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Nutts Pond photograph, Manchester NH

The NUTT Family
of Derryfield [Manchester]
New Hampshire
Family Tree (Genealogy)

The following family tree includes the known descendants of WILLIAM NUTT, one of the earliest settlers of Londonderry NH, and later Derryfield [now Manchester] NH.

This is NOT meant to be a comprehensive genealogy of ALL NUTT lines in the United States. I have included all the information I have knowledge of, along with sources (at the bottom). Please do not contact me, asking if I would research your Nutt line. If your line is not here, then I am not aware of it!!

I have done my best to verify the information below, however, I do NOT claim that it is 100% accurate (in other words, use at your own risk, and verify this yourself). This was compiled during many hours of personal research, and may NOT be used in a book or electronic publication that is for SALE or RESALE. Doing so violates copyright law. This information is FREE to descendants/relatives who are using it for their own personal knowledge.

There is a pond in Manchester New Hampshire named after the Nutt family (Nutt's Pond) who used to live in that area. A section of what is now known as Manchester NH was called "Nutfield" in the earliest days of the settlement. The section of South Willow Street near this pond was in early days called Nutts Road.

***First Generation**

William NUTT was born abt 1698 in Londonderry, Ulster, North Ireland and d. 26 Oct 1751 in Chester, Rockingham Co NH. He m. 29 May 1723 in Bradford, Essex Co MA by Rev. Symmes to Jane/Jean COLBATH. She b. abt 1703 in Bradford MA, and died Oct 1771 in St. George, Knox Co, ME. (Her name was spelled in various ways: Galbreath, Galbraith, etc.) She came from Newington NH. William NUTT was a weaver and ran the first fulling mill at Londonderry NH and later owned it. A descendant, Charles Nutt, wrote: "I have studied the English records of the Nutt family and I have about concluded that the ancestors of William-1 Nutt were in Ireland, probably Aghadoney, County Londonderry, for two or three generations, coming there from England. They undoubtedly descended from the family to which King Canute or Knut belonged. Back in 1100 the name was spelled Knut, Knot, Knutte, etc., but by 1300 it was definitely Nutt or Nutte..." [Note: a James and Anna (Haines) McNutt who emigrated about 1720 from the North of Ireland to Newton, Mass. might be related. William named or gave the name James as a middle name to his children]
Children of William & Jane (Colbath) NUTT:
1. John NUTT b: abt. 1723 in Londonderry NH; d. abt 1757 in Chester NH; m. 1750 in Chester NH to Mary Lynn. Had at least one child (NUTT), Jane
2. James NUTT b: abt. 1726 in Londonderry, NH; baptized at Haverhill, Essex Co MA
3. +Samuel-2 NUTT, b. Dec 1728 in Londonderry NH
4. +David-2 NUTT, b. abt 1728 in Londonderry NH
5. +William-2 NUTT JR., b: Jan 1730 in Londonderry, NH
6. Robert NUTT, b. March 1732 in Londonderry NH; Several of the genealogies state that he d. 1810 in Floyd, Oneida Co. NY; m. Ann --; had 2 children (NUTT): John (b. 1760; m. 5 Apr 1787 in Norwich, New London Co CT to -- and had at least one son, Harvey b. 1810) and Robert (b 1775) [NOTE: separate research shows this very same Robert Nutt of Floyd, Oneida NY as being from Scotland, eventually settling in CT. This line probably needs more research]. What is known is that in 1755 he was on John Goffe's roll for the French and Indian War along with his brother David.
7. Jean NUTT, b. 1735 in Londonderry NH; m. John GORDON
8. Nathaniel NUTT, b. 1737 in Londonderry NH
9. Benjamin NUTT, b. 1739 in Londonderry NH
10. Mary NUTT, b. 1741 in Londonderry NH

**Second Generation**

Samuel-2 NUTT (William-1) b. Dec 1728 in Londonderry NH; d. 5 June 1808 in Topsham, Orange Co. VT; m. abt 1759 to Elizabeth DICKEY. She b. 1740 in Chester, Rockingham Co NH, and d. 13 Sep 1801 in Newport, Sullivan Co NH. [The Taylor genealogy states "he had seventeen children of whom the following nine, starting with William, were by Elizabeth. No information obtained as to the eight children by his first wife. This cannot be correct]. Samuel Nutt was the ninth settler in Francestown NH, arriving there in 1767, and the first Town Clerk. The first record book of the town, in which is his plain and heavy handwriting, was still extant in 1909. He was a carpenter by trade and with his father owned the first sawmill in Chester NH. The history of Francestown NH states:"In 1767 Samuel Nutt moved here, and settled on the Kingsbury place, near the present New Boston line, the place now occupied by Oliver Pettee. On the "cellar" which seems to have been "prepared" for a considerable time previous, a framed house was erected this year, and so far finished as to be occupied before winter. Mr. Nutt being a carpenter, was like the shoe-maker that went barefoot, doing work for other people at the sacrifice of delaying his own. He came from Derryfield (Manchester), was of Scotch race; was a very useful man in the new community, and was the first town clerk in Francestown [in 1772]. He was tithingman in New Boston in 1770." Also, from the same source, July 22, 1771 he was among 39 men who signed a petition to Gov. John Wentworth requesting the setting off of their area, known as "New Addition" and part of "Society" land into a new township [which was granted as the township of Francestown.]; on Dec 2, 1772 he signed a document with other petitioners proposing a tax on the residents to help build the meeting-house. In Oct 1772 he was chosen one of a committee of 5 to arrange for land for a meeting-house and graveyard. In October 1772 his town tax of 1:8:6 was sent to the constable, John Brown for collection [along with that of many others]. On August 21, 1775 he is among the signers of a document addressed to the Provincial Congress at Exeter regarding disagreement with other local towns on their choice of regimental officers. On April 7, 1777 the town chose a committee of 5 to "receive the accounmpts [accounts] and prisse the turns of the men that Has ben into the Searvice With out aney town bounty," one of whom was Samuel Nutt. In 1788 he is among the list of those purchasing a pew in the meeting-house. Sept 7, 1779 he was appointed one of a committee to set prices of sundry articles. On Feb 4, 1788 he was one of a committee "to take Into Consideration, the Federal Constitution." On Feb 15, 1790 he was one of a committee to "Build a Stage to ordain mr. Bradford [their preacher] on." He was on the tax list of 1793.
Children of Samuel & Elizabeth (Dickey) NUTT:
1. +William-3 NUTT b: 14 Mar 1760 in Chester, Rockingham Co.,NH
2. Elizabeth NUTT b: 3 Sep 1761 in Chester, NH; died. 27 May 1840 in Antrim, Hillsborough Co NH; m. Alexander THOMPSON of Antrim NH. Had a daughter, Mary Charlotte THOMPSON, b. 21 May 1821 at Cornell VT who m. 26 Dec 1836 John BIGELOW of Ryegate VT, and had issue.
3. +Eleanor-3 NUTT b: 3 Jul 1763 in Chester NH; d. 23 Sep 1843 in Francestown NH; m. James BREWSTER of Francestown and resided there. In her old age she was a ready narrator of incidents replete with the nerve-testing experiences of the pioneers of the town.
4. James NUTT b: 29 Mar 1764 in Weare, Hillsborough Co,NH; d. 1765 in Weare NH
5. Samuel NUTT b: 4 Jun 1766 in Weare, NH; d.1782 in Upper Gilmanton, NH. He was a preacher and evanglist, and "a man of great physical strength."
6. +John-3 NUTT b: 29 Feb 1768 in Francestown, Hillsborough Co., NH
7. Joseph NUTT b: 13 Nov 1769 in Francestown, NH; d. 1813 in Newport, Sullivan Co. NH; m. 2 Feb 1797 in Francestown NH to Jane --. Had at least one child, Oliver NUTT, b. 1797 in Newport Sullivan Co. NH
8. Benjamin NUTT b: 10 Jul 1771 in Francestown, NH; d. June 1791 in Francestown NH and buried there.
9. Adam NUTT b: 13 Dec 1772 in Francestown, NH
10. Jenny NUTT b: 23 Sep 1774 in Francestown, NH; d. 1792
11. Ann Wilson NUTT b: 14 Feb 1776 in Francestown, NH; d. 1862; m. John BREWSTER. He b. June 23, 1770 and d. May 30, 1842 at Topsham VT. They had 16 children (BREWSTER) of which are a few: John, Patty, Rachel, Elvira, Mary, dau, dau and Ann. [from Taylor Genealogy]
12. Jean NUTT b: 3 Sep 1777 in Francestown, NH; d. 1793
13. David NUTT b: 6 Jul 1779 in Francestown, NH; d. 10 Aug 1845 in Clarenceville, Bedford, Quebec; m. 25 Nov 1802 in Newport, Sullivan Co NH to Elizabeth MITCHELL. Had issue, b. in Quebec, Canada: Margaret, David, Fanny, Thomas Ransom, Lucinda, and Sophia
14. Margaret NUTT b: 24 Apr 1781 in Francestown, NH; d. 9 Aug 1864; married Joseph TOWNER
15. Child NUTT b: 16 Jun 1783 in Francestown, NH; d. same day
16. Samuel NUTT b: 16 Dec 1784 in Francestown, NH, d. 17 Sep 1872 in Sanbornton, Belknap Co NH; m. 7 Apr 1805 in Freeport, Cumberland Co ME to --; had issue; In 1860 US Census of Sanbornton NH with a Sarah Nutt (b 1805 NH), unsure if she is a 2d wife, or another relative.. Children : (NUTT) Elustrus (b 1807, d. 10 June Troy ME; m. 1830 Mary -- and had 2 ch Almira & Valentine), Joseph (b 1810 in Troy, Waldo Co ME and married Laura --), William (b 1815 and married Eliza D --), and Samuel (b 1825, d. 1850).
17. James Dickey NUTT b: 14 Sep 1788 in Francestown, NH; d. 1833 in Amsterdam, Montgomery Co NY; m. 1808 to Elizabeth --. Had issue (NUTT, b. in Albany Co NY): Elizabeth Ann (b 13 Nov 1809), Mary Jane (b 7 Feb 1813), William Henry (b. 15 Nov 1815, d. 24 March 1877; married), James Eliphalet (b 25 Sep 1818) and Francis Lafayette (b 12 Oct 1825)

David-2 NUTT (William-1) b. abt 1728 in Londonderry NH; d. 20 April 1797 in Rockland, Knox Co ME; m. Elizabeth --.
Children of David & Elizbeth (?) NUTT:
1. David NUTT b: 1765; m. 18 Nov 1797 to --; had 4 children born at Rockport, Knox Co ME, (NUTT), Ruth (b 23 May 1798), Bethany (b 5 Aug 1800), Elsy (b 11 May 1802) and Sylvia (b 22 Aug 1804)
2. Jane NUTT
3. Nancy NUTT b: 1774; m. George W. Bowers.
4. Elizabeth NUTT

William-2 NUTT Jr. (William-1) b. Jan 1730 in Londonderry NH; d. 26 Apr 1801 in Derryfield [now Manchester] Hillsborough Co NH; married 16/26 Aug 1751 in Derryfield NH to Sarah Elkins JAMES. She b. abt 1732 and d. between 1801-1810.
Children of William & Sarah E. (James) NUTT:
1. Anna NUTT b: 20 Dec 1752 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. aft 1801
2. Martha NUTT b: 23 June 1754 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. aft 1801
3. Mary NUTT b: 1756 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH
4. Sarah NUTT b: 17 March 1758 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH
5. +John James-3 NUTT b: 25 May 1760 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. 28 March 1841 in Camden, Knox ME
6. +William James-3 NUTT, b. 9 June 1762 in Derryfield NH
7. Thomas James NUTT b: 23 July 1763 in Derryfield, Hillsborough, NH
8. Jane NUTT b: 3 June 1766 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH
9. +Samuel-3 NUTT b: 16 June 1768 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. 1840 in Wolfeboro, Carroll Co NH
10. Ellizebath NUTT b: 27 May 1770 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH
11. +Elijah Allen-3 NUTT b: 2 May 1774 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. 6 March 1853


William-3 NUTT (Samuel-2, William-1) born 14 March 1760 in Chester, [DAR applicatiosn say Francestown NH] Rockingham Co NH, and died 20 Jan 1833 in Topsham, Orange Co. VT. He married 15 Nov 1785 in Francestown, Hillsborough Co. NH to Mary BREWSTER. She b. 10 Dec 1760. According to the SAR Application of his descendant, Thomas Jefferson Laton Nutt, this William Nutt enlisted in 1777 and served to the end of the War of the Revolution. In 1777 he was in the company of Captain John Caron in the regiment of Colonel Daniel Moore, New Hampshire; later in the year his captain was Peter Clark in the same regiment. In Feburary 1780 he was in Captain Thomas Nichol's company, Colonel Whitcomb's regiment; also in Captain D. McGregor's company. He took part in the battles of Saratoga and Ticonderoga. He was granted a pension in 1832. According to his application for this pension, the principal battle in which he was engaged was the "Surrender of Burgoyne."
Children of William & Mary (Brewster) NUTT:
1. +Samuel-4 NUTT b: 17 July 1788 in Francestown, Hillsborough Co., NH
2. Elizabeth NUTT b: 1789 in Francestown, NH; d. 1846
3. +Isaac Brewster-4 NUTT b: 15 Feb 1790 in Francestown, NH
4. +Benjamin-4 NUTT b: 7 Dec 1791 in Francestown, NH
5. +Jane McCullum-4 NUTT b: 24 Jul 1786
6. Nathaniel NUTT b. 1796; d. Topsham, Orange Co VT; m. Mary --
7. John NUTT b: 1798 in Topsham, Orange, VT; d. 12 July 1825
8. Emma NUTT b: 1804 in Topsham, Orange, VT; d. 1870

Eleanor-3 NUTT (Samuel-2, William-1) b: 3 Jul 1763 in Chester NH; d. 23 Sep 1843 in Francestown NH; m. James BREWSTER of Francestown and resided there. In her old age she was a ready narrator of incidents replete with the nerve-testing experiences of the pioneers of the town. Her husband JAMES was b. in Londonderry NH Oct 31, 1758, son of Isaac Brewster who was b. in Ireland and emigrated to Londonderry NH. He was a shoe-maker. He removed to Francestown about 1782 where he at first lived in a small log house near where later stood a cider mill on the Manahan/Rogers farm. [Jame's father Isaac Brewster died in Francestown April 11, 1782, aged 61 yrs, and is buried there]. James was a fifer in the Revolutionary war, and a pensioner. He built the L of the Brewster or Joslin house in the western part of the town, occupied for many years by Brewster family members.
Children of James & Eleanor (Nutt) BREWSTER:
1. Elizabeth BREWSTER, b. 8 Dec 1785, lived in the house in the village later occupied by her brother Samuel; d. at Francestown 21 Feb 1865
2. Jane BREWSTER, b. 3 Dec 1787; m. Joel BULLARD of Francestown 13 Feb 1812, removed to Topsham VT, and later Illinois. She d. in IL 12 July 1861.
3. Isaac BREWSTER, b 26 June 1789; m. Lucy FARRINGTON of Greenfield NH, lived many nears upon the Burnham place near the Brenan brook, and d. there 28 Sep 1860. His death was caused by his falling from a ladder while picking grapes.
4. Mary BREWSTER, b. 6 Nov 1790; m. Adam MANAHAN of Francestown, d. at Allenstown NH 28 Apr 1871.
5. Janette N. BREWSTER, b. 15 Sep 1792; school-teacher and dress-maker; d. at Peterborough NH 21 Nov 1833
6. Eleanor G. BREWSTER, b. 29 Dec 1794; m. Barnard Farrington of Antrim NH on 15 Feb 1820; d. at Antrim NH 15 Nov 1858.
7. Martha BREWSTER, b. 16 June 1796; m. Nathaniel GEORGE of Hancock NH on 25 March 1816; d. at Allenstown NH 25 July 1863.
8. Lucy BREWSTER, b. 10 Sep 17197; m. Enoch HOOKER of Antrim NH on 11 Oct. 1825; resided at Oswego NY
9. Anna BREWSTER, b. 15 Feb 1799; m. Ezra SMITH of Gardner, ME on 28 July 1817; d. at Reading, MA 5 May 1863.
10. James G. BREWSTER, b. 14 July 1800; m. Hannah HARTHON of Greenfield NH; d. at Newark NJ 15 Nov 1859.
11. Sarah B. BREWSTER, b. 13 March 1802; m. Frederick BENDEN of Axbridge, England on 5 Oct 1834; resided Lowell MA
12. David BREWSTER, b 5 March 1805; d. Francestown NH 12 Apr 1805
13. Roxana BREWSTER, b. 9 Jan 1807; was a milliner in Francestown and d. there 14 May 1852.
14. Samuel BREWSTER, b. 20 Jan 1809; m. 16 July 1835 at Francestown NH to Nancy ORDWAY. She b. Sutton NH 9 Jan 1813. Had issue: Frederick B., Eleanor N., Melissa D.

John-3 NUTT (Samuel-2, William-1) b. 29 Feb 1768 in Francestown, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. 12 Apr 1855 in Topsham, Orange Co. VT; m. 2 Apr 1791 in Newbury, Sullivan Co NH to Sarah BAGLEY.
Children of John & Sarah (Bagley) NUTT:
1. +Samuel-4 NUTT b: 23 Dec 1791 in Francestown, Hillsborough Co., NH
2. Anna Willson NUTT b: 15 Feb 1793 in Francestown, NH; d. 1793 Francestown NH
3. John NUTT b: 23 Jul 1794 in Francestown, NH; d. 1816 in St. Helena, North Carolina
4. Sarah NUTT b: 16 Sep 1795 in Francestown, NH; d. same day
5. +David-4 NUTT b: 24 Mar 1796 in Francestown, NH
6. Ira NUTT b: 29 May 1798 in Francestown, NH
7. Mehitable NUTT b: 2 Sep 1799 in Francestown, NH
8. Elizabeth NUTT b: 19 Jan 1801 in Francestown, NH; m. Peter --.

John James-3 NUTT (William-2, William-1) b. 25 May 1760 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. 28 March 1841 in Camden, Knox ME; m1) 1783 ---; m2) 1785 --
Children of John J. & (?) NUTT [first wife]:
1. Elizabeth NUTT, b. 1786; d. 1873
Children of John J. & (?) NUTT [second wife]:
1. David NUTT b: 6 Apr 1786 in Rockport, Knox, ME; d. 1813 in OH
2. John NUTT b: 28 Feb 1788 in Rockport, Knox, ME
3. William NUTT b: 27 May 1790 in Rockport, Knox, ME; married 25 March 1813 --; had issue (NUTT, b. in Rockport ME) David, Lovina, William, Louisa, Nancy, Susan, Hannah H., Cornelia and Isaac F.
4. Joanna NUTT b: 15 Aug 1792 in Rockport, Knox, ME
5. James NUTT b: 16 Feb 1795 in Rockport, Knox, ME
6. Ashley NUTT b: 31 Jan 1796 in Rockport, Knox, ME; d. 1856
7. John J NUTT b: 19 Jun 1798 in Rockport, Knox, ME; married and had issue (NUTT, b. Rockport ME), Nancy, John, David James, Mary Jane, Caroline, and Susan F.
8. Nancy NUTT b: 22 Aug 1800 in Rockport, Knox, ME
9. Rosanna NUTT b: 22 May 1803 in Rockport, Knox, ME
10. Elijah NUTT b: 5 Aug 1805 in Rockport, Knox, ME, d. in Camden, Knox Co. ME; married Mary -- and had issue, at least 4 children.

William James-3 NUTT (William-2, William-1) b 9 June 1762 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co NH; d. 6 Feb 1843 in St. Albans, Somerset Co ME; m1) Elizabeth GOODSPEED; m2) 24 Sep 1785 in Brookfield, Carroll Co NH to Hannah GLIDDEN; He m3) 17 March 1803 to Lucy AVERY. She b. 4 may 1778
Children of William J. & Hannah (Glidden) NUTT:
1. William NUTT, b. 25 Nov 1786
2. Elizabeth NUTT, b. 26 Nov 1788
3. John NUTT, b. 9/19 Feb 1795; married 1) in 1820 to --; m2) --; By first wife had dau
4. James NUTT b. in Whitefield, Lincoln, ME; m. --; had 9 children, prob. b. in Maine (NUTT): Noel Byron, Sarah, Cynthia, Belinda A., Jethro B., Laura A., Mary, Edwin and Frederick Merton, Hilda B., b. 1822; by 2d wife had dau Phebe A. b. 1821
5. Hannah Glidden NUTT, b. 1 Jan 1800 in Whitefield NH; d. 18 Dec 1893; m. 17 March 1825 in Parkman, ME to Elijah KING. He b. 10 Oct 1803 in Ballstown ME. Had issue (KING): Bethiah G (b 8 Oct 1827), William (b 5 Sep 1830), Belinda (b 16 Jan 1834), Hannah M. (b 14 Oct 1836), Elijah N. (b 30 Nov 1838) and Edgar H. (b 10 Dec 1848)
Children of William & Lucy (Avery) Nutt:
6. Samuel NUTT, b. 4 Oct 1805
7. Mahala NUTT, b. 4 Apr 1810
8. +Satira NUTT b: 4 Apr 1813 in Whitefield, Lincoln, ME; married Thomas CHRISTIE. He b. 29 July 1813. Had at least one child, Laura Victoria Christie (b 29 July 1838, m. John N. BITNER, and had issue).
9.Lucy NUTT

Samuel-3 NUTT (William-2, William-1) b. 16 June 1768 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. 1840 in Wolfeboro, Carroll Co NH; m. 24 Sep 1795 in Wakefield, Carroll Co NH to Anna TIBBETTS. She b. abt 1772 in Portsmouth NH. He m2) Jan 1820 in Wolfeboro NH to Sarah --. She b. abt. 1805 in NH. In 1850 US Census Samuel and Sarah are living alone in Wolfeboro NH, various children are living with other families.
Children of Samuel & Anna (Tibbetts) NUTT [1st wife]
1. Anna NUTT b: 1797; d. 1834; m. Stephen TROMBLEY
2. Mary Tibbetts NUTT b: 24 Dec 1800 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH; d. 3 Jan 1888 in Brookfield, Carroll Co NH; m. James SHORTRIDGE; in 1880 living in Brookfield, Carroll Co. NH
3. Samuel NUTT b: 1803 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH; d. 1810 in Wolfeboro NH
4. John James NUTT b: 23 May 1805 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH, d. 29 Sep 1878 in Bedford, Middlesex Co MA; m abt 1825 to --; had at least one ch, Clarissa Willey NUTT, b. 3 Nov 1825 in Burton NH and m. Alexander S. Hanscom [one resource states his last name is NUTTER]
5. +William-4 NUTT b: 1807 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH; d. March 1857 in Wolfeboro NH; m. Caroline ALLEN. She b abt 1811.
6. Thomas NUTT b: Mar 1810 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH; d. 7 June 1874 in Parsonfield ME; m. Olive QUINT
7. Sarah Ann NUTT b: 26 Jun 1813 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH, d. 8 Feb 1879 in Brownfield, Oxford Co ME; m. Nathaniel M. ROGERS
8. male NUTT b: 1815
Children of Samuel & Sarah (--) NUTT [2nd wife]
9. [Child] NUTT b: 1821 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH, d. 1830
10. Elizabeth NUTT b: 1823 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH; m. David --
11. [Female] NUTT b: 1825 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH; d. 1830
12. Andrew Jackson NUTT b: 1827 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH; d. 1879; in 1850 living in Dover NH (rooming);
13. Martha J NUTT b: Sep 1828 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH; d. 1900 in Hart, Oceana MI; m. Enoch --
14. Ezra NUTT b: 1830 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH; in 1850 census living with & Alphonzo & Betsey Rust family; in 1860 census living with the Cate family, occupation, shoe manufacturer.
15. +Henry-4 NUTT b: May 1832 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH; d. 20 Aug 1907 in Concord, Merrimack Co. NH; m1) 21 Dec 1857 in Wolfeboro NH to Betsey Emeline EDGERLY; m2) Rhoda GOODWIN; m3) 1887 Elizabeth EDGECOMB
16. Anna Maria NUTT b: 1834 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH; m. William --
17. +Ira Alonzo-4 NUTT b: 16 Jan 1836 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH; d. 1 May 1907 in Wolfeboro NH; married twice, Sarah -- and Maria --. In 1850 living in Wolfeboro NH with family of George & Rebecca Cotton.
18. Samuel Amagrad NUTTER b: 10 Jun 1837 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH; d. 26 Sep 1904 in Biddeford, York Co ME
19.[male] NUTT b: 1839 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH

Elijah Allen-3 NUTT (William-2, William-1) b. 2 May 1774 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. 6 March 1853; m. 28 Feb 1797 to Susanah.
Children of Elijah A. & Susanah (?) NUTT:
1. William NUTT b: 24 Nov 1797 in Derryfield, Hillsborough, NH
2. James NUTT b: 22 Jun 1799 in Derryfield, Hillsborough, NH, d.y.
3. Mailline M NUTT b: 17 Aug 1803 in Derryfield, Hillsborough, NH
4. Robert Jones NUTT b: 24 Jul 1805 in Derryfield, Hillsborough, NH
5. +James NUTT 2d, b: 28 Dec 1806 in Derryfield, Hillsborough, NH
6. John NUTT b: 22 Jun 1808 in Derryfield, Hillsborough, NH
7. Elijah NUTT b: 14 May 1810 in Derryfield, Hillsborough, NH; probably the Elijah Nutt in the 1850 US census in Warrensburgh, Warren Co NY, with wife Sarah A. (b abt 1816 in NH), and children Susan F. (b 1839 MA), James F. (b. 1841 NY), Marietta (b 1845 NY) and George E. (b 1848 NY).

Thomas James-3 NUTT (William-2, William-1) was born 23 July 1763 in Derryfield [now Manchester] Hillsborough Co NH and died 9 July 1843, age 80 in Manchester NH; he m. 18 Aug 1789 in Derryfield NH to Sally BOYLES/BOYES. She b abt May 1766 in Derryfield NH and d. 8 March 1847 in Manchester NH [They are buried in Merrill Cemetery, South Willow Street, Manchester NH].
Children of Thomas J. & Sally (Boyes/Boyles) NUTT:
1. Sarah NUTT b: 3 December 1789 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. 31 March 1853 in Manchester NH; married twice, once to -- Clark. [tombstone: NUTT, Sarah, died March 31, 1853, AE 64 yrs].
2. Jane Alexander NUTT b: 27 May 1792 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. 24 May 1849; m. 16 June 1808 to William B. COMBS Jr. He b. 1791 in NH; had issue (COMBS): Sarah B., James, John, Mary Jane, William Harrison, Thankful, Diantha, Rodnia, Manus, Saria, Hanna Maria and Emily Ann. [Buried in Merrill Cemetery, Manchester NH: COMBS, Jane A., wife of William Combs, died May 24, 1819].
3. +James-4 NUTT b: 22 October 1794 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. 21 July 1866; m. Hannah Miller.
4. Mary "Poley " NUTT b: 7 April 1797 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; m. 25 March 1825 in Bow, Merrimack Co NH to Samuel ALEXANDER. He b. 19 Jan 1800 in Bow NH; had issue (ALEXANDER): Eliza j., Mary A., James ABordman and S. Judson, who were born in Bow and in Hopkinton NH
5. Ann NUTT b: 8 Sept 1799 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; m. -- Brown
6. Eliza NUTT b: 12 June 1802 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; m. Gibbard Stevens
7. Emilia/Emily NUTT b: 5 March 1805 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. 18 Dec 1840; m.22 Dec 1829 in Bedford NH to EBENEZER AYER WHITTIER. [tombstone in Merrill Cemetery, Manchester NH: WHITTIER, Emily, Sacred to the memory of, Emily, wife of Ebenezer Whittier, Esq. who died Dec 18, 1840].[NOTE: History of Bedford NH shows 22 Dec 1829 marriage of Emily Nutt to Eben Ayer WHITTEN of Londonderry NH.]
8. +Clarissa-4 NUTT b: 5 November 1807 in Derryfield, NH
9. +Rodney or Rodnia-4 NUTT b: 12 or 22 June 1810 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. 23 Jan 1875
10. William James NUTT b: 9 June 1762 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. 6 Feb 1843 in St. Albans, Somerset Co ME


Samuel-4 NUTT (William-3, Samuel-2, William-1) b. 17 July 1788 in Francestown, Hillsborough Co NH; d. 1 Feb 1845, age 57 in Amherst, Hillsborough Co. NH; married 21 Aug 1814 in Medford MA to Hannah Usher, dau of Daniel & Lois (Park) Usher, she b. 1790 in Framingham MA and d. July 1825 in Tynsboro MA. He m2) 25 Sep 1825 in Tyngsboro MA to Elizabeth Dreser, b. abt 1803 and who d. 6 May 1841 in Amherst NH. Per History of Amherst NH: "He succeeded James Ray in the hotel business on the Plain of Amherst NH in January 1827, removing from Tyngsborough MA to Amherst NH."
Children of Samuel & Hannah (?) NUTT
1. George A F NUTT b. 15 Jul 1815 in Tyngsborough, Middlesex Co., MA; d. 6 July 1845; He m. 9 Nov 1842 to Lydia Emerson of Mont Vernon NH, daughter of Widow Rachel Emerson of Swanzey NH.
2. +Charles H.-5 NUTT b. 3 May 1817 in Tyngsborough, MA; merchant of Nashua NH
3. Mary Park NUTT b: 12 Jul 1820 in Tyngsborough, MA. In 1850 census living in Amherst NH with sisters "Anna" (Hannah) and "Theresa". She d. 3 March 1893 in Nashua NH
4. Hannah Anna (aka Anna H.) NUTT b: 22 Jun 1822 in Tyngsborough, MA; d. 26 Oct 1856; m. 31 Dec 1851 to James Monroe.
5. Eldridge G. NUTT b: 21 Dec 1823 in Tyngsborough, MA
6. John NUTT b: 9 Jul 1825 in Tyngsborough, MA
Children of Samuel & Elizabeth (?) NUTT
7. Catharine Elizabeth NUTT, b. 28 Nov 1827 in Amherst NH; in 1860 living with her brother Charles in Nashua NH.
8. Frances A. NUTT, b. 17 March 1830 in Amherst NH; d. 4 Feb 1845 in Amherst NH.
9. Maria Theresa Adelaide NUTT b 17 March 1835 in Amerhst NH; d. Amherst NH 8 Feb 1851, aged 16..

Isaac Brewster-4 NUTT (William-3, Samuel-2 William-1) b 15 Feb 1790 in Francestown, Hillsborough Co NH; d. 21 Dec 1854 in Topsham, Orange Co. VT. He married 6 Feb 1825 in Richford, Franklin Co VT to Salley MUNROE. She b. 15 January 1804 in VT, d. 7 March 1858.
Children of Isaac B. & Sally (Munroe) NUTT:
1. +Mary Brewster-5 NUTT b: born 24 Aug 1829 Topsham, VT
2. Isaac Brewster NUTT b: 24 Aug 1827 in Framingham, Middlesex Co., MA; d. 23 Sep 1911; m. Azubah J. PUFFER
3. Martha E NUTT b: 1834 in Natick, Middlesex Co., MA; d. 1861
4. +William-5 NUTT b: 5 Aug 1836 in Topsham, Orange Co, VT
5. Helen NUTT b: 1838 in VT
6. +Samuel-5 NUTT b: 29 May 1840 in Wolfeboro, Carroll Co., NH
7. Jane NUTT b: 4 Dec 1846 in Wolfeboro, Carroll Co., NH

Benjamin-4 NUTT (William-3, Samuel-2 William-1) b. 7 Dec 1791 in Francestown, Hillsborough Co NH; d. 16 Nov 1869 in Nashua NH; m1) Edith --; m2) 20 Nov 1828 in Dunstable NH to Sophia/Sophie Hale. She was b. abt 1797 in NH. Living in 1870 with son William in Nashua NH.
Children of Benjamin & Sophia (Hale) NUTT:
1. +Benjamin A-5 NUTT, b. abt 1830 in NH; m. Hattie --; She b. abt 1834 in England. In 1870 living in Nashua NH. Had 2 children: son, John b. NUTT, b. 27 July 1865 in Nashua NH; dau, Mabel A. b 12 May 1869 in Nashua NH.
2. +William J.-5 NUTT, b. abt 1833 in NH ; m. Prudence -- .
3. +George N.-5 (W.) NUTT, b. 1835 in Nashua, NH
4. Orline/Arline A. (daughter) b. about 1838 in NH

Jane McCullum-4 NUTT (William-3, Samuel-2 William-1) b. 24 Jul 1786; d. 18 Jan 1856; m. abt 1813 in CT to Moses MILLS. He b. 24 July 1785 and d. 14 May 1859 in Knowlton, Quebec. Canada.
Children of Moses & Jane M. (Nutt) MILLS:
1. Erastus MILLS b: 25 Jan 1814 in Topsham, Orange Co., VT; m. 30 Oct 1843 in Brome, Quebec, Canada to Emily BENNET; had issue (at least 5 children)
2. Reuben MILLS b: 18 Aug 1817; d. 28 June 1903 in Sutton, Brome, Quebec Canada; m. Ruth SWEET; had at least 8 children.
3. Orange MILLS b: 12 Mar 1820 in Clarenceville, Bedford, Quecbec, CANADA; d. 7 Aug 1881 in Gloversville, Fulton Co NY; m1) Elin M. --; m2) Elizabeth Baker. Had 1 ch by first marriage, 6 ch by 2nd marriage.
4. Clark MILLS b: 4 May 1822 in Clarenceville, Bedford, Quecbec, Canada; d. 22 Aug 1864 in Mechanicville, Saratoga Co. NY; m. Jane ADAMS
5. Mary Jane MILLS b: 24 May 1824 in Sutton, Brome, Quebec, Canada; m. Ezra WILSON. Had at least 5 children.
6. John Nutt MILLS b: 22 Jul 1826
7. Emma Nutt MILLS b: 26 Feb 1829; d. Sutton, Brome Co., Quebec, Canada

Samuel-4 NUTT (John-3, Samuel-2, William-1) b. 23 Dec 1791 in Francestown, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. 1 Jan 1871 in Randolph, Orange Co. VT; m. 17 Dec in Hartford, Windsor Co VT to --
Children of Samuel & ? NUTT:
1. Alonzo Bardwell NUTT b. 5 Oct 1819 in Hartford, Windsor Co., VT; m. 4 Aug 1844 in Hartland VT to Alpa S. Kneeland; had at least 3 children: Alice L. (b 1845 in Hartford VT), Amanda (b 1848 in Hartford VT, d. 1868) and Sarah (b 1849 in Hartford VT).
2. Almena NUTT b. 21 May 1822 in Hartford, VT, prob died young
3. Almanda A NUTT b. 22 Apr 1824 in Hartford, Windsor, VT
4. Almena NUTT II b. 21 May 1826 in Hartford, VT
5. Albert NUTT b. 11 May 1829 in Hartford, VT
6. Amelia NUTT b. 30 Oct 1831 in Hartford, VT, prob died young.
7. Almira NUTT II b. 3 Feb 1838 in Hartford, VT
8. Adelia NUTT b. 5 Sep 1840 in Hartford, VT

David-4 NUTT (John-3, Samuel-2, William-1) b. 24 Mar 1796 in Francestown, NH; d. 17 Sep 1877 in Apalachin, Tioga Co NY; married in 1817 to Susanna BELL. She b. 1786 in MA.
Children of David & Suanna (Bell) NUTT:
1. Sally NUTT b: 20 Jan 1818 in Apalachin, Tioga, NY; d. 22 July 1914 in Towanda, Bradford Co. PA
2. Romanzo NUTT b: 1819 in Apalachin, Tioga, NY; m. in 1842 to --; had issue, David, Elijah, Charles, Martha and Frank
3. Phidelia NUTT b: in Apalachin, Tioga, NY
4. Lorenzo Joseph NUTT b: 20 Mar 1825 in Apalachin, Tioga, NY; m. 12 Jan 1848 in Owego, Tioga Co NY to Eliza Jane STEVENS. Had issue (born in TIoga Co. NY and Saint Clair Co MI): Lewis Cass, Donald Carlos, Ivan Lorenzo, Ida Adarine, Emma Perina, William Henry, David Elijah, Richard Bean, and Mary Angeline.
5. Maurice NUTT b: 7 Mar 1827 in Apalachin, Tioga, NY; d. 14 June 1901 in Alexandria, Hanson SD; m. 22 Jan 1852 to Mary E. Mersereau. Had issue (b. in NY and IL), Frederick Lawrence, John Samuel, Susan Estrella, Clara Maria, and Luella Kate.
6. Mary Jane NUTT b: 2 May 1832 in Apalachin, Tioga, NY; m. -- LINDSLEY.

Henry-4 NUTT (Samuel-3, William-2, William-1) b. May 1832 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH; d. 20 Aug 1907 in Concord, Merrimack Co. NH; m1) Rhoda Goodwin; he m2) 21 Dec 1857 in Wolfeboro NH to Betsey Emeline/Emaline EDGERLY. She was b. abt 1856 in New Durham NH; m3) 1887 Elizabeth EDGECOMB. In 1860 living in Alton, Belknap Co NH with 2d wife, Betsy and son Henry.
Children of Henry & Betsey Emaline (Edgerly) NUTT:
1. Henry Napoleon NUTT b: 7 Feb 1860 in New Durham, Strafford Co NH; d. 26 Oct 1912 in Dover, Strafford Co NH
2. Alberta G NUTT b: 30 Jul 1865; d. Aug 1907
3. William F NUTT b: 23 Feb 1867 in NH
Children of Henry & Elizabeth (Edgecomb) NUTT: [3d wife]
4. Llewellyn NUTT b: 7 Apr 1888 in Fryeburg, Oxford, ME; d. 1955 in Brookfield, Carroll Co NH
5. William H NUTT b: 12 Apr 1893 in Fryeburg, Oxford, ME; d. 1949 in Sanbornville, Carroll Co NH
6. female NUTT b: 12 Apr 1893 in Fryeburg, Oxford, ME, died same day

Ira Alonzo-4 NUTT (Samuel-3, William-2, William-1) b: 16 Jan 1836 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH; d. 1 May 1907 in Wolfeboro NH; married twice, Sarah -- and Maria --. In 1850 living in Wolfeboro NH with family of George & Rebecca Cotton.
Child of Ira Alonzo & Maria (?Nutt) NUTT: (may be more children)
1. Clarence Nutt, b. 12 Apr 1880 in Wolfeboro, NH

Satira NUTT (William James-3, William-2, William-1) b: 4 Apr 1813 in Whitefield, Lincoln, ME; married Thomas CHRISTIE. He b. 29 July 1813.
1. Laura Victoria CHRISTIE, b 29 July 1838, d. 21 March 1921; m. John N. BITNER, and had issue).
2. Thomas Manley CHRISTIE, b. Sep 1840, d. 29 Dec 1917
3. Perly CHRISTIE, died in infancy
4. Perly Marion CHRISTIE, b. March 1845, d. 13 Jan 1905
5. William Wesley CHRISTIE, b. July 1847, d. 10 June 1916
6. Samuel Nutt CHRISTIE, b. Nov 1849, d. 22 Jan 1923
7 Abigail CHRISTIE, b. 1853, d. 1861

William-4 NUTT (Samuel-3 NUTT (William-2, William-1) b: 1807 in Wolfeboro, Carroll, NH; d. March 1857 in Wolfeboro NH; m. Caroline ALLEN. She b abt 1820 in NH. In 1850 living in Wolfeboro NH with wife Caroline and children William, Lyia [sic] and Anna.
Children of William & Caroline (Allen) NUTT:
1. William NUTT, b. abt 1841, prob Wolfeboro NH
2. Lyia [?Lydia] NUTT, b abt 1844, prob Wolfeboro NH
3. Anna NUTT, b. abt 1848, prob Wolfeboro NH

James-4 NUTT (Elijah Allen-3, William-2, William-1) b. 28 Dec 1806 in Derryfield, Hillsborough, NH, d. 21 March 1896; m. 29 Feb 1836 to --.
Children of James & (?) NUTT:
1. Robert Jones McNutt, b. 6 Aug in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co NH, d. 31 July 1909; m. March 1849 to --; had dau Sarah Adeline MCNUTT, b. 1883
2. Sarah J. McNutt

James-4 NUTT (Thomas James-3, William-2 William-1) b: 22 October 1794 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. 21 July 1866; m. Hannah Miller, dau of David & Mary (Boyes) Miller, she b. 14 April 1797** in NH, d. 7 Sep 1867 in Belfast, Waldo Co. ME. In 1850 census living in Manchester NH with wife and 4 children. Occupation: Mason [My thanks to Ruth Hamilton, a descendant of this line for offering information from a family bible in her possession, now marked with **].
Children of James & Hannah (Miller) NUTT:
1. +Mary Jane-5 NUTT, b 30 Oct 1825/1826** Manchester NH, d. 6 April 1902** (Note: COPY of birth record from 1906 gives 1825 as birth year, family bible gives 1826).
2. +James Miller-5 NUTT Jr. , b 14 Apr 1827/1829**, Manchester NH
3. +David Henry M.-5 NUTT, b. 24 Feb 1831 Manchester NH
, d. 1 Sep 1908, Manchester NH.
4. Samuel B.M. NUTT, b. 22 Apr 1833** in Manchester NH; d. 21 Jan 1885 in Manchester NH; m. 27 Jan 1861in Manchester NH to Lucy Ann Leavitt, dau of Gideon and Lucy (Cate) Leavitt. She b abt 1833-1835 in Barton, VT, and d. 15 Nov 1892 in Manchester NH. He was a brick mason. In 1880 living in Manchester NH, niece Lucy Suter living with them.

Clarissa-4 NUTT (Thomas James-3, William-2, William-1), born 5 November 1807 in Derryfield [later Manchester] NH. She was the eighth child (out of nine total) born to Thomas James Nutt and Salley Boyes. This information was obtained from her birth record found at the Bureau of Vital Records, State of New Hampshire, Department of Health and Human Services,located at 6 Hazen Dr., Concord NH 03301-6527. (via e-mail from another Nutt researcher). She married Isaac Plummer Jr, son of Isaac Plummer. He b. 20 Jan 1808 in NH and d. 8 Aug 1885 in Rice Co. MN. In 1860 U.S. Census of Fairbault, Rice Co. MN. [a 2nd genealogy shows her as marrying Benjamin ROGERS].
Children of Isaac & Clarissa (Nutt) Plummer:
1. +Rodney S.-5 PLUMMER b: 30 December 1849 in Londonderry, NH
2. Charles Hurd PLUMMER b: 1845 in NY or NH; d. 21 June 1926 in Lake City MN
3. Isaac N. PLUMMER b: 19 December 1836 in NY or NH; d. 22 Dec 1908 in Shoals IN
4. John D. PLUMMER b: abt. 1843 in NH or NY
5. Henry H. PLUMMER b: abt. 1852 in NY or NH

Rodney or Rodnia-4 NUTT (Thomas James-3, William-2, William-1) b. 12 or 22 June 1810 in Derryfield, Hillsborough Co., NH; d. 23 Jan 1875; married 15 March 1836 in Goffstown NH to Maria/Mariah Dodge, dau of James D. & Margaret (Gordon) Dodge of Goffstown NH. She b. 23 Oct 1807, and d. 25 March 1859; he m2) 11 Oct 1856 Ruany Call. She b. abt 1839 NH and d. after 1880. In 1870 US census in Manchester Hillsborough Co NH, Rodnia Nutt (age 60, Farmer b NH; Ruany, 31 b NH, Herman age 6 b NH and Ruany A, age 3 b NH). By 1880 Census, Rodney must be deceased as he is not in the census with his wife Ruany, who is now head of household. Some members of this family are buried in Merrill Cemetery, Manchester NH.
Children of Rodney & Maria/Mariah (Dodge) NUTT:
1.May Mariah NUTT b: 8 Dec 1836, d. December 8, 1836, Manchester, Hillsborough, NH.
2. James Dodge NUTT b: 28 Jan 1838 in Manchester, Hillsborough Co. NH; m. Emma Jane Hoag. He d 23 Oct 1883. They had one ch, Emma Nutt, b. 24 Oct 1879.
3. +Rodnia NUTT Jr., b: 11 Oct 1840 in Manchester, NH; He m. 1885 to Clara Corfield.
4. +Mary Ann NUTT b: 22 Sep 1844 in Manchester, NH; m. Jonas Hutchins Harvey
5. George Washington Morrison NUTT b: 1 Apr 1848 in Manchester, NH; d. 24/25 May 1881 in New York City NY; m. Lillian ELSTON or HERSEY [a 2nd source says he married Minnie Warren; He was "Commodore" Nutt of P.T. Barnum fame; part of Thumbiana & Liliputian Opera Company [see below for more on GWM Nutt]
Children of Rodney & Ruany (Call) NUTT:
6. Walter E NUTT b: 1856/1865; physician
7. Stillborn male b 21 May 1862 Manchester NH
8. Male, b.
25 Aug 1863 Manchester NH
7. Augusta NUTT b: 1866; m. 30 Nov 1889, Mr. Myron Richardson. He b. 21 March 1864 in Londonderry, son of William P. & Sarah H. (Goodwin) Richardson. Myron Richardson attended the McGraw Institute in Merrimack NH, and located in Derry Depot as a dealer in lumber and building material, later manufacturing staves.He served as deputy sheriff for four years. They had a son, Myron Harold RICHARDSON, b. March 4, 1895.
8. +Herman Foster NUTT, b. abt 1874 NH; d. 1937
9. Ruany A. NUTT; b. abt 1867 NH
10. Sally B., b abt 1873 NH
11. Walter W. b. abt 1876


Charles H-5 NUTT (Samuel-4 NUTT, William-3, Samuel-2, William-1) b. 3 May 1817 in Tyngsborough, MA; d. 7 Aug 1892 in Nashua, Hillsborough Co NH; m. Dec 1842 to Elizabeth --. She b. abt 1820 in PA. An article in the July 20, 1951 issue of the Nashua Telegraph states, "He enjoyed a full life, 75 years, before he died. He moved with his parents to Amherst [NH] as a child, where his father and mother operated a widely known, then of course, Nutt's Tavern. As a young man he went into business early even in his school days, finding employment with Robert Reed, who kept a country store in Amherst. He went to the Amherst schools and then attended Pinkerton Academy at Derry where he completed his formal education. At that time Pinkerton Academy was one of the most widely known schools in New England. He came to Nashua [NH] in 1833 and went to work for Isaac Spalding who operated a hardware store. Mr. Spalding sold out in 1837 and Mr. Nutt having accumulated a small sum, branched out on his own, opening a merchant tailoring establishment... In 1846 he sold out and bought the stock and good will of the successor in the business established by his first employer. For the next 14 years he continued the business at its old stand at the corner of Main and Factory Streets. In 1860 he purchased the property at the southeast corner of Main and Park Streets, and built the block which still bears his name but which is now owned by A.B. Slawsby. Most of the latter day residents of Nashua are largely familiar with his name through the Nutt block. He ran his hardware store from that location until 1889, three years before his death, when he sold out due to failing health. In the years before Nashua became a city, 1846, 1847 and 1848 he served as town clerk. He was director of the Pennichuck State Bank, the First National Bank, the Nashua Light, Heat and Power Company, the Pennichuck Water Company, the Souhegan National Bank of Milford, and a trustee of the City Savings Bank and the New Hampshire Banking Company. He was a Republican in politics and a Unitarian in religion. At his death he left money for the creation of a Charles H. Nutt Surgical Hospital. This building was completed in 1952 and was connected to the present Nashua Memorial Hospital. The building was designed by Alfred T Granger Associates, architects of Hanover NH.
Children of Charles H. & Elizabeth (?) NUTT:
1. Elizabeth "Lizzie" A. NUTT b: 16 Mar 1844 in Nashua, Hillsborough Co. NH; m. ?William Allen. Had daughters Nelly J.? (age 12 in 1880 census) and Grace Allen (age 10 in 1880 census)
2. Charles A. NUTT b: 19 Jun 1847 in Nashua, NH
3. George NUTT b: 16 Jun 1855 in Nashua, NH
4. [male] NUTT, b. 12 Jun 1856 in Nashua, NH.

Mary Brewster-5 NUTT (Isaac Brewster-4 NUTT, William-3, Samuel-2 William-1) born 24 Aug 1829 Topsham, VT. She died 11 July, 1885 in Linn Co,
IA and is buried in Oak Shade Cemetery, Marion, Iowa. She married 19 March
1859 in Iowa City, IA to Loved Garey. He was born Sept 18, 1833 on the
River farm at Thetford, Vt. Loved married 2nd on 16 May 1894 in Glencoe, MN
to Harriet Esther Buck, daughter of Benjamin Franklin Buck and Sarah
(Wadleigh) Buck. [This family info provided by a descendant, Evelyn Mevans - Evelynmevans@aol.com]
Children of Loved & Mary B. (Nutt) GAREY ((Fred, Harriet and Nellie died of Diptheria and are buried at Oak Shade Cemetery, Marion, Iowa with their mother)
1. George Loved Garey, born aug 10 1860 Benton Co, IA. Died there 19
Sept 1860.
2. Fred Alson Garey, born Aug 23, 1861. Died 19 Dec 1881 Linn Co, IA
3. Harriet Garey, born Oct 10, 1862. Died 31 Dec 1881 Linn Co, IA
4. Mary "Minnie" Elizabeth Garey, born Oct 24, 1863. Died Kec 12, 1934
in MN
5. Fanny Jane Garey, born June 9, 1865, Died 27 Sept 1865 Linn Co, IA
6. Adeline AMelia "Ada" GAREY, (my husbands grandmother) born June 27, 1866 Benton Co., IA. died Feb 28, 1912 Marion, Linn Co, IA She married John
Squire Grassfield June 5, 1889 Rochester, MN. They were parents of 5 children.
7. Nellie Eva Garey, born March 5, 1868 . died Jan 1, 1882 Linn Co., IA

William-5 NUTT (Isaac Brewster-4, William-3, Samuel-2, William-1) b. 5 Aug 1836 in Topsham, Orange Co VT; d. 31 Aug 1909 in Natick, Middlesex Co. MA; was a shoemaker, soldier, lawyer; married 25 Apr 1863 in Framingham, Middlesex Co MA to Abbie Patience/Prentice PUFFER. She b. 30 Dec 1839 in MA, d 29 January 1906. .
Children of William & Abbie P. (Puffer) NUTT:
1. +William Harrison-6 NUTT b: 17 Jul 1866 in Natick, Middlesex Co., MA
2. +Charles-6 NUTT b: 26 Sep 1868 in Natick, MA
3. Mary Abbie NUTT b: 25 May 1871 in Natick, MA; d. 2 Aug 1875
4. +George NUTT b: 5 Nov 1872 in Natick, MA; deputy sheriff and shoe merchant; married 29 Nov 1894 at Saxonville [Framingham] MA to Addie M. Garland, dau of Josiah/Jonah & Lucy A. (Stone) Garland, she b. Aug 1872 in MA; in 1900 living in Natick, Middlesex MA with daughter Edith May, b 29 Mar 1900 Natick MA, d. January 1978 Middlesex Co. MA.
5. Henry NUTT b: 12 Feb 1875 in Natick, MA; printer and reporter; m. 5 Sep 1894 in Rye, Westchester Co NY to --; had issue, Roger Wolcott Nutt, Mildred Munroe Nutt, and Bessie Abigail Nutt[the last b. 28 Aug 1896 in Rye NY]
6. Bessie May NUTT b: 18 Oct 1876 in Natick, MA; d. 23 Sep 1882
7. Nellie Ann NUTT b: 17 Mar 1880 in Natick, MA; m 20 Nov 1909 Charles Benning Hall, Charles W. & Eliza M. (Ambler) Hall. He b abt 1882 in Natick MA
8. Julia Maria NUTT b: 30 Jul 1881 in Natick, MA; m. 7 Oct 1908 in Natick MA to Ralph Donald Sutherland, son of George M. & Lizzie M. (Hunt) Sutherland.
9. Matilda Ellen NUTT b: 11 Jan 1884 in Natick, MA; m. Charles B. HALL

SAMUEL-5 NUTT (Isaac Brewster-4, William-3, Samuel-2, William-1) b. 29 May 1840 in Wolfeboro, Carroll Co NH; m. 1 Jan 1867 to Mary/Marie E.S. --. She b. Feb 1841 in MA.(note censuses states he was born in VT or NYat times)
1900 US Census > Kansas > Sumner > South Haven > District 343 > 19
Nutt, Samuel, Head W M May 1840 60 married 33 yrs VT VT VT boot and shoemaker
Nutt, Marie E.S. wife W F Feb 1841 59 married 33 yrs 5 ch 2 living MA MA MA
Nutt, Samuel Jr. son W M Nov 1872 27 single NY VT MA
Nutt, Vivian J. son(?) W M Nov 1880 19 single KS VT MA
Children of Samuel & Mary E.S. (?) NUTT:
1.+Samuel Vincent NUTT b: Nov 1872 in NY; married Emma A --. She b. 1881 in Kansas; had issue, prob 6 children, two of whom was Arthur V. b 2 Feb 1902 in Kansas (who married Marie Elizabeth Charlotte Schultz and had issue) and Hattie O. b 1 Jan 1906 in Kansas (who m 1922 John W. Schultz and had issue).
2. Vivian J NUTT b: Nov 1880 in KS

Benjamin A-5 NUTT, (Benjamin-4, William-3, Samuel-2 William-1) b. abt 1830 in NH, died 1 Mar 1884 in Nashua NH; m. Hattie/Harriet --; She b. abt 1834 in England, and died before 1884. In 1870 living in Nashua NH. His death record indicates he was a widower, occupation: Machinist.
Children of Benjamin A. & Harriet NUTT (2 children)
1. John B. NUTT, b. 27 July 1865 in Nashua NH; m. abt 1898 to Abby/Abbia J. --. She b. Apr 1865 in NH and d. aft by 1930. In 1900 and 1910 living in Marlboro MA; in 1930 census, John B. is living in Marlborough MA, no wife or child in household, he is repairman at a private school. The 1910 census shows an "adopted daughter" Florence [her last name is difficult to read, could be Pelletier or Batchelder, or Fletcher or another name] who was born about 1904 in NH, with both parents being born in NH.
2. Mabel A. NUTT b 12 May 1869 in Nashua NH.

William J.-5 NUTT; (Benjamin-4, William-3, Samuel-2 William-1), b. abt 1833 in NH, d. 19 Sep 1886 in Nashua NH; m. 18 Nov 1858 in Nashua NH to Annie Prudence T. Senter/Santer/Center, dau of Langdon & Araline/Averline T. (Marsh) Center.; She b. abt 1836 in Litchfield N.H. Occupation: Lawyer
1870 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Nashua
Nutt, William J. 37 M W Butcher 2000/2500 b. N.H.
Nutt, Prudence L. 34 F W Keeping House b. N.H.
Nutt, William F. 10 M W b N.H.
Nutt, George B., 8 M W b N.H.
Nutt, Sophie 73 F W b N.H.
Nutt, George W. 34 M W Butcher b. N.H.
Children of William J. & Prudence NUTT: [may be others]
1. William F. NUTT, b. 31 March 1861 in Nashua NH; d. 24 Aug 1915 in Keene, NH of appendicitis; Occupation: Sign Painter
2. George B. NUTT, b. 5 Nov 1872 in Nashua NH; m. *****Addie M Garfield b: 28 Aug 1872 m: 29 Nov 1894 in Saxonville, Middlesex, MA Father: Josiah A Garfield Mother: Lucy Stone

George Washington (N.) NUTT, (Benjamin-4, William-3, Samuel-2 William-1) b. abt 1835 in Nashua, NH and died 25 Sep 1885 in Concord NH (of insanity). He m. June 16, 1874 in Nashua NH to Lucy Rebecca Senter, daughter of Langdon & Averline D. (Thayer) Senter of Hudson NH. She was age 24, b. Hudson NH. His Occupation: Soapmaker / Soap manufacturer.
1880 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Nashua
George W. Nutt 44 head soap manufacturer NH NH MA
Lucy R. Nutt 30 wife NH NH NH
Jennie L. Nutt 1 dau NH NH NH
Susie L. Marsh 21 domestic servant
1900 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Nashua
Nutt, Lucy R. Head W F Nov 1849 50 Widow 2 ch 2 living NH NH MA
Smith, Fred B. boarder W M Aug 1825 74
Bly Jennie S. dau W F June 1879 20 married 2 yrs
Children of George W. N. & Lucy R. (Senter) NUTT:
1. Jennie L. Nutt, b. abt 1879 NH; m. abt 1899 to Waldo H. Bly, son of John H. & Euphemia (Haddock) Bly.
2. Thomas Jefferson Laton Nutt, b. 13 Feb 1885 in Nashua NH; he m1st) ---; in 1910 census states he is divorced; He m2) 1 Jun 1912 in Manchester NH to Elsie Ruth Nutt, daughter of Amos Mandigo & Harriet H. Curtis. She b. abt 1883 in Dunham PQ. She had married 1st) --- Nutt. She is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery. Nashua NH; He was a traveling salesman.

Mary Jane-5 NUTT, (James-4, Thomas James-3, William-2, William-1) b 30 Oct 1825/1826** Manchester NH, d. 6 April 1902** (Note: COPY of birth record from 1906 gives 1825 as birth year, family bible gives 1826). She married 19 Aug 1893 in Manchester NH to Langley J. Hoague/Hoag of Cleveland Ohio, son of Jonathan & Hannah (Dyer) Hoag.. He was b. 20 Jan 1830, d. 19 Aug 1893 in Belfast Maine.. In 1880 they were living in Knox, Waldo Co. Maine.
Children of & Langley J. & Mary Jane (Nutt) Hoague:
1. Emma Jane HOAG, b. 22 Dec 1855 in Cleveland, Ohio
2. Frank Henry HOAG, b. 9 July 1859 in Knox, Maine, married Nettie A.
Nichols. Children: Langley Jasper Hoag, b. 19 Apr 1896.
3. Mary Ella HOAG, b. 28 Nov. 1861 in Knox, Maine married 30 Jan 1882 at Belfast, Waldo Co. Maine to Willis E. Hamilton.

James Miller-5 NUTT, (James-4, Thomas James-3, William-2, William-1) b 14 Apr 1827/1829*, Manchester NH, died 2 Jun 1891 in Manchester of asthma from pneumonia. He is buried in the Valley Cemetery; He married 10 Jun 1855 in Manchester NH to Abiah "Riah" N. Tucker, dau of William & Sally (Nutt) Tucker. She b. abt 1829 and d. 30 May 1881 in Manchester NH.; in 1848 living in Manchester NH.
1880 US Census > NH > Hillsborough > Manchester
James M. Nutt b abt 1829 NH
Abiah M. Nutt, b abt 1829 NH
Linnie J. Nutt, b abt 1858 NH, daughter, school teacher NH
Hannah A. Perkins, b. abt 1825 NH
Children of James M. & Abiah N. (Tucker) Nutt:
1. (Daughter) NUTT, stillborn 1 May 1856 Manchester NH

2. Linnie "Linna" J. Nutt, b 20 March 1858 Manchester NH; d. 19 Feb 1934 Manchester NH, unmarried.
3. James Willie Nutt b abt 1862, d. 2 Aug 1864, age 2
4. May Haruna "Mary" NUTT, b. 12 March 1866 Manchester NH, d. 30 May 1924 Manchester NH

David Henry M.-5 NUTT, (James-4, Thomas James-3, William-2, William-1) b. 24 Feb 1831 Manchester NH, d. 1 Sep 1908, Manchester NH. He m1). 15 Sep 1860 to Alice Phebe Banks, dau of Benjamin & Martha (Cross) Banks. She b. 16 Feb 1843 in Belfast, Waldo, Maine. They divorced January 1883. He married 2) 27 Jan 1885 to Margaret P. George dau of John & Sally (Tewksbury) George. She was b. Sep 1837 in Goffstown, Hillsborough, NH; and d. 8 March 1910 in Manchester, Hillsborough, NH.
Children of David H. M. & Alice P. (Banks) Nutt:
1. +Joseph H.-6 Nutt, b. abt 1861 in City Point, Prince George Co., VA

Rodney S.-5 PLUMMER (Clarissa-4 NUTT, Thomas James-3, William-2, William-1), b. 30 Dec 1849 in Londonderry NH; d. 26 Sep 1922 in Topeka KS. He married 11 Feb 1878 in Bedford, Lawrence Co IN to Susan W. TINSLEY. She b. 6 Dec 1850 in Lexington KY
Children of Rodney S.-5 & Susan W. (Tinsley) PLUMMER
1. Grace Frances PLUMMER b: 15 September 1882 in IN; d. 29 Sep 1946 in San Diego California; m. William V. PASCHAL. Had issue.
2. Clara E. PLUMMER b: ABT 1879 in IN; m. William G. REUTER; had issue.

Herman Foster-5 NUTT (Rodney/Rodnia-4 NUTT, Thomas James-3, William-2, William-1) b. abt 1874 Manchester NH; d. 1937. He married about 1900 to Carrie E. Stearns, who was b. abt 1869 in Lynn, MA and d. by 1930 in NH. In 1910 & 1930 US census living in Derry, Rockingham Co. NH. Occupation: engineer (on son Herman's birth cert.).
Children of Herman Foster & Carrie (Stearns) NUTT:
1. Herman Elwin, b. 17 Dec 1901 in Derry NH [per birth cert.] ; m. Laura M. --. She b. about 1905 in MA. They had a daughter Caroline Nutt, b. about 1930 in NH
2. Birnare? I (dau) b. abt 1905 in NH

Rodnia-5 NUTT Jr. (Rodney or Rodnia-4,Thomas James-3, William-2, William-1) b 11 Oct 1840 in Manchester, NH; realtor; Newspaper Headlines: “Major” Nutt, Famous Midget Dead. BOSTON, Sept. 22—Rodina Nutt, last male survivor of the late P.T. Barnum’s famous midget troupe, who as a member of that dwarf combination became known all over this country and in England, died at his home in Dorchester today at the age of 69 years. Up to his death and since retiring nineteen years ago, “Major” Nutt, as he was known, had conducted a successful real estate business. He was a brother of “Commodore” Nutt, with whom he traveled under the auspices of Barnum, and who died in 1881-- from The New York times, Sept. 23, 1909. He m. 8 Jan 1885 in Boston, Suffolk Co. MA to Clara Corfield, dau of Thomas & Olivia J. Corfield.
Children of Rodnia & Clara (Corfield) Nutt:

1. Rodnia/Rodney Corfield. Nutt, b. 5 Aug 1886, d. 30 Ma 1892
2. Elmer Blaisdell Nutt, b. 22 Oct 1887 Boston MA; d. 1888
3. Charles Edwin Nutt, b. 8 Jun 1889 Boston MA; In 1917-1918 his Registration Card indicates he is a patient at the Massachusetts School for the Feeble-Minded, stature, "Short"; also same location in 1920, Waltham, Middlesex Co MA.

Mary Ann-5 NUTT (Rodney or Rodnia-4,Thomas James-3, William-2, William-1), b. 22 Sep 1844 in Manchester, NH; m. Jonas Hutchins Harvey
Children of Jonas H. & Mary A. (Nutt) Harvey:

1. George Elmer Harvey, b. 11 March 1866, d. 26 March 1906
2. Cora Etta M. Harvey, b. 22 Sep 1869, d. 12 Nov 1869
3. Mar Elzeda Harvey, b. 15 Sep 1870, d 30 June 1871
4. Perley Elger Harvey, b. 28 May 1872
5. Jonas Hutchins Harvey, b. 28 May 1875


William Harrison-6 NUTT (William-5, Isaac Brewster-4, William-3, Samuel-2, William-1) b. 17 Jul 1866 in Natick, Middlesex Co., MA; married 24 Dec 1890 in Natick MA, to Carrie Maude Tenney, dau of Hiram A. & Nellie (Fisher) Tenney. She b. 19 Oct 1868, d: 09 Nov 1960 in Beverly, MA
U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Everett Ward 6 > District 814
Nutt, William Head M W 44 m1x 20 yrs MA VT MA manufacturer shoes
Nutt, C. Maude wife F W 42 m1x 20 yrs 1 ch 1 living NH VT NH
Nutt, Ashley son M W 17 single MA MA NH
Children of William H. & C. Maude (?) NUTT:
1. +Ashley Tenney-7 NUTT b: 6 Apr 1893 in MA; married and had issue.

Charles-6 NUTT (William-5, Isaac Brewster-4, William-3, Samuel-2, William-1) b. 26 Sep 1868 in Natick, Middlesex Co MA; d. 26 Sep 1918 in Wareham, Plymouth Co. MA; m1) 26 Aug 1891 in Natick, Middlesex Co. MA to Ada Sophia Robinson, dau of Walter Billings & Ella Maria (Bullard) Robinson. She was b. 5 March 1871 Natick, MA, d. 17 Nov 1909 Worcester, MA. He m2) 28 Nov 1911 in Haverhill, Grafton Co NH to M. Lucia Janet Morrill, dau of Eben & Nancy (Holt) Morrill. She b. abt 1885 in Benton NH.
Children of Charles & Ada S. (Robinson) NUTT (1st marriage):
1. Isabel Ella NUTT b: 27 Jun 1892 in New Rochelle, Westchester Co, NY; Isabel became a nurse in a veteran'
s hospital where she met and married a wounded sailor, Robert Truman Bamford of Ipswich, MA (b. 1893, d. 1984) 15 Feb 1919, and lived the rest of her life in Ipswich MA. They had four children: Robert (b. 1920, a judge still living in Virginia), Ada (b. 1922, d. 1930?), Thomas (b. 1926, d. 2005), and Donald (died in infancy) [information submitted by Sheila Bamford Pulver a grand-dau of Isabel (Nutt) Bamford]
2. Harold NUTT b: 3 Dec 1893 in New Rochelle, NY; d. 23 Oct 1980 in Pompano Beach, Broward Co. FL; m. 24 July 1919 to Margaret C. O'Leary. She b 16 May 1899 in MA; d. 22 Oct 1980 in Pompano Beach, Broward, FL
3. Arthur NUTT b: 6 Feb 1895 in New Rochelle, NY; d. 22 Apr 1983 in Deerfield Beach, Broward Co. FL; he married and had issue. He m1) 29 Nov 1917 in Dewey Home, Buffalo NY to Anne Josephine Dewey, dau of Frank Cline & Helen May (Keon) Dewey. She b. 8 Dec 1894 in Watertown, Jefferson, NY, and d. 10 Oct 1957 in Wareham, Plymouth, MA. He m2) 17 Sep 1943 in Detroit MI to Eugenia Davis, dau of James Henry & Lulu Frances (McMahon) Davis. She b. 19 Oct 1900 in Detroit, MI, d. Jun 1981 in Deerfield Beach, Broward, FL.
His children were; daughter Jean, son William Robinson and their 1/2 sister Joanie. William Robinson Nutt married Rene Colleen Breslin and had six children: Elizabeth, Susan, Cynthia, Kathleen, Wendy and Amy. (this line contributed by a descendant )
4. Dorothy May NUTT b: 23 Aug 1897 in New Rochelle, NY; d. 1986; She m. 13 June 1925 to Herbert Johnson Griffing. He b. 2 Nov 1886, d. 28 Jul 1967 in Worcester, Worcester, MA. A son, David Griffing b. abt 1926.
5. Charles Stanley NUTT b: 10 Nov 1899 in Worcester, Worcester Co., MA; he died 15 Aug 1983 in Glastonbury, Hartford Co CT; He married 16 July 1927 in Lowell, Middlesex Co. MA to Marjorie Pearl Pratt, dau of Roy Perley & Harriett Izella (Lackey) Pratt. She was b. 7 April 1903 in Baldwinsville, Templeton, Worcester MA and d. 1 Nov 1989 in Glastonbury, Hartford CT. He m2) 28 Nov 1911 in Haverhill MA to Lucia Jeanette Morrill, dau of Eben & Nancy (Holt) Morrill. She b. 28 Nov 1885 in Benton NH and d. 16 June 1948 in Wareham MA.
Children of Charles & M. Lucia (Morrill) NUTT (2d marriage)
6. Ruth NUTT b: 7 Apr 1913 in Worcester, Worcester Co., MA; d. Nov 1986; m. David Kossoff.
7. Rose NUTT b: 12 Jan 1914 in Worcester, MA; d. same day

SAMUEL VINCENT (aka Vincent S.)-6 NUTT (Samuel-5, Isaac Brewster-4, William-3, Samuel-2, William-1), b. Nov 1872 in New York; he married Emma A. --. She b 1881 in Kansas
1920 U.S. Census > Kansas > Sumner > Wellington > District 190 > 40
Nutt, Vincent S., Head M W 47 married NH NY NH millwright, flour mill
Nutt, Emma A. wife F W 40 married Kansas, IL IL
Nutt, Arthur V. son M W 17 single Kansas NY Kansas, laborer, flour mill
Nutt, Lona M. daughter F W 16 single, Kansas NY Kansas waitress restaurant
Nutt, Roy G. son M W 14 single Kansas NY Kansas
Nutt, Hattie O. dau F W 13 single Oklahoma NY Kansas
Nutt, Orita M. dau F W 6 single Kansas NY Kansas
Children of Samuel Vincent & Emma A. (?) NUTT:
1. Arthur V. Nutt, b. 2(2) Feb 1902 in Kansas,d. Dec 1966 in Wellington, Sumner Co. KS ; m. Marie Elizabeth Charlotte Schultz. She b. 17 Apr 1902 in Kansas; had issue including Arthur V. Nutt Jr. b abt 1925
2. Lona Marie Nutt, b. abt 1904 in Kansas. Descendants of this line include Sheryl Barton:contact sbartonlynch@tx.rr.com
3. Roy G. Nutt, b abt 1906 in Kansas
4. Hattie O. Nutt, b 1 Jan 1906 in Oklahoma/or Kansas; m. 1922 to John W. Schultz. He b. 4 Nov 1899 in Kansas. She died 17 March 1996 in Wellington, KS
5. Orita/Oleta M. Nutt, b abt 1914 in Kansas

Joseph H.-6 NUTT, (David Henry M.-5, James-4, Thomas James-3, William-2, William-1) b. abt 1861 in City Point, Prince George Co., VA. He married he m. 25 Aug 1883 in Manchester NH to Mary F. Hildreth, dau of C.B. Hildreth. She b abt 1860.
1910 US Census > MA > Suffolk > Boston > ward 12
Joseph H. Nutt M W 44 m1x 23 yrs VA salesman surgical instruments
Mary Nutt 42 F W m1x 23 yrs 1 ch 1 living MA
Neva Lillian Nutt 18 F W single daughter NH [
Henry A. Koch 33 lodgder single Russian
Joseph Kent 38 lodger single England
Children of Joseph H. & Mary F. (Hildreth) Nutt:
1. Neva May "Lillian" Nutt, b. 4 Oct 1891 Raymond NH


Ashley Tenney-7 NUTT, (William Harrison-6 William-5, Isaac Brewster-4, William-3, Samuel-2, William-1), b. 6 Apr 1893 in MA, d: 9 May 1924 . He married 1) 25 Aug 1910 to Hazel/Hazell Towle, dau of Lyman & Minnie L. (Osgood) Towle. They divorced about 1915. He married 2nd) Grace H. Kay. She b. 30 Nov 1893; d. 22 Dec 1963
U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Everett Ward 6 > District 814
Nutt, William Head M W 44 m1x 20 yrs MA VT MA manufacturer shoes
Nutt, C. Maude wife F W 42 m1x 20 yrs 1 ch 1 living NH VT NH
Nutt, Ashley son M W 17 single MA MA NH
Census > U.S. Census > 1920 United States Federal Census > Minnesota > Hennepin > Minneapolis Ward 8 > District 153
Nutt, Ashley T. Head M W 26 married MA MA MA salesman, storage battery [b abt 1894]
Nutt, Grace H. wife F W 26 married PA Scotland Scotland
Nutt, William K. son M W 1-6/12 single MN MA PA
Portsmouth Herald (Portsmouth NH) 21 August 1915 newspaper
Minneapolis, Aug 20--Hazelle Nutt, 20 years old, is defendant in a suit for divorce by Ashley T. Nutt, 22 years old, filed in Hennepin county district court. Hazelle Nutt was married at Everett, Mass., August 25, 1910, when only 15 years old. There is one little Nutt, Vincent, who is now three years old. The husband alleges he was deserted on Thanksgiving Day of 1913. Ashley asserts her has not seen Hazelle Nutt since that day.
Massachusetts > Lynn > 1914 > Lynn, Massachusetts 1914 > 440
Nutt, Hazel Mrs. h 18 School
U.S. City Directories > Massachusetts > Lynn > 1915 > Lynn, Massachusetts 1915 & 1916 > 491
Nutt, Hazel, Mrs. b(oards) 44 Estes
Children of Ashley T. & Hazel/Hazelle (Towle) NUTT:
1. Vincent A. Nutt, b. 20 July 1912 MA; d. 7 Dec 1992, age 80, in Sharon, Litchfield Co. CT; In 1930 at age 17 living in Lynn MA in a boarding house, occupation clerk. He married Jean --. He was an x-ray technician, residing in Sharon CT.
Children of Ashley T. & Grace H. (Kay) NUTT
2. William K. Nutt, b abt 1918 Minnesota

- A Taylor genealogy, by Harmon R. Taylor; Cedar Rapids, Iowa: unknown,
History of Francestown, N.H. : from its earliest settlement April, 1758, to January 1, 1891 : with a brief genealogical record of all the Francestown families by W. R. Cochrane; Francestown, N.H.: The town, 1895
- Various family trees researched through the internet
- U.S. Census 1790-1930
- Birth, marriage and death records on FamilySearch


The story of another of Barnum's greatest hits must be told in his own words: "In December, 1861," he related, "I was visited at the Museum by a most remarkable dwarf, who was a sharp, intelligent little fellow, with a deal of drollery and wit. He had a splendid head, was perfectly formed, and was very attractive, and, in short, for a 'showman,' he was a perfect treasure. His name, he told me, was George Washington Morrison Nutt, and his father was Major Rodnia Nutt, a substantial farmer, of Manchester, New Hampshire. I was not long in dispatching an efficient agent to Manchester, and in overcoming the competition with other showmen who were equally eager to secure this extraordinary pigmy. The terms upon which I engaged him for three years were so large that he was christened the $30,000 Nutt; I, in the meantime, conferring upon him the title of Commodore. As soon as I engaged him, placards, posters and the columns of the newspapers proclaimed the presence of 'Commodore Nutt' at the Museum. I also procured for the Commodore a pair of Shetland ponies, miniature coachman and footman, in livery, gold-mounted harness, and an elegant little carriage, which, when closed, represented a gigantic English walnut. The little Commodore attracted great attention, and grew rapidly in public favor. General Tom Thumb was then travelling in the South and West. For some years he had not been exhibited in New York, and during these years he had increased considerably in rotundity and had changed much in his general appearance. It was a singular fact, however, that Commodore Nutt was almost a fac-simile of General Tom Thumb, as he looked half-a-dozen years before. Consequently, very many of my patrons, not making allowance for the time which had elapsed since they had last seen the General, declared that there was no such person as 'Commodore Nutt;' but that I was exhibiting my old friend Tom Thumb under a new name.

"Commodore Nutt enjoyed the joke very much. He would sometimes half admit the deception, simply to add to the bewilderment of the doubting portion of my visitors.

"It was evident that here was an opportunity to turn all doubts into hard cash, by simply bringing the two dwarf Dromios together, and showing them on the same platform. I therefore induced Tom Thumb to bring his Western engagements to a close, and to appear for four weeks, beginning with August 11, 1862, in my Museum. Announcements headed 'The Two Dromios,' and 'Two Smallest Men, and Greatest Curiosities Living,' as I expected, drew large crowds to see them, and many came especially to solve their doubts with regard to the genuineness of the 'Nutt.' But here I was considerably nonplussed, for, astonishing as it may seem, the doubts of many of the visitors were confirmed! The sharp people who were determined 'not to be humbugged, anyhow,' still declared that Commodore Nutt was General Tom Thumb, and that the little fellow whom I was trying to pass off as Tom Thumb, was no more like the General than he was like the man in the moon. It is very amusing to see how people will sometimes deceive themselves by being too incredulous.

"In 1862 I sent the Commodore to Washington, and, joining him there, I received an invitation from President Lincoln to call at the White House with my little friend. Arriving at the appointed hour, I was informed that the President was in a special Cabinet meeting, but that he had left word if I called to be shown in to him with the Commodore. These were dark days in the rebellion, and I felt that my visit, if not ill-timed, must at all events be brief. When we were admitted, Mr. Lincoln received us cordially, and introduced us to the members of the Cabinet. When Mr. Chase was introduced as the Secretary of the Treasury, the little Commodore remarked:

" 'I suppose you are the gentleman who is spending so much of Uncle Sam's money?'

" 'No, indeed,' said the Secretary of War, Mr. Stanton, very promptly; 'I am spending the money.'

" 'Well,' said Commodore Nutt, 'it is in a good cause, anyhow, and I guess it will come out all right.'

"His apt remark created much amusement. Mr. Lincoln then bent down his long, lank body, and taking Nutt by the hand, he said:

" 'Commodore, permit me to give you a parting word of advice. When you are in command of your fleet, if you find yourself in danger of being taken prisoner, I advise you to wade ashore.'

The Commodore found the laugh was against him, but placing himself at the side of the President, and gradually raising his eyes up the whole length of Mr. Lincoln's very long legs, he replied:

" 'I guess, Mr. President, you could do that better than I could.' "

In no place did extremes ever meet in a more practical sense than in the American Museum. Commodore Nutt was the shortest of men; and at the same time the Museum contained the tallest of women. Her name was Anna Swan, and she came from Nova Scotia. Barnum first heard of her through a Quaker, who was visiting the Museum. This visitor came to Barnum's office, and told him of a wonderful girl, only seventeen years old, who lived near him at Pictou. Barnum soon sent an agent up there, who brought the young lady back to New York. She was an intelligent girl, and, despite her enormous stature, was decidedly good-looking. For a long time she was a leading attraction at Barnum's Museum, and afterwards went to England and attracted great attention there.

Other web site regarding "Commodore" Nutt and his brother.

Photographs courtesy of Lisa Morgan, a NUTT descendant


-- MILES NUTT was one of the proprietors of Watertown in 1636. He was freeman 17 May 1637. He removed to Woburn MA 1645. He had a daughter, Sarah, probably his only living child, for he names no other in his will. He married Sybil Bibble; she came to Ne England as the wife of JohN Bibble who had a house plot granted him in Boston in 1637. She was in Shadwell, in Stepney, England, October 9, 1640. He removed to Malden. In his will mentions son-in-law Robert Jones. The will of Miles Nutt, dated Febrary 1, 1660 mentions: "Wife Sybill;" "daughter Sarah, now the wife of John Weyman," "the daughter of my wife, Sybil, by name of Anna, the wife of Robert (Jones)." He is "willing she (Sybil) should live at Malden. "John Weyman the elder to be executor." He lived in Charlestown and died July 2, 1671. He was freeman, 1637. SARAH NUTT married November 5, 1644, John-2 WYMAN. MORE ABOUT MILES NUT: Nutt, Miles, Watertown, freem. 17 May 1637, brot. from Eng. d. Sarah, who m. 5 Nov. 1644, at Woburn, where he then resid. John Wyman, and next, 25 Aug. 1684, Thomas Fuller; but he d. at Malden, 2 July 1671. There he had liv. sev. yrs.; was one ofthe petitnrs. in favor of freedom in the ch. made contr. of m. 4 Jan. 1659 with wid. Sibell Bibble, wh. was for benefit of herself and her d. Ann, w. of Robert Jones of Hull, aft. of Lancaster, pro. 15 Dec. 1674, by James Cary and Thomas Carter, who had, wth Solomon Phipps, been witn. of his will, 1 Feb. 1661, in wh. said contr. was design. to be fulfil. In that will he made John Wyman sen. excor. provides for the sec. w. names d. Sarah, her s. John, and, perhaps, others of the ch. Inv. of the est. was with the vol. of rec. burned. The wid. m. 30 Oct. 1674, John Doolittle, of that part of Boston call. Rumney marsh, who d. 1681, and she d. 23 Sept. 1690, aged 82.

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