Underwood:
1. Henry Arlington Underwood, b 21 March 1859 Lowell MA
2. Gertrude B. Underwood, b. 1 August 1861 Lowell MA; m. Joseph P. Green
3. Charles A. Underwood, b. 17 March 1865, d. 27 Aug 1865 Lowell MA
4. Carrie M. Underwood, b. 12 December 1869 Lowell MA
5. Annie Underwood, b. 1873, d. 11 Nov 1873


John Underwood, b. 1769, d. May 5, 1813 in Litchfield NH; he m. 5 July 1792 to Elizabeth Parker of Litchfield NH. She b. 1768 and d. Jan 30, 1821.
Children of John & Elizabeth (Parker) Underwood:
1. Matthew P. Underwood, b. 1793, d. Apr 28, 1795
2. Joseph Underwood, b. 1800, d. Apr 27, 1801

Sources: History of Merrimack NH
NEHGS Register, 38:404


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