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Mammoth Road, Manchester, New Hampshire

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Center (or Centre) Cemetery was first designated and used around 1759 when Derryfield's (later Manchester) first meeting house was built, on the land between the cemetery and Mammoth Road. It was called "Centre or Center" Cemetery as this was the "center of town" when Derryfield was incorporated. See below for additional history of this site.

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In 1993 a USGenWeb Volunteer "updated" a list of the tombstones in this cemetery [click here to see the TXT file of same]. It is obvious from the photographs below there are numerous misspellings and errors even in this newer version, so I suggest you take a look closely at the original stones below, by clicking on the thumbnail image to see a larger picture.

Center Cemetery - external view from Mammoth Road
Center Cemetery - inside cemetery
Center Cemetery - more views inside cemetery
Center Cemetery - inside cemetery, and outside facing north
Center Cemetery - outside, Mammoth Road side, DAR plaque commemorating Derryfield Meeting House (that stood here)
Gravestone of Mary ANDREWS
Gravestone of Nathaniel BAKER
Gravestone of Betsey and Abby Chase
Andrews, Mary
Died August 28, 1852, AE 69y 8m, wife of Dr. Joseph Andrews

Baker, Nathaniel August 30, 1881 Ae 85y 2m 7d [most of stone buried in ground]

Chase, Betsey
Died October 25, 1860 AE 64 Wife of Job Chase
Chase, Abby
Died January 19, 1841 AE 21 yr's

Gravestone of Aaron and Susannah Clark
Gravestone of Hannah G. CONANT
Gravestone of Deborah DODGE
Clark, Aaron
Died Nov 5, 1842 AE. 46
Clark, Susannah
Died December 24, 1853 61y 8m wife of Aaron Clark
Conant, Hannah G.
Died August 11, 1817 AE 50

Dodge, Deborah S. Died August 23, 18-8

Gravestone of William Eaton
Gravestone of Daniel Farmer
Gravestone of Elijah Flint
Eaton, William R.
Died January 22, 1842 AE 5y 2m Son of Calvin & Cyntha Eaton
Farmer, Daniel D.
Died January 3, 1822
AE. 28

Flint, Elijah
Died February 23, 1829 AE. 81

Gravestone of Lois Flint and other Flint family members
Gravestones of Mr. James Hall, Lieut. Daniel Hall and Mrs. Jane Hall
Gravestone of Mary Hall
Flint, Mrs. Lois
Died August 29, 1799 wife of David Flint, Jr.

NOTE: several small stones are probably Flint family, inscriptions worn and illegible, and some broken

Hall, Mr. James
May 9, 1802 Ae. 20 Son of Daniel & Jane Hall
Hall, Lieut. Daniel
Died November 4, 1815 Ae. 71 years
Hall, Mrs. Jane
Died April 13, 1822 77 Wife of Lieut. Daniel Hall

Hall, Mary
Died December 17, 1850 Ae. 40 Wife of Joshua J. Hall

Gravestone of Patten Hall
Tombstone of Daniel & Mary Harris and Mary J. Baker
Gravestone of Groves D Haseltine and Martha Jane Haseltine
Hall, Patten
Died October 2, 1829
Aged 30 years

Harris, Daniel
Died October 21, 1838 Ae. 52
Harris, Mary
Died October 31, 1853 ae 59y 2m
Wife of Daniel Harris
Baker, Mary J.
February 25, 1818 December 4, 1893
[stone broken, lying against base]

Haseltine, Groves D. Died September -0, 1817 AE 10 mos Son of Jonathan & Julia Haseltine
Haseltine, Martha Jane
Died September 6, 1841 Ae. 11mos
Dau of Jonathan & Julie I. Haseltine

Gravestone of Mrs. Ellice Haselton
Gravestones of Jonathan and Nancy Hezzletine
Gravestone of Capt. Isaac Huse, Ursula Moore Huse and Hannah P. Hoyt Huse
Haselton, Ellice Mrs.
who died January 8, 1829 AE 27
Wife of John Haselton Jr.

Hezzletine, Jonathan 5/23/1846 AE. 68
Hezzletine, Nancy 10/17/1836 AE. 48
Wife of Jonathan Hezzletine

Huse, Capt. Isaac
April 12, 1810
June 17, 1904
Moore, Ursula
June 24, 1812
May 14, 1852
Wife of Capt. Isaac Huse
Hoyt, Hannah P.
Sept 9, 1824
January 11, 1911
wife of Capt. Isaac Huse
Gravestone of HUSE - Isaac Esq., Joanna, Jerome, Infant, Abel, Lydia and Josiah
Gravestone of Mrs. Susan Huse
Gravestone of Maria Jackson
Huse, Isaac Esq
Died September 1833
AE 74
Huse, Joanna
June 1820 AE 40
Wife of Isaac Huse Esq.
Huse, Jerome
November 1807 AE 2
Son of Isaac & Joanna Huse Esq.
Huse, Infant
July 23, 1855
July 24, 1855 1d
Huse, Abel
July 1807 AE 80
Huse, Lydia
August 15, 1825
Ae. 91(4), wife of Abel Huse
Huse, Josiah
January 1808 Ae. 42
Son of Abel & Lydia Huse
Huse, Mrs. Susan December 14, 1819
Died September 21, 1892

Jackson, Maria November 6, 1837
AE 21
Dau of Samuel & Mary Jackson

Gravestone of DavidNutt
Gravestone of Capt. John and Sarah Perham
Gravestones of Mr. Benjamin and Mr. Ezekiel Stevens
Nutt, David M.
October 25, 1829 AE 2y 7w Son of James Nutt Jr. & Hannah his wife
Perham, Capt. John
Died March 15, 1814
Ae 72
Perham, Mrs. Sarah
Died February 24, 1821 Ae 82 Wife of Capt. John Perham
Stevens, Mr. Benjamin
Died March 31, 1826 AE 62y 11m
Stevens, Mr. Ezekiel
Died April 11, 1820
AE 84

Gravestone of Mrs. Dorcas (Farmer) Stevens
Gravestone of Ephraim and Susannah Stevens
Gravestone of Capt. Ephraim Stevens
Farmer, Dorcas
Died May 8, 1844
AE. 82y 7m
wife of Capt. Ephraim Stevens
[Stone broken, lying flat on ground]

Stevens, Ephraim Esq. Born August 7, 1782 Died May 5, 1849
AE 66y 9m
Stevens, Susannah
Died February 26, 1815 38 Wife of Ephraim Stevens
Stevens, Capt. Ephraim
Died February 5, 1846 AE. 87y 10m
A Soldier of the Revolution

Gravestone of Mr. Ezekiel Stevens
Gravestone of Capt. Charles Webster
Gravestones of Joshua and Betsey Webster, and children George N . and George B.
Stevens, Mr. Ezekiel
Died April 11, 1820
AE 84

Webster, Capt. Charles
September 21, 1850
AE 87

Webster, Joshua
Died October 1, 1856 59 [or 39]y 5m
Webster, George N. Died Feb 8, 1835 AE. 2y 2m Son of Joshua & Betsey Webster
Webster, George B. Died January 3, 1863 11y 2m son of Joshua & Betsy Webster [stone broken, lying on ground]
Webster, Betsey
Died April -, 1864?
Ae 28 yrs -- --
Gravestones of WEBSTER - Hannah, Isreal and Rebecca
Gravestones of Joshua Webster and son George N.
Gravestone of Sally Webster
Webster, Hannah
October 28, 185-
Wife of Isreal Webster
Webster, Isreal
March 3 [or 8] 1846
Webster, Rebecca
Died September 1818
AE 41 Wife of Isreal Webster
Webster, Joshua
Died October 1, 1856
Ae 59 [or 39]y 5m
Webster, George N. Died Feb 8, 1835 AE. 2y 2m Son of Joshua & Betsey Webster

Webster, Sally
December 25, 1871
AE 68

Gravestone of Caleb and Eliza Young (siblings)
Young, Caleb
Died March 11, 1815
in the 17 year of his age son of Hezekiah Young
Young, Eliza
Died March 11, 1815
in the 9 year of her age, dau of Hezekiah Young
Young, Emma J.
Died September 21, 1868
Young ?
[stone illegible]

History of "The Centre" (aka Derryfield Centre, aka Manchester Center)
On September 5, 1754 (after being incorporated as Derryfield), by vote of its residents, the location of the prospective meeting-house was fixed "by the side of the Highway that leads from Londonderry to Amoscheeg Falls, some place betwixt William McClintock's and James Murphy's."

Derryfield Meeting House aka the Town Church,
built (completed) about 1760.

Photograph from "The Town Church of Manchester NH" by Thomas Chalmers; The Jubilee Committee, 1903

The location of the meeting house was an issue that split the town politics in two for many years. August 27, 1758 a petition requesting the building of a house of worship was signed by Capt. Alexander McMurphy, John Hall, Robert Anderson, James Riddell, Samuel Boyd, John Dickey, Benjamin Stevens, John Riddell, James Humphrey, Hugh Stirling, Michael McClintock, Robert Dickey, John Merrill, James Pitirs, William Petiers, William Nutt, James Peirse, John Harvey, William Perham Jr. and Thomas Hall... "voted to build the meetien Houes on John Hall's land joyening the road leading to Thomas Hall's ferry and the Ammacheag Falls...Voted to raiese Said meetien Houes forty feet in lenth thirtey five feet in Bredth..."

By July 15, 1759, the meeting house had been framed and raised, for on that date it was voted to collect five hundred pounds "toward Borden and Shingelen of our Meetien Houes..." Finally December 15, 1760 the house was considered near enough complete to order that the names of the donors be recorded (including Col. John Goffe, Capt. John Stark). The largest amounts are from Abraham Miral [Merrill] and John Goffe.

During the Revolutionary war, nothing more was done to the meeting house. May 22, 1780, an effort was made to raise money for its repair by selling the "pew ground." The purchasers (recorded by John Goffe, town clerk) were Major John Webster, Daniel Davis, Daniel Hall, Capt. John Perham, James Gorman, John Green, John Hall, Lieut. David Merrell, John Stark Jr., Jonathan Greeley, Asa Haseltine, David Webster, Joseph Haseltine, William Nutt, Dr. John Duston, Abraham Ammy, Israel Young, John Dickey, Capt. Samuel Moor, Joseph Farmer, Peter Emerson, Archibald Gamble, Joshua Perse, Samuel Moor, Thomas Griffin and John Goffe.

In 1792 purchasers of the gallery included William Perham, David Stevens, John Stark, Able Huse, James Majorey, Samuel Smith, Capt. John Perham, Capt. Samuel Moor, Green Simons, William Stevens, Daniel Davis, John Hall, Jr. (but for some reason the gallery pews were never built). [SEE floor plan of this church in 1792]

The town voted in 1800 to build a pound at the south end of the meeting-house lot at the Centre, which was used till 1830.

On March 8, 1814, by a vote at town meeting, it was voted to dismiss a request to pay for preaching (in effect disestablishing the town church).

In February of 1828, Joseph Moor, Daniel Watts, Samuel Hall, and others met at the old meetinghouse and formed a religious society known as "the first Presbyterian Religious Society in Manchester, N.H." Amos Weston Jr. was secretary. The first meeting after the adoption of the organization's constitution was held there on March 26, 1828.

In 1834 the road passing by the meeting house was improved (by court order) to provide a more direct route from Concord to Lowell, and named Mammoth Road.

Very early histories of Manchester indiciate "they assembled at Manchester Centre until 1840." In 1840 the old meetinghouse at the Centre was foresaken entirely, the town voting to hold its meetings at the newly created village by the river. The building fell into great disrepair.

Thirteen years later (approximately 1853) the old meeting house was bought by H.T. Wilson and B.H. Cheney, moved a few rods and coverted into a dwelling house.

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