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F A M I L Y   T R E E S  of Merrimack, NH (Part XI)

- Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the accurateness or authenticity of these genealogies. Please see the reference material used for more information.
- Primary Sources shown below

- The following genealogies are limited to persons born in Merrimack, it being outside the scope of this work to follow the descendants who have emigrated to other places...
- The FIRST generation of the family residing in MERRIMACK NH is shown in red, bold.

See the complete list of family trees available


[Note: A "*" mark indicates there is more information on an allied family, in the book, "History of Merrimack NH]

NOTE: There were two separate Taylor families who settled in this area.


WILLIAM-1 TAYLOR, the immigrant ancestor, b. abt 1618 prob in England; d. 6 Dec 1696 in Concord MA. Prob. emigrated from England to America in 1635 on the ship "Truelove." He first settled in Lynn MA and then removed to Concord MA. He owned 117 acres, lot number 14. He married 19 Oct 1650 to Mary Merrian/Meriam, dau of Joseph & Sarah (Goldstone) Merriam. She b. 1630 in Hadboro, Kent Co. England, and d. 10 Dec 1699 in Concord MA.
Children/Child of William & Mary (Merrian/Meriam) Taylor:
1. Mary Taylor, b. Concord MA
2. John Taylor, b. 19 Oct 1653 Concord MA
3. Samuel Taylor, b. 3 July 1655 Concord MA
4. +Abraham Taylor, b. 14 Nov 1656 in Concord MA.
5. Isaac Taylor, b. 5 March 1659/60 Concord MA
6. Jacob Taylor, b. 8 May 1662 Concord MA
7. Joseph Taylor, b. 7 Apr 1665 in Concord MA

Abraham-2 Taylor, son of William & Mary (Meriam) Taylor, b. 14 Nov 1656 and d. 19 June 1729 in Concord MA; He m. 16 Dec 1681 to Mary Whitaker. She b. 25 Aug 1666 in Rehoboth MA, dau of John & Elizabeth (?) Whitaker. She d. 16 Feb 1756 in Concord MA.
Children of Abraham & Mary (Whitaker) Taylor:
1. +Abraham Taylor, b. 11 Jan 1682-83 Concord MA
2. +John Taylor, b. 8 Sep 1685 in Concord MA
3. Ebenezer Taylor, b. 30 Apr 1688 Concord MA
4. Mary Taylor, b. 15 March 1692 Concord MA
5. +Jonathan Taylor, b. 10 Aug 1694 Concord MA
6. Sarah Taylor, b. 13 Oct 1696 Concord MA
7. David Taylor, b. 31 Jan 1698 Concord MA, died young
8. Benjamin Taylor, b. 18 Apr 1699 Concord MA
9. Nathaniel Taylor, b. 9 Feb 1702 Concord MA
10. Daniel Taylor, b. 22 March 1704 Concord MA
11. Timothy Taylor, b. 5 March 1706 Concord MA

---------------next generation---------------

ABRAHAM-3 TAYLOR, son of Abraham and Mary (Whitaker) Taylor and grandson of William Taylor of Concord, was born in Concord MA, November 11, 1682-3. He married December 9, 1706, Sarah [or Jane] Pellet, born in Concord September 5, 1685, daughter of Thomas and Mary (Dane) Pellet. He lived in Concord MA until 1710, and there two sons were born. His wife, Sarah, died about the date of his removal to Dunstable. His second wife was Mary, but a record of the marriage is not found. He was a man of good character and a worthy citizen. In 1741 he was still living in Dunstable/Hollis MA.
Children of Abraham & Sarah (Pellet) Taylor:
1. +Abraham Taylor, b. at Concord MA, 4 Apr 1707. He lived in Hollis and was a potent factor in the organization of the town. He gave the land for the meetinghouse, common and cemetery. He died 3 June 1743. He had sons, Leonard and Abraham, and daughters, Lydia, Olive, Sarah and Submit.
2. +Samuel Taylor, b. 1 Oct 1708 at Concord MA
Children of Abraham & Mary (?) Taylor:
3. +Joseph Taylor, b. 14 Sep 1715 Dunstable; bapt 13 Sep 1716 at Dunstable by Rev. Caleb Trowbridge of Groton MA
4. +Timothy Taylor, b. 1 Sep 1718
5. Alice Talor, b. 15 Apr 1720; m. abt 1750 Ebenezer Butterfield, b. 13 July 1706 son of Samuel and Rachel (Spalding) Butterfield. It was his second marriage.
6. Amos Taylor, b. 10 Sep 1725; m. 21 May 1747 Bridget Martin. He lived in Dunstable, in New Ipswich, and in Hollis NH, removing to Brookline NH in 1772. He or his son Amos was a soldier of Capt. Reuben Dow's company of Col. Prescott's regiment at Bunker Hill and siege of Boston 1775. In 1776 he removed to Stoddard NH. He had six or more children: Amos, born at Dunstable 7 Sep 1748; Edmund b. at Dunstable 4 May 1750, he settled in Cavendish VT; Ephraim, not married, lived with the Harvard Shakers several years; Bridget; Abraham; Isaac.

JOHN-3 TAYLOR, son of Abraham and Mary (Whitaker) Taylor, born 8 Sep 1685 in Concord MA. He m. 23 March 1709/1710 in Charlestown MA to Sarah Cummings. She b. abt 1692. Probate records of the estate of Ebenezer Cummings shows evidence that she was his sister, and therefore a daughter of John and Elizabeth (Kinsley) Cummings. John Taylor settled on the east side of the Merrimack River and was living in a garrison when Nottingham (later Hudson) was incorporated in 1733. His homestead was one-half mile east of the river and one mile north of Taylor's Falls bridge. There is no record of his death. Six children born in Dunstable.
Children of John & Sarah (Cummings) Taylor:
1. Elizabeth Taylor, b. 30 Dec 1710, d. 18 Sep 1799; m. 18 Dec 1728 to Benjamin Hassell [see in Merrimack Town History]. Resided Merrimack NH
2. Hannah Taylor, b. 29 March 1713
3. Sarah Taylor, b. 7 March 1715
4. Eunice Taylor, b. 31 Oct 1717; m. Jeremiah Carleton, son of Joseph and Abigail (Osgood) Carleton of Newbury MA. They lived in Litchfield and Lyndeborough NH.
4. Rebecca Taylor, b. 3 Aug 1720
5. Elias Taylor, a son, b. 16 January 1726 Merrimack NH
6. Deborah, b. 9 Nov 1728 Merrimack NH

JONATHAN-3 TAYLOR, son of Abraham and Mary (Whitaker) Taylor, was born in Concord MA 10 Aug 1694. He removed to Dunstable about 1720. His wife Hannah, gave birth to 10 children. The record of their marriage is unknown. He died 1748.
Children of Jonathan & Hannah (?) Taylor:
1. David Taylor, b. 1 Jan 1722-3; m. 16 Apr 1752 Hannah Flethcer. She d. 23 Oct 1800. He d. 15 Dec 1809.
2. Israel Taylor, b. 23 Feb 1723-4, d. 24 Aug 1724
3. Jonathan Taylor, b. 8 Sep 1725, twin, died young.
4. Ephraim Taylor, twin, b. 8 Sep 1725, died young
5. Hannah Taylor, b. 19 Jan 1727-8
6. Esther Taylor, b. 8 Jan 1729-30
7. Sarah Taylor, b. 14 May 1732
8. Nathan Taylor, b. 9 Oct 1734
9. Olive Taylor, b. 6 Apr 1737; m. 1769, Abraham Clark of Townsend MA
10. Samson Taylor, b. 6 Dec 1739, died young
11. Daniel Taylor
12. Jason Taylor
13. Mary Taylor

-------------next generation-------------

Abraham-4 Taylor, son of Abraham & Sarah (Pellet) Taylor, b. at Concord MA, 4 Apr 1707. He lived in Hollis and was a potent factor in the organization of the town. He gave the land for the meetinghouse, common and cemetery. He died 3 June 1743, aet. 36. He married Lydia --. He came to West Dunstable previously to 1738, and was agent of the inhabitants with Capt. Powers in obtaining the charter. in 1740 he gave the land for the Hollis meeting-house, burial ground and common. he was parish assessor in 1740, '41, '42 and '43.
Children of Abraham & Lydia (?) Taylor:
1. Olive Taylor, b. 3 Jan 1732, d. Hollis NH
2. Lydia Taylor, b. 11 Oct 1733 Hollis NH, d. 6 July 1772; m. 22 Feb 1757 to Noah Worcester, son of Francis & Abigail (Carleton) Worcester. He b. 4 Oct 1735 in Sandwich MA and d. 13 Aug 1817. He m2) Hepzibah Sherwin. Had issue: Noah, Jesse, Lydia, Sarah. [see http://www.worcesterfamily.com/fifth.htm ]
3. Leonard Taylor, b. 20 Oct 1735 Hollis NH
4. Olive Taylor, b. 20 Aug 1737 Hollis NH
5. Abraham Taylor, b. 11 Aug 1739 Hollis NH
6. Sarah aylor, b. 24 Oct 1741 Hollis NH
7. Submit Taylor, b. 13 June 1743 Hollis NH

Samuel-4 Taylor, son of Abraham & Sarah (Pellet) Taylor, b. 1 Oct 1708 at Concord NH. In his infancy the family removed to Dunstable. He lived in the southern part of the township, now part of Dunstable MA. He was a man of good works, a useful citizen and for thirty-five years a deacon of the church. He died 23 Oct 1792. He married Susannah Perham, who died 14 Oct 1798. They had eleven children.
Children of Samuel & Susannah (Perham) Taylor:
1. Samuel Taylor, b. 13 Oct 1734. He was a soldier in the French and Indian War, and died at Lake George, 18 Nov 1755.
2. Reuben Taylor, b. 8 March 1735-6; married Lucy Boutelle and settled in New Ipswich.
3. Susannah Taylor, b. 28 Nov 1737.
4. +Jonas Taylor, b. 30 Nov 1739
5. Lucy Taylor, b. 4 Apr 1742; m. 9 Feb 1764 Jonathan Fletcher. He b. 30 March 1741, son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Underwood) Fletcher of Dunstable. He was a captain of the militia in 1781. He died in Dunstable MA 30 March 1813. She d. 17 July 1810. They had twelve children.
6. Thaddeus Taylor, b. 10 Apr 1744; m. Bridget Walton. She b. 29 May 1746 in Reading MA dau of John and Martha (Burnap) Walton. He removed from Dunstable to New Ipswich where he died 1825. He is the ancestor of a numerous and worthy family. One of his sons was Oliver Swain Taylor, born 17 Dec 1784, Dartmouth College 1809, preceptor, New Ipswich Appleton Academy and subsequently a physician of Auburn, New York.
7. Oliver Taylor, born 1 June 1746; married 16 July 1767, Bridget Blodgett, born 31 Dec 1746, dau of Josiah and Jemima (Nutting) Blodgett of Dunstable. His wife died January 15, 1794. He married 2d) 30 Dec 1794 Abigail Richardson. She b. 14 June 1775 in Temple NH dau of Thomas and Abigail Richardson. He d. 13 Oct 1823. Abigial, hiw widow, d. 19 January 1839. Eight children by first marriage and two by second marriage.
8. Rachel Taylor, b. 11 May 1748; d. 17 Feb 1754.
9. Mary Taylor, b. 17 January 1749.
10. Isaac Taylor, b. 13 January 1753, m. 21 Nov 1776 Sarah Parkhurst, who d. 10 March 1813. He m. 2) 1814 Lucy Hill, b. Billerica 14 Jan 1756, dau of Jonathan and Mary (Lane) Hill. She d. 5 Feb 1832.
11. Samuel Taylor, b. 20 March 1756; m. 1777 Ruth Parker. She was b. in Groton MA 18 Oct 1757, dau of William and Ruth (Boynton) Parker. He removed to Milford NH where he resided 25 years. He returned to Dunstable MA and there died 9 January 1841. His wife died Dec 30, 1837. Eight children.
12. William Taylor, b. 9 Nov 1759; d. 6 May 1771

Joseph-4 Taylor, son of Abraham & Mary (?) Taylor, b. 14 Sep 1715 Dunstable; bapt 13 Sep 1716 at Dunstable by Rev. Caleb Trowbridge of Groton MA. He m. Olive ----.
Children of Joseph & Olive (?) Taylor:
1. Joseph Taylor, b. 27 Dec 1746 Merrimack NH
2. Elizabeth Taylor, b. 23 March 1755 Merrimack NH

Timothy-4 Taylor, son of Abraham & Mary (?) Taylor, was born at Dunstable 1 Sep 1718. He married Rachel Converse. She b. 30 April 1730 in Merrimack NH, dau of Joshua and Rachel (Blanchard) Converse. She was b. 30 Apr 1730 in Merrimack NH and d. about 1830. They lived in Merrimack NH; was a selectman and a prominent citizen, also serving as Constable, Tythingman, Field Driver, Fence Viewer and Surveyor of Highways; They had seven children born in Merrimack NH.
Children of Timothy & Rachel (Converse) Taylor:
1. Mary Taylor, b. 14 Dec 1751; d. 30 Sep 30, 1834 Milford NH; m. 26 Feb 1783 Jonathan Buxton.
2. +Timothy Taylor, b. 18 Sep 1754
3. Joshua Taylor, b. 18 Sep 1756
4. Sarvia/Surviah Taylor, b. 27 Aug 1758; m. 29 Aug 1781 Samuel Fields
5. Eleazer Taylor, b. 17 Apr 1760
6. Abigail Taylor, b. March 1762
7. Joel Taylor, b. 4 March 1764

David-4 Taylor, son of Jonathan & Hannah (?) Taylor, b. 1 Jan 1722-3; m. 16 Apr 1752 Hannah Fletcher. She d. 23 Oct 1800. He d. 15 Dec 1809.
Children of David & Hannah (Fletcher) Taylor:
1. Hannah Taylor, b. 23 May 1753
2. Sybel Taylor, b. 9 Apr 1755
3. Catherine Taylor, b. 3 Sep 1757
4. Oliver Taylor, b. 9 Nov 1760; m. 17 June 1802, Capt. Josiah Cummings. He b. 12 June 1763, son of Oliver and Sybel (Bailey) CUmmings. She d. 24 Nov. ---
5. Sarah Taylor, b. 9 January 1764; m. 17 Jan 1785, Capt. Josiah Cummings. She d. 24 Jan 1802. He d. 11 Sep 1834

--------------------------next generation---------------------

Jonas-5 Taylor, son of Samuel & Susannah (Perham) Taylor, b. 30 Nov 1739; m. Mary Danforth. She b. 5 Feb 1745, dau of Lieut Joseph and Mary (Richardson) Danforth. He lived in Dunstable MA where he died 15 Dec 1823. She d. 5 Dec 1813. Six children.
Children of Jonas & Mary (Danforth) Taylor:
1. Jonas Taylor, b. 1767; d. 24 July 1848; m. Hannah --, who d. 24 May 1849
2. +Danforth Taylor, b. 30 Oct 1769 in Dunstable; d. in Stoddard NJ 4 January 1858
3. Mary Taylor, b. 26 May 1773
4. Abigail Taylor, b. 12 Feb 1775
5. Abigail Taylor, b. 30 May 1780
6. Jacob Taylor, b. 16 Jan 1783.

Timothy-5 Taylor, son of Timothy & Rachel (Converse) Taylor, was b. 18 Sep 1754 in Merrimack NH. He m. in Merrimack NH 1 Feb 1776 to Esther (French) Toothaker. She b. in Dunstable 1754 dau of Capt. Benjamin and Molley (Lovewell) French and widow of Dr. Allin/Allen Toothaker, a young physician of Merrimack, who died July 12, 1775. Timothy Taylor lived in Merrimack many years; he was selectman 1780, 1784, 1785, representative 1785, 1787, 1788, 1790, 1793. He was a magistrate many years. In the legislature he was a useful and influential man, and in town affairs he was a foremost citizen. He removed from Merrimack to Dunstable, 1806, and in 1819 to Norwalk, Ohio, where he died February 26 1851. His wife died July 1, 1843.
Children of Timothy & Esther (French-Toothaker) Taylor:
1. George Allin/Allen Taylor, b. 16 Feb 1777
2. Esther Taylor, b. 9 June 1781; m. 30 Dec 1804 Samuel Preston. He b. in Ipswich 21 July 1778, son of Dr. John and Rebecca (Farrar) Preston. Samuel Preston succeeded Samuel Cushing in the publication of the "Village Messenger," at Amhert NH. In 1801 he removed to Dunstable and was engaged in trade about eight years. Subsequently, he lived in Norwalk Ohio, where he died 3 March 1852. His wife died 3 Sep 1826. One son, Charles Albert Preston. Their dau Lucy Bancroft Preston married 15 July 1835, Frederick Wickham.
3. Benjamin French Taylor, b. 15 Aug 1778; m. Juliette ---. Had children, Catherine, Isabella, Catherine and Gilman
4. Frances "Fannie" Taylor, bap 25 May 1788 Merrimack NH; m. -- Knight. They had one daughter, and three sons, James, George, William and Albert.
5. John Gilman Taylor, bap 15 Aug 1802 Merrimack NH; removed to Illinois

----------------------------Next Generation--------------

Danforth-6 Taylor, son of Jonas & Mary (Danforth) Taylor, b. 30 Oct 1769 in Dunstable; d. in Stoddard NJ 4 January 1858; m. 1790 to Tabitha Fletcher. She b. 5 Feb 1770 in Hollis NH. They removed to Stoddard NH in 1793. She d. 8 June 1849. They had twelve children, including:
1. Hannah Taylor, b. 1792 in in Stoddard, Cheshire County, NH; d. 30 June 1846 in Keene, Cheshire County, NH; m. 1817 Josiah "Joshua" Colony; had issue.
2. Jacob Taylor, 4th child, b. 10 Jan 1797; m. Mary Harnden of Wilmington MA. They resided in Stoddard NH many years, and removed to Weare NH in Dec 1868. Children: (1) George Taylor, b. 26 Nov 1832, d. 20 Oct 1889; m. 1 Feb 1855 to Joanna Gilson of Stoddards, res. in Rochester NY; had issue; (2) Abbie M. Taylor, b. 28 May 1836, m. D.P. Woodbury of North Weare NH; (3) Frank Talor, b. 4 Oct 1844; m1) Libbie Boorman; m2) Mary J. Averill; res. Rochester NY.


Thomas-1 Taylor was an inhabitant of Salem MA in 1637 and a man of some prominence in Reading MA until his death in 1691. He married Elizabeth --.
Children of Thomas & Elizabeth (--) Taylor: [?more]
1. +Seabred Taylor, b. 11 March 1642-3 in Watertown MA

Seabred-2 Taylor, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Taylor, was born in Watertown MA 11 March 1642-3. In his childhood his parents removed to Reading MA. He was a soldier in King Philip's War. He was one of the soldiers in the garrison at Groton MA 1675 and he served in the companies commanded by Capt. Samuel Mosely, Capt. Joseph Sill and Capt. Nathaniel Davenport, who was succeeded by Capt. Edward Tyng. In the admission of grantees of the Narraganset townships, which were granted to the soldiers of King Philip's War or to the heirs of those deceased the right of Seabred Taylor, deceased, was granted to his son, Thomas, who became a grantee of Westminister, MA.
Seabred Taylor married 21 Nov 1671, Mary Harrington, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Harrington of Charlestown MA. About 1685 he lived a short time in Charlestown, but soon returned to Reading, where he died in 1714. His widow, Mary, died 13 May 1733. THey had seven or more children. Mary (Harrington) Taylor was one of the accusers of Lydia Dustin for witchcraft in Salem, September 5, 1692.
Children of Seabred & Mary (Harrington) Taylor:
1. Elizabeth Taylor, b. 6 March 1674-5; m. 3 Dec 1702 in Woburn MA to Thomas Grover of Reading MA.
2. Mary Taylor, b. 26 Sep 1676, died young
3. Mary Taylor, b. 9 July 1678; married in Woburn MA 8 Jan 1695-6 Dr. Thomas Stimpson of Reading MA, son of Dr. James Stimpson. Two of their sons were physicians.
4. John Taylor, b. 16 January 1681-2
5. James Taylor, b. 20 June 1688
6. Thomas Taylor, b. 21 May 1692; m. 20 Dec 1722 in Reading MA to Mary Goodwin. They removed to Sudbury MA where five children were born and where his wife died 16 June 1735. He was a grantee of Westminster MA, and sold the same 16 Aug 1735 to Samuel Trumbull of Charlestown MA.
7. + Ebenezer Taylor, older than Thomas and probably older than James. His birth is not recorded.

Dr. Ebenezer-3 Taylor, son of Seabred & Mary (Harrington) Taylor was prob. born about 1685 in Charlestown or Reading MA. In a deed dated 7 March 1710, Seabred Taylor of Reading conveys certain tracts of land to Ebenezer Taylor "in consideration of love and affection I have and do bear unto my dutiful son, Ebenezer, and in further consideration of L7, that my said son hath paid unto my son in law Thomas Grover and L8 that he hath paid unto my son in law Stimson."
He studied medicine with Dr. Thomas Stimson, and removed to Dunstable before 1711. He was the first resident physician here and he remained in practice many years. In 1724 and 1725 Dr. Ebenezer Taylor was paid for medicine and medical attendance on Joseph Chamberlain, a soldier, and Jabez Davis, a sick soldier. From 1711 to 1720, Ebenezer Taylor of Dunstable bought and sold many parcels of land in Dunstable and in Medford, MA. In the conveyances he is styled a bricklayer, a mason and a husbandman, and in no instance is he called a physician. His wife named in the deeds was Mary, but a record of his marriage or of his death has not been discovered.
Dr. Samuel Colburn, an aged man of Dracut married in 1755 Mary Taylor of Dunstable. It is probable that she was the widow of Dr. Ebenezer Taylor. Of the children of Dr. Ebenezer and Mary Taylor, there is a record of two sons.
Children of Ebenezer and Mary (?) Taylor [may be more]:
1. +Benjamin Taylor, b. 1733
2. +James Taylor, b. 1748
3. ?poss Edward Taylor who m. Mary --; res. Hollis NH;
4. ?poss Jonathan Taylor who m. Kezia --; res. Hollis NH

Benjamin-4 Taylor, son of Ebenzer & Mary (?) Taylor, b. in 1733. He resided in Dunstable. Of good ability and superior education he occupied a foremost position among his townsmen. He was a soldier in the American Revolution. He married Martha Lyon of Merrimack. They had seven or eight children. There is a record of the birth of seven and Secomb's Amherst says there were two daughters one of whom married a Woods and one a Merrill. Gravestones in the Old Cemetery inform that "Mr. Benjamin Taylor, son of Dr. Ebenezer Taylor died November 17, 1787 in the 55th year of his age." "Mrs. Martha Taylor, wife of Mr. Benja Taylor died June 16, 1817 in the 79th year of her age."
Children of Benjamin & Martha (Lyons) Taylor:
1. David Taylor, b. 6 February 1757. He was a soldier in Capt. Butterfield's COmpany, Lexington alarm 1775, and subsequently enlisted again and died in the service, probably in 1776.
2. Benjamin Taylor, b. 8 March 1759. He served three years 1777-1780 in Col. Cilley's Regiment during the American Revolution. He was a soldier and a seaman in the privatier service. He married 6 Aug 1782 in Ipswich NH to Anna Lowe. She b. 1761, daughter of Joshua and Anna Lowe. About 1790 he moved to Maine. Two children were born in Dunstable: 1) Cyrus Baldwin Taylor, b. 8 Ma 1783; 2) Thomas Taylor, b. 10 Apr 1785.
3. Ebenezer Taylor, b. 11 Sep 1761. Lived in Amherst NH where he was a selectman and town officer many years. He married 27 Jan 1791 Lucy Weston. She b. 27 Feb 1773 dau of Ebenezer & Lucy (Richardson) Weston of Amherst NH. For record of 11 children see "History of Amherst NH."
4. Eleazer Taylor, b. 11 Dec 1763
5. Berthiah Taylor, b. 25 Oct 1766; m. 26 Nov 1787 Benjamin Woods. He b. in Dunstable 4 May 1767 son of Oliver and Sarah Woods. Three children born in Dunstable.
6. Luther Taylor, b. 21 Apr 1769; m. 18 Dec 1817 Esther Lovewell. She b. 16 May 1780 dau of Gen. Noah Lovewell. He lived in the Nashua NH section of Dunstable where he died 29 Aug 1843. His widow d. 12 May 1859.
7. Martha Taylor, there is no record of her birth; she m. 28 May 1789 in Dunstable to David Merrill.
8. Abner Taylor, b. 20 Apr 1779; removed to Maine

James-4 Taylor, son of Ebenezer & Mary (?) Taylor, b. 1748, d. 1814; m. in Hollis NH 21 Apr 1768 to Lois Butterfield of Dunstable. He lived in Hollis until 1772 when he removed to Merrimack NH. He was one of the volunteers of Lieut. Benjamin Bowers Company in 1777, and in 1778 he was quartermaster of Col. Stephen Peabody's regiment at Rhode Island. Three children were born in Hollis and three in Merrimack.
Children of James & Lois (Butterfield) Taylor:
1. James Taylor, b. 26 Apr 1769 Hollis NH
2. Lois Taylor, b. 4 June 1770 Hollis NH
3. Molly Taylor, b. 21 Jan 1772 Hollis NH
4. Susannah Taylor, b. 3 July 1773
5. Ebenezer Taylor, b. 31 March 1775; d. 10 Sep 1776
6. Olive Taylor, b. 21 Jan 1777
7. Jane Taylor, bap 3 Apr 1779 Merrimack NH
8. Charles Taylor, bap 21 May 1780 Merrimack NH
9. Leonard Taylor, bapt 5 May 1782 Merrimack NH

Some Sources:
1. History of Merrimack NH
2. NEHGS Register and databases
3. Early Generations of the founders of Old Dunstable, by Ezra S. Stearns; G.E. Littlefield; Boston MA; 1911
4. United States Census
5. The history of New Ipswich, New Hampshire, 1735-1914: with genealogical ...
By Charles Henry Chandler, Sarah Fiske Lee


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