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F A M I L Y   T R E E S  of Merrimack, NH (Part XI)

- Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the accurateness or authenticity of these genealogies. Please see the reference material used for more information.
- Primary Sources shown below

- The following genealogies are limited to persons born in Merrimack, and surrounding areas, it being outside the scope of this work to follow the descendants who have emigrated to other places...
- The FIRST generation of the family residing in MERRIMACK NH is shown in red, bold.

See the complete list of family trees available


STEARNS FAMILY GENEALOGY [Sterns, Starns, Stern, Sterne]


Isaac-1 Stearns, from whom the Merrimack and Goffstown NH families descended, was born abt 1600 (based on estimated date of marriage) in England. He came to this country in the ship "Arabella," which left Yarmouth England on 8 Apr 1630 and arrived in Salem, MA on 12th day of June following. He not being satisfied with the advantages of Salem for a permanent settlement, soon removed to Watertown MA. His family consisted of himself, wife and 3 children. He was admitted a freeman 18 May 1631 [as "Isaacke Sterne"], and was selectman for several years [* Nov 1647, 7 Nov 1670]. In December 1647 he was appointed one of a commission to build a bridge across the Charles River, and this was probably the first bridge constructed over the Charles River at Watertown. On 3 Jan 1658 he was "View of Land." On 8 Dec 1659 and 13 Dec 1670 the Town meeting was held at his house. In the Watertown Inventory of Grants, "Isaac Sterne" held nine parcels: homestall of twelve acres; ten acres of upland; two acres of meadow; two acres of meadow in Plain Meadow; "three acres of upland..being a homestall"; "fifty acres of upland being a Great Divident"; "twenty-seven acres of upland..beyond the Further Plain & the fourth lot"; twelve acres of plowland in the Further Plain (Beaverbrook Plowlands); and twelves acres of Remote Meadow. His wife was from Nayland in Suffolk Co., England, and his first 3 children were born there. He married 1622, Mary Baker, daughter of John and Margaret (Walter) Baker of Stoke, Nayland, Suffolk Co., England. She d. 2 Apr 1677. He died in Watertown MA 19 June 1671, and his will was filed in the county of Middlesex MA, the same month.
Children of Isaac & Mary (Baker) Stearns:
1. Mary Stearns, baptized Nayland with Wissington England 6 January 1625/26; m. 9 July 1646 in Woburn MA to Isaac Learned, son of William Learned.
2. Anna Stearns, baptized Nayland with Wissington, 5 Oct 1628; m. 25 Dec 1650 in Watertown MA to Henry Freeman [document incorrectly calls the groom Samuel], son of Samuel Freeman
3. John Stearns, b. abt 1630; m1) 1654 Sarah Mixer, dau of Isaac Mixer; m2) 20 Nov 1656 in Barnstable MA to Mary Lothrop, dau of Thomas Lothrop; ancestor of Rev. Josiah Stearns
4. +Isaac Stearns, b. 6 Jan 1633 in Watertown MA; m. 28 June 1660 to Sarah Beers.
5. Sarah Stearns, b. 22 Sep 1635 in Watertown MA; m. 7 June 1655 in Cambridge MA to Samuel Stone, son of Gregory Stone
6. Samuel Stearns, b. 24 Apr 1638 in Watertown MA; m. 1 Feb 1622/23 in Cambridge MA to Hannah Manning
7. Elizabeth Stearns, b. abt 1644; m. 13 Apr 1664 in Watertown MA to Samuel MANNING
8. Abigail Stearns, b. abt 1646; m. 27 Apr 1666 in Watertown MA to John Morse

=========***GENERATION 2***============

Isaac-2 Stearns Jr., son of Isaac and Mary (Baker) Stearns, was born 6 Jan 1633 in Watertown MA; he m. 24 June 1660 to Sarah Beers of Watertown MA, dau of Capt Richard and Elizabeth Beers. Capt. Beers was a captain in King Philip's War and was killed by the Indians 4 Sep 1675 in a battle at Northfield MA. Isaac Stearns Jr. was admitted a freeman in 1665 and settled at Cambridge Farms [now Lexington Massachusetts].
Children of Isaac & Elizabeth (Beers) Stearns.
1. Sarah Stearns, b. 14 Jan 1662 in Cambridge MA; m1) Thomas Wheeler; m2) John Wheeler
23. Mary Stearns, b. 8 Oct 1663 in Watertown MA; m. John Cutler
3. Dea. Isaac Stearns, b. 20 Aug 1665 in Cambridge MA; m. Elizabeth Stone
4. Samuel Stearns, b. 11 Jan 1668 in Concord MA; m. Phebe Waite
5. Abigail Stearns, b. 1671 in Watertown MA; m. Samuel Harwell
6. +John Stearns, b. 1675 in Watertown MA; m. Mercy Davis

=========***GENERATION 3***============

John-3 Sterns, sixth child of Isaac & Sarah (Beers) Stearns Jr., b. 1675; m. 26 Apr 1699 to Mercy Davis of Concord MA [by Justice Minott]. She b. 12 Aug 1677, dau of Samuel & Mary (Medows) Davis of Concord MA. He died 14 June 1734 in his 59th year in Bedford MA ["John, father of Zachri, Elezar and Benjamin]. John Stearns was of Lexington MA, Concord MA, and Bedford MA. He was a land-owner in Bedford MA in 1729. From his will dated May 29, 1733 is the following extract: "I give and bequeathe to my daughter Mercy Kendall, L5 and all the right I have in a mulatoo girl, named Mary, now living with me."
Children of John & Mercy (Davis) Stearns/Sterns:
1. John Stearns Jr., b. 19 Feb 1700 Concord MA; d. 16 Oct 1725 Concord MA
2. +Zachariah Stearns, b. 6 Feb 1702 in Concord MA [now part of Bedford MA]; removed to Merrimack NH
3. Eleazer "Elezar" Stearns, b. 8 Sep 1704 in Concord MA; m. Abigail --; resided in Concord and Littleton, both in Middlesex Co MA. He d. Merrimack NH. Had children, William, Eleazer, Mary, Mercy, John, Abigail, Jonathan, David, Sarah and Molly.
4. Mercy Stearns, b. 9 Jan 1707 in Concord MA; m. -- Kendall
5. Abigail Stearns, b. abt 1710 Concord MA
6. Benjamin Stearns, b. 8 Nov 1714 in Concord MA

=========***GENERATION 4***============

Zachariah/Zacheriah/Zachriah-4 Stearns/Sterns, son of John & Mercy (Davis) Stearns of Concord MA, b 6 Feb 1702 in Bedford MA; He m. 1727 to Sarah --. He d. 1795. He belonged to Capt. Butterfield's Company in 1745, and was in the service in 1760. Zachariah served Merrimack as Selectman and Constable. In 1787 he was on the Tax List for District Five. In 1750 a Zachariah Stearns is shown on the list of proprietors of North Monadnock Twp [Dublin] NH.
Children of Zachariah & Sarah (?) Stearns:
1. +John Stearns, b. 17 Feb 1728 Bedford MA; d. 2 Oct 1810 Amherst NH
2. +Zachariah Stearns Jr., b. 11 Feb 1729/30 Bedford MA; d. 20 May 1812
3. +Daniel Stearns, b. 19 May 1732
4. Sarah Stearns, b. 9 Aug 1734 Bedford MA; d. 25 March 1794; m. 1754 to Robert USHER [see]. Had ch, Sarah, Abijah, Hannah, Robert, Daniel, Fannie, John, Mary and Eleazer.
5.Nathan Stearns [Starns], b. 27 Apr 1737 in Bedford MA
6. Maram Stearns, b. 30 Aug 1740 Merrimack NH
7. Mehitable Stearns, b. 7 May 1743 Merrimack NH; m. Isaac Rice. He b. 2 Nov 1738, son of Aaron & Hannah (Wright) Rice. Had at ch: (1) Lucinda Rice, b. 7 Sep 1774 in Winchester, Cheshire Co NH and m. Ira Hatch; (2) Charles Rice (b Hardwick MA); (3) Clark Rice,(b Hardwick MA); and John Rice (b Hardwick MA).
8. Lois Stearns, b. 18 Oct 1749 Merrimack NH

=========***GENERATION 5***============

John-5 Stearns, son of Zachariah & Sarah (?) Stearns, b. 17 Feb 1728 in Bedford MA, and d. 2 Oct 1810 in Amherst NH. He married in 1751 to Rachel Codman. He served Merrimack NH as Hog Reeve, Fence Viewer, Field Driver and Surveyor of Highways. They removed to Amherst NH in 1772 where he died. He served during the Revolutionary War under three different enlistments: May 1 1775 in Capt Archelaus Town's Co. of the 27th Regiment of Infantry; April 15, 1776 in Capt. Timothy Clement's Co., Col. David Gilman's Regiment; Dec. 20, 1778 in Capt Simon Marston's Co., Col. Stephen Peabody's Regiment. [History of Goffstown NH state they had 11 children].
Children of John & Rachel (Codman) Stearns:
1. Rachel Stearns, b. 12 Nov 1752 Merrimack NH; d. 17 Jan 1829; m. 1 May 1781, John DUTTON; had issue
2. John Stearns, b. 25 Apr 1755 Merrimack NH (twin);m. 9 Oct 1781 to Sarah "Sally" Blanchard, dau of Augustus Blanchard [see]. She b. 3 Jan 1766 in Dunstable MA and d. 1846, Per History of Amherst NH they settled in Vermont.
3. Rebecca Stearns, b. 25 Apr 1755 Merrimack NH (twin); m. 6 July 1780 to Roger Dutton
4. Jothom/Jotham Stearns, b. 17 Nov 1757 Merrimack NH; per history of Amherst NH: "settled in Goffstown [NH]; m 25 Aug 1785 Abigail Gould and settled in Goffstown NH; one of his daughters, Dolly m. Hon. Mace Moulton of Manchester, another daughter, Relief, married ma) -- Parker and m2nd, Dea Cyrus Eastman of Amherst.
5. +Nathan Stearns, b. 22 July 1761 Merrimack NH, d. 11 May 1813
6. +Elijah Stearns, b. 17 Oct 1763 Merrimack NH; m1) 27 Oct 1785 to Eunice Wells of Goffstown NH. He m2) Prudence Wells of Goffstown NH. He m3) 1 Aug 1802 Mary Rollins of Newbury MA
7. Eleazer Stearns, b. 26 Oct 1765 Merrimack NH; settled in Amherst NH; d. 9 March 1846, aged 80, unmarried.
8. +Reuben Stearns, b. 28 June 1768 Merrimack NH; m. Miriam Whiting
9. Elisabeth "Betsey" Stearns, b. 30 March 1771 Merrimack NH; m. 13 Dec 1791, Zachariah Stearns*
10. Sally Stearns, b. 1779 in Merrimack NH; d. 29 March 1853, buried Last Rest Cemetery; m. 18 Sep 1803 to Robert Anderson [his line in Merrimack Town History]
11. +James Stearns, b. 30 Aug 1774 Merrimack NH

Zachariah-5 Stearns Jr., son of Zachariah & Sarah (?) Stearns, b. 11 Feb 1729/30 in Bedford MA and d. 20 May 1812 in Amherst NH. He married Rebecca --. He was in Captain Peter Cross's Co. NH Vols, Continental Army at Rhode Island, Aug 7, 1778.
Children of Zachariah & Rebecca (?) Stearns:
1. Zachariah Stearns, b. 21 Nov 1764 Merrimack NH; d. 15 July 1856; m. 13 Dec 1791 to Elizabeth "Betty" Stearns, dau of John. She b. 30 March 1771. They had one child, Leonard Stearns, who died unmarried.
2. Prudence Stearns, b. 4 Oct 1772 in Merrimack NH; m. 11 Dec 1798 Moses/Hosea Chubbuck

Daniel-5 Stearns, son of Zachariah & Sarah (?) Stearns, b. 19 May 1732 in Merrimack NH; m. 31 March 1774 to Hannah Shed, dau of John* & Hannah Shed. She b. 9 Feb 1750. Daniel served Merrimack NH as Hog Reeve, Surveyor of Lumber and Surveyor of Highways.
Children of Daniel & Hannah (Shed) Stearns:
1. Daniel Stearns, b. 17 Nov 1774 in Merrimack NH; ??m1) Betsey Arbuckle of Merrimack NH; he m2) -- Dutton; left one child

=========***GENERATION 6***============

Nathan-6 Stearns, son of John & Rachel (Codman) Stearns, b. 22 July 1761 in Merrimack NH; d. 11 May 1813; m. 19 Feb 1795 to Miriam Blaisdell of Goffstown NH, daughter of Henry Blaisdell. She d. 8 Feb 1844. They settled in Goffstown NH and he served in the War of 1812 in Capt M.C. Mills Co, 11th U.S. Infantry. He died in the service.
Children of Nathan & Miriam (Blaisdell) Stearns:
1. +Henry Blaisdell Stearns, b. 7 July 1798 in Goffstown NH ; m. 16 May 1837 to Phoebe (Russell) Poor.
2. Elizabeth Stearns, b. 5 Jan 1800; m. Moses Gould Jr. of Goffstown NH
3. +Nathan Stearns Jr., b. 2 May 1801; m. Polly Martin of Goffstown NH

Elijah-6 Stearns, son of John & Rachel (Codman) Stearns, b. 17 Oct 1763 Merrimack NH; m1) 27 Oct 1785 to Eunice Wells of Goffstown NH. She b. 27 Sep 1759, dau of Aaron and Prudence (--) Wells. He m2) Prudence Wells of Goffstown NH. She b. 16 July 1769, sister of his first wife. He m3) 1 Aug 1802 Mary Rollins of Newbury MA. She was b. 3 May 1777, dau of Moses Rollins and she d. 28 Sep 1855. Per History of Amherst NH he drowned in the Merrimack River near Goffe's Falls.
Children of Elijah & Eunice (Wells) Stearns:
1. +Elijah Stearns Jr., b. 15 Oct 1785 in Goffstown NH
2. Eunice W. Stearns, b. 1 Sep 1792 Goffstown NH; died unmarried
Children of Elijah & Prudence (Wells) Stearns:
3. Charles Stearns [either died young, or this is an error]
4. Mary Wells Stearns, b. 26 Oct 1796 in Goffstown NH; m. Ebenezer Wyman of Hopkinton NH. He b. 15 March 1794. She d. July 1872.
5. Margaret Stearns, b. 1798; m 1830 Benjamin Choate. He b. 16 June 1805. She d. 15 Nov 1864; he d. 15 March 1858.
6. +Edward R. Stearns, b. 18 Jan 1803 in Goffstown NH
7. Rodney Stearns, b. 12 Dec 1804; d. at Weld ME
8. Rhoda Stearns, b. 13 Aug 1807; d. 20 Sep 1836 at Weld ME
9. Eliza Stearns, b. 12 Dec 1809; d. 21 March 1835 at Weld, ME
10. Moses R. Stearns, b. 14 Aug 1812; d. at Weld ME
11. Grattus Stearns, b. 1814, d. 5 May 1825 at Weld ME
12. Charles Stearns, b. 1 Jan 1820; d. 13 Nov 1849 at Weld ME

Reuben-6 Stearns, son of John & Rachel (Codman) Stearns, b. 28 June 1768 Merrimack NH; m. 28 March 1799 to Miriam Whiting; resided Amherst NH. He d. Nov 1842 aged 73. She d. in Bedford NH 9 Sep 1851, aged 76.
Children of Reuben & Miriam (Whiting) Stearns:
1. Sophia Stearns, m. Timothy Jones of Amherst [Jones genealogy in History of Amherst]
2. Almira Stearns, m. Bradley Blanchard of Dunstable in October 1826. She d. 28 Feb 1827, aged 20.
3. Lovey Stearns, d. in Lowell MA 4 May 1832, aged 20.
4. Lucy Stearns, m. Isaac Harradon 3 Oct 1820 [Harrdon genealogy in History of Amherst]

James-6 Stearns, son of John & Rachel (Codman) Stearns b. 30 Aug 1774 Merrimack NH; d. 14 Jan 1854; he m. Lydia Glover. She b. 29 July 1780 in Nottingham West, Hillsborough Co NH. She d. 2 May 1863 in Amherst NH.
Children of James & Lydia (Glover) Stearns:
1. Abigail Stearns, b. 1799; m. Reuben Hardy of Hollis NH
2. Harriet A. Stearns, b. Apr 1801 in Amherst NH; m. 14 March 1844 to Minot Blood. She d. in SOuth Merrimack NH 1 Feb 1883, aged 81 yrs and 10 months.
3. +Hiram D. Stearns, b. 27 Nov 1802 in Amherst NH; m. Mary Putnam
4. Solomon Glanville Stearns, b. Aug 1804 in Amherst NH; m1) Mary Collins; m2) Susan Harradon; m3) -- Ritterbush; m4) --. He d. in North Hyde Park VT 12 Dec 1882 aged 78 years and 4 months.
5. James Stearns, b. --; m. -- Patch; settled in Vermont
6. Betsey Stearns, b. abt 1808 in Amherst NH; m. William Pitcher; d. in Attleborough MA
7. Adeline Stearns, b. abt 1810 in AMherst NH; m. Charles Gregg 13 Nov 1831; resided in New York
8. Mary Stearns, b abt 1811 Amherst NH; m. James Langdell; resided Lowell MA
9. Caroline Richmond Stearns, b. 13 Aug 1813 in Amherst NH; m. 2 Dec 1834 to Alexander McC. Wilkins. Resided in Merrimack NH
10. Frances Stearns, b. abt 1813 Amherst NH; m. Henry W. Brown of Providence RI Sept 1838; died in Amherst NH
10. Charles Stearns, b. 1816; married and resided in New York
11. Jane Stearns, b. 1818 in Amherst NH; m. William King; resided in New Jersey

=========***GENERATION 7***============

Henry Blaisdell-7 Stearns, son of Nathan & Miriam (Blaisdell) Stearns, b. 7 July 1798 in Goffstown NH, and d. 13 Sep 1873 in Goffstown; he m. 16 May 1837 to Phoebe (Russell) Poor, widow of George Poor and daughter of Simeon and ? (Ritterbush) Russell. She b. 30 Aug 1809 and d. 1 March 1899. He was a farmer and teacher. He was a member of the state legislature in 1838 and 1839, and held various town offices. He lived in the easterly part of the town on the road leading from Amoskeag [western Manchester] to Dunbarton.
Children of Henry B. & Phoebe (Russell) Stearns:
1. +George Henry Stearns, b. 22 Apr 1838 in Goffstown NH.
2. John Stearns, b 29 Sep 1839 Goffstown NH; d. 11 Sep 1876, killed by Indians in Wyoming Territory, not married.
3. Joseph Edwin Stearns, b. 22 Jan 1841 Goffstown NH; m. 30 May 1871 to Etta M. Dennison of Hooksett NH. He served during the Civil War in Co. B., 1st NH Regiment, Heavy Artillery. He d. Sep 1874 in Suncook NH. He was a civil engineer. One child, Edith.
4. +Simeon Russell Stearns, b. 22 May 1842 in Goffstown NH
5. +Stephen Blaisdell Stearns, b. 1 Apr 1844 in Goffstown NH
6. Charles Edgar Stearns, b. 6 Nov 1851; d. 8 Feb 1852 in Goffstown NH

Nathan-7 Stearns Jr., son of Nathan & Miriam (Blaisdell) Stearns, b. 2 May 1801; He m. 1830 to Polly Martin of Goffstown NH. She b. 27 Aug 1810 dau of Caleb & Polly (Whitney) Martin. She d. 21 Dec 1901. He was a farmer who lived in the easterly part of the town on the road leading from Amoskeag to Dunbarton, a short distance north of his brother Henry B. He d. 15 Apr 1877.
Children of Nathan & Polly (Martin) Stearns:
1. +Augustua Stearns, b. 26 July 1832 in Goffstown NH
2. Elvira W. Stearns, b. 24 Jan 1836 in Goffstown NH; m. 20 June 1861 to Nathaniel J. Colby of Dunbarton NH. He b. 29 Jan 1839, son of Nathaniel & Hepzibah (Woodbury) Colby. She d. 22 March 1894 in Dunbarton NH. He d. 5 oct 1898.
3. Mary Ann Stearns, b. 27 Apr 1838 and d. 10 July 1879 in Goffstown NH; unmarried.
4. +Lucian A. Stearns, b. 20 May 1840.

Elijah-7 Stearns Jr., son of Elijah & Eunice (Wells) Stearns, b. 15 Oct 1785 in Goffstown NH [another source says b. Dunbarton NH]; he m. 17 March 1815 to Betsey Little Clement of Dunbarton NH. She b. 17 May 1795, dau of Thomas Little and Peggy (McCurdy) Clement. She d. 7 June 1880 in Manchester NH. Her grandfather John McCurdy came from the north of Ireland and settled in the south part of Dunbarton and m. Mar Scoby. John McCurdy and his wife Mary are both buried in the cemetery at Grasmere. He d. at the advanced age of 95 years. They resided at Amoskeag where he d. 7 Oct 1878.
Children of Elijah & Betsey L. (Clement) Stearns:
1. Margaret C. Stearns, b. 20 July 1817 Goffstown NH; m. Henry H. Fuller of Goffstown
2. Martha E. Stearns, b. 16 Apr 1819 Goffstown NH; d. 11 Apr 1910
3. +Thomas C. Stearns, b. 29 Sep 1821 in Goffstown NH
4. Betsey M. G. Stearns, b. 23 June 1824 in Goffstown NH; m. 11 June 1845 to Benjamin G. Hosmer. They settled in Beaver Falls PA. One ch: Maria Augusta Hosmer, b. 3 Aug 1849, d. 8 Dec 1855.
5. Julia E. Stearns, b. 28 Jan 1827 in Goffstown NH; m. De LaFayette Robinson [see this line in Goffstown History]
6. +Nancy Walker Stearns, b. 2 July 1829 in Goffstown NH.

Edward R.-7 Stearns, son of Elijah & Prudence (Wells) Stearns, b. 18 Jan 1803 in Goffstown NH; m. 28 Nov 1827 to Eliza T. Barker. She b. 1 Nov 1809 in Kennebunk ME, dau of Robert and Mehitable (Whitehouse) Barker. She d. 22 Feb 1879. He d. 3 May 1848 at Searsport ME.
Children of Edward R. & Eliza T. (Barker) Stearns:
1. Mary R. Stearns, b. 15 Nov 1828 in Dover ME; d. 8 Nov 1879 at Portsmouth, unmarried.
2. Joseph B. Stearns, b. 28 Feb 1831 at Weld ME; m1) 8 Jan 1853 Lois M. Brooks of Putney Vt. She b. 4 June 1827 and d. 29 July 1861. He m2) 6 June 1866 Frances Amanda Edmonds of Portsmouth. She b. 16 Jan 1838. He d. 4 July 1895 at Camden ME.
3. Eliza O. Stearns, b. 8 Apr 1835, d. 12 Oct 1884, unmarried.
4. Charles A. Stearns, b. 1 June 1838 in Weld ME; m1) 1 Oct 1868 Mary E. Burnham of Haverhill MA. She b. 6 March 1840 and d. 27 Feb 1879. He m2) 20 Sep 1881, Abbie C. Lewis of Alfred ME.

Hiram D.-7 Stearns, son of James & Lydia (Glover) Stearns, b. 27 Nov 1802 in Amherst NH; m.Nov 1825 to Mary Putnam. She was b. 6 Oct 1699 and d. 30 March 1879.
Children of Hiram D. & Mary (Putnam) Stearns:
1. Granville A. Stearns, b. 16 Sep 1826; d. 30 Aug 1853
2. Rebecca Ann Stearns, b. 2 January 1829; d. 7 March 1831
3. James Stearns, b. 22 Jan 1832; m. Mrs. Sarah R. Eaton on 16 Oct 1873; resided in Amherst NH
4. William D. Stearns, b. 25 Aug 1844; m1) Fanny E. Marvell 24 Nov 1859. She d. 1 March 1863. He m2) Julia --. She d. 28 March 1876, aged 35.
5. Mary F. Stearns, b. in Aug 1837; d. 20 July 1859
6. Eliza J. Stearns, b. 23 Sep 1842; resided in Amherst NH; unmarried.

=========***GENERATION 8***============

George Henry-8 Stearns, son of Henry B. & Phoebe (Russell) Stearns, b. 22 Apr 1838 in Goffstown NH; m1) 1872 Frances Augusta Robinson of Goffstown NH, dau of De Lafayette and Julia E. (Stearns) Robinson. She b. 26 Jan 1848 and d. 8 Dec 1897. He m2) 12 Sep 1900 to Cora F. Stearns, widow of Lucian E. Stearns. She was b. in Bridgeton MA in 1855. He was educated in the schools of Goffstown; in early life he became a resident of Manchester where he was engaged in trade for several years; later he became mayor of the city of Manchester and State Senator.
Child of George H. & Frances A. (Robinson) Stearns:
1. Julia Frances Stearns, b. Nov 1873 in Manchester NH; m. 2 Apr 1898 to Albert Clark Frost of Manchester. He b. 19 Aug 1873 son of John and Ellen (Clark) Frost. Child: Robinson Clark Frost, b. 13 Sep 1900 Manchester NH.

Simeon Russell-8 Stearns, son of Henry B. & Phoebe (Russell) Stearns, b. 22 May 1842 in Goffstown NH; m. 6 June 1866 to Francena J. Bailey of Holderness NH. She b. 25 Dec 1848, dau of Ira and Lurania (Collins) Bailey. He served 3 years during the Civil War in Co. K, 7th Regiment NH Vols, and mustered out at his term of service. He took part in the siege of Fort Wagner. He lost an arm in Stark Mills 7 Oct 1890. He died at Manchester NH.
Child of Simeon R. & Francena J. (Bailey) Stearns:
1. Lillian C. Stearns, b. 12 Apr 1870 in Manchester NH; m. 18 Aug 1892 to Frank W. Young of Reading MA. He b. 2 Nov 1869 son of Samuel and Sarah (Goodwin) Young. She d. 11 Oct 1892.

Stephen Blaisdell-8 Stearns, son of Henry B. & Phoebe (Russell) Stearns, b. 1 Apr 1844 in Goffstown NH. He m. 28 Nov 1872 to Isabella Augusa Austin of Hooksett NH. She was b. 4 June 1845, dau of Hiram and Mary (Abbott) Austin. Since 1870 he had been a resident of Manchester NH where he had an insurance business.
Children of Stephen B. & Isabella A. (Austin) Stearns:
1. Henry B. Stearns, b. 17 Oct 1873 in Manchester NH; graduate of Brown University; attorney-at-law in Manchester NH
2. +Hiram Austin Stearns, b. 7 Dec 1875 in Manchester NH
3. +Ray Stearns, b. 19 Sep 1879 in Manchester NH

Augustus-8 Stearns, son of Nathan & Polly (Martin) Stearns, b. 26 July 1832 in Goffstown NH; he m. 4 Aug 1852 to Sarah H. Emerson of Weare NH. She b. 12 Sep 1832 dau of Obadiah & Eunice (Marshall) Emerson and d. 1907. He was a shoemaker. They resided in Goffstown NH and Lynn MA. He d. 4 Feb 1882.
Children of Augustus & Sarah H. (Emerson) Stearns:
1. Ellen Stearns, b. in Goffstown NH
2. Mason W. Stearns, b. 11 March 1856; m. Rachel Emma Flether of New London, dau of William and Susanna (Hastings) Fletcher.
3. Lyman Marshall Stearns, b. 4 March 1858; m. 5 June 1878 Alnora Maria Chase of Londonderry NH. She b. 11 May 1854, dau of Trueworthy and Nancy (Pettingill) Chase. They settled in Derry NH. He was editor and publisher of checker books, and a professional player, having the rare gift of being able to play checkers blindfolded. He d. 28 Dec 1918 in Manchester NH. No children
4. Carrie E. Stearns, b. 24 March 1863 in Lynn MA
5. Frank L. Stearns, b. 7 Dec 1866 in Salem MA. He m. Abbie Farr of Methuen MA. Children: Harry, John and Blanche.

Lucian A.-8 Stearns, son of Nathan & Polly (Martin) Stearns, b. 20 May 1840. He married 1st) Martha J. Paige of Goffstown NH. She b. 23 Nov 1843, dau of John G. and Nancy (Campbell) Paige. She d. 6 Sep 1889. He m2d) Cora F. Libbey. For many years he was engaged in the hotel business in Boston MA. After his retirement he moved to Goffstown NH where he died 4 July 1897.
Child of Lucian A. & Cora F. (Libbey) Stearns:
1. Ervin L. Stearns, b. 20 Dec 1890, d. 8 Dec 1897

Thomas C.-8 Stearns, son of Elijah & Betsey L. (Clement) Stearns, b. 29 Sep 1821 in Goffstown NH; he m. 1 Sep 1850 to Ruth Ann Paige of Goffstown NH. She b. 17 Aug 1832 dau of Moses and Lydia (Annis) Paige. She d. 18 Apr 1900 at Amoskeag. He was a prominent musician and leader for a number of years of the old Manchester Brass Band. He d. 30 Dec 1863.
Children of Thomas C. & Ruth A. (Paige) Stearns: [all b. Amoskeag aka Manchester NH]:
1. William F. Stearns, b. 2 July 1851; m. 9 Dec 1883 Clara Harwood of Manchester NH. She b. 27 Sep 1859 dau of John and Sarah (Harriman) Harwood.
2. Caroline Elizabeth Stearns, b. 9 Jan 1853; m. Sherman L. Flanders [his family tree in Goffstown History]
3. Thomas E. Stearns, b. 22 Jan 1854, d. 14 July 1872
4. Charles E. Stearns, b. 17 Aug 1855; m. 29 Sep 1881 Anna M. Nichols of Peterborough NH; resided in Manchester NH
5. Clarence H. Stearns, b. 23 Feb 1857; m1) Oct 1885 Fanny Emerson. She b. 18 Nov 1857 and d. 7 Dec 1886. He m2) 10 Nov 1891 Laura Eliza Vaughan. She b. 1867 dau of Louis J. and Eliza Helleston. She d. 9 Feb 1893. He m3) 24 Oct 1896 Mary Louden of Barnstead NH, dau of William J. and Sarah Louden.
6. Eliza Maria Stearns, b. 20 Sep 1860 in Amoskeag; m. 7 Jan 1882 Frank L. Way of Manchester. He b. in Bedford NH 10 May 1860, son of William and Sophronia (Hardy) Way.
7. Mary Florence Stearns, b. 14 May 1862; m1) 27 Feb 1883 Freeman P. Gove of Weare NH. He b. 30 Dec 1859 son of Paige E. and Clarissa (Twiss) Gove. She m2) Fred E. Moore.
8. Sarah Ann Stearns, b. 13 July 1868; not married.

Nancy Walker-8 Stearns, dau of Elijah & Betsey L. (Clement) Stearns, b. 2 July 1829 in Goffstown NH; She m. 25 Oct 1848 to John C. Smith of Manchester Nh. He b. 17 Dec 1819 in Dunstable, son of Isaac and Betsey (Cheney) Smith. She d. 6 Apr 1915 and he d. 10 Aug 1905, both in Manchester NH.
Children of John C. & Nancy W. (Stearns) Smith:
1. Ella Maria Smith, b. 14 May 1849; m. 17 Nov 1869 to Stephen Piper of Manchester NH. He b. 17 Dec 1835 son of Josiah D. & Hannah (Perley) Piper. He was a photographer in Manchester NH where he d. 25 July 1903.
2. Emma Nancy Smith, b. 29 Nov 1850; d. 3 Sep 1853
3. Eugene Cheney Smith, b. 23 July 1852; m 28 Oct 1880 Emma Augusta Shaw of Hampton NH. She b. 13 July 1860 dau of John B. and Augusta (Merrill) Shaw.
4. Frank Edward Smith, b. 21 Nov 1854, d. 31 Jan 1856.
5. Helen Augusta Smith, b. 22 Sep 1856; d. 6 Oct 1861.
6. Frank John Smith, b. 15 Jan 1859
7. Arthur Smith, b. 19 Jan 1861; d. 7 Feb 1864

=========***GENERATION 9***============

Hiram Austin-9 Stearns, son of Stephen B. & Isabella A. (Austin) Stearns, b. 7 Dec 1875 in Manchester NH. He m. 20 Apr 1909 to Elizabeth Scribner Brown of Manchester NH. She was b. 1881, dau of Dr. James F. and Abbie (Scribner) Brown. He was a graduate of Brown University and was a lawyer in Manchester NH.
Children of Hiram A. & Elizabeth S. (Brown) Stearns:
1. Isabel Scribner Stearns, b. 23 June 1910 in Manchester NH
2. Mary Langford Stearns, b. 6 Feb 1912 in Manchester NH

3. Stephen Russell Stearns, b. 28 Feb 1915 in Manchester NH; d. 1997 Hanover NH; married and had issue

Ray-9 Stearns, b. 19 Sep 1879 in Manchester NH; he m. 26 Apr 1911 Elizabeth May Lightbody of Manchester. She b. 1887, dau of James and Alice Lightbody. He was an electrical engineer for the Schenectady General Electric Company.
Children of Ray & Elizabeth M. (Lightbody) Stearns:
1. Priscilla Stearns, b. 12 Nov 1912
2. Patricia Elizabeth Stearns, b. 19 Apr 1914

1. History of Merrimack NH
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3. History of Amherst NH
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5. Genealogy and Memoirs of Isaac Stearns and his descendants by Avis Stearns Van Wagenen [note this genealogy is not completely accurate for the New Hampshire line]


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