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F A M I L Y   T R E E S  of Merrimack, NH
(Part III)

- Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the accurateness or authenticity of these genealogies. Please see the reference material used for more information.
- Some of the genealogies are limited to persons born in Merrimack, it being outside the scope of this work to follow the descendants who have emigrated to other places...
- These genealogies are free for personal use. These genealogies are compiled from a great number of "public" and copyright free sources, however the genealogies shown here in their entirety should be considered copyrighted by the webmaster of this site, and may not be sold in any form, electronic or otherwise.

Thornton | Wilkins

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NOTE: James Shepard-5 Thornton was the last of Hon. Matthew Thornton, M.D.'s MALE descendants to have the surname Thornton. There are many of his descendants that do not bear a THORNTON name. If your surname is Thornton possibly you are descended from one of Hon. Matthew's brothers (in that case you would be distantly related, but not a 'descendant'). Only the line of Matthew, son of James is traced below.


James-1 THORNTON, an Englishman, and Elizabeth Jenkins, his wife, removed from England to the north of Ireland, where their son, Matthew-2 Thornton was born, in 1714. The Thornton family is said to have been among the 120 families who in five small ships, arrived in Boston, MA, on 17 August 1718, and in the fall of that year went to Falmouth (now Portland) ME, spending the winter there, on shipboard. They then went to Wiscasset Maine for a few years, removing to Worcester MA. In 1740 James Thornton moved to Pelham MA, as one of the towns founders and proprietors, and held various town offices. In 1748 he removed to Londonderry NH where he lived until his death on 7 Nov 1754. He is buried in Forest Hills cemetery, East Derry NH, beside his daughter Hannah Wallace.   
Children of James & Elizabeth (Jenkins) Thornton:
1. James THORNTON, b abt 1710, a co-grantee with their brother Matthew, in 1768 of the town of Thornton NH.
2. Andrew THORNTON, b. abt 1712, a co-grantee with their brother Matthew, in 1768 of the town of Thornton NH.
3. +Dr. Matthew THORNTON b. abt 1714 in Northern Ireland
4. Agnes THORNTON b. abt 1716; m. Thomas Wasson/Wason
5. William THORNTON b. abt 1718 in County Tyrone, Ireland; one of the first settlers of Pelham MA in 1740, removed to Palmer MA, then later to Dublin NH; about 1753 he removed to Schenectady NY
6. Samuel THORNTON b. abt 1720; lived at Campton NH, and later at Hatley and Stanstead, in Canada. He is said to have married twice, and to have had 22 children, 11 by each wife.
7. Hannah THORNTON b. abt 1722; m. William Wallace of Londonderry NH
8. Esther THORNTON b. abt 1724


Dr. Matthew-2 Thornton (James-1) was born abt 1710 in Northern Ireland. In 1745, Dr. Matthew-2 Thornton joined the expedition against Louisburg, Cape Breton, as surgeon in the New Hampshire Division of the American army. At the commencement of the Revolutionary War, he held the rank of colonel in the militia; he was commissioned justice of the peace under the colonial administration of Gov. Benning Wentworth; he was appointed president of the Provincial Convention of New Hampshire (in 1775) and the following year was chosen to represent New Hampshire in the first Congress held at Philadelphia. He was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. After serving his term in Congress he became chief justice of the Court of Common Pleas in New Hampshire, and afterwards judge of the Superior Court. About 1762 he established a farm in New Boston, NH remaining there 8 years, returning to Londonderry NH; After 1776 he purchased a farm in that part of Merrimack known as Thornton's Ferry, where, surrounded by his family and friends, he passed the remainder of his days in dignified repose. He served Merrimack NH as moderator and selectman, on the 1787 tax list he is shown living in District 4. He died at the house of his daughter, Mrs. Hannah Thornton McGaw, in Newburyport, Mass., June 24, 1803, at the age of eighty-nine years. Mr. Thornton was a man of commanding presence, but of a very genial nature, remarkable for his native wit and great fondness for anecdote.
His remains were brought back to Merrimack, and they repose in the little burial ground at Thornton's Ferry, with only a modest tombstone to mark his resting place (inscription: "An honest man). August 28, 1885, an act of the legislature authorized the erection of a suitable monument to his memory, upon a site selected and donated by the town. Upon September 29, 1892, this monument was dedicated with appropriate ceremonies, the Hon. William T. Parker being president and Hon. Charles H. Burns the orator of the day.
Judge Thornton married abt 1760 to Hannah Jack, daughter of Andrew & Mary (Morrison) Jack of Chester NH [although her surname is called "Jackson" in the History of New Boston, Chester NH town records clearly show the surname to be JACK]. A story told in the History of New Boston NH states, "she was a beautiful young girl of eighteen (when they married), whom he has promised, when a child, to wait for and marry, as a reward to her taking some disagreeable medicine.", p. 209] She was born in 1742, and died before reaching middle life 5 Dec 1786, and is buried in Thornton's Cemetery, Merrimack NH.
Children of Dr. Matthew & Hannah (Jack) THORNTON:
1. +James THORNTON, b 20 Dec 1763 Londonderry NH; d. 3 July 1817 in Merrimack NH, buried Thorton Cemetery, Merrimack NH; m. Mary Parker
2. Andrew THORNTON, b. abt 1766, died 22 Apr 1787, unmarried. Buried Thornton Cemetery, Merrimack NH
3. +Mary THORNTON, b. abt 1768 in Londonderry NH, d. 28 May 1845 Derry NH; m. 4 Sep 1791 to Hon Silas BETTON of Salem NH. He b. abt 1766 in Londonderry NH.
4. +Matthew THORNTON, b. abt 1770 in Londonderry NH married Fanny Curtis
5. +Hannah THORNTON, b 25 July 1774 in Merrimack NH, d. 18 May 1846 Cambridge MA married 13 Sep 1798 to John McGAW of Newburyport, Mass.


James-3 THORNTON (Dr. Matthew-2, James-1), b. 20 Dec 1763 in Londonderry NH; d. 3 July 1817 in Merrimack NH, buried Thornton Cemetery, Merrimack NH; m. 25 Apr 1792 to Mary Parker of Litchfield NH, she b. 1763 in Litchfield NH and d. 11 Aug 1832, buried Thorntons Cemetery, Merrimack NH. Resided in Merrimack NH and became a member of the NH Legislature.
Children of James & Mary (Parker) THORTON:
1. Matthew Thornton, b. 27 June 1793; married Sarah W. Cotton. She b. 1792; died in youth manhood, leaving one dau Margaret Anne Thornton who died unmarried
2. Thomas Thornton, b. 23 Oct 1795; unmarried
3. +Hannah Thornton, b. 25 Sep 1797 married 9 Dec 1818 to Colonel Joseph Greeley of Dunstable MA; resided Nashua NH
4. +James Bonaparte Thornton, b. 11 May 1800; d. 1840 Peru, South America
5. Mary Thornton, b. 19 Aug 1802

Matthew-3 THORNTON (Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b abt 1770-71 in Londonderry NH, d. 5 Dec 1804 in Merrimack NH, buried at Thornton Cemetery Merrimack NH; he married Fanny Curtis of Amherst NH. She d. 30 Apr 1807. He became a lawyer in New Hampshire.
Children of Matthew & Fanny (Curtis) THORNTON:
1. +Abigail Curtis "Abby" Thornton, b. 3 July 1800; married Capt. David MacGregor of Derry NH
2. Hannah Jack Thornton, b. 15 Oct 1801, died in Washington D.C.

Mary-3 THORNTON (Dr. Matthew-2, James-1), b. abt 1768 in Londonderry NH, d. 28 May 1845 Derry NH; m. 4 Sep 1791 to Hon Silas BETTON of Salem NH, son of James & Elizabeth (Dickey) Betton. He b. 26 Aug 1767 in Windham NH or Londonderry NH and died 22 Jan 1822 in Salem NH. He studied under a private tutor (William's Academy run by Rev. Simon Williams) and then graduated from Dartmouth College in Hanover NH in 1787; studied law and was an attorney at Salem NH beginning in 1790; was a member of the house (1797-1799) and State senate (1801-1803) several years; was a member of Congress from 4 March 1803 to 3 March 1807, and high sheriff of Rockingham County from 1813 to 1819. He was buried in the Old Parish Cemetery, Center Village, Salem NH.
Children of Hon. Silas & Mary (Thornton) Betton:

1. +Wealthy Johnson Betton, b. 19 Feb 1792; m. 10 Jan 1821 a cousin, Ninian Clark Betton; she d. 10 Feb 1876 ae 84 yrs. They had 3 children, George E. (b 28 Nov 1821 Hanover NH), Charles James (b 26 Sep 1823 Salem NH, d. 5 Aug 1846) and Walter Thornton (died age 24).
2. Harriet Betton, b. 1 April 1795, d. 5 March 1815 in Salem NH ae 19 yrs 11 mos 5 days.
3. Caroline Betton, b. 7 Dec 1796, d at Concord NH 1861, single
4. +Thornton BETTON, b. 3 April 1800 at Salem NH; graduate of Dartmouth College in 1820, m. Mary E. B. Holyoke Hopkins
5. Charles Cotesworth Pickney Betton, b. 15 Jan 1803; m. Elisabeth E., Dau of Joseph Prescott of Calais ME. They resided in Newburyport MA. He d. in 1845. No children.
6. Mary Jane Betton b. 1 June 1805; m. Worcester Webster of Boscawen NH, son of William, as his 2nd wife. He was b. 1794 in Salisbury NH and d. in Boscawen NH. He m1) Polly Pettengill of Salisbury who was b. in Salisbury NH and d. in Boscawen NH. All of Webster's children from his first wife, Polly [and are therefore not descendants of the Hon. Matthew Thornton. (ch: Charles Williams Webster b 14 Sep 1826, d. 1891 Boscawen NH, m. Louise Greenough of Boscawen NH), George Worcester Webster (1831 to June 1860 Boscawen NH, d. umn.) and Mary Ann Webster (21 July 1839 Boscawen , d. 23 March 1913 California, m. Charles Everett Johnson).
7. George Onslow Betton, b. 8 June 1807; graduated at Dartmouth College; practiced law in Derry NH; died unmarried 25 June 1864 at Boscawen NH.

Hannah-3 THORNTON (Dr. Matthew-2, James-1), b. abt 1771, d. 1846 Cambridge MA, and was buried at Mt. Auburn, Cambridge MA. She m. 13 Sep 1846 in Bedford NH to John McGaw of Newburyport MA, son of Jacob and Margaret (Orr) McGaw. He was b. 12 May 1775 and d. 3 Nov 1821 in Bedford NH. [Note: descendants of this line can claim another "patriot" in the American Revolution through John Orr, who joined a company of volunteers, and was lieutenant under Capt. Samuel McConnell at Bennington, and was sounded in the battle.]
Children of John & Hannah (Thornton) McGaw:
1. +John Andrew McGaw b. 29 Jan 1801 in Bedford NH; m. Nancy Goff.
2. +Harriet Frances McGaw; m. Henry Wood
3. +Thornton McGaw, b 24 July 1799, d. 3 Oct 1839 Bangor ME; m1) 19 Oct 1826 in Bangor ME to Anne/Anni Frances CARR.


Hon. James BONAPARTE-4 THORNTON (James-3, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1), b. 11 May 1800; d. 1838 in Callao, Lima Peru, and is buried at Thornton's Ferry (Merrimack) NH; graduated at Bowdoin College; practiced law in Merrimack; was second comptroller of the treasury at Washington; then United States charge d'affaires to Peru, South America. He died at Callao at about the age of forty. He was a classmate of the late Charles G. Atherton, Esq. of Nashua and of the late ex-President Franklin Pierce, and the warmth of their strong personal friendship remained unimpaired until his death. He married Sophia Shepherd/Sheppard (who was b. abt 1800 in CT) and left two children.
Children of James Bonaparte & Sophia (Shepherd) THORNTON
1. +Mary Parker Thornton b. abt 1822 in NH married 1st) Dr. Charles Augustine Davis, and after his death, m2d) Judge William Sewall Gardner of Massachusetts.
2. James Shepard Thornton, b 25 Feb 1827 on the Thornton homestead in Thornton's Ferry (Merrimack) NH and died 14 May 1875 in Philadelphia (or Germantown) PA; His father dying when he was very young, he was left to the care and guardianship of Franklin Pierce and Senator Atherton; he entered the Naval School at Annapolis at the age of fourteen, and remained in the naval service until his death, which occurred in 1875. On 15 January 1841 he was appointed a midshipman in the Navy. From 1850-1854 he was engaged in surveying the gold fields of California and later Utah. In February 1854 he rejoined the Navy under his prior rank and he had active service in the Mexican War. At the outbreak of the civil war he was transferred to Admiral Farragut's flagship where he was executive officer of the 'Hartford' under Farragut, at the battle of New Orleans. In 1862 he was commissioned lieutenant commander of the "Winona" off Mobile Alabama. He was executive officer of the 'Kearsage' in the famous battle with the 'Alabama." From 1865 to 1873 he was stationed at the Portsmouth Navy Yard, and in August 1873 was sent in command of the U.S.S.'Monogahela' to Kerguelen Island. Upon the return voyage, while studying a chart in his cabin, he was thrown down by a sudden lurch of the ship and received serious injuries to his spine. He was at once invalidated home, but died within a few weeks of his arrival. He married in 1856/1857 to his cousin Ellen Thornton Wood of Goffstown NH, daughter of Rev. Henry Wood, (and "a woman of remarkable beauty as well as of great dignity of character") who survived him. She was b. 25 Sep 1830 and d. 15 March 1900 (or May 1901), and is buried at Last Rest Cemetery, Merrimack NH. They had no children. James Shepard Thornton was the last of his name of the descendants of Hon. Matthew Thornton.

Abigail Curtis "Abby"-4 THORNTON (Matthew-3,Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) Thornton, b. 3 July 1800; married Capt. David MacGregor of Derry NH, resided Derry NH
Children of Capt David & Abigail C. (Thornton) MacGregor:
1. George Reed MacGregor, m. -- of Joliet, Michigan. No children
2. Helen MacGregor, died age 6 in Derry NH

Hannah-4 THORNTON (James-3, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b 25 Sep 1797 NH (shown as age 53 in 1850 census); 9 Dec 1918 she married Colonel Joseph Greeley of Dunstable MA. He was b abt 1784 in NH; In 1850 residing in Nashville (Nashua) NH.
Children of Col. Joseph & Hannah (Thornton) Greeley:
1. Mary Thornton Greeley, b abt 1821 NH, in 1850 census with parents
2. +Joseph Thornton "J. Thornton" Greeley, b. abt 1824 NH; m. Hannah A. Morrison.
4. Charles A. Greeley, b Feb 1828 NH; in 1880 census living in Nashua, Chickasaw Co Iowa with wife Helen Reed (b Apr 1830 NH), and son George T. (b Aug 1856 NH). In 1900 living in Sault Sainte Marie, Chippewa Co., Michigan.
5. +Gen. James B. Greeley, b 18 July 1830 in Nashua NH, m. his cousin [SEE] Arabella McGaw Wood.
6. Edward P. Greeley, b abt 1833 NH; in 1870 living in Nashua, Chickasaw Co, Iowa, a mill proprietor. He m. Mary Robie. She b abt 1838 NH. Had dau May b abt 1866 in Iowa.
7. Helen "Ellen" Dana Greeley, b. abt 1839 NH in 1850 and 1860 census with parents. She died in Nashua NH in 1862 (twenty years of age).

Wealthy Johnson-4 BETTON (Mary-3 THORNTON, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1), b. 19 Feb 1792, she d. 10 Feb 1876 ae 84 yrs.; m. 10 Jan 1821 a relative, Ninian Clark Betton. He b. 10 Jan 1787 in New Boston NH. When his parents died when he was 3 years of age, he was placed in the family of Robert Boyd of New Boston, whose wife was Mary Dickey, a sister to his grandmother. He spent 10 years of his life in this household. He was a graduate of Dartmouth College, a lawyer in high standing in Boston MA, held important positions in city government and the state legislature. He studied law under the direction of Hon. Ezekiel Webster of Boscawen NH and later with Ezekiel's distinguished brother, Daniel Webster. He was admitted to practice in Boston MA October 1817. He died at Boston MA 19 Nov 1856 ae 68 years. In 1860 Wealthy was living with her son George E. in Boston (Ward 11), Suffolk Co, MA.
Children of Ninian C. & Wealthy J. (Betton) Betton:
1. George E. Betton, b 28 Nov 1821 Hanover NH, patent-lawyer, Boston MA; in 1860 living in Boston MA (mother living with him); in 1890 Boston Directory, working at 257 Washington Street room 18 (lawyer in patent cases) and rooming at 79 Worcester Street.
2. Charles James Betton, b 26 Sep 1823 Salem NH, d. 5 Aug 1846 on his passage home from New Orleans LA, unmarried
3. Walter Thornton Betton, b. 23 Jan 1834, died of consumption, 23 January 1858, twenty-four years of age,

Thornton-4 BETTON (Mary-3 THORNTON, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1), b. 3 April 1800 in Salem NH and died 16 Sep 1841; attended Atkinson Academy, and at the age of 16 entered Dartmouth College, graduating in 1820. He was admitted to the bar at Newburyport. He was a well-known lawyer in Derry NH; he m. 23 Dec 1832 to Mary E. B. Holyoke Hopkins, dau of Caleb H. and Margaret (Neal) Hopkins of Portsmouth NH. After Thornton's death, she m2) 24 Nov 1846, William FABYAN and resided in Portsmouth NH. Mary and William Fabyan appear to have had a daughter, Mary C.E. Fabyan born about 1853.
Children of Thornton & Mary E.B. H. (Hopkins) BETTON:
1. +Frank Holyoke BETTON, b. 1 Aug 1835 Derry NH; resident of Pomeroy, Wyandotte Co., Kansas. He m. Susanna Mudeater
2. +Col. Matthew Thornton BETTON, born in Derry NH abt 1837, and died 11 July 1904 in East Derry NH, age 67; m. Elizabeth Kennedy.
3. Thornton BETTON Jr., born May 1841 in NH; a respected citizen of Portsmouth NH, connected with the Fire department as one of its engineers, filled other important positions. In 1870 a musician living in Portsmouth NH with wife Charlott, b. Feb 1843 in NH. In 1880 living in Portsmouth NH with wife Charlotte E., his occupation, house painter; in 1900 living in Portsmouth NH, indicating they had no children.

John Andrew-4 McGaw (Hannah-3 Thornton, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b. 29 Jan 1801 in Bedford NH, d. 13 July 1871; he came a prosperous shipping merchant of the city. He m. 20 June 1826 to Nancy Goffe of Bedford NH. She b. 1 Aug 1805 and d. 16 Aug 1888, dau of Theodore Atkinson Goffe and a descendant of Col. John Goffe. In 1880 she was living in NYC with her daughter Frances "Fannie" (McGaw) Woodbury & husband.
Children of John A. & Nancy (Goff) McGaw:
1. +Harriet Ann McGaw, b. 30 Jan 1832; m. 11 Nov 1856 Freeman Perkins Woodbury
2. Hannah Thornton McGaw, b. 15 July 1834; m. 10 Apr 1862 in Portland ME to Rev. William Henry Fenn. He was b abt 1835 in South Carolina. In 1860 Rev. Fenn (a Congregational minister) was living in Manchester NH. In 1880 living in Portland, Cumberland Co. ME. No children in household, but W.H.'s mother Mary B. (age 74) living with them, along with his nephew Charles H. Fenn (age 26, a teacher). In 1910 both living in Portland ME, niece Mary S. Fenn (b NJ) living with them. Yale A.B. and resides in Portland ME
3. Helen McGaw, b. 17 March 1838; m. Fleming Smith Esq., and resided in New York City. He was b Nov 1835 in NY. In 1880 living in Manhattan NY on West 22nd Street. In 1900 they were living in Manhattan NY with his brother Almon M. Smith residing with them. The 1900 census states they had no children born to them.
4. Frances Eliza "Fannie" McGaw, b. 19 Jan 1841 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co MA; m. 14 Apr 1864 in New York City to Charles H. Woodbury, Dartmouth A.B., a lawyer in the city of New York. He was b 10 March 1840 in Bedford NH, son of Peter Perkins & Eliza Bailey (Gordon) Woodbury. He enlisted as a prviate on 22 Feb 1865 at the age of 24 in Company F., 115th NY Infantry and was discharged 3 May 1865 in Raleigh NC. In 1880 living in Manhattan NY, her mother Nancy McGaw (age 75) living with them, along with niece Nettie Woodbury (age 24)

Thornton-4 McGaw (Hannah-3 Thornton, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b 24 July 1799 at Newburyport MA, d. 5 Oct 1859 Bangor ME, buried at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge MA; he moved to Bedford NH in 1805, and prepared for college at Pinkerton Academy, Londonderry. He graduated from Dartmouth college in 1820, among the first seven in a class of twenty-four. He studied law with his uncle, Jacob McGaw of Bangor ME, where he commenced the practice of law in 1824. At a meeting of the Penobscot County Bar, held on 6 October 1859, resolution were adopted expressive of appreciation of the memory of the honorable professional character of Thornton McGaw. He m1) 19 Oct 1826 in Bangor ME to Anne "Anni" Frances CARR, dau of Joseph Carr of Bangor ME. She b. 19 Oct 1803 and d. 12 Feb 1847; He may have m2d) Mrs. Esther F. Bates, who was b. 24 Apr 1811 and d. 3 Dec 1876.
Child of Thornton & Anne (Carr) McGaw:
1. +Annie Thornton McGaw, b. 26 Jan 1828 Bangor ME; married 1855 to Charles William Adams, son of Benjamin & Elizabeth (Horne) Adams who was b. 1813 in Rochester NH.

Harriet Frances-4 McGaw (Hannah-3 THORNTON, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) m. Rev. Henry Wood, son of Eliphalet & Elisabeth (Tilton) Wood. He was b. 19 Apr 1796 in Loudon NH and d. 29 Oct 1873 in PA, and is buried at Last Rest Cemetery in Merrimack NH. He was a graduate of Dartmouth College, and editor of the "Congregational Journal"; he was appointed Consul to Beirut, Syria, by President Franklin Pierce, and lived there many years. He was appointed chaplain in the U.S. Navy and was stationed at Philadelphia PA. This family also lived in Hanover NH. She d. 10 Dec 1877, buried Last Rest Cemetery, Merrimack NH. [Note: the History of Merrimack NH shows their last name as "Woods" however their tombstones show the surname WOOD].
Children of Rev. Henry & Harriet F. (McGaw) Wood:
1. John Thornton Wood, b. 1828, d. 8 Aug 1898, buried Last Rest Cemetery, Merrimack NH; editor of a newspaper in Philadelphia PA.
2. Arabella McGaw Wood, abt 1834; m. 24 June 1858, her cousin, James Bonaparte Greeley [SEE].
3. Charles Wood, b. 1837, d. 21 May 1920, buried Last Rest Cemetery, Merrimack NH, resided Philadlphia PA.
4. Harriet "Hattie" H. Wood, died 6 Dec 1874, buried Last Rest Cemetery, Merrimack NH, unmarried.
5. Ellen Francis Wood, b. 25 Sep 1830 and d. 15 March 1900, married her cousin James Shepard Thornton - [SEE]
6. Elizabeth Tilton Wood
7. Henrietta Thornton Wood, married -- McLane, lived in Pittsburg, PA
8. +Katharine "Kate" Purley [or Farley] Wood, b. 26 Oct 1845 in Concord, New Hampshire; m. Arthur Sherburne Hardy
9. Robert McGaw Wood
, resided Philadelphia PA


Mary Parker-5 THORNTON (Hon. James BONAPARTE-4 THORNTON, James-3, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) was born about 1822 in NH. She married 1st) abt 1853 to Dr. Charles Augustine Davis, son of Robert & Almira B.(Dearborn) Davis. He was born about 1824 in Concord NH. In 1860 he was surgeon of the U.S. Marine Hospital in Chelsea MA (where he and Mary were living) He died April 7, 1863 ae 40 and is buried in the Old North Cemetery, in Concord NH. She married 2nd) 15 Oct 1868 to Hon. William Sewall Gardner, son of Robert & Susan (Sewall) Gardner. He was born 1 October 1828 in Hallowell ME, and died 4 April 1888 in Newton MA. After Mary's death, he married 2nd) 1877 to Sarah M. Davis, dau of Hon. Isaac Davis of Worcester MA. Hon. William Sewall Gardner's mother was a daughter of General Henry Sewall of Augusta, who through Henry, of York, Nicholas of York, and JOhn of Newbury, was descended from Henry, the common ancestor of the Sewalls of New England, and himself, the son of Henry, mayor of Coventry, ENgland 1589 and 1606. Mr. Gardner graduated at Bowdoin College in 1850. On leaving college he studied law with the Hon. Nathan Crosby of Lowell, and was admitted to the Middlesex bar. He opened an office in Lowell and later Boston. He was appointed judge of the Superior Court by Governor Gaston. In 1885 on his birthday (Oct 1) Judge Gardner was promoted by Governor Robinson to the bench of the Supreme court, holding this position until autumn of 1887 when he resigned due to failing health. He became a member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society in 1867. He was a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church. [most of his biography from NEHGS Register 45:320]
1860 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Suffolk > Chelsea
U.S. Marine Hospital
Chas A. Davis 36 M Surgeon 8,000 NH [b abt 1824 NH]
Mary T. Davis 29 NH
Almira B. Evans 60 F NH
(plus servants, assistants, students)
1870 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Newton
Gardner William S. 43 M W Lawyer 12,000 Maine
Gardner, Mary P. 35 F W Housekeeping 10,000 NH
Gardner[DAVIS], Charles T. 7 M W at school NH
Gardner, Susan S. 76 F W no occupation ME
1880 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Newton > District 479
Gardner, William S W m 52 judge ME ME ME
Gardner, Sarah M.D. W F 40 wife Keeping House MA MA MA
DAVIS, Charles T. W M 17 son at school NH NH NH
Gardner, Mary S. W F 9 dau MA ME NH
Children of Charles A. & Mary P. (Thornton) Davis:
1. Matthew Thornton Davis, b. Feb 1854, d. 7 July 1854, age 6 months. buried Old North Cemetery, Concord NH [NEHGS Cemetery Records]
2. +Charles Thornton Davis, b. Jan 1863 NH; m. Frances P. Anderson
Child of William S. & Mary P. (Thornton-Davis) Gardner:
3. Mary Sewell Gardner, b. 5 Feb 1871 in Newton MA [NEGHS database]

Joseph Thornton "J. Thornton"-5 Greeley
, (Hannah-4 THORNTON, James-3, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b. 19 Nov 1823 in Nashua NH and d. 3 June 1881; m. 3 Oct 1850 to Hannah Aurelia Morrison. dau of Samuel & Betsey (Dinsmoor) Morrison, was b. 1 Jan 1825. She was educated at the Adams Female Academy, Derry NH and was a teacher in the Windham NH schools. Also she was a leading singer in the church choir until her marriage. Resided Nashua NH. In 1900 Hannah A., then a widow is living with her daughter Kate and family in Nashua NH.
Children of Joseph T. & Hannah A. (Morrison) GREELEY:
1. Joseph Greeley,b 21 Nov 1852, d. 10 Nov 1864
2. Frank Morrison Greeley, b. 11 Nov 1857, d. 6 Nov 1864
3. Frederick Thornton Greeley, b. 12 Dec 1859, d. 5 Apr 1870
4. +Ellen Dana "Nellie" Greeley, b. 20 July 1862; m. 15 June 1887 Edward Jones Cutter, son of Edward S. and Jeannette Steele (Swan) Cutter, and brother to her sister Kate's husband. He was b. in Peterborough NH July 5, 1855; lived at various times in Peterborough, Amherst NH and Boston MA. He attended the Boston Latin School, graduated at Harvard College in 1877, recieved the degree of MD at the Harvard Medical School in 1881; served as surgical house pupil and house surgeon in the Boston City Hospital in 1880 and 1881; was assistant resident physician in the State Almshouse at Tewksbury, Mass in 1882; held the position of assistant superintendent of the Boston City Hospital during the years 1883 and 1884; subsquently located in Leominster, MA where he practiced medicine. Children: (1) Elisabeth, b. 25 Dec 1890; (2) Katherine, b. Feb 15, 1895
6. +Katherine "Kate" Morrison GREELEY, b. July 1864 in NH; she m. Henry Arthur CUTTER

Gen. James Bonaparte-5 GREELEY
(Hannah-4 Thornton, James-3, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1), b 18 July 1830 in Nashua NH, d. 20 Apr 1903, and is buried in Last Rest Cemetery in Merrimack NH. In 1850 census with parents - physician, Asst. Surgeon in the First Rhode Island Cavalry, Company F. in 1885 during the Civil war; afterwards lived on the old Thornton farm in Merrimack NH; m. 24 June 1858 his cousin [SEE] Arabella McGaw Wood. She abt 1834 NH, dau of Henry & Harriet Frances (McGaw) Wood. She is shown on his pension form. In 1907 Arabella M Greeley, widow of James B. residing with Guy H. Greeley in Merrimack NH.
Children of Gen. James B. & Arabelle McGaw (Wood) GREELEY:
1. Henry "Harry" Wood Greeley, b. 12 Sep 1859, d. 27 Dec 1884 Norfolk VA, buried Last Rest Cemetery, Merrimack NH; in 1860 living in Nashua NH, Ward 2
2. +Dr. Guy Hastings Greeley, b. 1869, d. 30 May 1926
3. James Thornton Greeley, bap. March 1871 Merrimack NH

Frank Hoyoke-5 BETTON
(Thornton-4 BETTON, Mary-3 THORNTON, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b 1 Aug 1835 in Derry NH, and d. 1905; [the following biography according to a web site] Eight years of his early life were passed in Derry, two years in Newburyport, Mass., one year at Portsmouth, N. H., a short time in Dover, N. H., and three years in Boston, Mass. At the latter place be engaged as clerk in a mercantile house. He then went to Petersburg, Va., where he remained two years, and in May, 1856, came to Kansas. He landed at Leavenworth City on the 8th day of May, and at once went about finding business. He had $2,000 in money to invest, and, proceeding to the old historic town of Easton, he fell in company with others who agreed to interest themselves with him In building up a town on Red Vermillion Creek. The new town was to have at once a hotel, store, blacksmith shop, and saw-mill. After suffering the privations and disappointments common to such an enterprise in a new country, Mr. Betton found the project abandoned by the others, and himself the owner of a saw-mill in a town and country without inhabitants. He returned to Leavenworth, and during the winter engaged in a general speculating business, dealing principally, however, in Geary City town property, by which he realized about $500. He attended the sale of town shares (10 lots) in Wyandotte, advertised to take place March 1, 1857, the first 100 shares to be sold at $500 a share. He bought share No. 92. There was a perfect craze for these shares. People came from far and near, and it was by chance that he managed to buy an interest. Isaiah Walker's store was the only frame building in the town at the time. It still stands on the north side of Nebraska avenue, below Fourth street. Silas Armstrong's brick residence stood on the hill, near the corner of Fifth street and Minnesota avenue. Ike Brown's log house stood where Dunning's Hall now stands. The land office building was located nearly opposite, and Joel Walker lived in a log house near Jersey Creek. The Widow Splitlog's cabin occupied the hill south of Minnesota avenue, and the Cotter's lived at the ferry, and those houses constituted the city of Wyandotte in 1857. Mr. Betton was offered $750 for one lot while on his way to Leavenworth, just after the purchase, but refused to take it. Wyandotte had her collapse, and values shrunk amazingly. Mr. Betton disposed of his interest at a sacrifice. He next entered a claim of 160 acres of farming hand, and forty acres of timber, near Osawkie, on the Delaware Trust Lands. He also speculated in claims, and was very successful in this enterprise. After Osawkie land sales, he returned to Leavenworth, but the same fall located in Wyandotte and engaged in lumbering and logging for a saw mill, and in December, 1859, bought it. It was located where the town of Argentine has since been built up. In 1860, he bought forty acres of land, and built a house on it, which is still standing. The smelting works are now located on this forty acres, which he sold in 1863 for $500, now worth over $100,000. In 1863, the mill was moved over to the Missouri River, near Nearman Station, where he continued the business until the fall of 1867, his family living in the meantime at Wyandotte. In company with Mr. Overton, he bought a half section of land of Alexander Caldwell and Lucien Scott, near Pomeroy, and in June, 1868, located a new saw-mill at that place. The mill exploded the first day's run, killing one man and injuring another. The mill was immediately rebuilt, and other lands were subsequently bought, until Overton & Betton were the owners of 1,100 acres of fine timber land. They and their employes, mill bands and wood-choppers, were the only white settlers in the vicinity. Mr. Betton solicited the County Superintendent to lay out a school district, which was done immediately. Bonds were voted to build a schoolhouse. They were purchased by Overton & Betton, and the commodious school room was erected, which still stands to do credit to the enterprise of its first proprietors. They also built a side track on the Missouri Pacific Railroad at their own expense, erected a store room, and secured a post office. The store room was first occupied by Derrick Stone, Pomeroy's first merchant. In 1873, they erected their three-story flouring-mill, called Maple Cliff Mills. They also sold lands to the amount of about 400 acres, and still retain about 700 acres. The mill was operated by Overton & Betton until 1878, when Mr. Young purchased the half-interest of Mr. Overton, and the mill was owned amid operated by Betton & Young until the spring of 1883, when they disposed of their entire interest to the Pomeroy Milling Company. Mr. Betton has striven to do his part in the labors which, in a period of twenty-five years, have served to carve out of the wilderness the foremost county in his State. He has been identified with many enterprises, public and private, and, like most old settlers, has reaped but a moderate reward. He has written much for the press since his residence in Kansas, and displays a literary ability remarkable for a man who has been so actively engaged in business pursuits. He was married in Wyandotte, March 8, 1860, to Susanna Mudeater. She was b. March 5, 1841, an accomplished and educated daughter of Matthew Mudeater, head chief of the Wyandotte nation. Her father was educated at the Methodist Episcopal Mission, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Her mother was educated at the same mission. Both were exceedingly fair and handsome. They emigrated with the Wyandottes to Indian Territory in 1843. According to Susanna (Mudeater) Betton's obituary in the Kansas City Times, dated August 23, 1912 she died August 22, 1912. Frank H. Betton had been Grand Master of the R. W. Grand Lodge, I. O. O. F., State of Kansas, and its Grand Representative in the Sovereign Grand Lodge of the United States; also, Grand Chancellor of the Grand Lodge of the K. of P. of the State of Kansas, and its Representative to the Supreme Lodge of the United States. He was #6066 a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. They had 6 children.
Children of Frank H. & Susanna (Mudeater) BETTON:
1. Silas, b. Jan 1861 in Wyandotte Co. KS; d at the home of his maternal grandfather, Indian Territory, Sept 1873. Buried in Woodlawn cemetery, Wyandotte City.
2. Florence G. BETTON, b 8 Sep 1862 at Argentine KS, single 1920 & 1930. In 1890 Kansas City KS Directory a teacher living on Freeman St., NE corner of 7th Street; Miss Florence Betton (of this lineage) was DAR #87696
3. Frank Holyoke BETTON Jr., b. 17 Nov 1865 in Wyandotte City, Kansas; found in 1890 Kansas City Directory, a bookkeeper, rooming at 524 Minnesota Avenue
4. Cora Estelle BETTON, b. 18 Aug 1868 in Wyandotte, Kansas; single in 1930
5. Matthew Thornton BETTON, b 13 July 1870 in Pomeroy, Kansas, single 1920 & 1930. In 1890 Kansas City Directory, a bookkeeper, rooming 614 Nebraska Avenue
6. Susanna "Sue" W. BETTON, m. -- Campbell.
7. Ernest L. BETTON, b. 13 July 1881 Kansas; m. Edna F. --. When he registered for the WWI Draft, his residence was 2209 N 12th Street, Kansas City, Kansas, and he was first assistant state grain inspect for the Kansas State Grain Department

Col. Matthew Thornton-5 BETTON (Thornton-4 BETTON, Mary-3 THORNTON, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) born in Derry NH abt 1837, and died 11 July 1904 in East Derry NH, age 67. He was buried in "Proprietors Cemetery, North of Pond, Portsmouth NH" (south). was a captain in Co. K., 13th reg NH Vols (enlisting 13 Sep 1862 as private) and served during the civil war. He entered Richmond VA as commander of the 81st Reg NY Vols and had the honor of raising the US Flag over Libby Prison after the surrender. He was charter member and first commander of Storer Post, G.A.R. (organized 8 Nov 1867) and organizer and first commander, provisional department of NH, G.A.R. 1867. He resided in Portsmouth NH and married Elizabeth Kennedy;
Children of Col Matthew T. & Elizabeth (Kennedy) BETTON:
1. +William T. "Willie" Betton, b May 1864 in NH
2. Mattie M. Betton b. abt 1872 in NH, in 1880 census of Portsmouth NH with parents; 1892 Directory of Portsmouth shows Miss Mattie M. Betton, 7 Market Street, clerk, boards 1 Wibird place.

Harriet Ann-5 McGaw,(John Andrew-4 McGaw, Hannah-3 Thornton, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b. 30 Jan 1832; m. 11 Nov 1856 in New York City to Freeman Perkins Woodbury, son of Dr. Peter Perkins & Martha (Riddle) Woodbury, a merchant in the city of New York. He b 12 Jan 1829 in Bedford NH, and d. 18 Apr 1886 in New York City, and was buried 20 Apr 1886 in Bedford NH. He donated, along with Col. George W. Riddle of Manchester, the iron gate for the cemetery at Bedford Centre.
Children of Freeman P. & Harriet A. (McGaw) Woodbury:
1. John McGaw Woodbury, b 26 Jan 1858 in NYC; graduated from Princeton College in 1879; also from the College of Physicians and Surgeons in the city of NY; he studied medicine in NY, Paris, Vienna and London, practiced in New York city where he resided. He married 13 Oct 1886 to Sarah Emily, widow of Samuel Irvin, no children; served as major on the staff of General Wilson in the Spanish-American War, and held the office of Street Cleaning Commissioner of the city of NY under both republic and democrat administrations.
2. +Helen "Ellen" Woodbury, b. 12 Oct 1859 in NYC; m. Dr. William Shepard Seamans, Harvard A.B., one of the examining physicians of the Equitable Life Insurance Company in the City of New York. In 1880 living in Bedford NH with family.
3. +Gordon Woodbury, b. 17 Sep 1863 in NYC, d. Manchester NH; m. 18 Apr 1894 in Methuen MA to Charlotte Eliza Woodbury
4. +Thornton "Thomas" Woodbury, b. 30 July 1867 in NYC.
5. Peter Woodbury, b. abt 1863 in NYC; possibly died young as not in 1880 census in Bedford, and is not mentioned in the Bedford History.

Annie Thornton-5 McGaw,(Thornton-4 McGaw, Hannah-3 Thornton, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b. 26 Jan 1828 Bangor ME; married 1855 to Charles William Adams, son of Benjamin & Elizabeth (Horne) Adams who was b. 1813 in Rochester NH.
Children of Charles W. & Annie T. (McGaw) Adams:
1. +Charles Thornton Adams, b 28 Nov 1856 Jamaica Plains MA; graduated Harvard A.B., lawyer in New York City; married 1884 to Alice Kent Hanks.
2. Helen Lee Adams, of Northampton MA

Katherine"Kate" Purley [or Farley]-5 Wood, (Harriet Frances-4 McGAW, Hannah-3 THORNTON, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1), b. 26 Oct 1845 in Concord, New Hampshire; and d. 14 May 1914 in North Dansville, New York. She married 1 July 1869 to Arthur Sherburne Hardy, son of Alpheus & Susan Warner (Holmes) Hardy. Arthur S. Hardy was born 13 Aug 1847 in Andover MA and d. 13 March 1930 in Woodstock CT. He is buried in the Woodstock Hill Cemetery, in Woodstock CT. He was an engineer, educator, editor, diplomat, novelist and poet. A graduate of the US Military Academy, he was commissioned a 2nd Lieut of Artillery. He became a professor of civil engineering at the Chandler Scientific School at Darmouth College, Hanover NH, later obtaining a chair of mathematics also at Darmouth. From 1893 to 1895 he served as co-editor of Cosmopolitan magaine, followed by eight years of diplomatic service. Arthur and Katherine divorced by 1898, as he married 2nd, March 9, 1898 in Athens Greece, to Grace Aspinwall Bowen, daughter of Mr. Henry C. & Lucy (Tappan) Bowen of Brooklyn NY, who had taken up his residence in Athens at the time Mr. Hardy was Minister to Greece (and sister of Herbert Wolcott Bowen). In the 1900 census Katherine Hardy is living in Dansville NY and indicating she is divorced. From 1905-1906 He and his 2nd wife Grace built the Bowen Hardy House of Woodstock CT. Grace died June 23 1940 in Woodstock CT.

U.S. Federal Census - 1880 Schedules of Defective, Dependent, and Delinquent Classes
Massachusetts > Middlesex > Somerville > 16
Hardy, Katherine P. Hanover NH Mania 2-3/4 1 31 no
1880 US Census > New Hampshire > Grafton > Hanover > District 85 > 45
Hardy, Arthur S. W M 50 Professor MA MA MA
Hardy, Catherine W F 33 wife Keeping House Hysteria NH NH NH
Hardy, Thornton W M 4 son at home NH MA NH
Worthen, Thomas W M 30 boarder Instructor VT VT VT
1900 US Census > New York > Livingston > North Dansville > District 36 > 13
[Elizabeth Street]
Hardy/Hardie, Katherine Head W F Feb 1858 42 divorced, 4 ch 1 living, NH NH NH
1910 US Census > New York > Livingston > North Dansville > District 58 > 20
Hardy, Catherine W. Head F W 58 div 2 ch 1 living NH NH NH own income
Knapp, Rhoda? O. servant F W 24 single NY NY NY
Arthur Sherburne Hardy
appointed to the US Military Academy from the 4th district of Massachusetts and admitted as a cadet on 1 July 1865 at the age of 17 yrs 10 mo. He graduated on 15 June 1869, standing No. 10 in a class of 39 members, commissions as 2nd Lieut, 3rd artillery in the US Army. Records of the academy incidate that he married twice, the first to Miss Katherine Purley Wood and that they had one son. The Annual Report of the Association of Graduates, dated 11 June 1930, states on 9 March 1898 in Athens Greece he married Miss Grace Aspinwall Bowen, dau of Mr. Henry C. Bowen of Brooklyn NY. Mr. Hardy died 13 March 1930 at Woodstock, CT aged 82 yrs and survived by his wife, a grandson, Gelston Hardy of NY and a grand-dau Mrs. H. Kitchin, London England.
[hardy documents
http://fourfamilyhistories.com/Hardy%20Docs.htm ]
According to NY times article [about Arthur Sherburne Hardy]
"I was graduated, and two days afterward I was married." he replied to a question. [he grad 15 June 1869]
Children of Arthur S. & Katherine P. (Wood) Hardy:
1. +Thornton Sherburne Hardy, b. 16 Nov 1876 in Hanover NH
2. Sherburne Hardy, b. 21 Apr 1870; d. 5 Apr 1875 in Hanover NH; buried Hanover NH


Charles Thornton-6 DAVIS (Mary Parker-5 THORNTON, Hon. James BONAPARTE-4 THORNTON, James-3, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1), b. Jan 1863 NH, m. 12 Sep 1888 to Frances Perley Anderson, dau of John Farwell & Marcia Bowman (Winter) Anderson. She was b. 16 Dec 1861 in Maine. He was a graduate of Harvard College in 1884. He was judge of the Court of Land Registration in Boston MA. In 1930 Marblehead MA Directory, living at 34 Gregory Street, with wife Frances A., occupation judge. He died after 1936.
U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Worcester > Worcester Ward 8 > District 1778
Davis Chas T. Head W M Jan 1863 37 married 11 yrs NH NH NH judge, registration
Davis, Frances A. wife W F Dec 1861 38 married 11 yrs 3 ch 3 living ME ME ME
Davis, Mary J. dau F W May 1890 9 single MA NH ME
Davis, Thornton son W M Nov 1892 7 single MA NH ME
John F.S. son W M Oct 1897 2 single MA NH ME
U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Essex > Marblehead > District 418
Davis Hon. Charles T. Head M W 47 m1x 21 yrs NH NH NH judge, land court
Davis, Frances A. wife F W 48 m1x 21 yrs 5 ch 5 living ME ME ME
Davis, Mary F/T. dau F W 19 single MA NH ME [b abt 1891]
Davis, Thornton son M W 17 single MA NH ME [b abt 1893]
Davis, John F.A. son M W 12 single MA NH ME [b abt 1898]
Davis, William S.G. son M W 9 single MA NH ME [b abt 1901]
Davis, Marcia W. dau F W 7 single MA NH ME [b abt 1903]
(servant, Clark, Theresa)
1920 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Norfolk > Brookline > District 171
Davis, Charles T. Head M W 52 married MA MA MA judge, federal courts
Davis, Frances wife F W 50 married MA MA MA
Davis, John T. son M W 21 single MA MA MA chemist, glue factory
Davis, Mary F. dau F W 30 single MA MA MA
Davis, Thornton son M W 26 single MA MA MA engineer, subway
Davis, Marcia dau F W 18 single MA MA MA no occupation
Children of Charles T. & Frances P. (Anderson) DAVIS:
1. Mary Thornton Davis, b. May 1890 in MA; in 1930 single and living in Rochester, Monroe Co., New York, occupation: nurse, public health.
2. Thornton Davis, b. 26 Nov 1892 in Winthrop, MA; completed a WWI Draft Card, showing his residence as 31 Allerton St., Brookline MA; his social security death index (SS# 455-05-4296) indicates he died 7 December 1969 his last residence being San Antonio, Bear Co., Texas. The Texas Death index indicates he was a widow at the tie of his death. He resided 310 S Saint Mary's Street in San Antonio TX.
3. +John Farwell Anderson Davis, b. Oct 1897 Worcester MA
4. William S.G. Davis, b. 1900 in Worcester MA
5. Marcia Winter Davis, b. 1901 in Worcester MA

Ellen Dana "Nellie"-6 Greeley (Joseph Thornton "J. Thornton"-5 Greeley, Hannah-4 THORNTON, James-3, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b. 20 July 1862; m. 15 June 1887 Edward Jones Cutter, son of Edward S. and Janet Steele (Swan) Cutter, and brother to her sister Kate's husband. He was b. in Peterborough NH July 5, 1855; lived at various times in Peterborough, Amherst NH and Boston MA. He attended the Boston Latin School, graduated at Harvard College in 1877, recieved the degree of MD at the Harvard Medical School in 1881; served as surgical house pupil and house surgeon in the Boston City Hospital in 1880 and 1881; was assistant resident physician in the State Almshouse at Tewksbury, Mass in 1882; held the position of assistant superintendent of the Boston City Hospital during the years 1883 and 1884; subsquently located in Leominster, MA where he practiced medicine. Dr. Edward Jones Cutter was a member of the Society of Colonial Wars (#884), his lineage being 6th in descent from Ephraim Cutter, 7th in descent from John Presoctt, 6th in descent from Capt. Jonas Prescott, 6th in descent from Sergt. John Shattuck, and 5th in descent from Lieut. David Alld. In 1900 he is listed as a "patient" in the McLean Insane Hospital in Belmont MA, died in 1900 in Belmont MA [NEGHS database]. In 1920 Nellie G. & daughter Catherine are living in Los Angeles, California.
1900 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Worcester > Leominster > District 1647
Cutter, Elizabeth Head W F Dec 1890 9 single MA NH NH at school
Cutter, Kate sister W F Feb 1895 single MA NH NH at school
1900 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Worcester > Leominster > District 1647
Cutter, Nellie Head W F July 1862 37 married 15 yrs 2 ch 2 living NH NH NH
1920 United States Federal Census > California > Los Angeles > Los Angeles Assembly District 63 > District 160
Cutter, Nellie G. Head F W 50 widow NH NH NH no occupation
Katherine Cutter, daughter F W 24 single MA NH NH
Children of Edward J. & Ellen D. (Greeley) CUTTER:
1. Elisabeth CUTTER b. 25 Dec 1890. The California Death index shows a "Elizabet D. Collins b. 2 July 1890 MA, d. 2 May 1967 Sacramento Calif, mother's surname: GREELEY."
2. Catherine CUTTER, b. Feb 15, 1895 in Leominster MA; living with mother in Los Angeles California in 1920

Katherine "Kate" Morrison-6 GREELEY
(Joseph Thornton "J. Thornton"-5 Greeley, Hannah-4 THORNTON, James-3, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b. 7 July 1864 in NH; she m. 7 Oct 1885 to Henry Arthur Cutter, b. 27 Oct 1857, son of Edward Stearns & Janet Steele (Swan) Cutter of Peterborough and Amherst NH. [From "History of Peterborough NH]: Henry's father Edward S. Cutter was a graduate of Dartmouth College in 1844, attorney, clerk of Court of Hillsborough County, moderator of the town of Peterborough 1852, 1856, 1857 and 1858. Henry was a descendant of the revolutionary patriot Joseph Cutter of Lexington MA and Jaffrey NH. Henry Arthur Cutter was a lawyer, and they were residing in Nashua NH in 1900 (Kate's mother Hannah living with them).
1900 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Nashua
Cutter, Henry A. Oct 1857 42 married 14 yrs NH NH [m about 1886]NH lawyer
Cutter, Kate M. wife W F July 1864 35 married 14 yrs 1 ch 1 living NH NH NH
Cutter, Janet dau W F Jan 1889 11 single NH NH NH
Cutter, Madeleine dau W F Dec 1892 7 single NH NH NH
Greeley, Hannah A., mother-in-law W F Jan 1825 75 widow 5 ch 2 living NH NH NH
1910 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > 1-Wd Nashua > District 160
Cutter, Henry A. Head M W 52 m1x 24 yrs NH NH NH lawyer, general practice
Cutter, Katherine M. wife F W 45 married 1x 24 yrs 2 ch 2 living NH NH NH
Cutter, Janet dau F W 21 single NH NH NH
Cutter, Madeleine dau F W 17 single NH NH NH
Duval, Kathryn servant F W 23 single NH NH NH
Children of Henry A. & Katherine M. (Greeley) CUTTER:
1. Janet Cutter, b. Jan 1889 NH; in 1920 single and living with parents in Nashua NH; she was a teacher at Mt. Pleasant Kindergarten; single in 1950, as a Nov 24 1950 Nashua Telegraph newspaper article states, "Atty. Henry A. Cutter and daughter Miss Janet Cutter returned from Washington D.C. where they were the guests of Lt. Leonard T. Cutter of the revenue service."
2. Madeleine Cutter, b. Dec 1892 NH

Dr. Guy Hastings-6 Greeley (Gen. James Bonaparte-5 GREELEY, Hannah-4 THORNTON, James-3, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b. 1869, d. 30 May 1926. He married Mary Bailey. The 1907 & 1911 Merrimack NH Directories show Guy H. Greeley, physician, house Nashua Road, Thornton's Ferry (Merrimack) NH, his widowed mother living with him. He died by 1927 when his "widow" Mary is shown in the directory.
Children of Guy H. & Mary (Bailey) GREELEY: [may be more]
1. +Ellen Thornton GREELEY, b. 15 Dec 1898 in Merrimack NH; m. 28 May 1926 Charles Tirrell of NY
2. Arabella GREELEY, b. 29 Jan 1901 in Merrimack NH, d. 7 Feb 1904, buried Last Rest Cemetery, Merrimack NH
3. Elizabeth GREELEY, b. 15 March 1903 in Merrimack NH, d. 10 Apr 1982 Quincy MA, single; was a teacher in Penacook NH
4. Ruth H. GREELEY, b. 29 Dec 1905 in Merrimack NH, d. 7 Oct 1992 in Quincy MA, single.
5. Frances C. GREELEY, b. 9 Aug 1908 in Merrimack NH; In 1927 a student living with mother.

William Thornton "Willie"-6 BETTON, (Col. Matthew Thornton-5 BETTON, Thornton-4 BETTON, Mary-3 THORNTON, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b May 1864 in NH, in 1880 census of Portsmouth NH with parents. He married about 1887 to Elizabeth J. --. She was born abut Jan 1867 in NH. In 1900 living in Portsmouth NH's Ward 2 on Wibird Street.
Children of William T. & Elizabeth (?) Betton:
1. +Matthew Thornton Betton, b. Oct 1890 NH; married about 1915 to Maria Amanda Nichols/Nichol.
2. Beatrice S. Betton, b. March 1892 NH
3. Bernice E. Betton b. Sept 1896 NH
4. Christina T.H. Betton, b Nov 1898 NH

Charles Thornton-6 Adams (Annie Thornton-5 McGaw,Thornton-4 McGaw, Hannah-3 Thornton, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b 28 Nov 1856 Jamaica Plains MA, d. 16 Feb 1925 in New York City; graduated Harvard A.B., lawyer in New York City; married 9 Jan 1884 in Cambridge MA to Alice Kent Hanks. She b. 8 Dec 1859 in MA, dau of Stedman Wright & Sarah Humphrey (Hale) Hanks. In 1910 living on East 73rd Street, Manhatten NY.
Children of Charles Thornton & Alice Kent (Hanks) ADAMS:
1. Alice H. ADAMS, b. 9 Sep 1887, d. 1908 in England
2. +Helen ADAMS, b. 3 Aug 1890 in New York; in 1910 living with her parents and brother; m. Louis Northrop.
3. Kenneth H. ADAMS, b. Abt 1895 in New York, d. 1963

Thornton Sherburne-6 HARDY (Katherine"Kate" Purley-5 WOOD, (Harriet Frances-4 McGAW, Hannah-3 THORNTON, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) was born 16 Nov 1876 in Hanover NH, and died 16 August 1937 in Honolulu Hawaii. He graduated from Harvard University in 1899 and entered newspaper work including that of several large New York papers, and was a member of the Associated Press. He removed to Hawaii about 1913, living there for most of his life, except for a short time in Arizona. In 1918 he was the editor of the Hilo Tribune, later moving to Honolulu HI for newspaper work. He married three times: (1) 12 Sep 1900 Beulah Greenough, dau of James Carruthers & Jeanie Ashley (Bates) Greenough, LLD. She was b. 30 Sep 1874 at Providence RI. [See her bio below]
(2) 7 Sept 1908 in Wilmington DE to Minnie Laura Ames, dau of Albert & Caroline (Crork) Ames. She b. 7 Jan 1885 in Philadelphia PA and d. 2 Oct 1946 in Mount Kisco, NY. She married 2nd) aft 1920 to Lewis Auchmody Alliger in ?Greenwich CT. Lewis Auchmody Alliger, b. 9 Sep 1874, son of Edwin & Mariah Alliger of Kingston, Ulster Co. NY. He died in 1952. Lewis had a daughter, Virginia L. Alliger, previous to his marriage to Minnie Laura Ames, who is *not* a Matthew Thornton descendant. Virginia married Claude Hall Megowen in 1942.
(3) [? date]Ruth Wayland Stacker, dau of James T. & Mary (Kelley) Stacker. She b. 28 Jan 1897 in Honolulu Hawaii, and died 26 May 1958 in San Francisco, CA. She was called "the sensational Hawaiian swimmer" by the Oakland Tribune newspaper June 20, 1915. She married 1st) -- Pointer, and had a son William, b. Feb 24, 1910 in The Dalles, Oregon and died 25 Nov 1971 in Hillsborough Co. Florida. [who is *not* a Thornton descendant]
1920 US CENSUS > HAWAII > South Hilo
Hardy, Thornton S, Head Male, O.C. 43 married NH MA PA editor, newspaper
Hardy, Laura A. wife F, OC 34 married PA KY PA
Hardy, Rosamond dau F OC 8 single CA NH PA
Hardy, Patricia dau F OC 5 singe CA NH PA
Banks, Charles C. lodger M OC 68 married Iowa NY CT editor newspaper
Banks, Caroline N. lodger F oc 64 married Canada Eng Eng
1910 United States Federal Census Record > Massachusetts > Hampden > Westfield > District 667
Greenough, James C. Head M W 80 m1x 49 yrs MA MA Scotland
Greenough, Jennie wife F W 75 m1x 49 yrs 4 ch 3 liv MA MA MA
Hardy, Beulah dau F W 35 m1x 9 yrs 2 ch 2 liv RI MA MA
Hardy, Gelston grandson M W 9 single PA NH RI
Hardy, Evelyn grand dau F W 8 single PA NH RI
Hart, Jane E. servant F W 64 widow 4 ch 4 liv CT CT CT
Granger Mary servant F W 18 single MA MA MA
Immigration > Honolulu, Hawaii, Passenger Lists, 1900-1953 > 1928 > August > Calawaii (ship)
HARDY, William 8 M S b Jan 4, 1920, Eugene ORE
HARDY, Thornton 50 M M b Nov 14, 1878 Hanover NH
HARDY, Ruth 31 F M b 28 Jan 1897 Hilo Hawaii
HARDY, Caven 1 M S b Nov 15, 1925 Phoenix AZ
HARDY, Blaise 3 M S b Oct 28, 1924 Monrovia Calif.
1930 US Census > Hawaii Territory > Honolulu > Koolaupoko > District 54 > 13
Hardy, Thornton, Head M OC 52 married NH MA NH Reporter
Hardy, Ruth S. wife F W 33 married Hawaii MA CA
Hardy, William son W M 10 single Oregon NY Hawaii
Hardy, Blaise son M W 4 single CA NH Hawaii
Hardy, Cavan son M W 3 single Arizona NH Hawaii
1920 United States Federal Census > New York > Westchester > Scarsdale > District 182 > 19
Alliger, Louis A. Head M W 45 married MA MA MA Treasurer Wholesale paper
Alliger, Madeleine B. wife F W 35 married MA MA MA
Alliger, Virginia S. dau F W 9 single MA MA MA
1930 US Census > New York > Westchester Co > Bedford
Alliger, Lewis, Head M W 56 married at age 34, NY NY NY Merchant, Paper
Alliger, Laura wife F W 45 married at age 23 PA KY NY
Alliger, Virginia dau F W 19 single NY NY PA
Alliger, Rosamond dau F W 18 S CA NY PA
Alliger, Patricia dau F W 15 single CA NY PA
White, Charles servant M W 42 married at age 30 NY NY NY gardener
White, Muriel servant F W 35 married at 23 Australia AUS AUS servant
1900 US Census > Hawaii Territory > Hawaii > Hilo > District 65 > 8
Stacker, J.T. Head ca M June 1855 44 married 9 yrs NY VT NY, imm 1890 10 yrs
Stacker, Mary wife CA f March 1871 29 married 9 yrs 4 ch 4 living CA Indiana Washington
Stacker, Miriam dau ca f Sept 1892 7 single Hawaiian Is
Stacker, Edwin son ca m July 1894 5 single Hawaiian Is
Stacker, J. Coleman son ca m March 1900 3/12 single Hawaii is
Stacker, Ruth W. dau ca f Oct 1897 2 single Hawaiian Is
Tuck AR servant ch m 1875 25 single China
Johnson, Kabe servant ca f 1883 17 single Hawaiian Is
1910 United States Federal Census > Hawaii > Honolulu > Honolulu > District 28 > 13
Stacker, James T. Head NY M OC 53 m1x 19 yrs NY NY NY ?
Stacker, Mary K. wife F OC 41 m1x 19 x 4 ch 4 liv CA KY Wisc
Stacker, Miriam C. dau F OC 17 single Hawaii NY CA
Stacker, Edward T. son M OC 15 single Hawaii
Stacker, Ruth W. dau F OC 13 single Hawaii
Stacker, Samuel K. son M OC 10 single Hawaii
Hayasta Katuma servant M Jap 29 single Japan imm 1902
California Passenger and Crew Lists, 1893-1957 1920 > June > Maui (Ship Name)
Port of Departure: Honolulu, Hawaii
Port of Arrival, San Francisco, California
HARDY, Laura 35 F M Philadelphia PA January 7, 1885
HARDY, ROSAMOND 9 F S Los Angeles CA Oct 12, 1911
HARDY, Patricia 6 F S Alameda CA August 19, 1914
California Death Index
Ruth Wayland Hardy/Ruth Wayland Stacker
b 28 Jan 1897 Hawaii
d. 26 May 1958 San Francisco CA
Mother's Maiden name Kelley
Father's Surname: Stacker
Newspaper: Kingston Daily Freeman (Kingston, New York)
1946 > October > 3 > 13
Mrs. Laura Ames Alliger of Stoneridge, Katonah, N.Y. died at the Northern Westchester Hospital, Mt. Kisco, suddenly on Wednesday. She is survived by her husband, Lewis A. Alliger and three daughters, Mrs. Virginia A. Megowen of Atlanta GA, Mrs. Marlin R. Wolf of White Plains, and Mrs. Harry W. Durand, Jr. of Chattanooga, Tenn. Funeral services will be private and it is earnestly requested that no flowers be sent. A memorial service will be conducted later. Mrs. Alliger was a sister-in-law of Mrs. J. Allen Wood of Kingston and had long been prominent in Red Cross work.
DEATH RECORD - Herald Tribune
Lewis A. Alliger, Retired Paper Company Official
MOUNT KISCO, N.Y., Feb 29-- [
Lewis A. Alliger, seventy-six, retired treasurer and partner of Whitehead & Alliger Company, New York paper merchants, died last night at Northern Westchester Hospital after falling from a second-floor window of the hospital earlier in the day. He lived in Cherry St., Katonah, N.Y. and had been admitted to the hospital Feb. 13.
Mr. Alliger was born in Rosendale NY. He was a former senior warden of St. Luke's Protestant Episcopal Church in Katonah and a member of the Katonah Library Board, the Arkwright Club, and Joulier Club, the New York City Club and the Institute of Graphic Arts in New York.
Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Claude H. Migowen, Mrs. Martin R. Wolf, and Mrs. Harry W. Durand, and two sisters, Mrs. J. Allan Wood, and Mrs. Kamp Mikalenkoff.
Marriage > New York, New York > 1934 > 695
New York Times
Announcement has been made by Mr. & Mrs. Lewis A. Alliger of Oak Knoll, Lake Waccabuc, Westchester County, N.Y. of the engagement of their daughter, Miss Rosamond Laura Alliger, to Marlin Richard Wolf of New York
Miss Alliger was graduated from Wellesley College with the class of Kappa Chi Sorority. Mr. Wolf was graduated from Cornell University with the class of 1931. He is a member of Theta Delta Chi Fraternity.
Who's who in New England by Albert Nelson Marquis, 1915; p. 510
HARDY, Buhler Greenough (Mrs. T.S. Hardy) artist; b. Providence RI Sep 20, 1874; d. James Carruthers and Jeanie Ashley (Bates) Greenough; Burnham Sch. and Smith Coll., Northampton Mass; studied at Mass. Normal Art Sch. Boston; studied drawing and painting in Paris under Collin, Merson, and Courtois, and miniature painting under Mrs. Virginia Reynolds; m. Westfield, Mass Sept 12, 1900, Thornton Shelburne Hardy. Has exhibited in Champ de Mars Salon (Paris) 1898; Soc. of Miniaturists, Royal Water Color Soc. (Soc. Miniature Painters, London); Soc. Am. Artists; Pa. Gallery (Boston). Mem. Royal Soc. Miniature Painters (London); Plastic Club (Phila.) Home: 30 Court St. Westfield Mass., and 7447 Devon Road, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia.
Children of Thornton S. & Beulah (Greenough) Hardy:
1. Gelston Hardy, b. at Chesnut Hill (Philadelphia) PA 9 July 1901, and died Sept 1986 at Cromwell, Middlesex Co. CT. He graduated from Princeton University in 1923. He married Barbara --.
2. Evelyn Hardy, b. at Mt. Airy, Philadelphia PA 28 Oct 1902. She graduated from Smith College in 1924;she married in 1926 to Henry John Kitchin, son of Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Kitchin of Horley, London, England.
Children of Thornton S. & Minnie Laura (Ames) Hardy:
3. Rosamond Hardy, b. 12 Oct 1911, Los Angeles Co., California; died 1970 Mt. Kisco, NY; m. Marlin Richard Wolf. He b 1908, d. 1970.
4.Patricia Elizabeth Hardy, b. 19 Aug 1914 in Alameda CA; died 21 Apr 1995 in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co TN; she m. 25 may 1940 in Katonah, Westchester Co NY to Harry Whitney Durand, son of Harry Whitney & Lucy Amelia (Buster) Durand. He b. 10 May 1910 and d. 30 Nov 1993 in Chattanooga, TN.
Children of Thornton S. & Ruth (Stacker-Pointer) Hardy:
5. Blaise C. Hardy, b 30 Sep 1925 Los Angeles Co. CA, d. 22 July 1982 in Alameda Co. CA.
6. Cavan Hardy, b. Phoenix AZ 16 Nov 1926; In 1944 passenger on SS Cape Cod, his DOB and location given, and indicating a resident of Hawaii. Enlisted from San Francisco CA in the army 30 June 1945, at that time 4 yrs of high school, skilled railroad switchman; He m. 20 March 1982 in San Francisco CA to Carolyn D. Seibel. From 1995-2002 residing in Carmel, California. Graduated from University of San Francisco in 1951, Attorney.

Helen "Ellen"-6 Woodbury (Harriet Ann-5 McGaw, John Andrew-4 McGaw, Hannah-3 Thornton, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b. 12 Oct 1859 in NYC; m. 27 Nov 1883 to Dr. William Shepard Seamans, son of Augustus W. & Lydia (Dodge) Seamans. He graduated at Harvard A.B. (1877), studied Medicine at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City; was one of the examining physicians of the Equitable Life Insurance Company in the City of New York. He was born 27 Dec 1854 and d. 6 Feb 1917. In 1880 living in Bedford NH with family.
Children of Dr. William S. & Helen P. (Woodbury) SEAMANS:
1. +Woodbury SEAMANS, b 4 Dec 1886 (or 14 Dec 1887), attended St. Paul's School in Concord NH; m. Alice Andreae.
2. +William Shepard SEAMANS Jr., b 18 Feb 1889

Gordon-6 Woodbury, (Harriet Ann-5 McGaw, John Andrew-4 McGaw, Hannah-3 Thornton, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b. 17 Sep 1863 in NYC, d. Manchester NH; grad. at Phillips Exeter in 1882; Harvard University in 1868, Columbia Law School in 1888; admitted to practice in New York City but removed to Bedford on account of ill health in 1889, where he remained, having an office in Manchester NH with L. B. CLough. He ceased to practice in 1896, when he became treasurer of the Union Publishing Company. Was proprietor of the Manchester "Daily Union" newspaper.; m. 18 Apr 1894 in Methuen MA to Charlotte Eliza Woodbury. She b. 28 March 1873 in Methuen MA, dau of George Edwin & Henriette Emily (Reed) Woodbury.
Children of Gordon & Charlotte E. (Woodbury) Woodbury:
1. Martha Riddle WOODBURY, b. 6 July 1895 in Bedford NH, d. 27 Jan 1896 Bedford NH
2. Eliza Gordon WOODBURY, b. 9 Aug 1897 in Bedford NH
3. +Peter WOODBURY, b. 24 Oct 1899 in Bedford NH
4. George WOODBURY, b. 28 May 1902 NH; d. Nov 1973 in Manchester NH; In 1930 was a guest at a hotel in Denver, Colorado; occupation: anthropoligist, state museum; The January/March issue of "American Anthropoligist" has the article entitled, 'The Indians of Pecos Pueblo . E. A. Hooton' Review by George Woodbury; Also author of books, including "John Goffe's Mill," "John Goffe's Legacy," Great Days of Piracy in the West Indies," and "The Story of Stanley Steamer." He was a writer, a sawyer and miller, and a tinkerer with old machinery. As an anthropologist, he heldposts at Harvard, and made field trips to Palestine, Greece, Crete, France, Switzerland, Egypt, Utah, New Mexico, and Paradox Valley, Colorado. And before that, he had packed a lifetime of adventure and study into a few years. He saw the West Indies and South America as an able bodied seaman, made a zigzagging 3000 mile motorcycle trip throughout the British Isles, was caught in a blizzard on the Cote d'Or, wandered through North Africa during the Riff uprisings, and got his formal education at Princeton, Cambridge, Vienna and Harvard. He inherited his interest in pirates from his father, who made a hobby of collecting rare books on the subject. Dr. Woodbury restored John Goffe's mill and operated it through the 1940's and 1950's.

Thornton "Thomas"-6 Woodbury (Harriet Ann-5 McGaw, John Andrew-4 McGaw, Hannah-3 Thornton, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1), b. 30 July 1867 in NYC. [NOTE: This biography updated in November of 2009] In 1880 living in Bedford NH with parents and grandmother, Nancy McGaw. He graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy in 1885, and after a year spent in travel, was two months in the Amoskeag Cotton Co. Mills at Manchester NH. In 1891-92 he began studies at Harvard Law School. From 1892 to 1898 he practiced law at Denver, Colorado and San Francis California being for a year, assistant general counsel of the Colorado Fuel & Iron Co., and Assistant District Attorney for Arapahoe County, Colorado. From 1898 to 1900 he was one of the publishers, with his brother Gordon of the newspaper, "Manchester Union," Manchester, N.H. After spending the year 1900 in Cuba to regain his health, he was from 1901 to 1912 head of the financial advertising department of the "New York Sun," in New York City. In 1912 he resigned from the Sun and associated himself with the Metropolitan Advertising Company. According to the "History of Bedford NH," he m1) 27 Feb 1895 to Mary Hoysington. [note the 1910 census below shows he was married twice] He m2) 7 March 1906 to Mrs. Blanche Eloise (?Cullen) Poudensan. The 1890 New York City Directory shows Thornton Woodbury, house 16 West 52d Street. Blanche was b. 20 Jan 1870, San Francisco CA; she was widow in 1938, and died in 1942.
25th anniversary By Harvard College (1780- ). Class of 1889, page 648-649
Name: Woodbury, Thornton
Born 30 July 1867 at New York NY
parents: Freeman Perkins, Harriet ann (McGaw) Woodbury
School: Phillips Exeter
Admitted to Harvard, 29 June 1885, Degress, A.B. 1889
College interests: Freshman Football team (Captain)< manager Freshman and University Basball Team; Steward, H.A.A., Sophomore, Junio and Senior years also Treasurer; Cricket Club; Varsity Club; Advocate; Lampoon; A.D. Club, Art Club; Chess and Whist Club; Institute; D.K.E.; Hasty Pudding; Tariff Reform Association; Harvard Union
Married: (Mrs.) Blanche E. Poudensan, March 7, 1906
Children: Harriet McGaw, Nov 25, 1906; Helen Frances McGaw, Aug 4, 1909
Occupation Journalist
Address, Office: 6 Wall St., New York, NY
Home: Pelham Manor, New York
1910 United States Federal Census > New York > Westchester > Pelham > District 110
Woodbury, Thornton Head M W 42 m2x 4 yrs NY NH MA Financial Association, newspaper
Woodbury, Blanche E wife F W 37 m1x 4 yrs 4 ch 4 living California NY NY [b abt 1873 in California]
Poudensan, Marie B. step-daughter F W 18 single California, France-Fr California [b abt 1892]
Woodbury, Ellie Francois son (adopted) M W 10 single Fr-Eng NY California
Woodbury, Harriet McGaw, daughter F W 3 single Fr-Eng NY California [b abt 1907]
Woodbury, Helen Thornton dau F W 8/12 Fr-Engl NY California [b abt 1909]
New York Passenger Lists > 1890 > May > Britannic
Gordon Woodbury 50 M Gentleman, Thornton Woodbury 50 Gentleman, Mrs. F.P. Woodbury 26 F wife; from Liverpool England to New York City
Immigration > New York Passenger Lists > 1936 > October > Georgic
Port of Departure: Le Havre, France to New York City
Woodbury, Thornton 69 M W b NYC 30 July 1867 c/o Chase Natl' Bank
Woodbury, Blanche E. 66 b. San Francisco California 20 January 1870 "
New York Passenger Lists > 1935 > April > Europa
Cherbourg, France to New York, NY
Poudensan, Mary 34 b San Francisco California [b abt 1900]
Woodbury, Helen F., 23 b NY NY [b abt 1912]
Historical Newspapers > Historical Newspapers, Birth, Marriage, & Death Announcements, 1851-2003 > Obituary > New York, New York > 1942
WOODBURY, Blanche E., widow of Thornton Woodbury of New York and Paris, at her residence, 655 Park Ave., on Saturday. She is survived by her three daughters and a son, Miss Marie B. Poudensan, Mrs. Levin R. Marshall Jr., Miss Helen Frances McGaw Woodbury and Thornton Woodbury Jr. of Beverly Hills, Calif. Funeral Services at St. James Church, Madison Ave., and 71st St., Tuesday afternoon, Oct 13, at 3 o'clock. Inverment private.
Born 16 November 1900 at New York City, son of Thornton Woodbury who was born in NYC, NY and was residing in Paris France.
Search > Historical Newspapers > Bridgeport Post, The (Bridgeport, Connecticut) > 1967 > April > 28
Miss Marie B. Poudensan OBITUARY
BETHEL--Services for Miss Marie Blanche Poudensan, 75, of Payne road, who died Wednesday in Danbury hospital, will take place Saturday at 11 a.m. in the Hull funderal home, 60 Division Street, Danbury, with the Rev. John Spear, assistant to the rector of St. James' Episcopal church, Danbury officiating. Burial will be at the convenience of the family.
Miss Poudensan was born in San Francisco, Calif. and had made her home with her sister, Mrs. David V. Sutton, in Bethel, for the past 18 years. Prior to that, she had lived in Paris and New York City.
Survivors in addition to Mrs. Sutton are another sister, Mrs. Joseph Boulton of Westport; and a brother, Thornton Woodbury, in France.
Historical Newspapers > Historical Newspapers, Birth, Marriage, & Death Announcements, 1851-2003 > Marriage > New York, New York > 1929
Mr. and Mrs. Thornton Woodbury of 10 Rue jean Toujou, Paris, who are stopping at the Gotham, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Miss Harriet McGaw Woodbury, to John Caldwell Welwood Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. John Caldwell Welwood of 825 Fifth Avenue. Mr. Welwood was graduated from the Hill School and from Princeton University in 1927. He is a member of the Princeton Club.
Historical Newspapers > Historical Newspapers, Birth, Marriage, & Death Announcements, 1851-2003 > Marriage > New York, New York > 1935
Mrs. Harriet Woodbury Welwood, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thornton Woodbury of Paris, was married to Levin Rothrock Marshall Jr., son of Mrs. L.R. Marshall and the late Mr. Marshall, last night at the home of the bridegroom's mother, 49 East Eighty-second Street. Dr. John Holmes performed the ceremony. Only a few relatives were present owing to the recent death of Mr. Marshall's father. The couple dispensed with attendances. After a trip, Mr. Marshall and his bride will make their home in Brookville, L.I. The bride attended the Cours Fenelon in paris. She is a member of the Colonial Dames of America. Her former marriage to John Caldwell Welwood Jr., of this city, which took place in 1929, ended in divorce at Reno Nev., early this month. Mr. Marshall also had been married previously. He and his first wife, Mrs. marie Glass Marshall, were divorced at Reno in 1931. Mr. Marshall, a member of the Union Club, is descended from Chief Justice John Marshall and from John C. Calhoun, South Varoina statesman. His father, who died on Jan 28, was a member of the new York Stock Exchange firm of Jacquelin & De Coppet.
Historical Newspapers > San Antonio Express (San Antonio, Texas) > 1960 > June > 20
Miss Judith Carrington, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Claiborne Carrington of New York, formerly of San Antonio, and Thornton Woodbury Marshall were married Saturday in St. James Church in New York. The Rev. Arthur Lee Kinsolving officiated. The bridegroom is the son of Mrs. David V. Sutton of Bethel, Conn., and the late Levin R. Marshall. The bride is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. John O. Meusebach of San Antonio and Mrs. John B. Carrington of Comfort and the late Mr. Carrington.
Miss Elizabeth Carrington, the bride's twin sister was maid of honor. Attendants were Miss Helen Welwood, sister of the bridegroom; Mrs. Philip Lottinville of New York; Mrs. Harris S. Colt, Princeton, N.J.; Miss Katherine Barnes, Baltimore; Miss Stephany Warick, Lynhurst, N.J. and Miss Marilyn Seaman, Oyster Bay, LI. Edith Rae of New York was flower girl. Duncan L. Marshall of Ridgefield, Conn. was best man. The bride wore an heirloom princess lace dress. She carried a bouquet of gardenias and ivy. The wedding ceremony was followed by a reception at the River Club. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall will live in New York.

Children of Thornton & Blanche E. (Cullen-Poudensan) Woodbury:
1. Ellie Francois Woodbury aka Thornton Woodbury Jr. (adopted son), b. abt 1900 in France [his passport says b. 16 November 1900 in New York City, NY]; there is a World War I Draft Registration card of a Thornton Woodbury Jr. b 16 Nov 1899 a student, living at 233 Ocean Ave, New London CT in September of 1918. Possibly he is this child. The SS Death index shows Thornton Woodbury, b. 16 Nov 1900, died August 1970 in Fairfield, Westport CT, it being issued in California. Thornton Woodbury Jr. married in 1960 to Judith Carrington (see notice above).
2. Harriet McGaw Woodbury, b. Nov 25, 1906 in France; married 1929 to John Caldwell Welwood Jr., son of John Caldwell Welwood. (see engagement notice above). They divorced in 1935, and she married 2nd) in 1935 to Levin Rothrock Marshall, Jr. (see wedding announcement above). She married 3rd, David Vaughan Sutton. She died Aug 1974, probably in Cocoa Beach, FL. Children (known): Helen Welwood and Thornton Woodbury Marshall.
3. Helen Thornton Woodbury, b. Aug 4, 1909 in France; m. Joseph Boulton, living in 1967 at the death of her step-sister, Marie.

Child of [?Paul] & Blanche E. (?Cullen) Poudesan:
1. Marie Blanche Poudensan, b. 2 Aug 1891 in San Francisco CA
; she died April 1967


John Farwell Anderson-7 DAVIS (Charles Thornton-6 DAVIS, Mary Parker-5 THORNTON, Hon. James BONAPARTE-4 THORNTON, James-3, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) was born Oct 1897 in MA. He married abt 1922 to Marjorie Thomas, dau of Houston A. & Marguerite "Darie" B. Thomas of Hamilton MA. He was a chemist and sales manager for a glue producing company in Massachusetts
U.S. Census > 1930 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Essex > Wenham > District 283
Davis, John F.A. Head 15,000 M W 32 married at age 24 MA MA Maine sale mgr, glue company (b abt 1898)
Davis, Marjorie T. wife F W 29 married at age 21 MA NJ Switzerland [b abt 1901 MA, married abt 1922)
Davis, Houston L.D. son M W 6 single MA MA MA (b abt 1924)
Davis, Thornton 2d son M W 5 single MA MA MA (b abt 1925)
Davis, Marjorie A. dau F W 1 single MA MA MA (b abt 1929)
(and 2 servants)
Children of John F.A. & Marjorie (Thomas) DAVIS:
1. Houston L.D. Davis, b. abt 1924 MA
2. Thornton Davis, b abt 1925 MA
3. Marjorie A. Davis, b abt 1929 MA
4. John Anderson Davis

Ellen Thornton-7 GREELEY (Guy Hastings-6 Greeley, Gen. James Bonaparte-5 GREELEY, Hannah-4 THORNTON, James-3, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b. 15 Dec 1898 in Merrimack NH, according to the SS Death Index, she d. 8 Oct 1991 probably near Greenwich, Fairfield Co CT; she m. 28 May 1926 Charles Tirrell. He was b. 16 Nov 1901 prob in CT, and d. 20 Oct 1982, age 80 yrs in New London CT. About 1928 they were living in New York, but removed to Connecticut where they resided many years. In 1930 US census living in Greenwich, Fairfield Co CT with son Henry. In 1955 New London & Waterford CT Directory, Charles H. Tirrell (wife Ellen G.) was a manager 101 16th, house North rd. Waterford CT. In 1960 Charles H. Tirrell (wife Ellen G.) was salesman for Sears Roebuck & Co., house 46 North Road in Waterford.
Children of Charles & Ellen Thornton (Greeley) Tirrell [may be more children]
1. Henry H. Tirrell, b abt 1928 in NY

Matthew Thornton-7 Betton (William Thornton "Willie"-6 BETTON, Col. Matthew Thornton-5 BETTON, Thornton-4 BETTON, Mary-3 THORNTON, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1), b. Oct 1890 NH; was Lieut (jr grade) Supply corps, U.S. Navy of Portsmouth NH was on duty at the U.S. Navy Yard, New York; in 1930 Lieut, stationed in Philadelphia PA; he married about 1915 to Maria Amanda Nichols/Nichol. She b. 16 Dec 1887 in Quebec Canada, dau of Pierre Octave & Celina (LaFonatine) Nicole/Nicol.
Children of Matthew T. & Maria A. (Nichols) BETTON:
1. Florence Evelyn Betton, b abt 1916
2. Matthew Thornton Betton, b abt 1917
3. Elizabeth Jane Betton, b. abt 1919
4. Mary G. Betton, b. 1 June 1924, d. 20 April 1996 Portsmouth NH, m. -- Walsh

Helen-7 ADAMS (Charles Thornton-6 Adams, Annie Thornton-5 McGaw, Thornton-4 McGaw, Hannah-3 Thornton, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1), dau of Charles Thornton & Alice Kent (Hanks) Adams, b. 3 Aug 1890/91 in New York, and d. 20 Oct 1978 in Santa Barbara California; She married about 1918 to Louis Harold Northrop, son of Walter Scott & Mary J. Grosvenor (Eastman) Northrop. He b 8 Sep 1884 Platteville, Grant Co WI, d. Jan 1964 in Santa Barbara, California. In 1910 she was living with her parents and brother; In 1930 she and husband, and 3 children are living in New Trier, Cook Co, IL. In addition to working in the banking industry, on Louis' WWI Draft Registration card, he indicates that he worked for Empire Lumber Company, in Winnipeg Canada.
1930 United States Federal Census > Illinois > Cook > New Trier > District 2222
Northrop Louis A. Head M W 45 married at age 33 Wisconsin ME MA bond salesman, bank
Northrop Helen, wife F W 38 married at age 26 NY MA MA
Northrop, Anne, dau F W 7 single Canada-Eng Wisconsin NY
Northrop, Edward M. son M W 2-6/12 single IL Wisc NY
Northrop, Nancy M. dau F W 1 single IL Wisc NY
Children of Louis H. & Helen (Adams) Northrop:
1. Anne/Ann Thornton Northrop, b. abt 1923 Canada (prob Winnipeg); m. Edward T. Martin. He. d in 1996. Resided CT; Had two children: (1) Kathy Martin m. Ed Davis, no ch; (2) Thomas "Tommy" Martin, unmarried, resides CT.
2. Edward M. Northrop, b. 2 Sep 1927 in IL; d. 24 Sep 2004; m. Julie Brogan, reside Terrace Park Ohio. Children: Holly, Mark, Hal
3. Nancy Monroe Northrop, b. 19 March 1929 in Evanston IL, d. 8 July 1997 in Santa Barbara California; m. W. John Little, son of William Henry & Sallie S. (Geraghty) Little. Resided NY, PA and Santa Barbara California. Children: John Thornton Little (m. Carrie A. Weber and had 2 children Nicole Shannon and Matthew Thornton) and Robert Shannon Little (who m. Connie J. Sinor, and have 2 children, Kelli M. and Christopher R.)

Woodbury-7 SEAMANS (Helen "Ellen"-6 Woodbury (Harriet Ann-5 McGaw, John Andrew-4 McGaw, Hannah-3 Thornton, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b 4 Dec 1886 (or 14 Dec 1887), attended St. Paul's School in Concord NH; m. May 1912 to Christa Alice Andrea, dau of (banker) Herman Ludwig Valentin & Alice (Fresenius) Andreae. She b. 20 Dec 1910 and died abt 1990. He d. 7 March 1919 of Influenza.
Children of Woodbury & Alice (Andreae) SEAMANS:
1. Woodbury SEAMANS, b. 21 June 1914; died Sep 1978 in Virginia
2. Benjamin Henning SEAMANS, b 10 Oct 1915
3. Otto Andreae SEAMANS, b. 9 Sep 1917; d. 5 Oct 2003, Virginia Beach VA; Had a son, Otto Andreae Seamans Jr. who was born 13 Jan 1946 and died in the Vietnam War (Killed In Action from an incident on 05/18/1967 while performing the duty of Pilot; he was single)

William Shepard-7 SEAMANS Jr (Helen "Ellen"-6 Woodbury (Harriet Ann-5 McGaw, John Andrew-4 McGaw, Hannah-3 Thornton, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1) b 18 Feb 1889; native of New York city. His father died 1918. He attended St. Pauls School at Concord NH; grauduated with B.A. from Harvard University; was surveyor of the Westchester Railroad Company; aided in construction of the Lexington Avenue subway in NYC. Studied and became a junior accountant for Marwick, Mitchell, Peat & Co. Started his own business, C. Djorp, certified public accountants; later assistnat to the treasurer of Mercantile Stores Corporation. He enlisted in the NY National Guard, as a private in Troop C., Squadron A.N.G.U.S. and saw service on the Mexican border in 1916. He was auditor for the Union Pacific Tea Company. He served as president of the Bankee Corporation of America. He turned to real estate transactions, dealing in Beverly Hills property, and is vice president of the State Real Estate Board. He formed the W.S. Seamans Company in 1924, and joined in a partnership with Don B. Sebastian to form the Seamans & Sebastian firm of insurance and architectural design and construction. On 12 Oct 1912 Mr. Seamans married Miss Ruth Huntington Flint of Boston MA. She b. 4 April 1890 in MA. They lived in Montecido, Santa Barbara California.
Children of William S. & Ruth H. (Flint) Seamans:
1. William Shepard Seamans II, b. 6 June 1914, d. 10 April 1918
2. John McGaw Seamans, b 31 Nov 1917 in NY; d. 16 Mar 2000 in Pinetop, Navajo, Arizona
3. Samuel Huntington Seamans, b 20 Nov 1919 in NY; d. 3 Jun 1989 in Montebello, Los Angeles, California,
4. Mary H. Seamans, b 17 April 1925 in California
; d. 21 Aug 1999 in Oxnard, Ventura, California; m. -- Harris

Peter-7 Woodbury
(Gordon-6 Woodbury, Harriet Ann-5 McGaw, John Andrew-4 McGaw, Hannah-3 Thornton, Dr. Matthew-2, James-1), b. 24 Oct 1899 in Bedford NH; d. 17 Nov 1970 in Bedford NH, buried Center Cemetery in Bedford NH; married 1926 to Margaret R. --. She b abt 1903 in NH. In 1930 residing in Bedford NH, his occupation, lawyer. He was educated at Columbia University Law School, B.S. from Harvard University in 1924; L.L.B from Harvard Law School in 1927; U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, nominated by Franklin D. Roosevelt on 31 Jan 1941 and confirmed by the senate; 1918-19 US Army, private 27th Army divsion; attorney in private practice 1927-; selectman of Bedford NH 1928-1931; Justice Bedford Municipal court 1928-1932; Associate Justice, NH Superior Court 1932-1941 ; Judge of U.S. Court of Appeals for the 1st Circuit, 1941-64.
Children of Peter & Margaret R. (?) Woodbury:
1. Peter F. Woodbury, b. abt 1926 in MA
2. Charlotte R. Woodbury, b. abt 1929 in NH

- Matthew Thornton of New Hampshire : a patriot of the American Revolution - Adams, Charles Thornton, 1903.
. The family of James Thornton, father of Hon. Matthew Thornton - Adams, Charles Thornton, 1905
-The History of Windham NH (Rockingham Co) 1719-1883, page 343
-Genealogy of the Dickey Family
-The family of James Thornton , father of Hon. Matthew Thornton, by Charles Thornton Adams, 1905
- History of Bedford NH
- Social Security Death Index
- United States Census
- various Historical Newspapers and Directories, and other similar records
- History of Peterborough NH
- History of Amherst NH
- Hardy and Hardie, past and present, H. Claude & Rev. E.N. Hardy, 1935; p 331

WILKINS - The Wilkins family came from England and settled in Salem in the early part of the seventeenth century.

Stephen Wilkins, born in that part of Salem afterwards incorporated in Middleton, left a son, Stephen Wilkins, Jr., who took part in the French and Indian War, was appointed captain in the Revolutionary forces, and served two years, but left the army in 1777, and bought a farm in Merrimack, on the Souhegan River, three and half miles from its mouth.

An interesting incident occurred in connection with this purchase. John Neal, the man of whom he purchased, was a Whig when the Americans seemed likely to succeeded and a Tory when the British got the advantage. The bargain was made in the spring of 1777; but in the summer, when Mr. Wilkins came to pay the money in Continental currency, it had begun to depreciate, and Mr. Neal refused to take it, declaring that the British would gain the victory and the money would not be worth as much as so many chips. But when he heard of the capture of Burgoyne's army he was glad to take the whole three thousand dollars in Continental currency.

The children of Captain Stephen Wilkins Jr., were Andrew, came to Merrimack with his father; Stephen, died young; Hannah, married Elijah Chubbuck and settled in Vermont, but removed to New York; Lucy, died at Mont Vernon; Stephen-2, settled in New York; Levi, came to Merrimack with his father; James, born in Merrimack, reared a family here and died in New York.

The children of Andrew Wilkins were Amos (settled in Merrimack, and afterwards removed to Vermont); Mehitable (married Samuel McClure of Merrimack), Andrew-2 (died unmarried), Sarah (married Zebulon Ritterbush of Merrimack), Samuel (had one child Samuel-2 in Merrimack then removed to Amherst), Asa (died unmarried), John (settled in Merrimack).

The children of Amos Wilkins born in Merrimack were Joanne A. and Sally N. (removed to Vermont with their father).

The children of Mehitable McClure were Sarah and Samuel (born in Merrimack and removed to Nashua).

The children of Sarah Ritterbush were Stephen W. (died unmarried), Lucy Jane (married John Collins of Nashua), William (went to California), Nelson (went to California).

The children of John Wilkins were Martha H. (married Amos A. Wilkins, a son of Amos Wilkins, born in Vermont), Charlotte (married Edward Colburn and settled in Canada West), Augusta (died in Nashua), Adeline (died in Nashua), a son (died in infancy), Frances (died in Nashua), Alma P. (died in Nashua).

The children of Levi Wilkins were Ann (died in infancy), Alexander McCalley (settled in Merrimack), Roxana (died in Nashua), Levi F. (died young), Lucy A. (married Thomas H. Hall and settled in Nashua), a son (died in infancy), Hannah (married Ira Roby and settled in Amherst), Levi W. (settled in Antrim).

Levi Wilkins settled on the old homestead, and was elected selectman for several years, always discharging the duties of his office satisfactorily to his townsmen and with honor to himself. He made home so pleasant for his children that they look back upon their childhood as the pleasantest portion of their lives. He was universally beloved and respected, and his advice was often sought for by his fellow-citizens. He was a member of the Congregational Church, and his example adorned his profession.

The children of Alexander McCalley Wilkins were Lucy Ann (lived with her father in 1885), Franklin A. (settled in Providence), James M. (settled in Nashua), Gustine (settled in Manville, R.I.), Mary C. (died unmarried).

The children of James Wilkins, son of Captain Stephen were ELiza, Charles A., Mary A., Jame McCall, all born in Merrimack and removed to New York with their father.

History and Genealogy of Merrimack, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire
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