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F A M I L Y   T R E E S  of Merrimack, NH
(Part IIIB)

- Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the accurateness or authenticity of these genealogies. Please see the reference material used for more information.
- Some of the genealogies are limited to persons born in Merrimack, it being outside the scope of this work to follow the descendants who have emigrated to other places...
- These genealogies are free for personal use. These genealogies are compiled from a great number of "public" and copyright free sources, however the genealogies shown here in their entirety should be considered copyrighted by the webmaster of this site, and may not be sold in any form, electronic or otherwise.


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[This is a combination of the Kittredge lines of Merrimack NH and Mont Vernon NH, as they were related]

**FIRST Generation**

John-1 Kittredge was an emigrant from East Suffolk, near Lowestoft, England. [Lowestoft is a Suffolk seaport on a declivity a hundred miles northeast of London, and famous for its herring fisheries and as one of the most fashionable watering places on the west coast of England. It became noted in English history, when in 1665 the Dutch fleet under admiral Opdam was defeated by the Duke of York's fleet. It was at Lowestoft, in 1784, that John Adams, the first ambassador from the United States to England, landed.] John Kittredge was b. abt 1630 Sometime prior to 1660 and in that year John Kittredge [called Capt. as he was reportedly in charge of a ship] was one of the founders of Billerica, Massachusetts. The name was formerly spelled Keteredge. The tradition is that he began experimenting by breaking animals' limbs, then settling them, seeing how fast he could get them to heal. One of his men broke an arm and the captain set it. He married at Woburn MA [or Wells, ME depending on your source] on November 2, 1664, Mary Littlefield, who was the daughter of Francis Littlefield and his wife Jane Hill, of Woburn, and who was born there December 14, 1646. He died October 18, 1676 in Billerica MA and it is said there is a tablet to his memory in Bath Cathedral England. Widow Mary married 2nd) 16 Jan 1678 to John French.
Children of John & Mary (Littlefield) Kittredge were:
1. +John, born January 24, 1666; physician.
2. James b March 21 1668 at Tewksbury MA; d. 30 Apr 1739 in Tewksbury MA; m. Sarah Fowle
3. *+Daniel, born July 22, 1670
4. Jonathan born July 16, 1674; d. 8 March 1696
5. Benoni (posthumous) born May 2, 1677

**SECOND Generation**

DR. JOHN-2 KITTREDGE (John-1) was born in Billerica January 24, 1666 and married Hannah French of Billerica before Jonathan Danforth Jr. on August 3, 1685. He died at Billerica April 27, 1714 and she died Oct 19, 1745.
Children of Dr. John & Hannah (French) Kittredge:
1. +John b September 14, 1685; d. 6 Oct 1756; physician
2. James b Aug 22, 1687; m. Sarah Fowle
3. Hannah b May 4, 1689; d March 21 1690
4. Jacob b Feb 15, 1691; d Aug 18 1692
5. Hannah 2d b May 1693, and d. 13 Oct 1759; m. 1 Dec 1712 to Edmund FROST, son of Samuel & Elizabeth Frost. He b. 5 March 1691-2 and d. 29 May 1766 in Dunbarton NH. Children (FROST) Hannah, Elizabeth, Abigail, Susanna, Edmund, Ruth and Samuel.
6. Dea. Joseph, b March 31 1695; m. 1724 Elizabeth Wright; ancestor of Dr. Jonathan Kittredge who m. Apphia Woodman.
7. Jonathan b January 10, 1697; He enlisted from Billerica; was one of "Lovewell's Men;"he was killed early in the engagement, May 8, 1725 and was buried on the field of battle. He was not married.
8. William b Feb 11 1699, burned to death in his house on the night of 25 Apr 1737; m. Rebecca Shed.
9. Abigail b Nov 15, 1700
10 Jane b March 27 1703; m. Sgt. Thomas Kittredge
11. Mirah b Feb 1 1705; d. Feb 3 1705
12. +Francis b Oct 27 1706; d. abt 1753; married Lydia Phillips.

Daniel-2 Kittredge (John-1) was b. 22 July 1670 and d. 8 March/May 1741. He married 19 Dec 1694 in Tewksbury MA to Elizabeth Foster. She d. 1 Aug 1742.
Children of Daniel & Elizabeth (Foster) Kittredge:
1. Mary, b. 1 Dec 1695 in Tewksbury MA; m. 5 Feb 1719 to Samuel Peacock
2. +DANIEL, b. 12 Oct 1697
3. Elizabeth b 12 Jan 1700 Tewksbury MA; m. -- Manning
4. Sarah b 25 March 1708 Tewksbury MA; m. Kendall Patten
5. Hannah b 19 March 1708 in Tewksbury MA; m. Thomas Patten
6. Mehitable b 6 March 1711 in Tewksbury MA; m. -- Heywood
7. Abigail b 17 May 1714 in Tewksbury MA; m. Joseph Frost

**THIRD Generation**

Deacon Daniel-3 Kittredge (Daniel-2, John-1) was b. 12 Oct 1697 in Tewksbury MA and died 14 Apr 1781. He m. 8 July 1724 to Ruth Shed, dau of Nathan & Mary (French) Shed. She d. 3 Nov 1753.
Children of Dea. Daniel & Ruth (Shed) Kittredge:
1. +DANIEL, b. 10 Apr 1725
2. Ruth b 23 Sep 1726; died 18 Jan 1727
3. Samuel b 8 Nov 1727, d. 4 Sep 1775; m. 9 Aug 1753 Sarah Saunders
4. Ruth b 21 July 1729
5. Nathan b 8 June 1731; d 14 March 1781; m. 18 Jan 1759 in Tewksbury MA to Abigail Sanders
6. Mary b 9 Apr 1733; d. 11 Dec 1739
7. Elizabeth b 3 March 1735; d. 7 Dec 1739
8. Mehitable b 1 March 1737; d. 21 Apr 1737
9. Timothy b 15 May 1738; d 15 Sep 1758
10. Ebenezer, b 8 Oct 1739
11. Benjamin b 16 June 1745; d 29 Aug 1751
12. Benoni, b Nov 1753; d. 29 Nov 1753

Dr. John-3 Kittredge (Dr. John-2, John-1) b September 14, 1685; d. 6 Oct 1756; physician; m. 19 Apr 1707 in Groton MA to MARY ABBOTT
Children of Dr. John & Mary (Abbott) Kittredge:
1. John b 4 Aug 1709 in Billerica MA
2. Isaac b 8 Feb 1710 in Billerica MA
3. Mary b 23 Feb 1712 in Billerica MA
4. Jacob b 24 Oct 1714 in Billerica MA
5. Jacob 2d, b. 14 Jan 1717 in Billerica MA
6. Joseph b 9 Apr 1719 in Tewksbury; m. Mary Shed

Francis-3 Kittredge (Dr. John-2, John-1) b Oct 27 1706; d. 31 Jan 1753; married Lydia Phillips. She b. abt 1706
Children of Francis & Lydia (Phillips) Kittredge:
1. +Francis b 1 July 1728 Billerica MA; d. 17 Apr 1808 in Walpole NH; m. Abigail Richardson
2. Josiah b 25 July 1730 in Billerica MA
3. Zephaniah b 27 May 1732 in Billerica MA; m. 8 March 1781 to Elizabeth Stickney
4. Lydia b 28 July 1732 in Tewksbury MA; m. Jonathan Shed
5. +Solomon, b. 9 June 1736 in Tewksbury MA; d 24 Aug 1792 in Mont Vernon NH; m. May 14, 1755 to Tabitha Ingalls.

**FOURTH Generation**

Daniel-4 Kittredge (Dea Daniel-3, Daniel-2, John-1) was b 10 Apr 1725 in Tewksbury MA and died 17 May 1753. He m1) 17 March 1746 in Billerica MA to Sarah French, dau of William & Mehitable (Patten) French. She was b. 28 Apr 1728 in Billerica MA and died 10 Feb 1793.
Widow Sarah married 2)1 May 1758 to Josiah Kidder.
Children of Daniel & Sarah (French) Kittredge:
1. +William b 29 Jan 1747
2 +JOHN, b. 30 Apr 1750
3. Daniel b 27 July 1752, died 5 Jan 1753

Francis-4 Kittredge aka "Dr. Frank" (Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b. 1 July 1728 in a part of Billerica MA, afterwards called Tewksbury, and died in Walpole NH 17 Apr 1808. He married 20 Feb 1752, Abigail Richardson of Billerica, dau of Andrew and Hannah J. Richardson, who was b. March 6, according to the town records, 1725, but according to her tombstone, 1730. Born of this marriage were sixteen children, the youngest recorded being Melicent.
The children of this marriage are noted in the town records of Tewksbury are (not in order of birth).
1. +Jesseniah, born March 1, 1764; died August 8, 1829; married Lydia Newton Bond
2. +Stephen, born 19 January 1766; m. Elizabeth Eaton
3. Rhoda, born 19 Dec 1767; m. Amaziah Porter
4. Achsa, b. 16 June 1770, d. 27 Jan 1771
5. Achsa 2d, born 30 April 1772; m. Job Giddings
6. Susanna, b. 29 Nov 1773
7. Melicent, b. 30 Sep 1777; m(1) Earle Giddings; m2) Jason Beckwith
Other children of this marriage were:
8. Paul
9. +Francis, b. 2 July 1758 Tewksbury MA; married Lucy Crosby
10. Molly
11. Elizabeth
12. Abigail, m. Zephaniah Kidder
13. Amy, m. Timothy Crosby
14. Rachel, m. -- Foster
15. Lydia, m. -- Matthews
16. Unknown, prob died in infancy

Solomon-4 Kittredge (Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b. 9 June 1736 in Tewksbury [or Billerica depending on the source] MA; d 24 Aug 1792 in Mont Vernon NH; m. May 14, 1755 to Tabitha Ingalls of Andover MA. She died 8 May 1794, aged 59 yrs 1 month 14 days. They settled in Mont Vernon about 1766 [it was then part of the northwest parish of Amherst NH]. He was a blacksmith and a promient man in the parish. He was in the French and Indian War.
Children of Solomon & Tabitha (Ingalls) Kittredge:
1.+Solomon b 3 Aug 1755
2. +Zephaniah b Aug 24, 1757
3. Tabith, b 28 July 1758, m. Benjamin Sawyer, settled in Nelson NH
4. +Josiah b July 26, 1761
5. Phebe b 5 June 1763 m. Aaron Townsend
6. +Stephen b June 17, 1765
7. Lydia b. Aug 29, 1767 in Mont Vernon, m. Joshua Kittredge, Nov 29, 1787
8. +Ingalls, b. Dec 10, 1769 Mont Vernon NH
9. Betsey b Sept 16, 1771 in Mont Vernon NH; m. -- Wheeler of Nelson, d. Nov 9, 1865, age 94. She was the mother of the late Gilman Wheeler of Milford
10. Peter b Sept 25, 1773 Mont Vernon NH
11. Asa, settled in Weare in 1803, was a physician, had five dau
12. Sally, b. April 19, 1779 in Mont Vernon NH, m. Abial Stickney of Tewksbury Mass, d. Aug 1847

**FIFTH Generation**

William-5 Kittredge (Daniel-4, Dea Daniel-3, Daniel-2, John-1) b 29 Jan 1747 in Tewksbury MA; ; d. 18 Oct 1815, age 168 and is buried in the North Yard, Hollis NH. He married Abigail -- in 1771. She was called Granny Kittredge and d. 19 Oct 1843, aged 93. He settled in Tewksbury, and served during the American Revolution from there, residing until about 1782 when he moved to Goffstown NH, owning a tract of land, clearing it and building a log hut. He remained in Goffstown until autumn 1794 when he exchanged farms with Abraham Leeman of North Hollis, located near Kendall Mills (as he wished to live near a kinsman, Hezekiah Kendall).
Children of William & Abigail (?) Kittredge:
1. +William Jr., b. 1772 Tewksbury MA, d. 16 Oct 1847; m. Sep 1796 Mary Spalding; res. Hollis NH.
2. Kendall Kittredge, b. 1774 Tewksbury MA; m. 19 Sep 1797 to Sally Whiting
3. +Daniel Kittredge, b. 1776 Tewksbury MA; m. Esther Foster; resided Merrimack NH.
4. Baninmin, b. 1778 Tewksbury MA; m. Rebecca Farwell; resided Merrimack NH
5. Abigail, b. 1790 Tewksbury MA; m. 16 May 1804 Benjamin Fletcher; resided Acworth NH.

John-5 Kittredge (Daniel-4, Dea Daniel-3, Daniel-2, John-1) was b 30 Apr 1750 in Tewksbury MA and died 18 Jan 1808; he married 21 Feb 1771 in Tewksbury MA to Abigail Dutton, dau of John & Mehitable (Patton) Dutton. She was b. 27 Feb 1750 in Tewksbury MA.
Children of John & Abigail (Dutton) Kittredge:
1. John, b 26 Apr 1772 in Tewksbury MA, d. 1795
2. Abigail b 17 Jan 1774 in Tewksbury MA, m. 13 June 1796 in Tewksbury MA to Walter Swain had children: Levi, Sally, William and Benjamin
3. Timothy b 2 Oct 1775, died c 1821; physician; m. Lorena/Lurenia Wright and moved to Ontario, Canada; had issue including Lurenia, Rebecca, Sally/Sarah, Frances [this line is questionable]
4. Betty, b. 15 July 1777, d. 18 Oct 1778
5. Betty b 3 May 1779
6. Sally b 1 March 1781
7. Walter b 1 June 1783; living with his brother in Hamilton Twp abt 1813, moved to NY c 1830.
8. Loammi, b 14 June 1785; m. 22 Apr 1810 to Mary Holt
9. Nahum b 27 May 1787; d 4 Jan 1788
10. Nahum b 16 March 1789
11. Luther b 7 June 1792
12.+ERI, b. 27 Oct 1794 (twin)
13. Lydia, b 27 Oct 1794; (twin) married
14. Alcy [daughter] b 24 Dec 1796; d. 30 May 1806

Jesseniah-5 Kittredge (Francis-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) born March 1, 1764; died August 8, 1829; married 28 Feb 1793, Lydia Newton Bond, who was b. 22 March 1772, d. 4 Sep 1837, dau of Thomas Bond of North Brookfield MA.
Children [unsure if there are others]:
1. Lydia, m. Francis Fisher. Children (FISHER): Francis K., Horace N. (scholar and author who m. Kiameche C. Mason of Charlestown MA), John H.
2. Thomas Bond, b. 17 Feb 1802, d. 8 Dec 1881; m. 24 Oct 1836, Caroline A. Smith, physician and surgeon. Children [not complete]: Henry Graitan (b 22 Jan 1841, d. 5 June 1909, m. 12 Oct 1870, Martha Sargent Hodges. Had 5 ch: Alice, Isabel, Thomas Bond, Louise and Martha Hodges); Jesseniah Jr. (physician, b. Waplole NH 24 Feb 1800, d. Waverly MA 1 Nov 1877, m. Mary Bellows Stone)

Stephen-5 Kittredge (Francis-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b. 19 Jan 1766 at Tewksbury MA, d. 25 July 1800 at Walpole NH; m. 16 June 1791 at Walpole NH (by the Rev. Thomas Fessenden officiating) to Elizabeth Eaton. She was b. 1769, prob. at Hampton Falls, or Candia, NH and d. in the West in 1853. She was the dau of Ebenezer & Anne (Brown) Eaton.
The probate records of Cheshire County NH, at Keene, show the widow, Elizabeth Eaton Kittredge, qualified as administratrix of the estate of her deceased husband, Stephen Kittredge, August 13, 1800 and that she afterwards (sometime prior to June 18, 1807) married Amos Garnsey, of Westminister, VT (which is directly across the Connecticut River from Walpole). From the records of deeds of that county, it appears that he (Amos Garnsey) was guardian of the minor children, Stephen Roswell, Suky and Ebenezer Eaton, conveying as such land of theirs on October 29, 1806 for a consideration of $942, and that he resigned as guardian on May 13, 1807.
Children of Stephen & Elizabeth (Eaton) Kittredge:
1. Stephen, became a physician and surgeon, went to Cincinatti and died early
2. Roswell, b. 8 May 1793, physician and surgeon; went West and died young
3. Susan (Suky) b. 5 Dec 1795
4. Ebenezer Eaton, b. 3 Feb 1799

Francis-5 Kittredge (Francis-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b. 2 July 1758 at Tewksbury MA, d. 9 Nov 1837 at Tewksbury MA; m. 26 Aug 1782 to Lucy Crosby, of Amherst MA who d. 4 Sep 1803. He was a physician and surgeon, and a soldier during the Revolutionary War. Served three months in 1776, private in Capt. Edward Farmer's Company, Col. Jacob Gerrish's Regiment, February 20 to May 20 and for six months, 1776, private in Capt. Samuel Tay's Company, Col. Jonathan Reed, and for three months, 1777 or 1778, in Capt. Edward Farmer's Company, Col. Jonathan Reed, and for two months, 1779, surgeon's mate in Capt. Nathaniel West's Company on ship, "Black Prince," serving in the Regiment of Guards at Bunker Hill, and engaging in the Penobscot Expedition, and perhaps performing other services.
Children of Francis & Lucy (Crosby) Kittredge:
1. Francis, b. 26 Jan 1783
2. Paul, b. 26 Aug 1784; physician and surgeon, d. 10 Aug 1845; m. Rebecca Martin of Wethersfield Vt, had 14 ch, 4 of whom being physicians.
3. Lucy, b. 17 Sep 1786
4. Lydia, b. 21 Aug 1788
5. Susanna, b. 8 Sep 1790
6. Joel, b. 30 March 1793, d. 8 Aug 1793
7. Joel Crosby, b. 31 July 1794, d. 7 Sep 1832.

Solomon-5 Kittredge (Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b 3 Aug 1755 in Tewksbury MA; m(1) Anna Kittredge, b. Feb 1777, by whom he had eleven children. He m(2) April 13, 1815 Betsey Holt. He came to Mont Vernon with his parents, was a Revolutionary soldier. He died in Mont Vernon 22 Oct 1845, age 90.
Children of Solomon & Anna (Kittredge) Kittredge:
1. Solomon, b. 28 Sep 1778 Mont Vernon NH
2. Anna, b 13 March 1780 in Mont Vernon NH
3. Lucy b 25 Jan 1783 in Mont Vernon NH
4. Thomas b 25 March 1785 in Mont Vernon NH
5. +Josiah b 26 Feb 1787 in Mont Vernon NH
6. Jeremiah, b. 26 Jan 1789 in Mont Vernon NH
7. Harriet, b. 13 July 1791 in Mont Vernon NH
8. Hezekiah, b. 25 Jan 1793 in Mont Vernon NH
9. +Zephaniah, b. 15 April 1795 in Mont vernon NH
10. Lucy b 8 Feb 1797 in Mont Vernon NH; m. Apr 1818 -- Farrar
11. Betsey, b. 15 July 1799 in Mont vernon NH; m. Aug 1818 John Carter

Dr. Zephaniah-5 Kittredge (Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b Billerica MA 24 Aug 1757; m. Elizabeth Stickney of Tewksbury MA. She d. Mont Vernon NH 6 Aug 1851, aged 90. He was long and favorably known as a skilled surgeon and physician. DUring his professional career he lived on the farm [in Mont Vernon NH] later owned by Daniel Richardson. He d. 17 Aug 1843.
Children of Dr. Zephaniah & Elizabeth (Stickney) Kittredge:
1. Betsey, b. 18 May 1782, d. 5 Aug 1786 (both in Mont Vernon NH).
2. Abigail (Nabby), b. 22 March 1784 in Mont Vernon NH; m. 28 June 1804 to *Jesse Smith. She d. 7 May 1866
3. +Zephaniah, b. 15 Sept 1785 in Mont Vernon NH
4. Betsey, d. 5 March 1799, aged 11 years in Mont Vernon NH
5. Nancy, b. 1790 in Mont Vernon NH; m. March 1808 Uriah Wilkins, son of Aaron & Lydia (Smith) Wikins, and died 10 Jan 1832 in Stowe, Vt.
6. Fanny, m. Porter Kimball of Mont Vernon. She d. 16 Sep 1821, aged 22 in Mont Vernon NH.

Josiah-5 Kittredge (Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b. 6 July 1761, came to Mont Vernon NH with his parents, lived on the "old poor farm" later owned by Edward Hildreth, which Josiah owned and occupied many years. Josiah m. 13 Oct 1792 Mary Baker. She d. 16 Sep 1828, aged 66 years, 3 months 13 days. He d. 23 May 1850.
Children of Josiah & Mary (Baker) Kittredge:
1. +Josiah, b. 15 Oct 1793 in Mont Vernon NH
2. +Timothy, b. 15 May 1795 in Mont Vernon NH
3. Lovey, b. 28 Jan 1797 in Mont Vernon NH
4. +Alvah, b. 15 May 1798 in Mont Vernon NH; lived at Boston Highlands. Of his children: George went to Bombay; another son, Rev. Abbott E. Kittredge, pastor Madison Ave Church in New York City, had three dau.
5. Solomon, b. 13 March 1801 in Mont Vernon NH; a graduate of Dartmouth College, was a minister who settled in Indiana, where he died.
6. Mary, b. 17 Dec 1803 in Mont Vernon NH and d. 1837?[1857] Honolulu, Hawaii; m. 27 Sep 1827 Rev. Ephraim Weston Clark of Peacham, VT. He was b. 1799 Haverhill NH? and d. 1878 Chicago IL They went as missionaries to the Sandwich Islands. Had children, Mary, Alvah, Ann Eliza [possibly also Caroline, Sarah, Charles, Lucinda and Albert].
7. Charles, b. 4 July 1806, clergyman at Groton and Westboro MA; graduated at Dartmouth College and Andover Theological Seminar; m. -- Brigham, d. 25 Nov 1884, aged seventy-eight at Westborough MA.

Dr. Stephen-5 Kittredge (Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b. 27 June 1765 at Tewksbury MA; m. 27 Nov 1787 to Mehitable Russell. On the day of marriage they moved to Francestown NH to reside, then in Oct 1790 to Hancock NH. He died 6 Oct 1806 in Hancock NH; His widow m(2) 1811 Daniel Bickford and removed to Sedgewick, ME. [Daniel & Mehitable had children, including Martin Luther, b. 18 Aug 1814]. Stephen was a succesful physician and was highly respected in Hancock. He had 11 children.
1. ?
2. His eldest dau, Gratia, m. 9 Sep 1808 to Dr. Peter Tuttle, his successor in Hancock.
3. +Charles, b. in Hancock NH 1798

Dr. Ingalls-5 Kittredge (Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b. 10 Dec 1769 in Mont Vernon NH; studied medicine with his elder brother, Zephaniah, first settled in Townsend MA then moved to Beverly MA in 1804. He m(1) Sarah, only dau of Jonathan and Mercy (Lovett) Conant. She was baptized 3 June 1770, died 7 Oct 1833 in Beverly MA. Ingalls m(2) Lydia Smith. Ingalls died at Beverly MA. He owned the farm and estate in Mont Vernon for several years which he sold to Capt. Timothy Kittredge in the South District of Mont Vernon.
Children of Dr. Ingalls & Sarah (Conant) Kittredge:
1. ?
2. Second son, Dr. Ingalls, b. 30 June 1798 in Townsend MA; prepared for college at Phillips Academy, Andover and graduated at Dartmouth College in 1820, then at Harvard Medical College 1823. He settled in Beverly MA and married 22 Sep 1824 Augusta Smith, who d. 12 Jan 1874. He d. at Beverly MA 14 Feb 1867. "He was a strong anti-slavery man always ready with his purse to assist refugee slaves. George Latimer and Fred Douglas, ex slaves, we aided by him and introduced to Beverly audiences. He holds an eminent place in Beverly's history." He had seven daughters. The eldest m. Charles M. Galloupe and had 2 dau. Another dau m. Edward Leech Giddings of the banking firm of Tower, Giddings & Co. Boston
3. Sarah, b. at Townsend Oct 1, 1800

William Jr.-6 Kittredge (William-5, Daniel-4, Dea Daniel-3, Daniel-2, John-1) b. Aug 1772 in Tewksbury MA; d. 16 Oct 1847, age 75, buried in North Yard Cemetery, Hollis NH. He moved to Goffstown NH with his parents at about age 10 and then moved with them in the autumn of 1794. He married Mary "Polly" Spalding, dau of Jonathan & Mary (Marshall) Spalding 25 Jan 1797 in Wilton NH. "It is said that he went courting barefoot, wearing his leather apron." [account of some of the early settles of Dunstable by Charles S. Spaulding, p. 121]. She died 29 Aug 1850 aged 75, buried in North Yard Cemetery, Hollis NH. He succeeded to the homestead, taking care of his father and mother. He was always in moderate circumstances and somewhat addicted to drinking ardent spirits, as he called it.
Children of William & Mary (Spalding) Kittredge Jr
1. William Kittredge, b. 10 Jan 1800 Hollis NH; d. young.
2. Abel Kittredge, b. 7 Jan 1802 Hollis NH; d. 11 Sep 1825 at Londonderry NH
3. Abial Kittredge, b. 1804 Hollis NH; killed by the falling of a tree, 1808
4. Achsah Kittredge b. 1806 Hollis NH, d. young.
5. Ralph Dana Kittredge, b. 12 Sep 1807 Hollis NH; d. suddenly 11 Sep 1841
6. Esther Kittredge, b. 1810 Hollis NH, died young.
7. Abiel Kittredge, b. 1813 Hollis NH; died young.

Daniel-6 Kittredge (William-5, Daniel-4, Dea Daniel-3, Daniel-2, John-1) b. 1776 Tewksbury, Mass., m1) Esther Foster. She b 1776, d. 6 Aug 1827; he m2) before 20 May 1828, Mary (Howe) Fields, dau of Mark Howe, and widow of Marston Fields. This family can be found in History of Merrimack NH, page 276.
Children of Daniel & Esther (Foster) Howe:
1. Esther, b. 16 Oct 1800 Merrimack NH; m. 26 Dec 1826 (Aug 1827) Luther Kendall, Hollis NH
2. Pamela, b 12 Apr 1802 Merrimack NH
3. Daniel, b. 5 Oct 1804 Merrimack NH; d. 6 March 1826, buried T.H.C.
4. Joseph B., b 14 Apr 1809 Merrimack NH
5. Abigail, b. 19 Feb 1811 Merrimack NH
6. Adah, b 11 March 1816 Merrimack NH; d. 21 Aug 1821

Eri-6 Kittredge (John-5, Daniel-4, Dea Daniel-3, Daniel-2, John-1) was b 27 Oct 1794 in Reading MA [or Tewksbury MA depending on your source], and d. 17 Feb 1868; he married 18 Feb 1816 to Lucretia Woods. daughter of Peter & Patty. She was b. born in Hollis NH 24 Dec 1796, and died 17 Feb 1868. Both are buried at Last Rest Cemetery in Merrimack NH.
History of Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. Philadelphia. J.W. Lewis & Co.. 1885. == Merrimack, page 535
"Brick making was commenced in this town by Eri Kittredge about forty years ago, the bricks being transported to Lowell and elsewhere by boats on the Merrimack River. The business is still carried on by his sons, Joseph Kittredge and Eri Kittredge Jr., but the Concord Railroad now carries the bricks to market. This firm produced the largest number about ten years ago when the product reached 2,200,000 selling for $22,000 and giving employment to over twenty men. The present product is about 600,000 selling for about $3600 and employing seven men. There have been several other brick-yards in town at various times, but all except the Kittredge yard have been given up. Jerry Kittredge has for many years carried on the business of manufacturing overalls, pants, jackets, etc. giving employment to a number of ladies in their home.
Children of Eri & Lucretia (Woods) Kittredge:
1. Martha, b. 16 Jan 1817 in Merrimack NH; married Luther Read
2. Clarissa, b. 22 Oct 1818 Merrimack NH; m. 26 May 1844 Stephen Blanchard
3. Lucretia, b. 10 Sep 1820 Merrimack NH; d. 1878
4.+Eri Kittredge Jr. b 15 March 1822 Merrimack NH; d. 19 Feb 1891
5.+Joseph Kittredge, b 10 Feb 1824 in Merrmack NH; d. 10 Nov 1891
6.Mary Jane b 13 Dec 1825 Merrimack NH; d. 22 March 1890; [m. George Cox per Merrimack History but documents show also m. 9 Feb 1860 at Fitchburg MA to Charles C. Holden, son of Philbrook & Abigail Holden. He b. abt 1839 at Orange, Franklin Co. MA.
7. +Jeremiah Kittredge b 11 Feb 1828 Merrimack NH, d 26 Feb 1890
8. Sophia Kittredge, b 3 Sep 1830 Merrimack NH; d 1878; m. 25 Feb 1853 John H. McAffee of Bedford NH
9. Artemus b 30 Apr 1832 Merrimack NH; d. 8 Sept 1855
10. +WALTER, b. 8 Oct 1834 in Merrimack (Reeds Ferry) NH
11. Luther b 7 May 1836 in Merrimack NH

**SIXTH Generation**

Deacon Josiah-6 Kittredge (Solomon-5, Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b 26 Feb 1787 in Mont Vernon NH. He operated the farm of his uncle, Dr. Ingalls Kittredge, for many years. He m(1) 24 Dec 1812, Hannah Mace. She was b. 15 June 1793, d. 9 May 1828. He m(2) 16 Dec 1828 Nancy Cochoran of Amherst. She was b. 16 Aug 1798, d. 19 Feb 1830, aged 31 yrs 11 mos. He m(3) 2 Sep 1830 Relief, dau of Capt. John and Betsey (Batchelder) Batchelder. She was b. Mont Vernon NH 16 Dec 1796, d. 19 July 1868. Deacon Josiah d. 7 Aug 1836, aged 49.
Children of Deacon Josiah & Hannah (Mace) Kittredge:
1. Hannah, b. 28 Sep 1815 Mont Vernon NH; died young
2. Mary Ann, b. 8 Nov 1818 Mont Vernon NH; m. Frank Lewis of Haverhill MA and had several children; resided in Haverhill MA
3. Franklin F., b. 28 Sep 1820 in Mont vernon NH; m. -- Richardson of Pelham; served in the Union Army during the Civil War (Union side) and d. in Iowa. They had one daughter.
4. Ingalls, b. 24 Dec 1822 in Mont Vernon NH; died young
5. Elizabeth, b. 27 Nov 1824 in Mont Vernon NH; m 1 Oct 1844 Benjamin Perry of Stoneham MA and resided in Stoneham. They had 3 sons, the eldest of whom, Walter S. Perry, was a professor at the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY for many years.
6. Charles b 31 July 1827 in Mont Vernon NH; d. 15 July 1828
Children of Deacon Josiah & Nancy (Cochoran) Kittredge:
7. +Charles Alfred, b. 24 Aug 1829 in Mont Vernon NH
Children of Deacon Josiah & Relief (Batchelder) Kittredge:
8. Nancy Maria, b. 9 March 1832 in Mont Vernon NH; m. 18 March 1854 *Samuel N. Stevens
9. Harriet E., b. 22 Sep 1834; resided Stoneham with her sister Mrs. Perry; unmarried at the writing of the town history

Zephaniah-6 Kittredge (Solomon-5, Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b. 15 April 1795 in Mont Vernon NH; m. Nancy Manning. He lived on the farm in the North District, later occupied by his son, Henry J. Kittredge. He d. 20 Sep 1876, aged 81 yrs 6 months. She died 26 March 1868, aged 68 yrs 9 months.
Children of Zephaniah & Nancy (Manning) Kittredge:
1. Nancy Jane, b 15 Aug 1821; m. 1 Jan 1849 *Albert D. Manning. She d. 18 Dec 1897.
2. Eliza, b 31 Aug 1845, aged 21 in Mont Vernon NH
3. Lucy Maria, d. Lowell MA 22 May 1895, aged 68, unmarried. She was buried in Mont Vernon NH
4. Pamelia J., m. Charles E. Jackson of Tamworth NH and lived in Antrim NH; had at least 3 children.
5. +Henry J., b. 1 March 1830 in Mont Vernon NH
6. +George W. b 16 Aug 1836, d. 1 Nov 1869, aged 33 years 2 months, 16 days; m. -- Flint, dau of John G. Flint of Antrim NH; lived in Antrim NH
7. Sarah Frances, lived in Lowell MA; died there 27 Feb 1903, aged 60 years 11 months.

Zephaniah-6 Kittredge (Dr. Zephaniah-5, Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b 15 Sept 1785 in Mont Vernon NH; m. 26 Oct 1809 to Mary Wheeler, dau of Noah & Mary (Butterfield) Wheeler of Hancock NH [aunt of James Fox of Nashua]. She was b. 1 Feb 1788 in Hancock NH and d. 25 Feb 1880. Zephaniah d. 3 Aug 1873. He was a prominent and valuable citizen, was selectman of Mont Vernon five years, moderator for five years, and representative in 1843.
Children of Zephaniah & Mary (Wheeler) Kittredge:
1. Mary, b. 7 Sep 1810 in Mont Vernon NH; m. 14 Apr 1846, Amaziah Wood of Francestown NH; resided in Francestown; d. there 27 Oct 1879. Left two children.
2. +Franklin Otis, b 28 Nov 1813 in Mont Vernon NH
3. +Zephaniah b 18 July 1815 in Mont Vernon NH
4. Charles K., b 11 Apr 1817, d 26 Sep 1819 Mont vernon NH
5. Sarah Fox, b. 4 Sep 1820 in Mont Vernon NH; educated at Literary and Scientific in Hancock NH; teacher in Hancock, Mont Vernon, New Ipswich NH, also Charlestown MA and St. Louis, MO; she m. Eleazer Block of St. Louis, who d. in 1865. They had one dau who married T.A. Meysenburg of St. Louis.
6. Elizabeth, b. 10 Oct 1823 in Mont vernon NH; died unmarried 16 Jan 1864
7. Abbie, b. 3 April 1827 in Mont Vernon NH; m. 27 Apr 1849, Eben C. Batchelder of Milford NH; had six children, one of whom was living at the time that the town history was written; they resided in Milford NH

Dr. Josiah-6 Kittredge (Josiah-5, Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b. 15 Oct 1793 in Mont Vernon NH; practiced in Pembroke, Concord and Nashua NH, Boston MA, then moved to Glastonbury CT where he died 29 Oct 1872. He m(1) May 1825 Mary Blanchard Stewart, dau of David and Susannah (Lovejoy) Stewart of Amherst NH. She was b. in Amherst NH 20 Feb 1803 and died 23 Oct 1828 in Pembroke NH. He m(2) 3 Apr 1833 Sarah Whiting French of Bedford NH who d. 10 June 1842 ; he m(3) 7 May 1844 to Sarah Baylies Brigham of Grafton MA who d. 22 Jan 1892 in Grafton MA
Children of Dr. Josiah & Mary B. (Stewart) Kittredge:
1. Mary Clark, b. 8 Dec 1827 in Pembroke NH; d. 1 Oct 1867 in Westboro Mass.
Children of Dr. Josiah & Sarah W. (French) Kittredge:
2. +Charles Stewart, b. 6 Jan 1833 in Pembroke NH; m. 20 Oct 1864 Maria Chase of Haverhill MA. Resided in Santa Barbara, California and had at least four children.
3. Sarah French, b. 15 Nov 1834 in Boston, MA; d. 22 Aug 1872 in Glastonbury CT
4. Josiah Edward (Rev.), b. 12 Oct 1836 in Boston MA, was a clergyman in Geneseo, New York, also a doctor of divinity; he m. 28 June 1872 Emma McNair of Groveland MA [a 2nd source says she is of Mt. Morris NJ]; pastor, Presbyterian Church in Geneseo NY; had 4 ch.

Capt. Timothy-6 Kittredge (Josiah-5, Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b. 15 May 1795 in Mont Vernon NH; m. Frances Marsh of Sharon, VT. She d. 28 Aug 1870, aged 62. He d. 10 Feb 1870. He lived on his father's farm, afterwards sold it to the town of Mont Vernon for a poor farm, and later occupied by Edward Hildredth. He then bought his uncle's (Dr. Ingalls Kittredge) farm that was later owned by the estate of his son, Dr. C. M. Kittredge. He was a laborious and thrifty farmer.
Children of Capt. Timothy & Frances (Marsh) Kittredge:
1. Albert B. d July 21, 1835 aged 3 yrs 9 months
2. Mary Emeline, b. 25 July 1834 Mont Vernon NH; m. William Stearns of Amherst MA, a son of President William Stearns of Amherst College; had several children; one of their sons, Alfred E. Stearns was principal of Phillips Academy in Andover MA. They resided in Amherst MA.
3. Maria Frances, d. 20 Feb 1840, aged 8 yrs 6 months
4. +Charles Marsh, b. 30 April 1838 in Mont Vernon NH
5. George Dimick, fitted for college at Mont Vernon, graduated at Amherst College 1865, resided afterwards at New York City and Fishkill-on-Hudson NY; died Andover MA 6 March 1887, aged 36. Buried at Mont Vernon NH.
6. Frances Adelia, b 15 Feb 1844, d. 29 March 1898 in Andover MA; m. 6 May 1867 to *Dr. Cecil Franklin Patch Bancroft, son of James, b. Nov. 25, 1839, d. Oct 4, 1901; He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1860. Was principal of Appleton Academy, Mont Vernon NH for four years after graduation, was a student at the Union Theological Academy and graduated from Andover Theological Seminary. He was principal of Lookout Mountain Institute near Chattanooga TN for 5 years. In 1873 he begam principal of Phillips Academy at Andover MA. He also managed the State Almshouse at Tewskbury MA, was one of the trustees of Dartmouth College. He received honorary degrees (Ph.D.) from the State University of New York, (Litt.D.) from Williams College, and (LL.D.) from Yale University. He was president of the New England Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools. Children: (BANCROFT): Cecil Kittredge, Frances Marsh, Arthur Kendall, Phillps and Mary Ethel.
7. Maria Theresa, b. 1 Dec 1850 in Mont Vernon NH; teacher; resided, unmarried at the writing of the town history at Fishkill-on-Hudson NY

Alvah-6 Kittredge (Josiah-5, Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b. 15 May 1798 in Mont Vernon NH; lived at "Boston Highlands", died 1876; married in 1827 Roxbury MA to Mehitable Grozier, b abt 1803 in MA. In 1850 living in Roxbury MA
Children of Alvah & Mehitable (Grozier) Kittredge [not in order of birth and probably other children]:
1. William Porter, b. 8 SEP 1831 Roxbury MA
Emma [not shown in 1850 US census, ? died young or married]
3. George, b abt 1833 MA; went to Bombay
4. Rev. Abbott E., b. 20 July 1834 in Roxbury MA; pastor of Madison Ave Church in New York City [called "Albert" in 1850 US Census]
5. Julia, abt 1838 MA
6. Mary, abt 1841 MA

Charles-6 Kittredge (Dr. Stephen-5, Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b. in Hancock NH 1798; d. Everett MA 1886; m. Mary Newhall.
Children of Charles & Mary (newhall) Kittredge [more children not listed]
1. +Charles Prentice,
b. 1827 in Sterling MA

**SEVENTH Generation**

Eri-7 Kittredge Jr. (Eri-6, John-5, Daniel-4, Dea. Daniel-3, Daniel-2, John-1) was b. 15 March 1822 in Merrimack NH; he married 11 Nov 1852, Jane H. McAfee of Bedford NH. She b. 2 July 1823 and died 7 Dec 1896. Both are buried at Last Rest Cemetery in Merrimack NH.
Child of Eri & Jane Kittredge Jr.:
1. William Frank, b 8 Sep 1854; d. 16 Feb 1891, buried Last Rest Cemetery.

Joseph-7 Kittredge (Eri-6, John-5, Daniel-4, Dea. Daniel-3, Daniel-2, John-1) was b 10 Feb 1823/4 in Merrimack NH and died 10 Nov 1891; He married 14 Nov 1850 Catherine H. McAffee of Bedford NH. She b. 22 May 1825, died 14 Jan 1904. Both are buried at Last Rest Cemetery in Merrimack NH.
Children of Joseph & Catherine Kittredge:
1. Katie Louise, b. 11 May 1855, m. 10 March 1880, James C.F. Hodgman, Bedford NH
2. +Walter J.W.A. aka Joseph Walter Adam, b 1 Sep 1859, d. 28 Oct 1881, buried at Last Rest Cemetery, Merrimack NH; farmer
3. Ella E.F. (or G.F.) b abt 1856 in NH

Jeremiah-7 Kittredge (Eri-6, John-5, Daniel-4, Dea Daniel-3, Daniel-2, John-1) b. 11 Feb 1828, d. 26 Feb 1890; he m. Mary Ann Ritterbush, daughter of Christopher. She b. 1829 and d. 10 June 1911. Both are buried at Last Rest Cemetery in Merrimack NH.
Children of Jeremiah & Mary Ann (Ritterbush) Kittredge:
1. Mary Sophia J., b. 1855; m. 23 March 1876, Scott W. Lane of Manchester NH
2. Emma, b. 1860; m. George L. Butterfield
3. Jerry C., b. 1871, d. June 11, 1913

Walter-7 Kittredge (Eri-6, John-5, Daniel-4, Dea Daniel-3, Daniel-2, John-1), "The Minstrel of Merrimack," was born on Bedford Road in the part of Merrimack known as Reed's Ferry on October 8, 1834. He graduated from Merrimack Normal Institute. In 1860/1861 he married Annie E. Fairfield of New Boston, NH, dau of Benjamin. She was b. 1866 and d. 15 Jan 1945. He built his unusual home on Bedford Road only a mile from where he grew up. It was here that he farmed between musical engagements. After 1856 and until his death, he was a song composer, writing words and music of many songs, and giving concerts singing his own songs, including "Tenting on the Old Camp Ground," and "Scatter the Flowers Over the Gray and the Blue," besides a number of others. Walter Kittredge died at his home on Bedford Road, July 8, 1905. He was seventy years of age. He and his wife are buried in Last Rest Cemetery on Baboosic Lake Road in Merrimack
Children of Walter & Annie (Fairfield) Kittredge:
1. Clara S., b. March 1862; d. 7 Jan 1940 unmarried; buried at Last Rest Cemetery.
2. +Walter E., b May 1866
3. Annie, b. 1870, d. 1872, buried Last Rest Cemetery, Merrimack NH

Charles Alfred-7 Kittredge (Deacon Josiah-6, Solomon-5, Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b. 24 Aug 1829 in Mont Vernon NH, d. 7 Jan 1899; m. 18 May 1853 to Maria E. Chase of Lowell. She was b. 29 May 1829. He spent the greater part of his life in Lowell, Concord, Nashua in which places he was a grocer and meat man. He represented Nashua NH in the Legislature. In 1880 living in Nashua NH
Children of Charles A. & Maria E. (Chase) Kittredge:
1. Charles Warren, b. 3 June 1854; d in infancy aged 10 weeks
2. Adelaide Maria, b. 4 May 1856; was a physician, unmarried at the writing of the town history
3. Frank E., b. 18 May 1862 Concord NH; m. 21 Dec 1887 Lizzie M. Coombs of Nashua NH; was a physician in Nashua NH
4. Frederic Lincoln, b. 18 Jan 1865; m. 24 Oct 1893 Marian Nevens of Rochester NY; resided in Rochester NY

Franklin Otis-7 Kittredge (Zephaniah-6, Dr. Zephaniah-5, Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b 28 Nov 1813 in Mont Vernon NH; d. 20 March 1902; he m 13 Nov 1838 to Mary Ann Dutton, dau of David and Delinda (Saunders) Dutton. She b 5 Oct 1814 in Mont Vernon NH and d. 31 July 1902.
Children of Franklin Otis & Mary Ann (Dutton) Kittredge:
1. +Charles Franklin, b. 24 Feb 1841 in Mont Vernon NH
2. Laureta E., b. 23 June 1843; m. Butler H. Phillips; resided Mont Vernon NH.

Zephaniah-7 Kittredge (Zephaniah-6, Dr. Zephaniah-5, Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b 18 July 1815 in Mont Vernon NH; died Tyngsboro MA 3 July 1889. He m(1) 19 March 1840 Caroline McIntire of Lydeboro NH. She d. Lowell MA 4 Aug 1878. He m(2) 5 Feb 1885 Caroline F. Tapley of Lowell MA.
Children of Zephaniah & Caroline (McIntire) Kittredge:
1. Ellen J. b 24 Jan 1841; m(1) 10 April 1865 John F. Drury of Columbus Ohio by whom she had one son, William R. Drury. She m(2) 27 Nov 1884 Oranius W. Burnham. They resided in Waltham MA
2. +Darwin E. b 15 Jan 1846; m. 29 Oct 1878 Amelia F. Filley.
3. Harvey G., b. 28 May 1849; m(1) 15 June 1870 Abbie S. Maxfield of Chester VT. They had one son, Arthur M. who d. infancy. She d. Lowell MA 17 Nov 1872. He m(2) 2 Feb 1875, Julia A. Spalding of Chester VT; had 2 sons, Harry J. and Phillip H., both d. in infancy. He was a dentist in Waltham MA
4. Adna B., b 31 Oct 1851; unmarried at the time of the writing of the Mont Vernon History; was in the boot and shoe business at El Paso, TX.

Charles Stewart/A.-7 Kittredge (Dr. Josiah-6 Kittredge, (Josiah-5, Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b. 6 Jan 1833 in Pembroke NH; m. 20 Oct 1864 Maria Chase of Haverhill MA. Resided in Santa Barbara, California; 6 ch.
U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > California > Alameda > Berkely Ward 2 > District 396
Kittredge, Charles A. W M Jan 1833 67 m 36 yrs NH NH NH physician
Kittredge, Maria C wife W F Sept 1836 63 Married 36 yrs 6 ch 4 living MA NH Maine
Kittredge, Maurice son W M April 1873 27 single California NH MA Optician
Kittredge, Mary D dau W F Oct 1879 20 single Hawaiian Islands, NH MA student
Takano Haichiro servant ? M ? 1877 23 single Japan Japan Japan
Children of Charles & Maria (Chase) Kittredge: [had at least 6 ch, 4 living in 1900]
1. Maurice, b April 1873 California
2. Mary D., b Oct 1879 Hawaii

Dr. Charles Marsh-7 Kittredge (Capt. Timothy-6, Josiah-5, Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b. 30 April 1838 in Mont Vernon NH, d. 19 Aug 1896 in Mont Vernon NH; fitted for college at Appleton Academy, graduated at Amherst College 1862, entered the army in Sept 1862, resigned his commission as lieutenant in the 13th NH Regiment in Nov 1863; studied medicine with Dr. Edward Aiken of Amherst and at Hartford Retreat for the Insane, graduated Harvard Medical College in 1866; located Fishkill-on-Hudson in 1870, m. 5 Dec 1869, Marcella Eliza Conant, dau of Dea. William & Hannah (Fornis) Conant. She was b. Mont Vernon 3 Dec 1845, d. 4 Aug 1892 at Fishkill.
Children of Dr. Charles M. & Marcella E. (Conant) Kittredge:
1. William C. b 28 Nov 1870 Fishkill NY; d. 11 Feb 1887
2. Charles Albert, b. 26 Apr 1872 Fishkill NY; a physician; in 1900 living with "Aunt" Mary Kittredge in Fishkill NY
3. Edward Walker, b 2 Oct 1873 Fishkill NY; d. 29 July 1874
4. Aida, b. 5 Dec 1876 Fishkill NY; m. -- Abbe; in 1900 living with "Aunt" Mary Kittredge in Fishkill NY
5. Harry Marsh, b. 25 May 1878 Fishkill NY
6. George Dimick, b. 2 March 1886 Fishkill NY; in 1900 living with "Aunt" Mary Kittredge in Fishkill NY

Charles Prentice-7 (Charles-6, Dr. Stephen-5, Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b. 1827 in Sterling MA and d. 1919 in Needham MA, married Emma Louise Crimp. She was b. abt 1839 in England, and had a sister Caroline Crimp living with her family in 1880 census of Everett MA.
Children of Charles P. & Emma L. (Crimp) Kittredge: [may be more children]
1. Louise E., b. abt 1860 Minnesota
2. Charles F., b abt 1862 Minnesota; in 1880 living with parents in Everett MA, working in jewelry establishment
3. Fred Anderson/Ambrose,
b. 1863 in Bangor ME and m. Carrie Louise Stimpson. They had at least one daughter, Marion Stimpson Kittredge of Everett MA, b 15 Nov 1889 and died 20 Oct 1946; Miss Kittredge from 1907 to 1918 was secretary to Roger F. Sturgis, a Boston lawyer and from 1918 to 1926 worked in the trust dept of the Old Colony Trust Co on probate work, especially inventories and appraisals. While employed for Mr. Sturgis she assisted him in compiling the genealogy of the Sturgis family. She was survived by her father, sister and three brothers.
4. Gertrude A., b. abt 1879 in MA

**EIGHTH Generation**

Walter E.-8 Kittredge (Walter W-7, Eri-6, John-5, Daniel-4, Dea Daniel-3, Daniel-2, John-1) b. May 1866 and d 17 Jan 1935; married 3 Jan 1896 to Addie L. Wilson, dau of Horace & Lydia Wilson. Addie was born Jan 1866 and d. 14 Jan 1945. Both are buried in Last Rest Cemetery. Walter was an attorney. Walter E. died 17 Jan 1935.
Children of Walter E. & Addie L. Kittredge:
1. Anna Lydia Kittredge, b 12 Jan 1897; m. 6 Oct 1924 to Elmer A. Bengtson of Middletown, CT
2. +Walter W., b. 9 Dec 1898; in 1920 a boarder in a home in Cambridge MA [student there]
3. Winifred J., b. 11 Dec 1902 in Merrimack NH; m. 11 Aug 1931 Webster W. Eaton of New York.

Walter J.W.A. aka Joseph Walter Adam-8 Kittredge (Joseph-7, Eri-6, John-5, Daniel-4, Dea. Daniel-3, Daniel-2, John-1) was b 1 Sep 1859, d. 28 Oct 1881, buried at Last Rest Cemetery, Merrimack NH; farmer; m. 4 June 1879, Ella Eugenia Fuller, dau of Samuel Fuller and Abigail Hastings. She b. 12 Jan 1856 in Merrimack NH and d. 29 Nov 1897 in South Walpole MA. She m2) 14 June 1892 Charles A. Sargent [both buried at Last Rest Cemetery in Merrimack NH].
Children of Walter aka Joseph W. & Ella (Fuller) Kittredge:
1. Harry Fuller
2. Ella Isabelle, b. 20 Sep 1881 Merrimack NH died 13 Nov 1953; married Valentine Earl Gilson. She was a member of the Center Church in Hartford CT.

Charles Franklin-8 Kittredge (Franklin Otis-7, Zephaniah-6, Dr. Zephaniah-5, Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b 24 Feb 1841 in Mont Vernon NH; graduated Dartmouth College in 1861, studied law with the Boston City Solititor, John P. Healey; representative from Mont Vernon in 1867; was a lawyer with a lucrative practice in Boston MA; m. 24 Sep 1872, Adelaide F. Lee, dau of David & Mary (King) Lee of Barre, MA.
Children of Charles Franklin & Adelaide (Lee) Kittredge:
1. Mabel Lee, b 8 Jan 1874; m. Charles Dunn of Boston MA; had at least one child
2. Florence Parmenter b 12 March 1876
3. Louise Pierce, b. 1 Apr 1878
4. Charles Lee, b. 24 May 1883; d. 26 Jan 1896

Darwin E-8 Kittredge (Zephaniah-7, Zephaniah-6, Dr. Zephaniah-5, Solomon-4, Francis-3, Dr. John-2, John-1) b b 15 Jan 1846; m. 29 Oct 1878 Amelia F. Filley, dau of -- & Mary Filley. He was in the boot and shoe business at Rochester NY by 1930. In the 1900 US Census living in Haverhill, Grafton Co NH as a traveling salesman. In the 1888-91 US Census he is shown living at 19 Mill, 3 Canfield Place in Rochester New York
Children of Darwin E. & Amelia (Filley) Kittredge
1. Joseph P., b. 2 Aug 1879 in NH
2. Frances b 12 Sep 1881 in NH
3. Mary b 2 Jan 1884 in NH

**NINTH Generation**

Walter W.-9 Kittredge (Walter E.-8 Walter W-7, Eri-6, John-5, Daniel-4, Dea Daniel-3, Daniel-2, John-1) b. b. 9 Dec 1898; in 1920 a boarder in a home in Cambridge MA [student there]; m. abt 1923 to Elinor Taylor. She b. abt 1900 in CT. Walter W. was a civil engineer, working for a construction company and residing in Hartford CT in 1930.
Children of Walter W. & Elinor (Taylor) Kittredge:
1. Philip Taylor Kittredge, b. 2 Feb 1926 in Rhode Island; died 20 Dec 1996 in Mendocino, California; married Leonora J Lombardo, divorced in 1969 in California. No known children.
2. Anne F. b abt 1929 in CT; m. -- Dougherty. 3 children.


BENJAMIN B.KITTREDGE, b 1785 Tewksbury MA [or 1795 NH]; d. 1873 (R.C.) m. 1) by 1824 to Lucy --, b. 1795; m2) by 1833 to Sarah Ruhanna Burnham, b. 1787 Salem MA; d. 1861 (R.C.)
Children of Benjamin B. & Lucy Kittredge:
1. Timothy C., b. 1824 Lyndeborough NH; d 28 Nov. 1898 Merrimack NH, buried Reeds Cemetery, Merrimack NH; m. 5 Apr 1864 in Merrimack NH to Caroline Z. Rogers. She b. abt 1824 in Hollis NH.
2. Benjamin L., b. 1822 Lyndeboro NH [or Greenfield NH per marriage record], died 23 Sep 1900 in Westfield MA; m. 24 May 1867 Hamden MA to Harriet "Hattie" Merrill, dau of Ezekiel & Anna Merrill; He d. 23 Sep 1900 in Westfield MA, residence Waterbury CT.
Children of Benjamin & Sarah R. (Burnham) Kittredge
3. Mary E., b 1833 in NH, m. -- Bell. In 1860 US Census living with her parents in Merrimack NH, dressmaker.
1. US Census Records
2. The Ewing genealogy with cognate branches : a survey of the Ewings and their kin in America by Presley Kittredge Ewing; Houston: Hurcules Ptg. and Book Co., c1919, 268 pgs.
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4. History of Mont Vernon NH
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9. Frost genealogy in five families by Norman Seaver Frost; West Newton, Mass.: Frost Family Association of America, 1926, page 78
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11. Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850, from the New England Historic Genealogical Society Online Database [Children of John & Abigail included].

1820 US Census - Hillsborough Co > Merrimack
Eri Kittredge 1 - - - 1 - | 2 - - 1 - | - 1 - -
Free white males under 10 = 1
Free white males 24 to 45 = 1
Free White females under 10 = 2
Free white females 26 to 45 = 1
Slaves, males 14-26 = 1

1850 US Census > Hillsborough Co > Merrimack
Eri Kittredge 55 M Farmer 5000 b MA
Lucretia Kittredge 54 F b NH
Lucretia Kittredge 30 F b NH
Eri Kittredge 28 M Brickmaker b NH
Joseph Kittredge 26 M Brickmarker b NH
Mary Jane Kittredge 24 b NH
Jeremiah Kittredge 22 M Brickmaker b NH
Sophia Kittredge 20 F b NH
Artemus Kittredge 18 M Farmer b NH
*WALTER Kittredge 16 M Farmer b NH
Luther Kittredge 13 M b NH
Peter W. Whittemore 27 M Brickmaker b NH
Matthew Dickey 23 M Farmer b NH
Joseph Rosebush 24 M Laborer b Canada
1860 US Census
Eri Kittredge JR 38 M Farmer 4000/900 NH
Jane H 36 F wife b NH
Willie F 5 M b NH
----next door--
Joseph Kittredge 36 M Farmer NH
Catharine H. 34 F Wife NH
Kate Louise 5 F NH
Joseph W. 1 M NH
Ari Kittredge 66 M Farmer 8000/2465 Massachusetts
Lucretia Kittredge 65 F wife NH
Walter Kittredge 24 M Teacher of Music NH
Luther Kittredge 24 M Farm Laborer NH
Mathew Tenant 17 M Farm Laborer NH
1880 US Census
Kittredge, Eri W M 58 Former Brickmaker NH MA NH
Kittredge Jane H W F 55 wife Housekeeping NH NH NH
Kittredge, William F W M 25 son Former Brickmaker
---living next door----
Kittredge, Joseph W M 58 NH Farmer NH MA NH
Kittredge, Catherine H W F 55 wife Housekeeping NH NH NH
Kittredge, Walter J W H W M 20 son FarmerNH
Kittredge, Ella G F. W F 24 Housekeeping NH
Lemere Edmund W M 28 works in Brickyard NH Canada Canada

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