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F A M I L Y   T R E E S  of Merrimack, NH (Part VIII)

- Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the accurateness or authenticity of these genealogies. Please see the reference material used for more information. Please see the sources at the bottom of this page for more information. This is not a complete genealogy of all of the Usher family branches, simply the ones who settled in that area in or near what is now known as Merrimack NH. There is much dispute about the origin of this line, and I have done my best to present an accurate genealogy. Please do not ask me to research your family line. If you have additional material to add to the Merrimack lines, I would be glad to add that information if you contact me.

USHER FAMILY of Dunstable & Merrimack NH
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For the complete listing of USHER descendants, see this TXT file

The family was founded in the current United States by two brothers, Hezekiah of Cambridge and Boston [MA] and Robert of Stamford, Conn. We do not find any clue to their ancestry beyond the fact that John, son of Hezekiah, used a coat-of-arms. Hezekiah Usher mentions in his will his brother John Harwood and sister Elizabeth Harwood. This John was living at Bednall Green in 1665, as it appears by the Lane Papers. Elizabeth Harwood, widow of John Harwood, mentions Hezekiah Usher of Cambridge her brother. Hezekiah's daughter m. Samuel Shrimpton, and the Shrimptons were from Bednall Green. Hence we may say that this locality is more likely than any other to repay investigation.

HEZEKIAH-1 USHER was a prominent merchant and member of the Old South Church; and his name occurs repeatedly on our records. His brother Robert, according to Savage, also left a good estate at his decease. Hezekiah's first wife Frances died 25 April 1652, and he m. 2d, 2 Nov 1652, Elizabeth Symmes, dau of Rev. Zachary Symmes. She bap. 1 Jan 1630. He married 3d, Mary, dau of William Alford, and widow of Peter Butler by whom he had no issue. He died May 1676 and his widow Mary married Samuel Nowell, of Charlestown, who died in England in 1688; she d. 14 Aug 1693. [NEGHS Register, 10:71, "Early Records of Boston," Vsher, Francis ye wife of Hezekiah Vsher deceased 25:2:52. NEHGS Register, 10:223, "Early Records of Boston," Hezekiah Vsher was marryed to Elizabeth Simes the Daughter of Zechariah Simes Pastor of ye Church of Christ at Charles Towne 2:9:52 by Increase Nowell Esqr.
Children of Hezekiah Usher, of Boston, by his wife Frances:
1. +Hezekiah Usher, b. 6 June 1639 ["Hezekiah the sonne of Hezekiah Vsher & ffrances his wife was borne 7o. 1639" Boston records]
2. Rebecca Usher, b. Nov 1640; m. Abraham Brown, 1 May 1660; had issue [BROWN/BROWNE]: Hezekiah (b 22 Aug 1661), Rebecca (b 26 Aug 1663, d 12 Sep 1663), Elizabeth (b 17 Nov 1664)
3. John Usher, b. 11 Sep 1643; d. Dec 1645 ["John the son of Hezekiah & ffrancis Vsher buried (10) 1645" Boston records]
4. Elizabeth Usher, b. 1 Feb 1645, m. 1666 Samuel Shrimpton, son of Henry Shrimpton. He b. 31 May 1643 and d. 9 Feb 1697. Had issue [SHRIMPTON]: Mary (b 4 Dec 1666), Martha (b 21 Jan 1671), Samuel (b 20 Apr 1673), and Elizabeth (b 21 Apr 1674).
5. +John Usher, b. 17 April 1648 Boston MA
6. Mehitable Usher, b. 21 March 1649
7. Sarah Usher, b 11 Sep 1650; m. 1669 to Jonathan Tyng. He was the son of General Edward Tyng (b 1601, d. 1681) of Boston and was born in Boston MA 18 Dec 1642, but removed to Dunstable in 1677 where he died 19 Jan 1724. Sarah died 8 Feb 1714. Their children were: (TYNG): Frances (b 11 Dec 1669), Elizabeth (b 28 Dec 1670), Jonathan (b 29 Jan 1672), John (b 11 Sep 1673, d. Aug 1710), Mary (b 16 Jan 1677), William (b 22 Apr 1679), Jonathan (b 29 Sep 1686), Eleazer (b 30 Apr 1690, d. 1782), and Beersheba (b 5 Feb 1694).
Children of Hezekiah Usher and 2d wife Elizabeth Symmes:
8. Hannah Usher, b. 29 Dec 1653; d. 24 July 1654
9. Zechariah Usher, b. 26 Dec 1654; d. 23 Aug 1656 [NEHGS Register 9:309, "Zechariah Vsher, sonne of Hezekiah & Elizabeth b. 26 Dec 1654]

ROBERT-1 USHER (brother of Hezekiah-1) of Stamford, Conn. He was admitted freeman at New Haven CT July 1, 1644. He removed to Stamford CT where he resided until his death. He was the executor of the will of Jeremy Jaggers, a very prominent man, who left an estate of four hundred and seventy-two pounds, which was then regarded as very large; He m 13 May 1659, Elizabeth, widow of of this same Jeremy Jagger. Robert was constable in 1662, representative in 1665 and 1667, and selectman in 1668. He d. Oct 1669, leaving a good estate.
Children of Robert & Elizabeth Usher:
1. +Robert Usher, of Dunstable, b. abt 1660
2. Elizabeth Usher, b. 1660; m. 2 Aug 1680 John Sollendine, this being the first marriage recorded in Dunstable. Children [SOLLENDINE]: Sarah (b 15 Apr 1682), John (b 8 May 1683), Elizabeth (b 3 June 1685) and Alice (b 16 Jan 1687).


ROBERT-2 (Robert-1) USHER, b. abt 1660. After his father's death in 1669, the young family probably migrated to Massachusetts, to be cared for by Hezekiah, the merchant, as suggested in Robert's will, a copy of which may be found in the Memorial of Roland G. Usher, p. 139. The merchant Hezekiah's son, Hezekiah, had mining interests at Dunstable, which may have had some influence in causing young Robert, his cousin, to settle there. Robert married, 23 January 1694, Sarah, daughter of John Blanchard of Dunstable, and died not later than June 27, 1710, on which date a joint deed was given by Joseph Blanchard and "Sarah Usher, the relict widow of Robert Usher, late of Dunstable." (See Vol 16, Middlesex Registry, p 617).
Children of Robert & Sarah (Blanchard) Usher:
1. +Hezekiah Usher, "joiner" and "currier", b. prob. 1694-5; m. 20 June 1728 Abigail Cleveland, and d. in 1750
2. +John Usher, of Dunstable, "cooper," b. 31 May 1696 (see Whitmore's Usher Genealogy, p2, no. 8).
3. Sarah Usher, b. probably about 1698
4. Robert Usher, b. June 1700; d. unmarried 8 May 1725; killed by the Indians at Lovewell's Fight, in Maine. He was "husbandman." Estate settled by his brother, John, 1725 (Middlesex Probate Records, East Cambridge, Mass.)


HEZEKIAH-3 (Robert-2, Robert-1) USHER, "joiner" and "currier", of Lynn and Charlestown, Mass. and East Haddam, CT, b. as early as July 1698 prob in Boston MA; d. in 1750; m. 20 June 1728 at Cambridge MA to Abigail Cleveland, daughter of Captain Aaron and Abigail (Waters) Cleveland. She b. in Cambridge MA. Hezekiah died at East Haddam CT in the summer of 1750, aged 55 or 56; his wife, Abigail Cleveland Usher, died at Chatham CT November 1, 1777, aged 71 years, at the home of her son, Dr. Robert. On July 2, 1719 Hezekiah Usher, "of Lynn, joiner," deeded to John Usher,"cooper," of Dunstable, his interest in certain lands in Dunstable, formerly belonging to "my father Usher, deceased." (See Vol. 21, Middlesex Registry, p 183). From this we infer that the Hezekiah Usher mentioned must have been of age in order to properly execute a deed and so much have been born as early as July 1698. He could not have been the son of Lieutenant Governor John, for this man's father was dead in 1719, and the Lieutenant Governor did not die until 1726; and again, this man appears to have been of age in 1719, while the Lieutenant Governor in his will dated April 28, 1725 refers to his son Hezekiah as being still in his minority.
March 23, 1721-2, "Hezekiah Usher of Lynne," "joyner" quitclaimed to John Usher, "cooper," of Dunstable, his interest in certain other lands in Dunstable, some of which John Blanchard (their maternal grandfather) formerly owned, from whom it descended to his daughter, Sarah Usher (See Vol 22, Middlesex Registry, p 417).
   March 24, 1721-2, Robert Usher, "husbandman" (the one killed by the Indians at Lovewell's Fight in 1725), also Sarah Usher, his mother, and Sarah Usher, her daughter (the last two then of Billerica MA) joined in a quit-claim deed to John Usher, "cooper," of Dunstable, their interests in the same lands, deede the day before by Hezekiah, as above indicated. One tract which was described in Hezekiah's deed as formerly belonging to "my father Usher, deceased" is referred to in the deed of Robert, Sarah and Sarah Jr., as "set forth from the estate of Robert Usher, formerly of Dunstable." (See Vol 23, Middlesex Registry, p 224).
   All this seems to indicate that Hezekiah, John and Robert were brothers, had a sister Sarah, and were all the children of Robert and Sarah (Blanchard) Usher of Dunstable, and that John Usher, cooper, bought out the interest of his mother and these other heirs in his father's estate. If Sarah Usher, the daughter, was of age, when she executed the deed, March 24, 1721-2, she must have been born as early as March 1700-1; but as her brother, Robert, is given (by Whitmore) as born in June 1700, her place is probably between John and Robert; though she may possibly have been the oldest of the children, in which case Hezekiah would have been third.
   June 20, 1728 a Hezekiah Usher married Abigail, daughter of Captain Aaron and Abigail Waters Cleveland, of Charlestown or Medford (Mystic), she having been born May 10, 1706. Feb. 14, 1738, "Aaron Cleveland, Gentleman, and Hezekiah Usher, currier, both late of Charlestown (Mass), now of East Haddam, Colony of Connecticut," deeded land in Medford, Mass. (See Vol 41, Middlesex Registry, p. 480). June 17, 1738, "Aaron Cleveland, housewright," sold to his "son-in-law,"
   Hezekiah Usher, currier, of Charlestown," a house and a small piece of land near Medford Bridge (see Vol 39, Middlesex Registry, p 191).
The East Haddam Connecticut land records (Vol. 2, p 690) show that "Capt. Aaron Cleveland, of Charlestown," Mass., became a large land-owner in East Haddam,
   In the spring of 1738. He bought a tract of 600 acres. In July 1739, his son, Rev. Aaron Cleveland (Harvard College class of 1735) became the pastor at Haddam, of which town East Haddam was formerly a part. In March 1741-2, Capt. Aaron Cleveland sold to "Hezekiah Usher, of East Haddam," a piece of land in that town.
   This Hezekiah Usher died at East Haddam in the summer of 1750, as appears by the ancient probate records of that town, now at Colchester CT. His widow, Abigail, took out letters of administration. The only children referred to in the settlement of the estate were Abigail, Hezekiah, John, Robert and James--five of them. The daughter, Abigail, was already married to John Stewart, of Hartford CT, which would make her birth, as given by Wyman (1730), rather than that indicated by Whitmore (1741). The estate was appraised in 1750, but was not distributed until 1755, in which year, Hezekiah, the oldest son, became of age, and received a double portion. The widow lived to be 71 years of age. "Nov 1, 1777, the widow Usher died at day-break." (Church records at Westchester, CT). "The widow Abigail Usher, mother to Doct. Robert Usher, died November the first," 1777 (Town Records, Chatham, CT). She died at his house (tradition). This house, situated in the south-eastern corner of Chatham township, Waterhole district, near the lines of East Haddam and Colchester, is now standing (1899). The homestead of Hezekiah, the settler, was eight or ten miles south-east of Dr. Robert's, in that part of East Haddam now known as North Plain, and near where the Hadlyme and Salem turnpike crosses Eight Mile River.
Children of Hezekiah & Abigail (Cleveland) Usher:
1. Abigail Usher, b. 3 April 1730; m. not later than 1750, John Stewart of Hartford, CT. Children [STEWART]: John; Sarah (b 13 Aug 1759, Hartford CT, d. Wadsworth, Medina Co Ohio; m. 19 Oct 1780 Jedediah RICHARDS and had issue.]
2. +Hezekiah Usher, b. 28 May or 2 June 1734; m. 3 Nov 1757 at East Haddam CT, Lydia Baker and had children
3. +John Usher, b. 24 or 25 May 1736; had wives Freelove Luther and Zilpha Phillips children.
4. +Dr. Robert Usher, it is family tradition that Dr. Robert Usher, third son of Hezekiah, was born at sea, on a coaster between Cape Cod and Connecticut river, presumably when the family was enroute from Charlestown to East Haddam. The date of birth was January 31, 1742-3. A physician and father of sixteen children
5. +James Usher, b. 18 July 1747; m. Sarah Blanchard at East Haddam CT 20 Jan 1744, and moved to Canaan NY

JOHN-3 (Robert-2, Robert-1) USHER of Dunstable [and Merrimack NH], "cooper," b.31 May 1696. d. Wilton NH Aug 1766; m. abt 1727 to his cousin, Hannah Blanchard, dau of Joseph & Abiah (Hassell) Blanchard. She b. 28 Oct 1701. He was ensign in the Fourth Company of the Sixth Regiment of New Hampshire Militia in 1744; He served Merrimack NH as selectman, tythingman and sealer of weights and measures, and was one of the original proprietors of Wilton NH, by deed dated 16 June 1749, he holding Range 1, lot 6 in Range 6, and Lot 8 in Range 5. He was also, in December 1752, one of the original owners of what is now Gilsum NH.
Children of John and Hannah (Blanchard) USHER:
1. John Usher, b. 2 May 1728, d. 19 Oct 1740
2. +Robert Usher, b 9 Apr 1730, d. 13 Oct 1793 at Medford MA; lived at Merrimack NH and Medford MA,
3. Rachel Usher, b. 29 July 1732
4. Abijah/Habijah/Abigail Usher, b. 8 Aug 1734, d 14 Sep 1736
5. William Usher, b. 8 Dec 1736/37; died unmarried at Hallowell ME; He was a Revolutionary soldier, and enlisted 1 June 1775 in Colonel Nixon's Regiment. He afterwards enlisted 1 Sep 1779 in Captain Foster's Company. He was a Corporal. He was also one of the first settlers of Pittston, Maine.
6. John Usher, b. 5 Dec 1741, died young
7. Elizabeth Usher, b. 13 March 1744, m1) 27 Feb 1773 James Robinson; m2) 31 Aug 1777 Thomas Popkins
8. +Eleazer Usher, b. 16 June 1746; d. Medford MA; administration granted on his estate 18 Sep 1766
9. Rebecca? Usher [name found in Merrimack NH history but not found elsewhere]
10. Olive Usher, b. 27 Aug 1749, died young


ROBERT-4 (John-3, Robert-2, Robert-1) USHER, b. 9 Apr 1730, d. 13 Oct 1793 at Medford MA; lived at Merrimack NH and Medford MA. m. Sarah Stearns, dau of Zachariah and Sarah Stearns. She b. 9 Aug 1734 Merrimack NH, d. 25 March 1794. He served Merrimack as fence viewer, hog reeve, constable and surveyor of highways. In 1787 on tax list in district 1.
Children of Robert & Sarah (Stearns) USHER:
1. Sarah Usher, b. 6 July 1755; m. Joseph Nash
2. +Abijah Usher, b 15 Feb 1757; m1) Mary Wells of Ashford CT who d. 19 Oct 1791; he m2) 20 Dec 1795 Rebecca Kidder of Bedford NH.
3. Hannah Usher, b. 7 Feb 1759; m. John Peters
4. +Robert Usher, b. 7 March 1761, d 1838
5. +Daniel Usher, b. 14 May 1763; m1) Lois Park of Framingham MA; m2) Margaret Carroll of Danvers MA
6. Fanny Usher, b. 1764; m. Daniel or Robert Wyer
7. +John Usher, b. 1766; m. 23 Dec 1798, Susan Brooks
8. Mary, b. 1768; d. m. 23 Nov 1800 to Wyman Weston
9. +Eleazer Usher, b. 23 Nov 1770; m. 6 Oct 1799 Fanny Bucknam; had 11 children
10.+Zachariah Usher, b 1772, bap 6 Nov 1776 Merrimack NH
11. Abigail Chamberlain, bap 16 Sep 1782 Merrimack NH

ELEAZER-4 (John-3, Robert-2, Robert-1) USHER of Merrimack and Amherst NH, b. 16 June 1746; d. Milford MA; administration granted on his estate 18 Sep 1766; He enlisted 20 July 1777 and was in Captain Ford's Company in General Stark's Brigade. He served eight months also in Captain Towne's Company in Colonel Bridges Regiment, enlisting 5 May 1775. He m. 4 Dec 1777 Mrs. Prudence Wilson [one source says widow of P. Wilson]; She b. 7 Aug 1744. [History of Amherst NH states she d. 10 January 1828, aged 83, so b abt 1745]. Eleazer died 8 July 1811 [according to History of Amherst NH].
Children of Eleazer & Prudence (Wilson) USHER:
1. Jacob Wilson Usher, b. 17 Nov 1778 [History of Amherst NH states b. 1775, d. January 1814, aged 39
2. William Usher, b. 25 March 1780 [not shown in History of Amherst NH]
3. Patty Usher, b. 23 Dec 1781 [not shown in History of Amherst NH]
4. Polly Usher, b. 1783, d. May 1809, aged 26 [from History of Amherst NH]
4. Simeon Usher, b. 10 June 1785; d. 28 Apr 1786 [shown in History of Amherst NH]


ABIJAH-5 (Robert-4, John-3, Robert-2, Robert-1) USHER, of Medford MA and Hollis ME; b 15 Feb 1757 and d. 1836. He was a soldier in the Revolution, enlisting 15 July 1776 in Captain Barron's Company. He was generally given the title of Captain. He was selectman in 1805, 1808 and 1810; he was Representative to the General Court of Massachusetts in 1809, 1810 and 1811. He m1) 4 Oct 1785 to Mrs. Mary (Sumner) Weld, then of Roxbury MA. She was b. 11 Dec 1762, daughter of Lieut.-Colonel John Sumner of Ashford, CT. She d. 19 Oct 1791; he m2) 20 Dec 1795 to Rebecca Kidder, of Bedford NH, dau of Samuel and Mary (Thompson) Kidder.
Children of Abijah & Mary (Sumner) Usher:
1. +Ellis Baker Usher, b. 7 Nov 1785
2. +Abijah Usher, b 22 Dec 1788
3. +Mary Ruggles Usher, b. 1789
Children of Abijah & Rebecca (Kidder) Usher:
4. Samuel Usher, b. abt 1800, of Hollis ME; m. Jane Murray. She b. abt 1808 in ME; and had a daughter, Irene (b abt 1838 ME). In 1850 census living in Biddeford, York Co. ME with wife Jane and daughter Irene. In 1860 census Samuel and Jane living in Alfred, York Co, ME with John & Mary Hatch.
5. Drusilla Usher, b abt 1800 ME; m1) -- Hamlin; m2) Joseph Riggs [probably as his 2d wife and the same Joseph Riggs who m1) Mary Johnson]; d. 1876; In 1860 census living in Hollis, York Co ME with husband Joseph, Mary E. Usher (age 14), and Clement Riggs (age 17). Living next door is a James U. (age 55) & Sarah (age 45) Usher, and Lydia Usher (age 89).
6. +James Madison Usher, b. 1808
7. +Robert S. Usher

ROBERT-5 (Robert-4, John-3, Robert-2, Robert-1) USHER, of Merrimack NH b. 7 March 1761 Merrimack NH, d Sept 1838; He enlisted 7 July 1780 in Captain Spalding's Company, which joined the army at West Point. He m 19 Oct 1784 at Nelson NH to Lydia Scollay [one source says her surname was HARRIS] of Harvard MA.
Children of Robert & Lydia (Scollay or Harris) USHER:
1. Elizabeth Usher, d. in infancy
2. +Robert Usher, b. 1787, d. 22 Oct 1824
3. Atherton Usher
4. Scollay/Scolly Usher
5. Luther Usher
6. Elizabeth Usher, b. 1797
7. Fanny Usher, b. 10 Jan 1800
8. Abigail Usher
9. Barnard Usher, b. 6 May 1805
10.John Usher, m. Mary Strout
11.Mary Usher m. Alexander Parker
12. Sarah Usher, b. 1809; married James Madison-6 USHER [see]

DANIEL-5 (Robert-4, John-3, Robert-2, Robert-1) USHER of Danvers, Mass., b. 14 May 1763 and d. 18 May 1848. He was a soldier in the Revolution. He enlisted 6 Aug 1781, and acquired the title of Captain. He married 1st) 26 Dec 1785 to Lois Park of Framingham MA; He m2) Margaret Carroll of Danvers MA. She d. 15 Aug 1854.
Children of Daniel & Lois (Park) Usher:
1. Abigail Usher
2. Hannah Usher
3. John Usher
Children of Daniel & Margaret (Carroll) Usher:
4. Eliza Usher
5. Mary Usher
6. Daniel Usher
7. Serena Usher

JOHN-5 (Robert-4, John-3, Robert-2, Robert-1) USHER of MEDFORD, MA was b. 1766; He m. 23 Dec 1798, Susan Brooks, dau of Eben Brooks.
Child of John and Susan (Brooks) Usher:
1. Susan Brooks Usher, b. 1790; m1) 26 Apr 1810 Seth Wyman; m2) Benjamin Pratt

ELEAZER-5 (Robert-4, John-3, Robert-2, Robert-1) USHER of Medford MA; b. 23 Nov 1770; d. 13 Oct 1793 at Medford MA, died 9 Apr 1852 in Lynn MA; m. 6 Oct 1799 to Fanny Bucknam. She was b. 13 March 1780, and d. 23 Dec 1848. She was the daughter of Moses & Borridel (Green) Bucknam. [her father Moses was the son of Joses & Phebe Bucknam, son of Joses & Hannah (Peabody) Bucknam, son of Joses Bucknam, son of William Bucknam of Charlestown MA, b 1602]. They had 11 children.
Children of Eleazer & Fanny (Bucknam) Usher;
1. John Gardner Usher, b 5 Sep 1800
2. Sarah Bucknam Usher, b 26 Dec 1802
3. Frances/Fanny Bucknam Usher, b 24 Apr 1804
4. Mary Ann Usher, b 2 Feb 1806
5. Lydia Cutler/Cutter Usher, b 14 Feb 1808
6. Eleazer Usher, b 25 Aug 1810
7. Nancy Adams Usher, b 3 May 1812
8. James Madison Usher, b 12 Nov 1814
9. Leonard Bucknam Usher, b 3 March 1817
10. Henry Weston Usher, b 27 Aug 1819
11. Roland Greene Usher, b.6 Jan 1823

ZACHARIAH-5 (Robert-4, John-3, Robert-2, Robert-1) USHER, b 1772, bap 6 Nov 1776 in Merrimack NH, d. 1840; m. 29 Jan 1793 to Bethiah LEAVITT. She b. 19 Apr 1772 in Sexton ME, daughter of Daniel and Abigail Leavitt. Residing in Buxton ME as early as 1792 when he was a tavern keeper, and licensed to sell rum. He lived afterwards in Rye NH. He was a physician. [Buxton ME records indicate he was the uncle of Ellis B. Usher of Buxton ME (see).
Children of Zachariah & Bethiah (Leavitt) USHER: [may be more ch]
1. Abijah S., b. abt 1794 in Buxton, York Co., ME; baptized at Leeds, Androscoggin Co ME; d. aft 1860; m. 25 Sep 1817 in Kingfield, Franklin Co ME to Mary DURRELL. She b. abt 1795 in Stewartstown NH. Had issue (b. in Maine): Silas Eldon (b 19 March 1817 Kingfield ME), Mary Ann (b 1817), Robert G. (b abt 1820), Ann Brewster (b 18 Dec 1824), Charles L. (b May 1827), Jarvis M. (b abt 1835), and Nathaniel D. (b abt 1837


ROBERT-6 (Robert-5, Robert-4, John-3, Robert-2, Robert-1) USHER, of Merrimack NH and Buxton ME, b. 1787, d. 22 Oct 1824 in Buxton Maine; m1) Lydia --; m2) 1811 Susan McDonald. She b. 1788 and died a widow, 10 Sep 1852.
Children of Robert & Susan (McDonald) Usher:
1. Miriam M., b. 1813; m. 1833 Rev. Isaac Libby
2. Benjamin M., b. 1815
3. Scolly G., b. 1819; m. 1846 Rebecca Bliss
4. Elizabeth B., b. 1821 ME; m. 1840 Jabez M. Latham; In 1850 living in Gray, Cumberland Co ME.
5. Caroline, M., b 1823 ME; m. 1842 Anthony [actually Arthur] Boothby [this Caroline Boothby is found in the 1850 US Census of Limington, York Co. ME with husband Arthur, and children Wilber F. and Susan A.

The 1790 census is the last census showing any of the USHER family living in Merrimack NH (that of Robert Usher Jr.) If any descendants remained in this area, their surname would not have been USHER. Eleazer USHER and family remained in Amherst NH until a later date. For the entire USHER family tree, with additional branches, see this TXT file.

1. NEGHS Register; Communicated by William H. Whitmore, A.M. of Boston MA
2. A memorial sketch of Roland Greene Usher, 1823-1895 : to which is added a genealogy of the Usher family in New England from 1638 to 1895 by Edward Preston Usher; Boston: Nathan Sawyer & Son, 1895
3. History of Merrimack, NH; Merrimack Historical Society; 1976
4. The genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland families

5. History of Amherst NH

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