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F A M I L Y   T R E E S  of Merrimack, NH (Part IV)

- Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the accurateness or authenticity of these genealogies. Please see the reference material used for more information.
- Primary Sources shown below

- The following genealogies are limited to persons born in Merrimack, it being outside the scope of this work to follow the descendants who have emigrated to other places...
- The FIRST generation of the family residing in MERRIMACK NH is shown in red, bold.

Blanchard | Griffin | Lund

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  • History of the old township of Dunstable : Nashua, Nashville, Hollis, Hudson, Litchfield, and Merrimac, N.H., Dunstable and Tyngsborough, Mass. by Charles J. Fox; Nashua N.H.: C.T. Gill, 1846, 298 pgs.
  • Vital records of Dunstable, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849, Salem, Mass.: Essex Institute, 1913, 238 pgs.
  • NEGHS Register, 10:152 // NEGHS Register 93:168 & 93:238
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  • History of Concord, New Hampshire : from the original grant in seventeen hundred and twenty-five to the opening of the twentieth century; Concord N.H.: Rumford Press, 1903, 1508 pgs.
  • Another resource for Blanchard Ancestry is the Blanchard Family History Society

Although many "genealogies" attribute Deacon John Blanchard's parentage to be Thomas & Elizabeth Blanchard, I agree with those to believe that he was instead the son of Joseph & Ann Blanchard. Notably, there is no mention of a son, John, in the will of Thomas Blanchard. An article in the NEGHS also makes the same statement that Joseph and Ann Blanchard were the parents of Deacon John Blanchard. This extensively documented article supports this. The following genealogy is NOT intended to cover all Blanchards in New England, but simply the members of the Blanchard Family who resided in "Old Dunstable" and Merrimack, New Hampshire, and whose families remained in the area. [I am not a descendant].


JOSEPH-1 BLANCHARD died in the 10th month 1637 [vital records of Boston MA]. It is possible that he was the brother of Thomas Blanchard, formerly thought to be the father of Deacon John. Joseph married Ann -- who died 24 June 1662 [recorded at Chelmsford and at Woburn MA]. The widow Ann and her children soon moved to Salem MA for "At a town meeting the 26th of the 9th month 1638, it is recorded that of "severall pportions of Land Laid out at Marblehead, 6 acres of the Necke" were formally granted to "the Widow Blanchard." She was admitted to church membership at Salem, 30 July 1643, and an early court record shows that she appeared as a witness at the session held 8 May 1745 where she is referred to as "Goodie Blanchar." In later years, after her children were grown she appears to have resided in Chelmsford MA. Her estate was administered by her son, John.
Children of Joseph & Ann (--) Blanchard:
1. A daughter, m. -- Garlick. [possibly Joseph Garlick]. Had issue.
2. William Blanchard, b. in England; d. in Boston MA 7 Aug 1652; m. abt 1647 Hannah Everill. She was b. in England, dau of James & Elizabeth Everill. She m2) in Boston, 13 Jan 1655 to George Manning. After her 2d husband's death she resided with her father James Everill. She probably died 14 Apr 1712 and is buried at King's Chapel Cemetery.
3. +Deacon John Blanchard [see below]


DEACON JOHN-2 BLANCHARD (Joseph-1),freeman 2 May 1643 in MA; He resided in Salem, Charlestown, Chelmsford and Dunstable ["Old Dunstable"] MA. Probably died in 1693/94 at Dunstable MA; 26 Oct 1649 John Blanchard and his brother William are cited in the Salem Quarterly Court, as witnesses against Mary Hill of Marblehead who was fined for being overcome with wine; In the will of John Bibbell of Malden MA, dated 21 July 1753 he is bequeathed 1 pound 15 shillings, in payment of a debt. Shortly after he resided at Charlestown MA where On 1 March 1658 he was listed as owner of lot 99, amounting to 37 acres along with 6 acres of commons. About 1644 he moved to Chelmsford, where the births of his later children are records. Here he was appointed in 1671 to a committee to lay out highways; John and wife Hannah sold their homestead in Chelmsford to Capt. Thomas Henchman 27 Dec 1680. John He was one of the first settlers of "Old Dunstable," and one of the first deacons of the church of Dunstable. Jonathan Tyng deeded land to 25 resident proprietors on 29 Jan 1683, including John Blanchard and his future son-in-law Robert Parris. He was chosen selectman for Dunstable in 1683, 1685, and 1689. He signed two petitions to the General Court in 1689 for soldiers to defend Dunstable. He made a will 13 March 1694 at Dunstable MA, that was proved 10 Apr 1694 in Middlesex Co MA. The will mentions wife Hannah, sons Benjamin, Joseph, James, Thomas, and Nathaniel, and daughters Hannah Reed, Elizabeth Parrish, Sarah and Mary. He married 1) abt 1658 to Elizabeth Hills, dau of Joseph & Rose (Clark) Hills. She was baptized 21 Oct 1627, and died abt 1662. Deacon John married 2) abt 1663/64 to Hannah (Brackett) Kinglsey, widow of Samuel Kingsley, and dau of Richard and Alice Brackett who was born or baptized 4 Jan 1633/34 in Braintree, MA and died 3 July 1706 (killed by Indians) in Dunstable MA.
Children of Dea. John & Elizabeth (Hills) Blanchard:
1. Hannah Blanchard, b. 6 Feb 1659 at Charlestown MA, died before 1717; m. 1679 in Chelmsford MA to Thomas Read. In 1717 her husband, Thomas Read sold to Joseph Blanchard of Dunstable the land she inherited from her grandfather, Joseph Hills in 1687; children (READ): John, Thomas, William, Jonathan and Benjamin.
2. Elizabeth Blanchard, b abt 1661 at Charlestown MA, died after 1710 at Lynn MA; married 1) abt 1685 to Thomas Parris [as his 3d wife] who was assessed for the wood rate in 1699 in Dunstable; She m2) Thomas Burrage, son of John and Joanna (Stower) Burrage as his 2d wife.
Children of Dea. John & Hannah (Brackett) Blanchard:
3. Joseph Blanchard, b c1664 in Charlestown MA; d. 18 March 1669 in Chelmsford MA, aged 5 years "from falling into hot kettle of lye"
4. Benjamin Blanchard, b 15 March 1665 twin; d. after 1694 or possibly 1719 in Nansemond Co. VA; he is mentioned in his father's will.
5. Josiah Blanchard, b 15 March 1665 twin, died young.
6. +James Blanchard, b 10 March 1666/67 at Chelmsford MA ; d. 8 Feb 1703/4 in Charlestown MA; m. c1693 to Anna Blood; had issue.
7. +Thomas Blanchard, b 1668
8. +Sarah Blanchard, b. c1670; m. 23 Jan 1694 in Chelmsford MA to Robert Usher
9. +Joseph Blanchard, b 1 Nov 1672 in Chelmsford MA
10. +Nathaniel Blanchard, b 23 Sep 1674 (twin) in Chelmford MA; d. 3 July 1706 in Dunstable MA; m. bef 1703 to Lydia --
11. +Mary Blanchard, b 23 Sep 1674 (twin) in Chelmsford MA, d. abt 1744 in Groton MA; m. 1) John Derby(shire); m2) 14 Sep 1725 in Groton MA to Nathaniel Woods
12. Martha Blanchard, b c1676 in Chelmsford MA; d 16 Nov 1676
13. Daughter, b 30 Nov 1678 in Chelmsford MA; d. bef 1680 in Chelmsford MA. [Note: the birth listing shows just "daughter of Hannah" and it may indicate that it was a child of the unwed Hannah, eldest daughter of Dea. John].


JAMES-3 BLANCHARD (Dea. John-2, Joseph-1) b 10 March 1666/67 at Chelmsford MA ; d. 8 Feb 1703/4 in Charlestown MA from exhaustion and exposure while a member of the first snowshoe expedition to Lake Winnepesaukee commanded by Capt. William Tyng; They resided at Groton MA where James was a farmer; he served as the town clerk in Groton MA; he was on a committee that met 6 Dec 1698 with other representatives from Billerica and Dunstable to discuss the rebuilding of the bridge over the Concord River. He m. abt 1693 to Anna Blood. She b 1 March 1671/72 at Groton MA and died after 1772. She filed a petition with the General Court on 9 March 1704 relating how her husband had died in Tyng's expedition. She filed a final account as administratrix of her husband's (late of Groton's) estate on 22 June 1772
Children of James & Anna (Blood) Blanchard (born at Groton MA):
1. Elizabeth Blanchard, b. 25 June 1694 in Groton MA, died bef 1740; m. 25 July 1717 at Rowley MA to Benjamin Hazen, son of Edward and Jane (Pickard) Hazen. He m2) Elizabeth Nutting. Children (HAZEN): Elizabeth (dy), Timothy (dy), Eunice (d abt age 6), and Hepzibah (b 19 Feb 1725).
2. Josiah Blanchard, b 24 June 1698 in Groton MA; blacksmith, resided Concord MA; m. 16 July 1719 to Mary Dudley, dau of Joseph & Abigail (Goble) Dudley. His 6 children were born at Concord MA: Mary, Abigail, Love, Josiah, Elizabeth and Josiah 2d.
3. Anna Blanchard, b. 11 March 1701/02 in Groton MA; died in 1756; m. 11 Aug 1719 at Groton MA to Moses Bennett. Children [BENNETT]: Abigail, Stephen, Moses, David, Eunice, Jonathan, James and Anna
4. Eunice Blanchard, b. 8 Feb 1703 at Groton MA; d. 13 Apr 1710 at Groton MA.

LIEUT. THOMAS-3 BLANCHARD (Dea. John-2, Joseph-1) born 1668 in Chelmsford, and died 9 March 1727 at Dunstable MA; He married 1) 13 Feb 1689 at Woburn MA to Tabitha Leppingwell, dau of Michael & Isabel (Cox) Leppingwell. She b. 8 May 1661 at Woburn MA and died 29 Nov 1696 at Dunstable MA [Shown as "Tabathy" in Dunstable MA records] In other records I have seen Tabitha's surname as Adams (sister to 2d wife Ruth) but I have not been able to find any documents to verify this. Thomas m2) 4 Oct 1698 at Dunstable MA to Ruth Adams, dau of Pelatiah & Ruth (Parker) Adams. Ruth was b. 8 March 1672/73 in Dunstable MA.
Children of Thomas & Tabitha (Leppingwell) Blanchard:
1. Tabitha Blanchard, b. 27 Feb 1689 in Woburn, MA, d 1 March 1764 at Westford MA; married 30 Sep 1719 at Concord to Thomas Blodgett. He born 5 Aug 1686 at Woburn MA and d. bef 26 June 1730 [the date his will was proved]. Children [BLODGETT]: Tabitha, Abigail and Thomas.
2. Hannah Blanchard, b. 29 Nov 1690 in Woburn, MA; d. 1 Jan 1763 at Littleton MA; married 11 June 1713 at Concord MA to Jonathan Hartwell, son of Samuel & Ruth (Wheeler) Hartwell [her surname was listed as "Blancher"]; Jonathan and Hannah moved to Littleton about 1720 and purchased a homestead in the southern end of the town. Had children: James, Josiah, Nathan, Simon, Hannah, Joseph, Benjamin.
3. Mary Blanchard, b 6 Sep 1692 in Woburn MA; Married -- Viale; Warned out of Concord MA on 28 Aug 1722, Richard Stevens being paid 7s for carrying Mary Blanchard back to Dunstable. Had a daughter, Mary Viale, b 8 Dec 1717.
4. Abigail Blanchard, b. 5 May 1694 [Dunstable, MA records]; m. 1723 to John Blodgett, son of Thomas & Mary (Druse) Blodgett; Residence at Westford MA in 1776; children [Blodgett]: Samuel, Esther and James.
5. +John Blanchard, b 20 May 1696
Children of Thomas & Ruth (Adams) Blanchard:
6.+Thomas Blanchard, b. 12 Aug 1699; taken captive by the Indians in September 1724.
7. William Blanchard, b 1701; died in infancy
8. Ruth Blanchard, b. 1 April 1703 at Dunstable MA; m. Jabez Davis [per her father's will]. Jabez was one of a group of Chelmsford men who served under Capt. Eleazer Tyng of Dunstable 10 June-10 Nov 1725. Child [DAVIS]: Benjamin, b 16 Jan 1726 (Chelmsford MA records).
9. +Elizabeth Blanchard, b. 19 Jan 1706 at Chelmsford MA; died 28 May 1774 at Merrimack NH; m. Jonathan Cummings
10. Benjamin Blanchard, b. 28 Dec 1706; captured or killed by Indians in Groton and was still missing in 1728 when his father's estate was settled.
11. Nathaniel Blanchard, b. 30 Sep 1709 at Chelmsford MA; married Esther Nutting. She b abt 1710, place unknown. Reportedly they had a child, Nathaniel, b. 14 Feb.--
12. James Blanchard, b. 29 Dec 1711 at Chelmsford MA; died 20 Sep 1757 at Groton MA from smallpox. He is not listed in his father's estate in 1732 as having recieved a share of the legacy from Peletiah Adams.
13.+William Blanchard, b. 1713; m. Groton MA 28 Feb 1733/34 to Deliverance Parker.

SARAH-3 BLANCHARD (John-2, Joseph-1) b. c1670; m. 23 Jan 1694 in Chelmsford MA to Robert Usher, son of Robert & Elizabeth Usher. He b. abt 1662 at Stamford CT, and came to Dunstable MA in early life with his uncle Hezekiah Usher (one of the original proprietors of "Old Dunstable") who was his guardian following the death of his parents; Robert died before 1710. He was assessed for the wood rate in 1699 in Dunstable MA.
Children of Robert & Sarah (Blanchard) USHER:
1. Hezekiah USHER, b. 1695 in Dunstable MA; d. 1750 in E. Haddam CT; m. 20 June 1728 to Abigail Cleveland. She b. 10 May 1706 in Medford MA; had issue
2. John USHER, b 31 May 1696 MA, d 1766 NH
3. Sarah USHER, b 1698 at Dunstable MA; Died aft 1698
4. Robert USHER, b June 1700 at Dunstable MA; d. 8 May 1725 at Pigwacket ME, in Lovewell's fight by Indians. Died without issue

CAPT. JOSEPH-3 BLANCHARD (John-2, Joseph-1) b 1 Nov 1672 in Chelmsford, MA; d. abt. 1727 in Dunstable, MA where he had been an inkeeper for many years ; married 25 May 1696 in Dunstable MA to Abiah Hassell, daughter of Joseph Sr. & Anna (Perry) Hassell, 25 May 1696. She born 13 May 1673 in Concord, MA and died 8 Dec 1746 at Dunstable, aged 70. Abiah's father Joseph Hassell was surprised by Indians, 26 Sep 1691 and slain with his wife Anna, and son Benjamin. Joseph was a leader in the old town of Dunstable, a selectman; town trustee in 1721. In December 1723 he was on a committee to renew the boundary line between Dunstable and Dracut, and he was one of the first who had permission to set up a pew in the meetinghouse. He was a captain of a volunteer company in 1725 and went on a scouting expedition (of which he kept a journal) in the Souhegan and Merrimack River valleys from 15 July to 11 August 1725. The final entry in his journal states: "Aug. ye 11th, marched into Dunstable. This may inform you that in all our marching and scouting we have no signs of ye Inguns since last summer."
Children of Capt. Joseph & Abiah (Hassell) Blanchard:
1. Elizabeth Blanchard, b. 15 Apr 1697 in Dunstable MA; married abt 1721 to Jonathan Combs [some genealogies state his surname is Cummings, but it was her cousin Elizabeth who m. Jonathan Cummings, for her brother, Col. Joseph Blanchard, deeds to his "loving nephew, John Combs of Dunstable, sixty acres of land.]. Children [COMBS] b. at Dunstable: Elizabeth, William, Medad and John.
2. Esther Blanchard, b. 24 July 1699 in Dunstable MA: m1) abt 1722 to Ebenezer French. He was b at Dunstable 7 Apr 1693, killed by the Indians at Nanticook Brook 5 Sep 1724, son of Samuel & Sarah (Cummings) French; She m2) Henry Farwell, b. at Chelmsford MA 14 Oct 1696, son of Henry and Susannah (Richardson) Farwell. All born at Dunstable: Child [French]: Ebenezer, b 27 Oct 1723; Children [Farwell]: Eleazer (b 7 Oct 1726), Esther (b 16 May 1730), Olive (b 19 July 1732), and Elizabeth (b abt 1736).
3. Hannah Blanchard, b. 28 Oct 1701; m abt 1727 to Ensign John Usher, an original settlers of Wilton NH. He b 31 May 1696, d. at Wilton August 1766, son of Robert & Sarah (Blanchard) Usher. Children [USHER] b at Dunstable: John (b 2 Mah 1728 dy), Robert (b 9 Apr 1730), Rachel (b 29 July 1732), Abijah (b 8 July 1734 dy), William (b 1737), John (b 5 Dec 1741 dy), Elizabeth (b 13 March 1744), Eleazer (b 16 June 1749 dy), and Olive (b 27 Aug 1749 dy).
4. +Joseph Blanchard, b 11 Feb 1704
5. Rachel Blanchard, b 23 March 1705, died in infancy
6. Susanna Blanchard, b 29 March 1707; m 1) Charlestown MA 29 May 1723 to Jonathan Farwell, son of Henry & Susannah (Richardson) Farwell. He b. at Dunstable 24 July 1700, drowned at Amoskeag Falls in 1730; She m2) 1731 to Thomas Chamberlain. Children [FARWELL] b at Dunstable: Susannah (b 17 Jan 1724), Rachel (b 19 Feb 1728), and Jonathan (b 28 Aug 1729); Children b at Dunstable [CHAMBERLAIN]: Lowis (b 12 Apr 1732), Thomas (b 10 Aug 1735), Sarah (b 20 Feb 1738), Abiah (b 11 Apr 1740), Susannah (b 8 June 1742), Abigail (b 27 Feb 1743), and Rebecca (b 29 Nov 1746).
7. Jane Blanchard, b 19 March 1709; married c1739 to Rev. Josiah Swan, son of Ebenezer and Prudence (Foster) Swan. Rev. Swan was a graduate of Harvard in 1733, b. at Charlestown MA 18 March 1712, d in 1777. Children, 1st 3 b in Dunstable [SWAN]: Josiah (b 25 Aug 1740), Thomas (b 27 Sept 1745), John (b 13 Dec 1747, d 7 June 1751), and Frances (bapt at Lancaster 14 Oct 1750).
8. Rachel Blanchard, b. 23 March 1712, d. 2 Jan 1801 in Bedford NH; m1) 31 July 1729 in Woburn MA to Joshua Converse of Woburn, selectman, assessor and soldier, b at Woburn 3 June 1704, drowned in the Merrimac River in 1744, son of John and Abigail (Sawyer) Converse; She m2) 9 Feb 1754 in Cambridge MA to Joseph Fitch, son of Samuel & Elizabeth (Walker) Fitchb. at Billerica MA 22 Oct 1702 and who d. 7 Feb 1769 in Bedford NH; She m3) 3 June 1773 in Bedford NH to John Page, son of Nathaniel & Susannah (Lane) Page. He b 11 Oct 1704, d 18 Feb 1782 at Bedford NH. Children [CONVERSE], last 3 b at Merrimack NH: Rachel (b 30 April 1730 at Leicester), Joseph (b 13 Nov 1739), Jesse (b 31 Dec 1741), Zebulon (b 21 March 1744); Child [FITCH]: Thaddeus (b 23 March 1755 at Bedford NH)
9. Eleazer Blanchard, b. 1 Dec 1715 in Dunstable, MA; d. 29 April 1717

NATHANIEL-3 BLANCHARD (John-2, Joseph-1) b 23 Sep 1674 at Chelmsford MA, died 3 July 1706 at Dunstable MA from Indian attack. He was assessed for the wood rate in 1699 in Dunstable. Administration of his will in 1706, the final account in 1709 mentions nursing costs for Nathaniel's child, then deceased. He married Lydia -- who died 3 July 1706 at Dunstable MA from an Indian attack.
Children of Nathaniel & Lydia Blanchard:
1. Susannah Blanchard, b. Jan 1703 at Dunstable MA; died 3 July 1706 at Dunstable from Indian attack.
2. Nathaniel Blanchard, b 12 Sep 1705 at Dunstable MA; died before 1709.

MARY-3 BLANCHARD (John-2, Joseph-1) b 23 Sep 1674 at Chelmsford MA. She m1) abt 1696 to John Darbyshire, who died before 1725. She m2) [under the name Derbyshire] 14 Sep 1725 at Groton MA to Nathaniel Woods as his 4th wife. He b. 25 March 1668 at Groton MA and died 20 June 1738 at Groton MA, aged 70 years.
Children of John & Mary (Blanchard) Darbyshire:
1. William DARBYSHIRE, b. 14 Aug 1698 at Dunstable MA; died after 1698.
2. James DARBYSHIRE, b 30 Jan 1702 at Dunstable MA; Reportedly died 20 Aug 1786 in Brooklyn, Windham Co CT; m. Eleanor Shepherd. Used the surname Darveyshier and Darbee. Had issue.
3. Mary DARBYSHIRE, b 3 Jan 1706 at Groton MA; died after 1710
4. Oliver DARBYSHIRE, b 8 Dec 1708 at Groton MA: died after 1725
[Mary Blanchard & Nathaniel Woods had no recorded children]


JOHN-4 BLANCHARD (Thomas-3, Dea John-2, Joseph-1) born 20 May 1696 Dunstable MA; A private in Capt. Eleazer Tyng's company, 10 June-10 Nov 1726, a resident of Chelmsford MA in 1728. m. at Groton 30 may 1722 to Mary Sawtell. She was b. Groton MA 11 Apr 1697, dau of Zachariah and Mary (Blood) Sawtell.
Children of John & Mary (Sawtelle) Blanchard:
1. William Blanchard, b 1 Aug 1723

THOMAS-4 BLANCHARD (Thomas-3, Dea John-2, Joseph-1) b 12 Aug 1699 at Dunstable MA. On 6 May 1723 he was appointed with Joseph Blanchard and Henry Farwell to appraise a property of 300 acres of land, a part of the estate of Phineas Pratt, deceased of Charlestown. He served in the Indian Wars and on 4 Sept 1724, while making turpentine in the forest on the North side of the Nashua River,he was captured by the Indians and taken to Canada as a prisoner of the French, but he was released after a year's captivity in which he effected his liberation by building a sawmill. He was a prominent man in Dunstable and held various town offices, including collector of taxes. He married Elizabeth --;
Child of Thomas & Elizabeth Blanchard:
1. +Thomas Blanchard, b. 20 Oct 1724

ELIZABETH-4 BLANCHARD (Thomas-3, John-2, Joseph-1) b. 19 Jan 1706 at Chelmsford MA; died 28 May 1774 at Merrimack NH; m. abt 1726 to Jonathan Cummings. He was b. at Merrimack in 1791, son of Thomas and Priscilla (Warner) Cummings.
Children of Jonathan & Elizabeth (Blanchard) Cummings

WILLIAM-4 BLANCHARD (Thomas-3, Dea John-2, Joseph-1) b 5 Sep 1713 in Pepperell MA; d. 17 Feb 1805 at New Ipswich NH; m. at Groton MA 28 Feb 1733 to Deliverance Parker, dau of Nathan & Lydia (Nutting) Parker. She b. 28 July 1714 in Groton MA. William Blanchard was a minor at the time of his father's death, and he chose Jonathan Cummings, an uncle by marriage for his guardian. William and Deliverance resided first at Dunstable where their two oldest children were born, and about 1736 moved to Litchfield where in a land transaction "William Blanchard of Litchfield, Middlesex County, husbandman, for 200 pounds sells [28 Jan 1737] to Ben Eaton of Lynn land in Dunstable on a long hill, one hundred and thirty acres." They later returned to Groton where their youngest child was born. William was one of a squad of fourteen soldiers of Capt. Willard's company marching from Ashuelot garrison for Fort Dummer who, at their first camping place opposite the mouth of Bound Brook, were surprised by a group of Indians 16 June 1748, stripped of their arms, and taken prisoners. They were removed to Louisburg, Cape Breton, and then were transported aboard the schooner "Britannicus" arriving at Boston 6 Oct 1748.
Children of William & Deliverance (Parker) Blanchard
1. Olive Blanchard, b 4 Nov 1733 in Dunstable MA; m. 27 May 1755 at Hollis NH to Samuel Whittemore [Hollis Vital records]
2. Nathaniel Blanchard, b 25 Dec 1735 at Dunstable MA; m. 13 Sep 1757 at Hollis NH to Elizabeth Rolfe
3. Simeon Blanchard, b. 11 June 1747 at Groton MA; d. 29 June 1822 at New Ipswich NH; m. 28 Feb 1766 to Elizabeth Shattuck, dau of John & Elizabeth Shattuck. She b. at Pepperell MA 11 June 1751, d. 9 Apr 1844. Simeon Blanchard about the time of his marriage, settled at New Ipswich and bought a farm in the southwesterly part of the town on the Massachusetts line, where he spent the remainder of his life. He served in the Revolution for a short time under Capt. Silas Wright at Ticonderoga in 1777. Children, b. in New Ipswich NH: Simeon (b 25 Nov 1776), Betsey (b 25 Nov 1778), Levi (b 17 Dec 1780), Louisa (b 1 Jan 1783), Sarah (b 24 July 1785, d unm), William (b 3 May 1788), James B. (b 29 Apr 1790), and Charlotte (b 16 Aug 1792)

COL. JOSEPH-4 BLANCHARD (Joseph-3, John-2, Joseph-1) born 11 Feb 1704/05 in Dunstable MA, in a Fort or Garrison House of which his father was a commander; He died 7 April 1758 [Dunstable MA records] and is buried in the Old South Burying Ground; his tombstone bears the following inscription: "The Hon. Joseph Blanchard, Esqr., deceased April the 7, 1758, aged 53.; she died 17 April 1774. He married 26 Sep 1728 in Groton MA to Rebecca Hubbard by whom he had 12 children; Rebecca was born 11 Feb 1704 in Concord MA, the dau of Maj. Jonathan & Rebecca (Brown) Hubbard. She died 17 Apr 1774 in Dunstable MA. Joseph Blanchard was town clerk of Dunstable, selectman and proprietor's clerk for many years. He was a surveyor of land. In conjunction with Rev. Dr. Langdon of Portsmouth, he projected a map of New Hampshire, which was published after his death in 1761, and inscribed to "Hon Charles Townsend, his Majesty's Secretary of War." Upon the dissolution of the connection between New Hampshire and Massachusetts in 1741, and the accession of Benning Wentworth as Governor, he received the appointment of Counsellor of State by mandamus from the Crown, and held this office until his death. In 1749, on the death of Chief Justice Jaffrey, he was appointed Judge of the Superior Court of Judicature of the State. From November 1724 to June 1725 he was lieutenant in Capt. Eleazer Tyng's Company. When the old French War broke out in 1755, an expedition was planned against Crown Point. NH raised a regiment of 500 men, and Joseph Blanchard was appointed Colonel (of the Sixth Regiment of Militia). Of this regiment, the famous "Rangers," under the command of Rogers and Stark, formed a part. The regiment was stationed at Fort Edward, and returned home in the autumn of the same year.
Children of Col. Joseph & Rebecca (Hubbard) Blanchard, b at Dunstable:
1. Sarah Blanchard, b. 1706; d. 30 Nov 1726.
2. +Joseph Blanchard, b 28 April 1729 Dunstable MA; d. abt 1809 in Thornton NH
3. +Eleazer Blanchard, b. 15 Nov 1730, [Dunstable MA records] twin; died 19 March 1753, aged 22
4. Susanna Blanchard, b. 15 Nov 1730, twin, died before 1758, not mentioned in the will of her father.
5. Rebecca Blanchard, b 20 July 1732 Dunstable MA; d. 9 Feb 1767; m. bef 1758 Capt James Minot (as his 2d wife), son of James and Martha (Lane) Minot. He b 20 Jan 1728, d 2 Aug 1773. Children [MINOT]: James (b 1758, d 1776), Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth, and Martha.
6. Sarah 2d Blanchard, b. 7 Oct 1734, died 30 Nov 1736 (in infancy)
7. Catherine Blanchard, b 11 Nov 1736 in Dunstable, MA; d 27 Nov 1817; m. 3 Dec 1759 to Rev. Elias Smith, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Burnap) Smith. He b. 8 Aug 1731 at Reading MA; d. at Middleton 17 Oct 1791. Graduate of Harvard 1753, pastor of the church at Middleton. Children [SMITH], b at Middleton: Catherine (b 13 Nov 1760), Rebecca (b 1 Aug 1762), Elias (b 12 Apr 1765), Elizabeth (b 2 Apr 1767), Sarah (b 26 Jan 1769), Joseph B (b 1 March 1771), Hannah (b 1 Feb 1773), Fanny (b 26 March 1775), and Benjamin (b 27 June 1777).
8. +Jonathan Blanchard, b 18 Sept 1738, d. 18 July 1788 Dunstable MA; d. 16 July 1788, Dunstable MA.
9. Sarah Blanchard, b. 2 Aug 1740 Dunstable MA; d. 29 March 1798 in Amherst NH; m. 17 Sept 1761 to Robert Fletcher, son of Robert & Sarah (Swan) Fletcher. Robert was a lawyer at Dunstable and clerk of the courts in Hillsborough Co NH; he b. at Dunstable 17 July 1727 and d 9 Sept 1792. Children [FLETCHER] b. at Dunstable: Robert (b 1 Aug 1762), Sarah (b 21 Dec 1765), Rebecca (b 29 May 1767), Elizabeth (twin, b 10 Apr 1769, d Oct 1778), Grace (twin, b 10 Apr 1769, d Oct 1778), Mary (b 28 Jan 1771, d 1787), Hannah (b 13 Oct 1773), and Catherine (b 24 March 1778).
10. James Blanchard, b 20 Sep 1742 [Dunstable MA records]; in army; m. abt 1783 in New York City, NY to Margaret De Peyster, dau. of William and Margaret (Keoneott) DePeyster. She b. there 10 Sep 1749. James Blanchard was a quartermaster in the Revolutionary War in the Third Continental Batallion raised in NH in 1776. At the close of the war he removed to New York City. Children b in New York City: William (b 10 Sep 1784), James (b 7 Oct 1785), Ann (b 2 Feb 1788) and Augustus (b 25 Feb 1789).
11. Jotham Blanchard, b. 1744 in Dunstable MA; d. 18 March 1807 in Truto, Nova Scotia; m. 10 Nov 1766 in Middleton MA to Elizabeth Treadwell, dau of Jacob & Sarah (Cotton) Treadwell, of Portsmouth NH. Early in life Jotham moved to Portsmouth where his brother Jonathan also lived for a number of years. In 1773 he went to Peterborough NH, and about 1785 to Truro. Earlier historians interpreted this last move to his sympathy to the British cause in the Revolution, and to the fact that he was thought to have served in the Loyalist Corps in the American Revolution. However evidence suggests otherwise. In Peterborough NH he was moderator of the town meeting in 1774, 1776-1778, and 1780-81; selectman in 1777-1781; and in 1776 a member of the Committee of Safety, and in that year he signed the Association List pledging property and life in support of the Revolution. Toward the close of the wear he had been appointed on a committee with two others to decide what action should be taken against the Tories (the report recommended confiscation of their property). However, the post-war spirit of retaliation and greed displayed by the victorious colonists disillusioned him, and he would up his affairs at Peterborough and removed to Nova Scoia. On 29 Apr 1796 he obtained a grant of 23,000 acres of land in Sydney County, where he became a highly esteemed and influential citizen. Children: (first four baptized at Portsmouth, the others at Peterborough NH) John (bapt 22 Marcch 1767), Sarah (bapt 6 Nov 1768), Elizabeth (bapt 29 July 1770), Rebecca (bap 1 March 1772), Hannah (b in 1774), Jonathan (b 21 Apr 1776), Edward S. (b Feb 1778), and Nancy (b 1780).
12. +Augustus Blanchard, b. 29 July 1746 [Dunstable MA records]; died at Milford 27 Feb 1809
13. Caleb Blanchard, b 15 Aug 1749 [Dunstable MA records]; d. d 4 Jan 1753; he is buried in the Old Burying Grounds at Dunstable MA.
14. Hannah Blanchard, b. 21 Oct 1751 [Dunstable MA records]; married 21 April 1776 at Dunstable MA to Dr. Ebenezer Starr, son of Jonathan & Sarah (Dean) Starr ; She died 22 March 1794, aged 42. Ebenezer was b. at Dedham MA 1 May 1744, and d. at Dunstable 7 Sept 1798. Ebenezer m2) at Tyngsborough 3 Dec 1794 to Rebecca Blanchard, dau of Jonathan & Rebecca (Farwell) Blanchard. Children [STARR] b. at Dunstable: Rebecca (b 8 June 777, d 1 Nov 1778), James B. (b 27 Nov 1778), Ebenezer (b 18 Feb 1780), Hannah (b 26 Jan 1782), John (b 3 Dec 1783), Edward (b 29 July 1786).


THOMAS-5 BLANCHARD (Thomas-4, Thomas-3, Dea John-2, Joseph-1) b. 20 Oct 1724; m. (intention recorded at Chelmsford MA 4 Sept 1751) Dorcas Dutton. She was b at Chelmsford MA 21 Aug 1732, dau of James & Phoebe (Butterfield) Dutton.
Children of Thomas & Dorcas (Dutton) Blanchard, born at Dunstable:
1. Esther Blanchard, b 23 June 1753
2. Phoebe Blanchard, b 3 Jan 1757
3. Thomas Blanchard, b 30 Apr 1758

JOSEPH-5 BLANCHARD (Joseph-4, Joseph-3, John-2, Joseph-1) b 28 April 1729 Dunstable MA; d. abt 1809 in Thornton NH; m. abt 1750 to Lucy Lovewell, dau of Col. Zaccheus and Esther (Hassell) Lovewell. She b 12 Jan 1730 in Dunstable MA. Lucy was living in Milford NH 1 April 1794 when a list of tax payers shows "Widow Lucy Blanchard." Joseph was a major in the Continental army and a prisoner of war in New York City during its occupation by the British under General Howe. Being a skilled performer on the violin, he was in great demand among the English officers for entertainment during his captivity. For a time he resided at Merrimack NH (on the farm owned later by Levi Wilkins and James Fosdick) where he was a selectman, moderator, and he reepresented this town and Monson in the Provincial assembly 1762-1765. He is on 1757-1759 Tax lists of Merrimack NH; He was a noted engineer and surveyor and rendered valuable assistance in the preparation of the Provine map in 1761. According to an article in the NEGHS, "He was one of the sisty-two original grantees of Plymouth, N.H. and in 1763 was employed by the proprietors in laying out lots in the town and establishing the northern line of the township, subsequently known as Blanchard's line." Another authority attributes this map to his father Joseph, indicating it was published after his death]. After the War he lived at Amherst NH for some years, for on 1 July 1779, while a resident there he sold three shares of land at Barnard, Vt. to Asa Taylor of Rindge NH.
Children of Joseph & Lucy (Lovewell) Blanchard:
1. Joseph Blanchard, b 21 June 1752, d. 10 July 1752
2. Joseph 2d Blanchard, b. 28 May 1753
3. Eleazer Blanchard, b 8 June 1755
4. Lucy Blanchard, b June 1757; d. 1809 in Thornton NH; m. Andrew Wilkins of Amherst NH
5. Catherine Blanchard, b. 16 Aug 1759
6. Zaccheus Blanchard, b 30 Dec 1761
7. Hannah Blanchard, b. 22 Apr 1764; m. 10 March 1785 to Joseph Nichols; they removed to Canada in 1811.

ELEAZAR-5 BLANCHARD (Joseph-4, Joseph-3, John-2, Joseph-1) b.15 Nov 1730, [Dunstable MA records] twin; died 19 March 1753, aged 22 at Merrimack NH ["Old Dunstable"] of a fever contracted in the wood while on a surveying expedition; m. abt 1750 to Lucy Butterfield. She b. at Chelmsford 15 June 1733, dau of John and Anna (Hildreth) Butterfield.
Child of Eleazer & Lucy (Butterfield) Blanchard
1. Rebecca Blanchard, b. 11 Oct 1752

HON. JONATHAN-5 BLANCHARD (Joseph-4, Joseph-3, John-2, Joseph-1), born 18 Sep 1738 in Dunstable MA; married abt 1765 to Rebecca Farwell of Dunstable, dau of Oliver & Abigail (Hubbard) Farwell. She was born at Dunstable 9 Oct 1739 and died there 20 Aug 1811, aged 72. He died 10 July 1788, aged 50 in Dunstable. Succeeded, at his father's death, to his business of "Proprietor's Clerk and surveyor" when he was only 20 yrs of age. In 1775 he was chosen a member of the Council of Twelve, appointed with a House of Delegates, by the Revolutionary Convention of the state. In 1765 he was a major in the militia and a brigadier general as early as 1776. In October 1776 General Blanchard was sent by the legislature "to recruit our regiments which have been wasted by sickness, suffering and defeat at Ticonderoga." In 1777 he was made Attorney General, and in 1778 one of the Committee of Safety. In 1784 he was appointed Judge of Probate for Hillsborough County, and in 1783, 1784 and 1787 a delegate to the Continental Congress. He resided on the place later owned by Mr. Daniel T. Ingalls, and even later by George E. Webster.
Children of Hon. Jonathan & Rebecca (Farwell) Blanchard:
1. Rebecca Blanchard, b 4 May 1766 in Dunstable MA; m. 3 Dec 1794 at Tyngsboro MA to Dr. Ebenezer[One record says Augustus] Starr, son of Jonathan and Sarah (Dean) Starr; He was born 1 May 1744 at Dedham MA and d at Dunstable 7 Sept 1798. She died 19 Oct 1810 age 45. One child [STARR] born posthumously at Dunstable: Augustua, b 3 March 1799.
2. Grace Blanchard, b. 1768 in Dunstable MA; m. Frederick French, Esq.; d. Amherst NH
3. Sophia Blanchard, b 13 Feb 1769 in Dunstable MA; m. 3 Feb 1799 to Oliver [Merrimack NH records say Joseph] Farwell.
5. Abigail Blanchard, b 20 Nov 1770 in Dunstable, MA; d. 7 Oct 1748; m. 14 Dec 1797 to Dr. Joseph F. Eastman of Hollis NH.
6. Charles Blanchard, b 14 March 1776 [Dunstable MA records], graduated Harvard College 1796, died at Batavia, N.Y. 16 March 1811; unmarried
6. Eliza Blanchard, b. 1777 in Dunstable, MA, died 1843; m. Thomas French Esq.

AUGUSTUS-5 BLANCHARD (Joseph-4, Joseph-3, John-2, Joseph-1) b. 29 July 1746 in Dunstable MA; d. 27 Feb 1809 in Milford NH; m abt 1765 to Bridget Lovewell of Dunstable MA, dau of Col. Zaccheus and Esther (Hassell) Lovewell. She b 10 July 1749 and d. 25 Nov 1836. Augustus resided first at Dunstable (where his oldest child was born) removing to Merrimack NH about 1767. He lived on the homestead where the Rev. Jacob BUrnap lived, and which was later owned by Charles Pillsbury. He served Merrimack NH as selectman, town clerk, fence viewer, constable, petit juror and pound keeper. About 1787 he removed to Amherst NH where he was one of a committee of three appointed 15 June 1784 to carry on the work of building or "raising" a meeting house and that "said committee provide one barrel of rum, two barrels of cider, and one quart of sugar for the raising." In 1788 he bought one share of Ohio Company stock to purchase land in that State along the Muskingum River. In 1793 he was one of a committee of three which petitioned for the formation of a separate town. The petition was granted, and the new town of Milford was chartered in 1794 with Augustus Blanchard as chairman of the first board of selectmen and town clerk. He retained both of these offices each year until his death except from 1795 to 1797. In August 1794 he was on the committee appointed to property divide the town into school districts, in 1797 he was on the committee to build the county bridge, in 1799 he represented the town in the State Legislature, and in 1801 he was one of the incorporators of the town library. In the American Revolution he was a captain of a company of NH militia raised in Merrimack in December 1775.
Children of Augustus & Bridget (Lovewell) Blanchard
1. Sarah Blanchard, b 3 Jan 1766 at Dunstable NH; m 9 Oct 1781 to John Stearns, son of John & Rachel (Codman) Stearns, who was b. in Amherst NH 25 Apr 1755. They removed to VT.
2. Priscilla Blanchard, b 12 Aug 1768 at Merrimack NH; d. Sept 1847; m1) 14 March 1793 to John Crosby of Milford NH, son of Josiah & Sarah (Fitch) Crosby. He removed with his family to Maine where he engaged in the manufacture of lime. He was drowned at Belgrade, Maine, September 20, 1805. He left six children.; Priscilla m2) Solomon Hallet
3. +Augustus Blanchard, b. 18 Jan 1770; m. 31 Jan 1793 to Esther Crosby, dau of Josiah and Sarah (Fitch) Crosby
4. Hannah Blanchard, b 27 Feb 1772, d. 19 Feb 1846; m. Joel Crosby, son of Samson & Lucy (Richardson) Crosby. He b at Lexington MA 9 Feb 1763 and d. at Leominster MA 20 Oct 1833.
5. Esther Blanchard, b 4 May 1774 at Milford NH, d. 8 Dec 1834; m. m 26 Jan 1796 Roger Eliot Perkins, son of Timothy & Hannah (Trowbridge) Perkins. Roger was b at Middleton MA 11 July 1769 and d at Hopkinton NH 14 Apr 1825, and are buried in the Perkins Tomb in the graveyard of St. Andrew's Church. They had 8 children and resided at Hopkinton NH. THey were the grandparents of Commodore George Hamilton Perkins, U.S.N.
6. Bridget/Brigit Blanchard, b. 23 June 1776 at Merrimack NH, d. 16 July 1837 at Amherst NH; m, as 2d wife, 23 Sep 1806/08 to Timothy Danforth, son of David & Elizabeth Danforth. He was b. 2 Apr 1778 at Chelmsford MA and d at Amherst NH. They had 3 children [DANFORTH]: Joel Crosby, Charles Pinckney and Hannah
7. Rebecca Blanchard, b 18 Nov 1778 at Amherst or Dunstable NH, d. 29 March 1858; m. m. July 1798 Josiah French, son of Josiah & Bathsheba (Hill) French. He was b 18 Jan 1772 at Dract MA and died 13 Jan 1850 at Milford NH. They had 12 children [FRENCH]: Hannah, Harriet, Lucretia, Mary Ann, Adaline, Humphrey Moore, Caroline, Rebecca, Augustus Blanchard, Francis Josiah, Charles Humphrey and George Humphrey.
8. James Blanchard, b. 25 Feb 1781, d. 18 March 1798
9. George Blanchard, b. 16 Aug 1783, d. 1831; m. Phebe (Lovejoy) Connor
10. Jonathan Blanchard, b 22 Nov 1785, d. 29 Sep 1788
11. +Porter Blanchard, b. 16 Aug 1788, d. 25 May 1871; m. Ann Stickney
12. Jonathan 2d Blanchard, b. 7/9 Apr 1793; moved to St. Louis, MO
13. Catherine Blanchard, b. 18 July 1796 in Milford NH, d. 22 Jan 1868; m. abt 1830/39 to Rufus Taylor and settled in Damariscotta, Maine.


AUGUSTUS-6 BLANCHARD (Augustus-5, Joseph-4, Joseph-3, John-2, Joseph-1) b. 18 Jan 1770; m. 31 Jan 1793 in Amherst NH to Esther Crosby, dau of Josiah and Sarah (Fitch) Crosby. Occupation: clothier. Relocated 1800 to Sandwich. Administration of will 19 Nov 1829 in Strafford County, New Hampshire.
Children of Augustus & Esther (Crosby) Blanchard:
1. +Augustine Blanchard, b. 19 April 1793 in Hopkinton, NH; d. 11 Feb 1877 in Sandwich NH; m1) Elizabeth (Ambrose) Purington; m2) Rebecca F. Currier
2. Charles Blanchard, b. 17 July 1795 in Sandwich, NH; m1) 17 Sep 1817 to Elmira Burbank; m2) 6 May 1824 to Olive (Taylor) Whitten
3. Sarah Blanchard, b. 19 July 1797
4. Grace Blanchard, b 17 March 1800 in Sandwich, NH; m 20 March 1819 in Sandwich NH to George F. Marston
5. Betsy Blanchard, b. 19 May 1803 in Sandwich, NH; d May 1876; married 19 Dec 1822 in Sandwich NH to Nicholas Gilmore NORRIS
6. Catherine Hubbard Blanchard, b. 29 August 1806 in Sandwich, NH; d 15 Dec 1866 in Sandwich NH; m 17 Sep 1826 in Sandwich NH to Aaron Bede HOYT
7. John Crosby Blanchard, b. 9 Jan 1808 in Sandwich, NH; died 28 Feb 1828 in Sandwich NH.

PORTER-6 BLANCHARD (Augustus-5, Joseph-4, Joseph-3, John-2, Joseph-1) b 16 Aug 1788, d. at Concord NH 25 May 1871; m. 4 Nov 1810 to Anne Souther Stickney, dau of John & Mary (Souther) Stickney. She b. 9 Feb 1791. They resided at Concord NH. Abt 1835 he donated $25 for the building of an Academy in Concord NH; According to the history of Concord NH: "The Blanchard Churn was long one of the sterling products of Concord's industry, and for many years it occupied a foremost place among the dairy instruments of this, as well as foreign countries. The making of churns began in 1818 by Porter Blanchard, and continued by him and his sons, Charles P. and George A. Blanchard, for more than seventy years. The last factory was in the brick building in the rear of Stickney's new block. In connection with this business the elder Mr. Blanchard made drums. Thousands of churns were manufactured in Concord [NH]." From the history of Concord NH: "At the Centennial of the Nation held 4 July 1876, businesses in Concord NH participated in the parade, including "Porter Blanchard's Sons, one wagon loaded with churns and decorated with flags and mottoes." Also from the same source, "Dr. Timothy Haynes and Dr. George H. Taylor, who championed the "Water Cure" purchased the house of Porter Blanchard at the northwest corner of Main and Centre Streets in Concord NH, and fitted it up for the accomodation of patients. Afterwards this building was used as a hotel known as the Commercial House, and even later enlarged by an additional story."
1840 US Census of Concord NH
Porter Blanchard
- - - 1 2 1 - 1 //- - 2 - 2 - 1
One Male age 15-20
Two males age 20-30
One Male age 30-40
One Male age 50-60
Two Females age 10-15
Two Females age 20-30
One Female Age 50-60
1864 Concord City Directory
Blanchard, Charles P., with P. Blanchard, 211 Main st.
Blanchard, Porter, drum and churn maker, h. 211 Main
Blanchard, Thomas S., with P. Blanchard, h. 45 Center
Blanchard, Geo. S., student at law--b S. Blanchard
Children of Porter & Anne S. (Stickney) Blanchard
1. Charles Porter Blanchard, b 4 Mar 1812; reportedly m1) 23 Dec 1835 in Manchester MA to Lucretia Burgess, dau of David & Mary Burgess; she died 30 Jun 1844; He m2) Caroline D. Page who was b abt 1823 in NH; m3) Emily Payson Sawyer who was b. 2 January 1822 in Bradford, Orange, VT, dau of John & Lydia W. (Dike) Sawyer. In the 1860 US Census living in Concord NH with his father, Porter, and wife Caroline P. 37 [b abt 1823], and who appears to be a daughter, Mary Ann 19 [b. abt 1841]. // In 1870 US Census he is living in Concord NH age 57, manufacturer of churns with wife Emily P., age 48. In 1835 Charles P. Blanchard is listed as an original member of the South Congregational Society of Concord NH; In 1871 and 1874 Charles P. Blanchard is listed as a representative to the NH legislature from Concord NH's Ward 4. It is shown in the following census that in 1840 there were two families living in the residence of Charles P. Blanchard, and possibly house servants or employees, etc. His father, Porter Blanchard has a separate residence, along with a William C. Blanchard
1840 US Census of Concord NH
Charles P. Blanchard
1 - - 2 4
- - - - 2
One male under 5
Two males 15-20
Four males 20-30
Two females 20-30
2. Thomas Souther Blanchard, b 16 Nov 1813 in Concord NH; d bef May 1871; he m1) int 26 Apr 1839, Manchester, Essex, MA to Eliza S. Bingham. She b c1819, dau of D.L. & Deborah Bingham. He m 2) 5 Aug 1849, Ipswich, Essex, MA (int 23 Jun 1849, Manchester, MA) to Amelia S. GIBSON. She b. c1818 in MA. Thomas was a sailor for several years and then manufactured cabinets in Manchester MA
Children of Thomas S. & Eliza S. (Bingham) Blanchard: (1) Ann Souter Blanchard, b 9 Dec 1843 in Manchester, Essex Co MA, in 1850 & 1860 living with her father and step-mother in Manchester MA; (2) son, d 5 Sep 1848, Manchester MA; ae 2d; Children of Thomas S. & Amelia (Gibson) Blanchard: (3) Mary J., b abt 1851 in MA; (4) Wallis or Katie E. b abt 1852 in MA; (5) George P., b. abt 1855 in MA.
1850 U.S. Census > Massachusetts > Essex > Manchester

Thomas Blanchard 36 M Cabinet Maker b NH
Amelia S. 32 F b Mass
Annah L. 6 F b Mass
1860 US Census > Massachusetts > Essex > Manchester
Thomas S. Blanchard 45 M Cabinetmaker b NH
Amelia S. 44 F b Massachusetts
Annie J? Blanchard 16 F b Massachusetts
Mary W 9 F b MA
Wallis? E. 8 F b MA
George P. 5 M b MA
1870 US Census > NH > Merrimack > 5-WD Concord
Thomas S. Blanchard, 53 M W without occupation b NH
Blanchard, Amelia S 53 F W keeping house b MA
Blanchard, Mary M 19 F W without occupation b MA
Blanchard, Katie? E 17 F W seamstress b MA
Blanchard, George L 14 M W work in Drum Factory b MA

3. George Augustus Blanchard, d. 13 March 1897 in Boston, MA
m. Frances Ann Brown Sargent of Tamworth NH. Attended college in Fryeburg ME; woodworker in Concord NH, railroad clerk in Springfield OH c 1854 and shipping clerk for steamer line at E. Dubuque IL; 2 year tour in Europe; returned to Concord to work in father's business; moved to Boston MA c1893. He was manufacturer of the famous Blanchard churn. Children of George A. & Frances (Sargent) Blanchard: (1) Lucretia Tilden, b. abt 1856 in Concord NH; (2) Grace, b abt 1859 in Dunleith, JoDaviewss IL; librarian of the Concord NH Public Library 1926 and also in 1930 (census). Unmarried (listed as single in 1930 Census) at age 71


AUGUSTINE-7 BLANCHARD (Augustus-6, Augustus-5, Joseph-4, Joseph-3, John-2, Joseph-1), b. 19 April 1793 in Hopkinton, NH; d. 11 Feb 1877 in Sandwich NH; m1) Elizabeth (Ambrose) Purington; m2) Rebecca F. Currier
U.S. Census > 1850 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Carroll > Sandwich
Augustin Blanchard 57 M Clothier 2000 b NH
Rebecca 52 F b NH
William H.H. 22 M physician b NH [b abt 1828]
John A. 19 M student b NH [b abt 1831]
Elizabeth 16 F b NH [b abt 1834]
Charles 14 M b NH [b abt 1836]

U.S. Census > 1860 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Carroll > Sandwich
Augustine Blanchard, 67 Clothier, 9700, 10000 b NH
Rebecca Blanchard, 67 F b NH
Charles Blanchard, 24 M Trader 600/1800 b NH
Children of Augustine Blanchard:
1. William H.H. Blanchard, b abt 1828; in 1850 US Census living with parents in Sandwich NH, occupation, physician
2. John A. Blanchard, b abt 1831, in 1850 US Census living with parents, occupation, student
Elizabeth Blanchard, b. abt 1834, in 1850 US Census living with parents in Sandwich NH
4. Charles Blanchard, b abt 1836, in 1850 and 1860 US Census living with parents in Sandwich NH; in the 1880 US Census 1880 US census he was living in Sandwich NH as a Variety Store owner, with wife Mary (age 39) and dau Grace A. age 7. He was still living in 1900 as he is shown in the 1900 census.


James Griffin was b. abt 1730 Wilmington MA and d. Oct 1817 age 90
He married 30 May 1751 in Andover MA to Phebe Abbot, dau of Ebenezer & Hannah (Dane) Abbot. Phebe Abbot was b. 3 JAN 1731/32 in Andover, MA
Children of James & Phebe (Abbot) Griffin:
1. Hannah Griffin b: 1754 in Andover, MA
2. Mary Griffin b: 1756 in Andover, MA
3. Elizabeth Griffin b: 1758 in Andover, MA
4. Lydia Griffin b: 1761 in Andover, MA
5. Sarah Griffin b: 1764 in Andover, MA
6. Abigail Griffin b: 1764 in Andover, MA
7. Mary Griffin b: 1768 in Andover, MA
8. **Ebenezer Griffin b: 1771 in Andover, MA

Ebenezer Griffin, b. at Wilmington MA 1771, d. at Litchfield NH 1848; m. 11 Aug 1792 to Betty-6 Carter, dau of Josiah Carter Jr. [Josiah-5, Josiah-4, Samuel-3, Rev Samuel-2, Thomas-1).
Children of Ebenezer & Betty (Carter) Griffin:
1. Elizabeth Griffin b at Leominster Jan 13, 1795, d. at Litchfield NH March 7, 1874; unm.
2. Mary Griffin b at Leominster, Sept 8 1794; m. James Howe, d. at Haverhill, Mass.
3. Phebe Griffin, b. at Wilmington Mass July 16, 1796, d. 18 Sep 1870 in Dracut, MA ; m 4 Dec 1818 in Chelmsford, MA to Abel Lincoln. He was b. 30 Jan 1793 in Fitchburg, Worcester Co, MA; eight children including Varnum, Lowell, Marshall, Martha, and George
4. Sophia Griffin, b at Wilmington, March 3, 1799 d at Manchester, Mass. Apr 11, 1883; m. Hiram Ayers; In the 1850 US census living in Manchester MA, Hiram was an upholsterer b. abt 1801 in MA.
5. Ebenezer Griffin, b at Dracut Aug 3, 1801
6. S. Phillips Griffin b at Dracut Aug 20, 1803, d. March 18, 1866; m1) May 12, 1827 Esther Stearns; m2) Oct 10 1844 Emmeline R. Fuller, eight children
7. Abbot Griffin, b at Dracut June 22, 1805; m. Emily Abbott who d. Apr 4, 1885; four children: Jonathan, Sarah, Charles and Samuel. In 1850 US Census in Litchfield NH with family; Abbot(t) living alone in Litchfield in 1860.
8. Josiah Griffin b at Dracut May 3, 1807
9. Nancy Griffin b at Dracut Aug 22, 1809; m. Sept 26, 1829, David Bixby of Litchfield NH who d. June 1, 1866; 10 children including: Mary, Daniel, Amanda, Caroline, Julia A, Harriet A, Charles H., and Clara E.
10. **George Griffin b at Chelmsford Mass, July 28, 1811
11. Caroline Griffin, b. at CHelmsford, July 16, 1813, d. 1840
12 Sarah H. Griffin, b. at Dracut Dec 13, 1815

George Griffin, b. at Chelmsford MA July 28, 1811; d. Dec 13 1853; m. 27 Dec 1837 to Clarissa White, dau of John & Susannah (Dickey) White of Litchfield NH. 8 children
1. Josephine
2. Mary White, graduated Salem Mass. Normal School
3. Susan Grace
4. **George Byron, b Feb 1844 in NH
5. John White, grad. Dartmouth College; d. 1878, age 32 at Leavenworth, Kansas
6. Norris Clement
7. Orville Carter, died in infancy
8. Arthur George, b abt 1856 in NH; educated at London Literary Medical College and was port physicial at Boston Harbor; in 1880 US Census living as a boarder in Boston MA in household of Dr. Robert A. Blood, as a medical student. In 1910 living in Malden MA (see census)
U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > 4-Wd Malden > District 898
Arthur G. Griffin Head W M 58 m1x 22 yrs NH NH NH physician
Mary V Griffin Wife F W 46 m1x 22 yrs 2 ch 1 living NH NH NH
Margaret D. Griffin dau W F 19 single MA NH NH

George Byron GRIFFIN, b. Feb 1844 in NH; married 14 Nov 1872 to Sarah Frances [Frances S.] Spalding. She was b. Nov 1847 [or 7 Nov 1848] in NH dau of John Lund & Sarah (Bowers) Spalding of Merrimack NH. George and his family lived in the Thornton's Ferry' section of Merrimack and he was the proprietor of a grocery store there.
Children of George B. & Sarah F. (Spaulding) Griffin:
1.Blanche, b. Nov 1874 in NH, teacher
2.Clarissa, b. May 1878 in NH, teacher, never married
3.**Abbie M., b. May 1879 in NH, never married; died Feb 1968; Miss Griffin's will established the following funds for Merrimack: Merrimack Village District Fund, a Hospital Fund, an Educational Fund, and a Memorial Fund.


page 496a
George Griffin was the son of Ebenezer and Betsey (Carter) Griffin, and grandson of James and Phebe (Abbot) Griffin of Wilmington, Mass.
The ancestry of Phebe Abbot may be traced to George Abbot who came from Yorkshire, England and settled in Andover, Mass in 1643.....

Ebenezer, the eldest son of James and Phebe (Abbot) Griffin, married Betsey Carter, of Leominster Mass August 11, 1792. She was the third of eighteen children born to Josiah Carter Jr., each of two wives being the mother of an equal number of offspring. The family of which Betsy Carter was a member, descended from Rev. Thomas Carter whose early home was in Hertfordshire, England. He saided for the New World in 1635, and eight years later was the pastor of a church in Woburn, Mass.

page 497
The parents of the subject of this sketch resided in Leominster for a time, but previous to the birth of George, which occurred July 28, 1811, had removed to Chelmsford, Mass. He was the tenth of a family of twelve children. A few years later circumstances favored a residence in Litchfield, and here George spent his life. His early educational advantages were such as were afforded by the district school of that time in a small country town. These limited privileges were greatly abridged for George, when twelve years of age, by a serious illness occasioned by bathing in the Merrimack when heated, which resulted in a disfigured limb. Had this physical infirmity been tenfold more afflicative, it would not have modified his determination to make his way in the world. As a means to that end, he earned money boating wood to Lowell, which was then an incipient manufacturing place, to defray the expense of a term or two at Derry and one at Bradford Academy, the latter then under the principalship of Benjamin Greenleaf. This completed his school education, terminating in his eighteenth year, and he returned to his former occupation on the Merrimack.
When funds were accumulated, Mr. Griffin engaged in the lumber business for a while, and then opened a general store in Litchfield. February 24, 1844 the store, dwelling-house and other buildings connected, of which Mr. Griffin was proprietor, were burned. Trade continued near the old stand, until buildings were erected on the former site. But mercantile life had so told upon Mr. Griffin's health that he felt compelled to relinquish trade and engage in some occupation that necessitated an out-of-door life to some extend, and he accepted the office of deputy sheriff, entering upon its duties in 1848. This work proved disappointing in its recuperative effects, and he soon resigned the office and gave his attention to the lumber business and the supervision of his farm. The characteristics of sagacity, energy, and fidelity--the foundation stones of a successful career.
Politically he affliated with the Democrats and by the suffrages of his townsmen he held the office of town clerk in 1839, selectman in 1839 and 1840 and representatives in 1848 and 1849. While in the Legislature he served on the judiciary committee. He received the appointment of justice of the peace July 7, 1849 and the same year the following served in the position of superintending school committee.
While George Griffin's generous nature gladly aided all movements that promised a public benefit, the cause of education enlisted his deepest sympathies and heartiest support. The exercise of keen powers of observation strengthened the opinion that the path to honorable success, especially to the boy or girl dependent upon the labor of hand or brain for advancement, was over the stepping-stones of knowledge, and better than all accumulation of riches for children was the discpline of good schools....
In private life Mr. Griffin was the genial, courtesou gentleman; a kind husband, indulgent father, helpful son and brother, and generous friend. Children delighted in his presence and those now in middle life who met him in childhood, recall with pleasure that "George Griffin always shook hands with them."
When twenty six years of age he married Clarissa, the eldest daughter of John and Susannah (Dickey) White of Litchfield, who inherited form her England and Scotch-Irish parentage those strong traits of character that mark the efficient, self-sacrificing woman. Eight children were the fruilt of that union--Josephine, Mary White, Susan Grace, George Byron, John White, Norris Clement, Orville Carter and Arthur George. Orville died in infancy, and John passed away at Leavenworth, Kan in 1878, aged thirty-two years.

With a large family growing up which needed his protecting arm, a devoted wife in whom he found a helpmeet, prosperous in financial matters, a popular citizen, there seemed much to make life sweet, notwithstanding physical suffering, but the all-wise Father had better things beyond, and December 13, 1853, the spirit left the feeble frame through which it had bravely met life's trials for forty-two years. The aged Christian mother survived her dear son several months, but was an invalid after his decease. His father died five years previous, at the age of seventy-eight.

The wishes of Mr. Griffin in regard to the education of his children were faithfully observed by his widow. Each child that reached the period of youth received academical advantages to a greater or less extent. Mary W. was graduated at Salem, Mass. Normal School; John W. at Dartmouth College, and was a member of the Legislature his last college year. Arthur G., who was but six weeks old when left an orphan, was educated at New London Literary Medical College, and is now port physician at Boston Harbor. The quiet, beautiful town of Litchfield is still the home of Mrs. Griffin.
Social Security Death Index
Name: Abbie Griffin
SSN: 001-36-0136
Last Residence: 03060 Nashua, Hillsborough, New Hampshire, United States of America
Born: 14 May 1879
Died: Feb 1968
State (Year) SSN issued: New Hampshire (1962-1963 )
U.S. Census > 1930 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Merrimack > District 79
Griffin, George B. Head 6000 M W 86 Widow NH MA NH Proprietor, Retail Grocer
Griffin, Clarissa W. dau F W 51 single NH NH NH
Griffin, Abbie M dau F W 50 single NH NH NH
Morrison, Angus, Boarder M W 51 single Maine Maine Scotland, Station Agent, Railroad
Census > U.S. Census > 1920 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Merrimack > District 80
Griffin, George B. Head M W 75 NH MA NH Farmer Home Farm
Griffin, Sarah F/P Wife F W 71 NH NH NH
Griffin, Clarissa dau F W 41 single NH NH NH
Griffin, Abbie M dau F W 40 single NH NH NH
U.S. Census > 1910 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Merrimack > District 120
Griffin, George B Head M W 66 married 38 yrs NH MA NH Merchant, General Store
Griffin, Sarah F Wife F W 61 Married 38 yrs 2 ch 2 living NH NH NH
Griffin, Clarissa W. Dau F W 31 single NH
Griffin, Abbie M. dau F W 30 single NH
Morrison, Angus, Boarder M W 81 single Canada Scotland Scotland immigrated 1895, Station Agent B&M Railroad
1907 Nashua Directory
MERRIMAcK section
Griffin, Abbie M, res. George B. Griffin, PO Thornton's Ferry
Griffin, George B., general store also postmaster, Thornton's Ferry, n. sation h Nashua rd., Po Thornton's Ferry
Griffin, Clarissa, teacher, res Geo B. Griffin po Thornton's Ferry
U.S. Census > 1900 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Merrimack > District 88
Griffin, George B Head M W Feb 1844 age 56 married 27 yrs NH MA NH Storekeeper
Griffin, Sarah F Wife W F Nov 1847 52 married 27 yrs NH NH NH
Griffin, Blanche B dau W F Nov 1874 25 single NH teacher
Griffin, Clarissa W dau W F May 1878 22 single NH teacher
Griffin, Abbie M Dau W F May 1879 21 single NH
Spaulding, Sarah S.B. Mother-in-law W F July 1820 79 Widowed NH MA MA
U.S. Census > 1880 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Merrimack > District 140
Griffin Geo B W M 36 Huckster, Dealer in general store NH MA NH
Griffin, Sarah F W F 31 wife NH NH NH
Griffin, Blanche S W F 5 dau NH
Griffin, Clarissa W W F 2 dau NH
Griffin, Abbie M W F 1 dau NH
U.S. Census > 1870 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Litchfield
[Thornton's Ferry Post Office]
Griffin, Clarissa 52 F W Keeping House 5000 5000 NH
Griffin, George B 26 M W Country STorekeeper 600/300 NH
Griffin, George? 16 M W at home NH
Parker, Josephine 32 F W at home 500/600 NH
Parker, Mina 9 F W at home NH
Annis, Grace 28 F W at home 500/600 NH
Annis, Nina 9 F w at home NH
Annis, Orville 7 M W at home NH
Griffin, Mary 30 F W teacher 500/400 NH
--, Betsey 77 F W domestic servant b MA


Thomas Lunn (Lund)-1 was born betw 1620-1626 in England and died Abt 1676 in Boston MA; his spouse is unknown. On the roll of the company of Capt. Nathaniel Davenport, in King Philip's War, 1676, appears the name of Nicholas Lunn of Reading, and later in the same year he was a soldier stationed at Chelmsford. [One source states that from the fact that he or his legal representatives did not apply for a right in any of the Narragansett townships, it is probable that he died without issue. There is no evidence that he was related to the Dunstable family of the same name.] Thomas Lund was a trader of Boston. July 18, 1650, he applied to and secured from William Aspinwall, the Recorder of the Suffolk County Court and a Notary Public, a protest against William Greene, master of the ship Swallow, from London, for the reason that the ship did not sail on the tenth day of March, 1649, according to promise, but did sail March 29, and that said master did not take into said ship all the goods of the said Lunn. The same notary issues a certificate, dated March 18, 1650, that the ship Speedwell, of London, had delivered to Thomas Lunne, merchant of Boston, one butt, contents 1600 & quarter wht. Currans. March 16, 1672, Thomas Lunn was a witness to a deed of Samuel Bennett to Benjamin Muzzey of Rumhey Marsh, conveying land in Boston. He died before February 5, 1677, when administration on the estate of Thomas Lun, late of Boston, seaman, was granted to Benjamin Muzzey, Senior, of Rumney Marsh, in the right of Thomas the only child of said deceased.
Only one child:
1. Thomas-2 b. Sept 1660 in Dunstable MA

Thomas-2 Lund (Thomas-1 Lunn) was born Sept 1660 in Dunstable MA; He was one of the proprietors and first settlers of Dunstable (aka "Old Dunstable) which included the town of (MA): Dunstable, Tyngsborough; (NH) Hudson, Hollis, Nashua along with portions of Amherst, Milford, Merrimack, Litchfield and Londonderry and several other current towns. He is found in Dunstable as early as 1681 when he was appointed one of the town's "fence viewers." In 1682 Thomas Lund was included in a list of people who contributed funds to the "wood rate." He was also one of the town's early selectmen. During the troublous times of King William.'s War, many of the families of Dunstable removed to the older towns. In a petition to the General Court preferred by Major Thomas Henchman, commander of the garrisons in this vicinity, he says: All the inhabitants of Dunstable, excepting two families, desire to draw off, viz.: John Solendine and Thomas Lunn, whose garrisons are near to each other. For many years during seasons of alarm his house was one of the fortified garrisons of the settlement. In 1702 and 1711 his residence is considered a "garrison" against Indian attacks. He married 3 times (not sure which order 1) Eleanor --; he m2) about 1677 to Mary Muzzey; he m3) Elizabeth Bowker. He and his sons, Thomas and William, owned valuable and extensive tracts of land and the record of many deeds are at Cambridge MA and after 1741 at Concord NH. He was living in 1721, but there is no record of his death or of Eleanor, his wife.
Children of Thomas [?& Eleanor] Lund:
1. Thomas* born 9 Sept 1682 in Dunstable MA
2. Elizabeth, born 29 Sept 1684 in Dunstable MA; married Henry Spalding, son of Andrew and Hannah (Jefts) Spalding, born 2 Nov 1680. They lived in Chelmsford MA.
3. William* born 25 Jan 1686 in Dunstable MA
4. Margaret born 16 Jan 1711-12 in Dunstable MA; m1) 16 Jan 1711/12 in Concord MA to Jonathan ROBBINS. He b. Chelmsford MA 19 nov 1686, d. Gryeburg ME 8 May 1725, son of George and Allis Robbins; She m2) 1729 William SHATTUCK. He b. 1689, son of William and Hannah (Underwood) Shattuck. Had issue by both husbands (four children by Jonathan Robbins: Jane (who m. Stephen Ames), Margaret, Jonathan, Eliner/Elinor (m. James Whitney) and Elizabeth; and had 3 children by William Shattuck).


Thomas Lund-3, (Thomas-2, Thomas-1) was born 9 Sept 1682 in Dunstable; killed by Indians, 5 Sep 1724. Married January 16, 1711-2 in Concord MA to Elizabeth Taylor, dau of Abraham & Mary (Whitaker) Taylor; she b. 7 Aug 1690 in Dunstable MA. In 1732 he was a soldier in Capt. Jabez Fairbank's company which was engaged in scouting for the protection of Dunstable, Groton, Lunenburg and Lancaster. He was one of the snow shoe men in Capt. Tyng's company, 1703-1704, and was one of the 8 men slain by the Indians near Thornton's Ferry [now Merrimack NH], September 5, 1724. Administration on the estate of "Thomas Lund, killed by the Indian enemy," was granted to his widow, Elizabeth, October 22, 1724. David Taylor of Concord, her brother, was surety on the bond. The inventory was 408 pound, 10 shillings. The widow, Elizabeth, married 2d) Isaac Cummings and lived in Dunstable. October 30, 1774, Thomas Lund, Jonathan Lund, Phineas Lund, all of Dunstable and Edward Spalding and wife, Elizabeth of Nottingham, all children of Thomas Lund of Dunstable, deceased, sell to our brother Ephraim Lund of Dunstable, their right in the dower of our mother, Elizabeth Cummins, formerly widow of Thomas Lund.
Children of Thomas & Elizabeth (Taylor) Lund:
1. *Thomas, born 31 Oct 1712 in Dunstable NH
2. Elizabeth, born 14 May 1715; married Edward Spalding, born in Chelmsford 8 March 1707-8, son of Ebenezer Spalding; lived in Hudson NH, where five children were born.
3. *Capt. Jonathan born 12 Oct 1717
4. *Ephraim b 3 Aug 1720
5. *Phinehas (Phineas) born 3 April 1723.

William Lund-3, (Thomas-2, Thomas-1) born Jan 25, 1686 in Dunstable, Mass [part of the town of Dunstable] d. 1768; his will was proved February 28, 1759; m. Dec 1716 in Groton MA to Rachel Holden, daughter of Stephen and Hannah (Lawrence) Holden of Groton, and granddaughter of Richard and Martha (Fosdick) Holden of Cambridge. He served Merrimack as Field Driver, Selectman, Surveyor of Highways. In 1724 "while in the service of his country" he was captured by the Indians and conducted to Canada. In his petition to the General Court he alleges that "he suffered great hardships and was obliged to pay a great price for his ransom." He returned to his home before the expiration of many months and enlisted into the company of Capt. Eleazer Tyng, and served from June 10 to November 10, 1725. Early in that service of this company they marked to the field of Capt. Lovewell's fight and there buried twelve men who fell in that memorable engagement. In consideration of his misfortune and suffering while in captivity, the General Court of Massachusetts, in 1734, granted to William Lund four hundred acres of land which was surveyed in 1737. The grant was located in Goffstown. In 1739, in consideration of 400 pounds, he sold the grant to Francis Borland of Boston. He owned many parcels of land in Dunstable, Hudson and Merrimack.
Children of William & Rachel (Holden) Lund:
1. *William, b July 18, 1717
2. Rachel, b. Aug 28 1719; m. John Lovewell, son of Capt. John Lovewell
3. *Charity (male) b. Feb 16, 1731
4. Mary b Nov 28, 1773 m. James Underwood
5. Lucy b May 26, 1736; died young


Deacon Thomas Lund-4, (Thomas-3, Thomas-2, Thomas-1) , born 31 Oct 1712 in Dunstable NH and died 24 February 1790 in Dunstable NH; he married 1) abt 1730 in Dunstable NH to Mary Taylor she b 1712 in Dunstable NH and died 14 Jan 1748; he m2) after 1748 in Dunstable NH to Sarah [one source states Sarah's surname was Chandler]. Although I cannot find a source for this 2nd marriage, the Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 [NEGHS online database] shows for deaths in Dunstable: "Sarah, wid. Dea. Thomas, Apr. 16, 1801." He was a deacon, a town officer, and a prominent citizen of Dunstable. He owned many parcels of land and his name as grantor or grantee frequently appears in the records.
Children of Thomas & Mary (Taylor) Lund:
1. Jesse, born 10 March 1737 [Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 (NEGHS online database) shows for deaths in Dunstable: "Jessee, s. Thomas and Mary, Sept 8, 1738."
2. +Thomas b. 12 March 1739/40 Nashua ; d. 1821; m. Sarah Whitney
Children of Thomas & Sarah (?) Lund:
3. +Joel, b. 27 Nov 1752; m. Sarah --; had at least one child Joel Jr.
4. Sarah, b. 24 Feb 1755; m. December 9, 1779 to James Jewell
5. Phebe b 15 Apr/May 1757 [ birth of dau (unnamed) found in Hudson NH church records]; m. 18 Dec 1781 Thomas Roby
6. Noah, b. 31 March 1759 in Dunstable, Mass; died 1825 in Corinth, Orange Co. VT; m. Betty Hale and had at least 4 children in Corinth VT (Noah Jr., Sophia, Thomas and Sally Chandler)
7. Mary, b. 7 Nov 1760 m. 8 Jan 1784 Nehemiah Wright, born 12 Oct 1756, son of John and Mary (Kendall) Wright; moved to Nelson NH
8. +Daniel, b. 31 Oct 1762
9. Bettey, b. 15 Oct 1766/67 [this birth found in two places: Vital Records of Dunstable MA and Churh records of Hudson NH]
10. Dolly, b. 8 July 1768 (twin); married September 15, 1794, John Read.
11. Lydia, b. 8 July 1768 (twin)
12. One source states, Hannah, born October 5, 1769, however this is incorrect as the records show she was the dau of Thomas JR. and Sarah [see son of this Thomas for Hannah's information]

Capt. Jonathan Lund-4 (Thomas-3) was born in Dunstable, October 12, 1717. He was a leading citizen of the town, a captain in the militia and a selectman. He married at Dunstable, April 9, 1741, Jean Varnum, born at Dracut, April 13, 1713, daughter of Thomas and Joanna (Jewett) Varnum. She died September 14, 1764. He married, second, October 22, 1765, Olive Sargent, a daughter of Dr. Nathaniel and Ruth (Jackson) Sargent of New Castle and Portsmouth NH. He died November 29, 1801. Six children of the first and five of the second wife.
Children of Capt. Jonathan & Jane/Jean (Varnum) LUND:
1. Olive, born March 15, 1742
2. Joanna, born September 16, 1743; married October 6, 1763. Dea. Benjamin Smith. He died in Dunstable, March 29, 1821. Joanna, his wife, died August 21, 1814.
3. +Jonathan, born July 24, 1747. He married Priscilla Cummings, born July 7, 1747, daughter of Ephraim and Elizabeth (Butler) Cummings.
4. Mary, born August 24, 1749; died November 17, 1758.
5. Oliver, born July 29, 1752; died March 18, 1776. Tombstone (Milford NH): In Memory of Mr. Oliver Lund , who departed this life March 18th, 1776 , aged 24 years.
6. Mehitable, born June 19, 1755; died November 28, 1758.
Children of Capt. Jonathan & Olive (Sargent) Lund:
7. +Joseph, born December 24, 1767. He m. Betsey --.
8. Nathaniel
9. Olive, married 1800, Aaron Whitney, born 1772, son of Levi Whitney of Townsend. He lived in Amherst and in Calais, Maine.
10. Elizabeth
11. James Taylor

Ephraim Lund-4 (son of Thomas-3) was born in Dunstable, August 3, 1720; he married Rachel Pierce, born in Groton, October 21, 1723, daughter of Stephen and Rachel Pierce. He lived in Amherst and in Dunstable until 1765, when he removed to Plymouth, N.H. He was the first town clerk of Plymouth and one of the first board of selectmen and he built the first mill in Plymouth. He removed in 1770 to Warren, N.H. Later he lived in Benton, where he died about 1796. It is probable that he had a second wife, Esther, but a record is not found. Stephen Pierce, the father of Mrs. Lund, died in Groton, July 6, 1761. Articles of agreement concerning the estate made September 16, 1761, and recorded in Middlesex Registry, Vol. 68, page 436, are signed by the widow, Rachel Pierce, sons Jonathan and Stephen and Ephraim Lund and his wife Rachel, Jonathan Gilson and his wife Susannah, Nathan Fiske and his wife Mary, and by two unmarried daughters, Elizabeth and Thankful Pierce.
Children of Ephraim & Rachel (Pierce) LUND:
1. Rachel, born 29 Aug 1743
2. *Ephraim, born August 25, 1745.
3. Elizabeth, born October 23, 1748.
4. *Stephen, born July 1, 1751. He was a soldier in Col. Bedel's regiment in 1778. He lived in Warren, a pensioner, where he died 1843.
5. +Joseph, born April 28, 1754. He served in Col. Bedel's regiment 1776. He was a temporary resident of Benton, but lived many years in Warren.
6. Noadiah, born March 10, 1757, a soldier in the Revolution from Warren NH.
7. Susannah, born September 17, 1759.
8. Silas, born September 12, 1762, moved Warren NH abt 1788-89; moved abt 1794 from Warren, Grafton Co NH to Groton VT. Married 23 Oct 1788 in Warren NH to Comfort Batchelder. She b. abt 1774. Children: Jeremiah, Moses, Elizabeth, Jonathan, and Silas.

Phineas Lund-4 (Thomas-3) born April 3, 1723. He lived in Dunstable, Lyndeborough and Amherst. He died in Amherst, NH, December 2, 1818, aged 95. One source states "A record of his marriage has not been discovered." The book, "Ancestors and descendants of Albro Dexter," [see ref. below] shows Phineas' wife's name as Rachael French, dau of Samuel French, and granddau of Samuel & Sarah (Cummings) French. Nine children were born in Dunstable. . In 1763 a Phineas Lund is listed as one of the original grantees of Plymouth NH.
Children of Phineas & ?Rachael (French) LUND:
1. Lucy, born January 31, 1745; married March 21, 1776, Benjamin Shepard of Amherst. Had children: James (b 14 June 1777), William (b 29 July 1780), John (b 22 Sep 1783), Benjamin (b 24 March 1786).
2. Rhoda, born August 30, 1748.
3. Samuel French, born July 25, 1751, and d. 24 June 1827 in Tyngsboro MA; married 27 April 1790 to Dorcas (Snow) Hamblet of Dustable. She died 7 Feb 1818. She had married 1) Joseph Hamblet. They resided in Tyngsboro MA. Samuel and Dorcas had a daughter, Lucy Lund, baptized 11 Aug 1793, died 1 May 1798 in Tyngsboro MA.
4. Jesse, born March 20, 1757. He was a soldier in the Revolution, and was wounded at Bunker Hill. Later he served on the quota of Harvard, Mass., 1777 to 1780. He died after 1820 in Dunstable NH. He married in Bolton, Mass., July 25, 1803, Caty Parker.
5. Bridget, born August 30, 1759; married February 24, 1791, Isaac Parkhurst of Temple.
6. Willard, born February 21, 1762; married Sarah Towne daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Burton) Towne of Temple.
7. Catherine born July 22, 1764.
8. Sarah, born February 19, 1768.
9. Rachel, born May 21, 1771; married about 1819, Jacob Duncklee of Amherst. His second marriage. (All of his children were from his 1st marriage)

William Lund-4, son of William-3, was born in Dunstable, July 18, 1717. He was a farmer and a respected townsman. He married Sarah. He died March 20, 1782. Nine children.
1. Hannah, born June 18, 1743; married William Roby. She died in Dunstable, June 11, 1838.
2. William, born May 11, 1745; died young.
3. Sarah, born April 4, 1747; married James Whitney; married, second, Isaac Pike.
4.+John, born February 22, 1749.
5. Mary, born April 17, 1752.
6. Levi, born December 12, 1754; married April 8, 1784, Sarah Cutler who died May 28, 1785. He married, second, Naomi Gibson. He died December 23, 1814. His descendants are numerous.
7. Rebecca, born March 15, 1757; married July 30, 1782, Daniel Woods, born February 15, 1760, son of Oliver and Sarah Woods of Dunstable.
8. William, born July 1, 1758. He was killed in the army of the Revolution.
9. Augustus, born December 17, 1764; married April 10, 1787, Joanna Smith, born in Dunstable, October 31, 1763, daughter of Dea. Benjamin and Joanna (Lund) Smith. They lived in Dunstable and in Merrimack. Augustus Lund, of Dunstable, served as 2d lieutenant in the artillery company of the Amherst NH 5th regiment in June of 1794; Ten children.

Charity Lund-4, son of William-3, b. Feb 16, 1731, d. June 11, 1793 and is buried in Thornton Cemetery in Merrimack NH; m. Lucy Coburn who was b. 1736 and died Sept. 2, 1805 (buried Thornton Cemetery, Merrimack NH). He served Merrimack as Hog Reaf, Constable, Selectman (1754), Field Driver, Fence Viewer, Surveyor of Highway, Tythingman, Grand Juror, and Committee to divide the Town into School Districts, on 1787 Tax List in District 4). He was a successful farmer He is shown in the 1790 US Census living in Merrimack NH. His will was probated June 25, 1793 and mention is made therein of his wife Lucy, sons Charity, Stephen, John, James, Cosmo, William Jarathmeel and daughters Lucy, Elizabeth, Rachel, Sarah, Hannah and Rebecca; in 1752 a "Charity Lund" was listed as one of the grantees of Richmond NH, but I do not know if this is the same person, and if so, if he ever spent time there.
Children of Charity & Lucy Lund:
1. Stephen, b. May 14, 1754 in Merrimack NH; m. Lucy Danforth, born January 6, 1766, dau of Joseph & Mary (Richardson) Danforth. (His son Stephen was born in Merrimack 3 March 1789, married in Hollis NH Sep 12, 1810 to Elizabeth Ober; m2) in Hollis, 2 June 1813 Mary Hardy born May 9, 1792 dau of Nehemiah Hardy of Hollis. He lived in Merrimack and possibly also Hollis NH. (Charles Tyler Lund of Nashua is a grandson of Stephen Lund Jr.)
2. Lucy, b Sept 24, 1765 Merrimack; m. Gordon Hutchins
3. Elisabeth b Feb 14, 1758 Merrimack
4. Rachel b Jan 14, 1760 Merrimack; m. James Dunn Jr.
5. Charity b Nov 17, 1761 Merrimack
6. Sarah b July 6, 1763 Merrimack; m. Joshua Pierce
7. John b Sept 6, 1765
8. Hannah b Feb 6, 1767 Merrimack; m. Simeon Chase
9. +James b May 29, 1768 Merrimack NH; d. Apr 11, 1820 Litchfield NH
10. Cosmo b Nov 6, 1769 Merrimack
11. +Jereathmeel/Jerahmeel b May 2, 1771 Merrimack NH
12. William b Nov 17, 1775 Merrimack
13. Rebecca b July 14, 1777


Thomas Lund-5, son of Thomas-4 and Mary (Taylor) Lund, born March 12, 1739/40. He married Sarah Whitney. Eight children were born in Dunstable. He died February, 1821. His widow died December, 1831. From the time he was seven years old he supported himself. He became a farmer; but, having also a natural aptitude for mechanics, he made carts and wagons, and the house where his grandson, Charles now resides, was mostly build by his own hands. He was an industrious, energetic worker, and from his savings was enabled to buy the farm where he resided many years. [Children from History of Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, Philadelphia: J.W. Lewis & Co., 1885, page 216]
Children of Thomas & Sarah (Whitney) Lund:
1. Hannah, b. 5 Oct 1769 [Vital records of Dunstable, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849, Salem, Mass.: Essex Institute, 1913 -- "Hannah, d. Thomas, jr. and Sarah, Oct 5, 1769"]
2. John, born 1772.
3. Thomas
4. Isaac
5. +Oliver, born April 8, 1779; married April 17, 1814, Orpah Danforth
6. Sarah
7. Huldah
8. Noah

Joel Lund-5, son of Thomas-4, born November 27, 1752. He was a lieutenant in the Revolution. He married Sarah --.
1. Joel, born October 18, 1773 [NEGHS recs, Dunstable]; married November 8, 1803, Priscilla Lund, born January 25, 1779, daughter of Jonathan, Jr., and Priscilla (Cummings) Lund of Milford. He lived in Hollis and in Nashua. Had issue in Dunstable: Priscilla, b. 6 Aug 1804; Hannah, b 1 Apr 1806; Betsey Bowers, b. 21 June 1808; Sarah Jane, b. 12 Jan 1812
2. Sarah, born November 23, 1777, [NEGHS recs, Dunstable]
3. Jane, born April 17, 1784, [NEGHS recs, Dunstable]
4. Betsey, born August 16, 1787, [NEGHS recs, Dunstable]

Daniel Lund-5, son of Thomas-4 b. Oct 31, 1762 Dunstable, Mass, d. June 26, 1842, buried in Reeds Cemetery, Merrimack NH) Shown in 1790-1840 US census living in Dunstable, then Merrimack NH; [according to the history of Merrimack he m. Elizabeth --, b. 1772, d. May 18, 1843, buried in Reeds Cemetery, Merrimack NH; according to "Old Dunstable, Maine and NH Founders," he m. Hepsibah Hunt, born 5 Sep 1766, dau of William and Mary (Hardy) Hunt of Dunstable]
Children of Daniel and ? Lund
1. Elizabeth (Betty) b Sept 4, 1799
2. Nathaniel Sargent b. Feb 14, 1801
3. +James, b. Nov 30, 1803
4. Eliza b Sept 27, 1808 (twin)
5. David, b. Sept 27, 1808 (twin)

Jonathan Lund-5, son of Capt Jonathan-4, born July 24, 1747. He married Priscilla Cummings, born July 7, 1747, daughter of Ephraim and Elizabeth (Butler) Cummings. In company with Jonathan Danforth, he built a saw mill on Witch brook in 1766, then in Monson and now in Hollis. near the line of Amherst. He was a blacksmith. and his farm in Milford has been the poor farm of Milford. He died June 11, 1828. Priscilla, his wife, died January 22, 1824.
Children of Jonathan & Priscilla (Cummings) Lund:
1. Jonathan, b. 5 July 1771 in Amherst NH
2. David, b. 10 June 1773 in Amherst NH, m. Sarah Griffin
3. +Isaac, b. 17 March 1775 in Amherst NH
4. Hannah, b. 3 January 1777 in Amherst NH
5. Priscilla, b. 25 January 1779 in Milford NH, m. Joel Lund
6. Oliver, b. 25 January 1781 in Amherst NH
7. Mary, b. 6 August 1783 in Amherst NH
8. Samuel, b. 11 Dec 1785 in Amherst NH
9. Ephraim, b. 17 March 1788 in Amherst NH, d. 30 March 1788
10. Elizabeth, b. 15 Apr 1785 in Amherst NH; m. Preston Holmes

Joseph Lund-5 , son of Capt. Jonathan-4, born December 24, 1767. He lived in Dunstable, where he died August 21, 1835. His widow, Betsey, died December 3, 1863.
Children of Joseph & Betsey Lund:
1. +Joseph S., b. abt 1800 in NH; died in Concord, N.H. December 27, 1882.

Ephraim Lund-5, son of Ephraim-4 was born in Dunstable MA, August 25, 1745. He went to Plymouth in 1765, with his father, and in 1770 to Warren. Little's History of Warren says he died in the army during the Revolution. In 1788 he is listed in a document as a resident of Coventry NH. According to the records of the family he returned from Grafton county and settled in Hollis. Ephraim Lund of Hollis served in Capt. Daniel Emerson's company in 1777, and was a prosperous farmer of that town. He married in Hollis, May 12, 1772, Alice Wheeler, born December 1, 1745, daughter of Peter and Hannah (Colburn) Wheeler of Bedford, Mass., and Hollis. He died in Hollis, August 28, 1820; his wife died October 6, 1798. Seven children born in Hollis.
Children of Ephraim & Alice (Wheeler) LUND:
1. Hannah, born September 7, 1772.
2. Sally, born March 8, 1774; married January 24, 1793, Samuel Barron.
3. Alice, born April 19, 1776.
4. Mary, born May 21, 1778; married November 10, 1797, Dea. Enos Hardy of Hollis.
5. Ephraim, born August 14, 1780; died April 6, 1789.
6. Stephen, born October 29, 1783; married January 22, 1806, Rachel Shedd; had at least one child, Hannah, b. 11 June 1822 in Hollis NH, and died 4 Sep 1902 in Dunbarton NH; m. 5 May 1844 in Dunbarton NH to James Hazelton Stone and had 2 children, Lestenah and James Ephraim.
7. Ebenezer, born July 10, 1786.

Stephen Lund-5, son of Ephraim-4 was born July 1, 1751 in Dunstable MA.. He was a soldier (private) in Col. Bedel's regiment in 1778. He lived in Warren, a pensioner, where he died 1843; he married 14 Aug 1771 in Groton MA to Sybil Whitney, dau of Joseph & Abigail (Nutting) Whitney . She was born 25 Dec 1748 in Pepperell MA and died about 1794 in Warren NH. In 1840 Stephen is shown in the Census of Revolutionary War Pensioners living in Warren, Grafton Co. NH with his son. He started receiving a pension 2 Apr 1833.
Children of Stephen & Sybil (Whitney) Lund:
1. +Joseph b: 11 Sep 1773 in New Ipswich, NH

2. Stephen Jr. b: 19 Mar 1775 in Warren, Grafton Co., NH, died 28 Dec 1851; m. 28 MAY 1801 in Warren NH to Edna Weeks. She was b. 30 Jan 1782 in Piermont NH and died 1 Feb 1838.
3. Noadiah b: 7 Jan 1777 in Coventry, NH; died after. 1860 in Rumney, Grafton, NH; m. about 1802 to Mary Banks
4. Oliver b: 10 Jan 1779 in Coventry, NH; m. 1796, Orpha Wilcox; died abt. 1798
5. Lucy b: 29 Jan 1781 in Warren, Grafton, NH; died in Edenville, Marshall, Iowa; married abt. 1801 in Piermont NH to Joseph Weeks, had 8 children
6. Hannah b: 12 Jun 1783 in Warren, Grafton, NH, died abt. 1813; married 17 Nov 1808 in Warren, Grafton, New Hampshire to James Goodwin. Had at least 2 children, Wesley & Azrel.
7. Ephraim b: 6 Feb 1786 in Warren, Grafton, NH; died abt. 1787 in Warren, NH
8. Sibbel b: 30 Apr/Feb 1788*
9. Hosea b: 9 Jan 1790 in Warren, Grafton, NH; died 11 Apr 1796 in Warren, Grafton, NH
10. Sally b: 6 Apr 1792 in Warren, Grafton, NH; died abt. 1793

Joseph Lund-5, son of Ephraim-4, born April 28, 1754. He served in Col. Bedel's regiment 1776. He was a temporary resident of Benton, but lived many years in Warren NH where he died 1843.He married 1) Sarah "Sally" Dodge who was b. abt 1780. He married 2) 5 Feb 1785 in Warner NH to Anna Smart.
Children of Joseph & Anna (Smart) Lund:
1. Alice/Olive, b 10 Dec 1813, Stark Coos Co. NH
2. Silas b 3 May 1816, Stark Coos Co NH [d rec states mother Sally Dodge]; . 7 Sep 1908 in Stark Coos Co NH; he m. 21 Dec 1843 in Stark, Coos Co NH to Sarah Ann Massaeure. In 1850 Census of Stark NH with wife Sarah (b abt 1822), and children: Chloe (b abt 1844), Almira (b abt 1847), Henry (b abt 1848) and Edwin (b abt 1849). William Lunn age 17 (b abt 1833 also in census but most probably a brother or cousin).
3. +Joseph D. Jr. b 10 Sep 1818, Stark Coos Co NH
4. Joshua Lunn, b abt 1824 NH residing Stark Coos Co NH in 1850. He married 1st)22 Mar 1848 in Stark, Coos Co NH to Marcia/Marsha E. Blake. He m2) 11 Nov 1863 in Stark Coos Co NH to Jane Craft. Children Rosamond, Alfarata, Dora, Mary, Laura, and Riley S. Joshua served during the Civil War, service to Stark, NH -- 3 Sep 1864 -- New Hampshire -- Union.

Major John Lund-5, son of William-4, born February 22, 1749. He was a lieutenant in the Revolution and a major in the militia. [Lund, John (N. H.). 1st Lieutenant of Wyman's Regiment New Hampshire Militia, May to September, 1776.] He married March 26, 1772, Hannah Phelps. He died March 11, 1822. His widow died May 4, 1847, aged 96 years.
Children of Maj. John & Hannah (Phelps) LUND:
1. Sarah, born June 30, 1772; married Cummings Pollard.
2. Lucy, born December 10, 1773; married Silas Read.
3. William, born January 25, 1778; married Rebecca Clark.
4. Hannah, born December 10, 1780; married Cummings Pollard.
5. Rebecca, born December 10, 1780, twin.
6. Mary, born September 25, 1782; married S. I. Ettridge
7. +Clifton, born December 7, 1784; married June 13, 1815, Rebecca Carlton of Merrimack.
8. John, born December 1788, not married.
9. Clarissa, born May, 1793; married Timothy Presby.
10. +Jonathan P., born September 17, 1796 Nashua NH; married Rebecca Eaton.

Deacon Augustus Lund-5, son of William-4, born December 17, 1764; married April 10, 1787, Joanna/Johannah Smith, born in Dunstable, October 31, 1763, daughter of Dea. Benjamin and Joanna (Lund) Smith. They lived in Dunstable and in Merrimack. Augustus Lund, of Dunstable, served as 2d lieutenant in the artillery company of the Amherst NH 5th regiment in June of 1794. He died after January 1813; Ten children including:
Children of Dea. Augustus & Joanna (Smith) LUND [10 children in all]
1. Rebecca J. Lund m. January 1835 to James U. Parker, son of Deacon Matthew and Sally (Underwood) Parker who was b. in Litchfield NH 28 July 1797, as his second wife. (His 1st wife was Mary Hawkins of Hanover NH). They had several children. Their youngest son, Charles A., resided in Lynn, MA.
2. *Possibly a son: Augustus Lund, b abt 1809 who m. 7 Aug 1836 in Lowell MA to Elizabeth Bean.

James Lund-5, son of Charity-4, b. May 29, 1768; d. Apr 11, 1820 in Litchfield NH; m. Dec 25, 1796, Polly Chase of Litchfield NH, b. 1776 d. May 2, 1865 in Litchfield NH
Children of James & Polly (Chase) LUND:
1. Herschel, bap. Apr 15, 1798 Merrimack NH
2. James, bap May 4, 1800 Merrimack NH
3. Samuel Chase, bap May 29, 1803 Merrimack NH
4. Mary Jane bap Sept 1, 1805 Merrimack NH
5. Sara Pierce, bap. May 7, 1809 Merrimack NH
6. John, bap May 10, 1812 Merrimack NH

Jereathmeel/Jerahmeel/Jerathmel Lund-5, son of Charity-4, b May 2, 1771, d. Sept 11, 1818, buried in Thornton Cemetery, Merrimack NH; m. 29 Jan 1809 [int filed in Tyngsboro MA] Sarah Swallow Thompson, dau of Asa & Mary (Swallow) Thompson. She was b. 27 Oct 1785 in Tyngsboro MA.
Children of Jereathmeel & Sarah (Thompson) Lund:
1. +Jerathmeel/Jerahmeel/Jerathmel C. Lund, b. abt 1810 NH.
2. Sarah H. Lund
3. Nahum S. Lund, born about 1815 in NH; found in 1870 US Census living in Boston MA; m 27 May 1838 in Boston MA to Mary A. Moses. Their son Otis N. Lund, d. 12 Sep 1841.
4. James Tarbox Lund, b. 1818 Merrimack NH; d. 7 Nov 1900 in Tyngsborough MA, age 82; carpenter, married 9 Apr 1846 in Boston MA to Mariah/Maria Cannavan. No known children. In 1860 & 1870 his mother Sarah is living with them in Tyngsborough MA.


Oliver Lund-6, son of Thomas and Sarah (Whitney) Lund, was born April 8, 1779, died 21 December 1866; married 17 April 1814 [or March 18, 1815], Orpah, daughter of William and Lucy (Pollard) Danforth. She was born 2 January 1788/89 in Derry NH, and died 2 March 1867. Oliver passed his early life on the farm, and afterwards, for several years, was captain of the packet-boat running on Middlesex Canal from Boston to Middlesex. He was an active man, held various town offices, was a member of the First Congregational Church of Nashua, and a good type and worthy descendant of the pioneers of Nashua.
1850 US Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Nashua > 137
Oliver Lund 71 M Farmer NH
Orpha Lund 62 F NH
Laura Foster 30 F NH
Jane G. Foster 7 F NH
Clara A. Foster 4 F NH
Laura L. Foster 2 F NH
[farm helpers]
Chilldren of Oliver & Orpha (Danforth) LUND: [Their children attaining maturity]:
1. George Lund, b. abt 1816 in Nashua NH; d. 1 Feb 1873 in Boston MA; in 1870 living in Lowell MA with wife Anna, b abt 1826 in MA.
2. Orpha Lund,
3. Laura Lund m. John A. Foster. In 1850 living with her parents in Nashua NH with children [FOSTER] Jane G (b abt 1843), Clara A. (b abt 1846) and Laura L. (b abt 1848) in NH.
4. +Charles, b. 8 Nov 1821
5. Sabra Lund m. 21 May 1846 in Nashua NH to Elkannah P. Parker, son of Nathan & Mary (McQuestion) Parker ; they resided in Merrimack NH. [SEE PARKER GENEALOGY]
6. Handel, b. abt 1829 NH; In 1850 census living in Cambridge, Middlesex Co. MA, a clerk

Lund -6, son of Daniel-5, b. Nov 30, 1803; occupation: cooper; probably the same James Lund who build the house (and cooper shop across the street) at 19 Seaverns Bridge Road in Merrimack NH (according to deeds). He married Harriet/Hanna B. -- who was born abt. 1808 in MA. By 1850 he is found in Charlestown, MA (1850 U.S. Census). In 1860 living in Somerville MA. In 1880 living in Boston MA.
Children of James & Harriet/Hannah B. Lund:
1. Frederick K., b. abt 1834 in MA
2. Ann/Anna, b. abt 1836 in MA; in 1860 living with parents in Somerville MA; in 1880 unmarried living with parents in Boston MA; occupation: schoolteacher

Isaac Lund -6, son of Jonathan-5, was b. 17 March 1775 in Amherst NH; he died about 1837; He married 17 March 1805 in Dunstable MA to Abigail Taylor, dau of Jonas & Mary (Danforth) Taylor. She b. 30 May 1780 in Dunstable, MA
Children of Isaac & Abigail (Taylor) Lund:
1. Isaac Newton, b. Nov. 4, 1805, Dunstable records
2. Susan, b. 3 July 1814 in Dunstable; m. -- Gibbs; d. 1888 in Londonderry NH
3. Sarah Abigail, b. 10 March 1807 in Dunstable
4. Catherine, b. 4 August 1817 in Nashua, NH, removed to Ohio and IL; died 1875 in Near Kinmundy, Fayette Co., Illinois; married John D. Gibbs; had children Laura, Susan L., Mary Alice, Dennis D., Isaac (Issac), Nahum Ward, Reuben E., Charles, Dudley and Rhoda A.

Joseph S. Lund-6, (Joseph Lund-5, Capt. Jonathan-4) b. abt 1800 in NH; died in Concord, N.H. December 27, 1882. Married 1) before 1831 to Mary L. --; he m2nd) 23 Nov 1846 in Manchester NH to Phebe C. Abbott, dau of William & Rebecca (Bailey) Abbott, who was b. 2 Oct 1817; He m3) 21 Apr 1877 in Manchester NH to Amanda J. Nutting a widow of Hebron ME, who was b. abt 1840; resided in Concord NH (in 1850-1850 US census). In 1876 Directory of Concord NH, Joseph S. Lund lives at house 71 Main St. in Concord NH. He was selectman of Ward 6 in Concord NH.
Children of Joseph S. & Mary L. (?) Lund:
1. + Charles Carroll Lund, b. abt 1831

Joseph Lund-6, son of Stephen-5 b: 11 Sep 1773 in New Ipswich, NH; reportedly died 1852 in Warren,Grafton, NH. (in 1850 a Joseph Lund is found in the "Poor House" in Haverhill, Grafton Co NH). He married Mercy -- about 1790. She b. abt 1775 and died 1791.
Children (may be more)
1. +Hosea/Hesea Lund, b. about 1805 NH; m. Miriam --. In 1850 US Census of Warren NH with family, Joseph & Mercy Lund living with him.
2. +Joseph Jr.
, born about 1810 in NH; m. Emily Gage.

Joseph D. Jr. Lund-6, son of Joseph-5, was born 10 Sep 1818 in Stark, Coos Co NH; He married Deborah Crosby, who was b. abt 1819. He m2) Hannah Spalding, b abt 1826. Resided in Hollis NH in 1880
U.S. Census > 1880 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Hollis > District 116
Lund, Joseph W M 62 Farmer b NH NH NH
Lund, Hannah W F 54 wife Keeping House NH NH NH
Lund, Willis J., W M 20 son Farm laborer NH NH NH
Spalding, Hannah D. W F 75 mother-in-law House Keeping
Children of Joseph & Deborah (Crosby) Lund:
1. Frances, b. abt 1848
2. Harriet J. aka "Henrietta" aka H. Josie Lund, b. October 22, 1855 in Milford ; m. 31 Mar 1880 in Nashua NH Brooks Burns. She d. 7 Apr 1886 in Hollis NH. Children: Betsey, Elizabeth, Joseph and Robert BURNS. He married 2nd) 5 Jul 1887 Milford NH to Jennie Nelson.
3. +Willis, b. abt 1859

Clifton Lund-6, son of Major John-5, born December 7, 1784; married June 13, 1815, Rebecca Carleton of Merrimack. He died April 26, 1857. Rebecca was the dau of Timothy & Rebecca (Fields) Carleton, b. 30 April 1793 in Merrimack NH. She died November 6, 1869.
1850 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Nashua
Clifton Lund 67 M Farmer 7000 NH
Rebecca Lund 56 F b NH
Eliza Ann Lund 20 F b NH
Sarah R Lund 17 F b NH
Isaac Patten 50 M Laborer NH
Children of Clifton & Rebecca Carlton Lund:
1. John C., born in Nashua, 1821-24; died January 14, 1896; in the 1870 U.S. Census living in Nashua NH, farmer, single.
2. Eliza Ann, born abt 1830 in NH; m. 26 May 1856 in Nashua NH to John A. Baldwin; d. 24 Jun 1918 in Nashua NH.
3. Sarah R., b. abt 1837 in NH; m. -- Cogin/Cogan [probably Francis who d. 19 Jan 1903 in Nashua NH]; She d. 21 Feb 1903 in Nashua NH.

Jonathan P. Lund-6, son of Major John-5, born September 17, 1796 Nashua NH; In 1831 he removed to Acushnet in the town of New Bedford MA, and in 1836 established the hardware and tin business which continued long in the Lund name. He was also engaged in another New Bedford enterprise, associated with the late Charles W. Morgan, the two conducting from 1842 to 1862 a candle, paper and, later, wall paper factory. He retired from the hardware business in the year 1864, being succeeded in it by his son, Parkman Macy Lund. He died 4 Dec 1874 at Acushnet, New Bedford MA. On 25 Nov 1827, Mr. Lund married Rebecca Ames Eaton. She b. 22 Dec 1799, dau of Jacob Eaton of South Reading [now Wakefield] MA, and d. 8 June 1883.
Children of Jonathan P. & Rebecca A. (Eaton) LUND:
1. +Parkman Macy, b. 25 Feb 1829 Wakefield MA
2. Rebecca Holmes, b. 7 June 1830, d. 8 Sep 1901; m. 18 Feb 1850 in Exeter, Rockingham Co NH to Charles Austin Mendal Taber. He b. 3 Apr 1824 in Rochester MA and d. 29 Jan 1911 in Wakefield MA, son of Freeman & Louisa (Dean) Taber; lived in Wakefield MA. Had children: Louisa [shown as male Louis in 1870 census, and female Louise in 1880 census] b. 16 March 1851 in New Bedford MA (m. William Swift Prior); and Rebecca Easton, b. 7 Apr 1854 in New Bedford MA (m. Moses P. Parker). In 1870 living in Schendectady NY, Charles Austin's occupation at that time being "photographist," in 1880 census in Wakefield MA.
3. Eliza S. "Lise", b. 15 Feb 1832 in North Fairhaven MA; m. 9 Jan 1867 James H. Carter. He was born about 1833 in MA; lived in Wakefield MA; In 1870 and 1880 living in Wakefield MA, no children at those times, James' occupation being salesman (rattan boards).
4. Jonathan P., b. 21 Aug 1834 in New Bedford MA, d. December 31, 1863; m. 10 Oct 1860 Rebecca E. Doty. In 1860 living in New Bedford MA.
5. Edward P., born September 2, 1839, in New Bedford, Mass., married Mary L. Doty October 6, 1864, and died June 10, 1866.

Jerathmel C.-6 Lund, (Jereathmeel/Jerahmeel/Jerathmel/Jerihmel Lund-5, Charity-4 ) b. abt 1810 NH, d. 1 Jan 1886 in Bedford MA, widowed;In 1886 probate administration for Jerahmeel C. Lund in Middlesex Co. MA. His occupation: Carpenter.
In 1860 US Census living in Malden, Middlesex Co MA, with wife Frances (age 44 b MA), and children Frances (female, ag 17 Mass), George V. (age 14 Mass), Simeon T. (age 10/11 MA), and Walter B. (age 4 MA).
Children of Jerathmel & Frances M. (?) Lund:
1. Frances H. Lund, b. abt 1843 MA; m. 7 Oct 1866 to John Carlisle, so of James & Hannah Carlisle.
2. George V. Lund, b abt 1846 MA, d. 22 Mar 1864 Cambridge MA.
3. Simon/Simeon T. Lund, b abt 1850 MA; m. m. 18 Sep 1876 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co. MA to Matilda Cousens; In 1880 living with his parents in Cambridge MA, along with wife, and children: Frances V (b abt 1877 MA) and Mabel C. (b abt 1879 MA).
4. Walter B. Lund, b. abt 1856 MA; d. 21 Apr 1879 in Cambridge MA, single, clerk.


Charles Lund-7, son of Oliver-6, was b. 8 Nov 1821; married 8 May 1846, Eliza, dau of Samuel G. and Betsey (Davis) Stevens [Samuel Stevens was a son of David Stevens, resident of Bedford NH, b. in 1797, a carpenter. He came from Goffstown to Nashua, resided there 40 years and removed to Weare NH and afterwards to Derry NH where he lived beyond eighty-seven years]. Mr. Lund's early education was in the district schools. He became a farmer and remained at home, after his father gave up active life and took care of his parents until their deaths, and inherited and resided on the ancestral farm. He was a Congregationalist, a Republican, and for two years a member of the Nashua [NH] City Council. He was interested in the Patrons of Husbandry, and was treasurer of the Nashua Grange.
Children of Charles & Eliza (Stevens) LUND:
1. Eliza Ann Lunt, m. Joshua W. Hunt, had 3 ch [HUNT]: Almira F., William E. and Charles L.
2. Charles Handel Lunt, b abt 1856 [24 in 1880 census, Nashua NH]; a dealer in milk; d. 17 Apr 1939 in Nashua NH; m1) 13 Apr 1893 in Nashua NH to Evelyn "Evie" M. Favor, dau of Hiram & Mary Favor. She b. 1857 in Weare NH.; He m2) 4 June 1896 in Nashua NH to Annie F. Tolles, dau of Charles F. & Lucy (Swallow) Tolles.
3. Alma L. Lunt, b abt 1858 [22 in 1880 census, Nashua NH]; d. 21 Dec 1893 in Nashua NH.
4. Marcus O.Lunt, b. abt 1863 [17 in 1880 census, Nashua NH], and d. 21 Dec 1893 in Nashua NH, buried there; m. 13 June 1889 in Nashua NH to Fannie P. Mitchell, dau of Phinius P. & Mary F. Mitchell. She b. abt 1868

Frederick K. Lund-7, son of James-6, b. abt 1834 in Salem, MA. He m. 3 Dec 1857 in Charlestown MA to Mary M. "Maria" Mendell, dau of Edwin & Mary Ann Mendell. She was born abt 1833-37 in Cambridge, MA. In 1860 & 1870 U.S. Census living in Charlestown MA. In 1880 living in Boston MA in household of parents; Occupation: Occupation: cooper
Children of Frederick K. & Mary M. (Mendell) Lund:
1. James Lund, b. abt 1859 in MA, d. before 1920; occupation: chemist in 1880, living unmarried with parents in Boston MA; He m1) 8 July 1886 in Melrose MA to Amy M. Stantial, dau of George C. & Matilda E. Stantial. She b. abt 1860 Melrose MA; m2) 26 Oct 1892 in Boston, Suffolk Co. MA to Jennie M. Plummer, dau of Jonathan P. & Caroline H. Plummer. She b abt 1858 in Boston MA. At least one ch: James Lund, b. 2 Aug 1897 Malden MA
2. Walter Lund, b. abt 1862 in MA; occupation: cooper in 1880, living unmarried with parents in Boston MA; m. 15 Dec 1886 in Somerville MA to Sarah L. Brainerd, dau of Lyman & Sarah A. Brainerd. In 1910 living in Malden MA with wife and children, Frederick B. b abt 1890 MA, and Robert b abt 1898 MA, along with sister-in-laws Addie M. & Elizabeth M. Brainerd.
3. Annie Lund, b. abt 1871 in MA

Hosea/Hesea B. -7 Lund, son of Joseph-6 b. about 1805 NH, and d. 10 Feb 1859 Piermont, NH; abt 1829 m. Miriam Weeks, dau of Joseph & Lucy (Lund) Weeks.. She b. 1809 NH and d. 1884 in Vineland, Salem Co. NJ. In 1850 US Census of Warren NH with family, Joseph & Mercy Lund living with him.
1850 US Census > NH > Grafton > Warren
Hesea/Hosea Lund 45 M 800
Miriam Lund 45 F NH
Amor Lund 20 M NH
Elvira Lund 18 F NH
Jane Lund 15 F NH
Emily W. Lund 10 F NH
Maria W. Lund 7 F NH
Mary W. Lund 5 F NH
Tamor Lund 1 F NH
Joseph Lund 77 M Farmer NH
Mercy Lund 83 F NH
Children of Hosea & Miriam (Weeks) Lund: (may be more)
1. Amos Lund, b. abt 1830 NH
2. Elvira/Alvira A. Lund, b abt 1832 NH; m. before 1856 to Enos B. Cutting; She d. 7 June 1860 Warren NH. Children Amanda b abt 1856 NH who d. 08 Feb 1879 Winchester MA; Eva A. b abt 1857 and Henry F. b abt 1859. He m2) 27 Nov 1861 to Sarah A. Rush.
3. Jane Lund, b. abt 1835 NH; m John H. Grant; d. 29 June 1860 Warren NH; in 1860 living in Piermont NH
4. Emily W. Lund b abt 1840 NH; m. Alfred Thorndike. In 1870 living in Landis, Cumberland Co. NJ, children then: Mayo Willard (b 7 Aug 1862 Piermont NH) and Asa F. (b 1866).
5. Hosea W. Lund, b. abt 1843 NH
6. Mary W. Lund, b. abt 1845 NH
7. Tamor/Tamar W. Lund, b abt 1849 NH
; d. 26 Sep 1884 in Landis, Cumberland Co. NJ, single.In 1870 housekeeper in the home of her sister, Emily (Lund) Thorndike.

Joseph Lund Jr.-7, son of Joseph-6, born about 1810 in NH; m. Emily Gage. She b. about 1815. In 1850 living in Wentworth, Grafton Co NH his occupation a shoemaker.
U.S. Census > 1850 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Grafton > Wentworth
Joseph Lund Jr. 40 M Shoemaker b NH
Emily Lund 35 F b NH
George A. 12 M b NH
James H. 10 M b NH
Edgar H. 8 M b NH
Benjamin F. 4 M b NH
Ellen J. 2 F b NH
Children: (from 1850 US Census)
1. George A. b. abt 1838 NH
2. James H. Lund, b. abt 1840 in Bradford VT; d. 8 Nov 1926 in Warren, Grafton Co. NH; m. Frances Swain, dau of John D. Swain. She d. 16 Jun 1921 in Warren NH. They both resided many years in Warren, Grafton Co. NH.
3. Edgar H. b about 1842 NH; m. Judith M. Harris, she b. abt 1850
4. Benjamin F. b abt 1846 NH
5. Ellen J. b abt 1858 NH

Charles Carroll Lund-7 (Joseph S. Lund-6, Joseph Lund-5), b. abt 1831-33 in NH; married 17 Jun 1860 in Concord NH to Lydia F. French, dau of Theodore & Lydia (Pollard) French of Concord NH. She was b. abt 1838 in NH and d. 9 May 1916 in Concord NH; He was an attorney in Concord NH 1864-1880. In the 1876 directory of Concord, Charles C. Lund is a civil engineer, office Cyrus Hill's block, Main; house 67 Main.Probably the engineer who devised the Concord sewer system abt 1872. Jim Sazevich, Historian of St. Paul, Minnesota [jassaz@qwest.net] sent me the following information: Charles C. Lund and his wife Lydia, lived in St. Paul, Minnesota (my hometown) in the late 1850s, and early 1860s. Mr. Lund was an attorney, and was practicing law here, with one of his wife's relatives by the name of Theodore French, and a John B. Sanborn. Later he was in practice with Henry J. Horn, and Reuben B. Galusha. He is last listed in the St. Paul City Directory in 1864. There was no 1865 volume published for St. Paul, and Lund does not appear in the 1866 volume, or later volumes. Charles C. Lund built a beautiful home here in 1861, at 598 St. Peter St, in what is now the downtown portion of the city. The house was one of the finest homes ever built in the city of St. Paul. It was a large frame structure, two-stories high, with a three-story central tower in the front portion of the house. Unfortunately as the central business district became built with more and more office, factory, and apartment buildings, the Lund house was demolished in 1925, to make way for new construction. I have a lovely picture, taken about 1870, of the Charles C.& Lydia (French) Lund house in my personal collection of photographs. The house sheltered several prominent St. Paul families during its earlier years, and was last used as boarding house before its demolition. Hope this adds to your knowledge about the Charles C. Lund family.
1860 US Census > St. Paul > Ramsey > MN
Charles C. Lund 27 M "Sawyer" i.e. Lawyer 6000, 12000 b NH
Lydia F. Lund 22 F b NH
U.S. Census > 1870 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Merrimack > Concord
Lund, Charles C 37 M W Lawyer b NH
Lund, Lydia F. 32 F W Keeping House 6,000 b NH
Lund, Fred R. 5 M W NH
Lund, Joseph 3 M W NH
French, Lydia 72 F W without occupation 4,000/11,000 NH
2 servants, Jennie Curtis and Nancy Cochran
1880 US Census > Concord NH
Lund, Charles C., W M 47 Civil Engineer b NH
Lund, Lydia F., W F 41 wife Keeping House NH
Lund, Fredrick B W M 15 son at school NH
Lund, Joe W., W M 13 son at school
Webster, Achsah P. W F 78 wife's aunt, at home b NH
Children of Charles C. & Lydia (French) Lund:

1. +Fredrick "Fred" aka "Ford" Bates Lund, b Jan 1865 in Concord NH; In 1900 census living in Boston MA, physician-surgeon.
2. Joseph "Joe" W. , b. May 1867 in NH; in 1900 living in Ward 11, Boston, Suffolk Co. MA, a lawyer. He died 6 May 1922 in Cambridge MA.

Parkman Macy Lund-7, son of Jonathan P.-6, was born 25 Feb 1829 in Wakefield MA, and d. 4 Sep 1926 in New Bedford MA. Coming to Achushnet, New Bedford MA with the family in 1831, when a baby, he here acquired in the New Bedford public schools and in the high school, his education. He practically, as it were, grew up in the hardware and tin establishment of his father, at Acushnet, and received from him his business training. In 1864 he succeeded to the business of his father. This he continued engaged in an successfully until 1868, when he disposed of it and gave his time to the management of his personal interests. He was one of the founders of the New Bedford Board of Trade. From January 1879, he was a trustee of the Five Cents Savings Bank, and clerk of the board since 1888. On 23 Jan 1863, he married Sarah R., dau of Clifton Lund, of Nashua NH. She d. 23 May 1905.
Only child of Parkman M. & Sarah R. (Lund) LUND:
1. William Clifton "Willie C." Lund, b. 27 Oct 1866; in 1920 single and living with his father in New Bedford MA.

Willis Lund-7, (Joseph Lund Jr.-6, Joseph-5) b. abt 1859-1860 in Milford or Nashua NH and d. 19 Jun 1926 in Nashua NH; m. 25 August 1883 at the Methodist Church in Sherbrook, PQ, Canada to Persis A. Winslow, dau of Daniel H. & Mary Ann (Lothrop) Winslow of Ascot, PQ, Canada. She b. abt 1860 in Canada. In 1910 a pattern maker living in Nashua NH. In 1931 she is a widow, living with Earl Lund at 40 Kinsley Street in Nashua NH.
1910 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > 8-Wd Nashua > District 170
Lund, Willis S. Head M W 50 married at age 26 NH NH NH [b abt 1860] pattern maker
Lund, Persis A wife F W 50 m1x at age 26 Canada, VT Canada-Eng (b abt 1860)
Lund, Earl W. son M W 24 single NH NH Canada-English Tailor, Tailor shop
Children of Willis & Persis (Winslow) Lund:
+Earl Willis, b. Aug 3, 1885 NH


Edgar H. Lund-8, son of Joseph Jr.-7, b 18 July 1842 Bradford, Orange Co. Vermont; m. Judith M. Harris, dau of Clark & Judith N. (?) Harris of Wentworth NH. She b. abt 1850, and died 16 Nov 1888 in Rumney NH. About 1875 removed to IL. From 1900-1920 Edgar is found living in Wardner, Shoshone Co. Idaho. Civil War Veteran: Enlisted in Company B, New Hampshire 15th Infantry Regiment on 8 Oct 1862.Mustered out on 13 Aug 1863 at Concord, NH. Occupation: Shoemaker.
1880 US Census > New Hampshire > Grafton > Wentworth > 102 > 22
Harris, Clark M W 61 Farmer NH NH NH
Harris, Judith N W F 60 Wife Keeping House NH NH NH
Harris, Joseph Augustus W M 22 son works in papermill NH
Harris, Minnie J. W F 34 dau House Keeping NH
Lund, Edgar H. W M 36 son in law candy maker VT NH NH
Lund, Judith F. W F 34 dau Keeping House NH
Lund, Ona D. W F 12 grandchild at school NH
Lund, Olin F. W F 10 grandchild at school NH
Lund, Lizzie Bell W F 8 grandchild at school NH
Lund, Nellie B. W F 3 grandchild b ILL
Lund, Leon C. W M 1 grandchild b ILL
1880 United States Federal Census > Illinois > Kane > Other Townships > District 84
Lund, Edgar H W M 36 Confectioner NH NH NH
Lund, Judith 32 wife Keeping House NH NH NH
Lund, Ora/Oria Tella W F 12 dau NH
Lund, Olin F W M 11 son NH
Lund, Iabella W F 8 dau NH
Lund, Ellen W F 5 dau IL
Lund, Leon W M 1 son IL
Children of Edgar H. & Judith M. (Harris) Lund:
1. Ona/Onia Tella Lund, b abt 1868 in Rumney, NH; m. 16 May 1897 in Penacook, Merrimack Co. NH to James H. Moody, son of John H. & Mary A. (Davlin) Moody. He b. abt 1871 in Dorchester MA.
2. + Olin Frank Lund b abt 1869 in Wentworth, NH and d. 25 Dec 1944 in Meredith, Belknap Co. NH; m. 04 Dec 1889 in Rumney NH to Ivanilla/Iranella Estelle Colborn/Colburn, daughter of Joseph & Bell D. (Wells) Colburn. She d. 6 Nov 1947 in Laconia, Belknap Co. NH; Occupation: wood moulder.
3. Iabella "Lizzie" Lund, b 20 Nov 1871 in Wentworth, Grafton Co. NH
4. Ellen Blanche/Bell "Nellie" Lund, b abt 1875 in Elgin, IL; she m. 1 Oct 1902 in Concord NH to J. Benton Caldon, son of Benjamin & Vienna J. (Horton) Caldon. He b. abt 1870 in Carroll, NH.
5. Leon Clark Lund, b 2 Dec 1879 in Chicago IL; m. 25 Apr 1901 in Gilmanton NH to Ina F. Connell, dau of John M. & Emma (Deane) Connell. She b. abt 1878 in Gilmanton NH, and d. 22 Oct 1941 in Laconia, Belknap Co. NH

Fred Bates-8 aka Frederick aka "Ford" Lund,(Charles C.-7, Joseph S.-6) b 4 Jan 1865 in Concord NH; In 1900 census living in Boston MA, physician-surgeon. He m. 13 May 1893 in Lexington MA [record says FORD instead of FRED] Zoe Miriam Griffing, dau of Abner Augustus & Abbie C. (Stetson) Griffing, b. 13 May 1871 in Lexington, Middlesex Co. MA.
1930 U.S. Census > Massachusetts > Middlesex > Newton > District 383 > 38
Lund, Fred B. M W 65 m at age 29 NH NH NH Surgeon
Lund, Zoe M. wife F W 59 m at age 23 MA MA MA
Lund, Lydie M. dau F W 16 single MA NH MA
Children of Fredrick/Fred B. & Zoe M. (Griffing) Lund:
1. Edward G. Lund, b. 18 May 1901 Boston MA
1. Zoe Stetson Lund, b. 7 Feb 1904, d. 13 Aug 1909 in Scituate MA, age 5
2. Joseph Wheelock Lund, b. 31 Aug 1905 Boston MA
3. Lydia Margaret Lund, b. 30 Sep 1914 Boston MA; m. 30 Mar 1925 in Tamworth NH to John H. Kennard, son of Frederick H. & Sarah (Eisancing) Kennard. He b. abt 1901.

Earl Willis Lund-8 (Willis-7, Joseph Jr.-6), b. Aug 3, 1885 NH or Ascot PQ, Canada, and d. 30 August 1956; m. 15 Aug 1910 in Nashua NH to Velma Pearl JONES or DUFRESNE, dau of Charles & May F. (Hartwell) [?Jones or Dufresne]. He was a tailor in Nashua NH.
OBITUARY: Nashua Telegraph, 30 August 1956. EARL W. LUND, a resident of this city for over 65 years died at a local hospital this morning. He was born in Ascot PQ son of Willis W and Persis Lund on August 3, 1884. Mr. Lund was a tailor all of his life, retiring five years ago. He was an attendant of the First Universalist Church. Members of his family include a son, Dexter E. Lund of this city; two grandchildren and several cousins. Friends may call at the Davis funeral home, 1 Lock St. on Friday evening from 7 to 9.
1930 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Nashua > District 97
Lund, Earl W. Head M W 44 married at age 25 NH NH Canada-English Tailor Mens Tailor Shop
Lund, Velma P. Wife F W 43 married at age 24 NH MA NH Bookkeeper,
Lund, Beatrice W. dau F W 19 single NH NH NH (b abt 1911)
Lund, Dexter E son M W 12 single NH NH NH
Children of Earl Willis & Velma Pearl (Jones or Dufresne) LUND:
1. Beatrice W. Lund, b. abt 1911 NH; m. 17 March 1934 in Lowell MA [per wedding announcement] to Ralph Graham. In 1940 US Census living 40 Kinsley Street in Nashua NH with her father Earl and their children: Philip (b abt 1937) and Virginia (b abt 1936). Ralph was b abt 1912 in MA.
2. +Dexter Earl-9 Lund, b. Jan 18, 1918 Nashua NH


Olin Frank-9 Lund (Edgar H.-8, Joseph Jr.-7) b abt 1869 in Wentworth, NH and d. 25 Dec 1944 in Meredith, Belknap Co. NH; m. 04 Dec 1889 in Rumney NH to Ivanilla/Iranella Estelle Colborn/Colburn, daughter of Joseph & Bell D. (Wells) Colburn. She d. 6 Nov 1947 in Laconia, Belknap Co. NH; Occupation: wood moulder.
Children of Olin F. & Ivanilla (Colburn) Lund:
1. Olin Clyde Lund, b. abt 1892 in Meredith NH; He m1st 3 June 1914 in Meredith NH to Josie May Mallard, dau of George Mooney & Lenna Belle (Wallace) Mooney. She b abt 1897 in Meredith NH -- Their child Marguerite L. Lund b. 22 Sep 1914 in Center Harbor NH d. 24 Sep 1918, age 4 yrs of Influenza. Olin m2nd 20 Sep 1925 in Newport NH to Mildred Leona (Dow) Brown, dau of Harry & Mary N. (Howard) Dow. She b. abt 1891.-- Their child (may be more): Barbara Mildred Lund, b abt 1926; m. 12 Aug 1945 in Meredith, Belknap Co. NH to Cecil Robert Damon Bennett, son of Cecil Ray & Ruth (Damon) Bennett. he b. abt 1924.
2. Lurlin Ray Lund, b 23 Oct 1893 in Meredith, Belknap Co. NH; m. 1 Aug 1942 in Laconia, Belknap Co. NH to Rebecca Caroline Baker, dau of Matthew Piper & Caroline Cook (Burbank) Baker. She b. abt 1905 in Campton NH
3. Earle Leighton Lund, b 17 Dec 1897 Meredith, Belknap Co., NH; m. 24 Dec 1923 in Meredith NH to Dorothy Gertrude Moore b abt 1901in Meredith NH, dau of Stewart Thomas & Ethel May (Thurston) Moore. -- Their son (may be more): Wendell E. Lund, d. 5 March 1929 Meredith, Belknap NH
4. LLoyd Dearborn Lund, b. 30 Aug 1899 in Meredith, Belknap Co. NH; m. 29 March 1924 in Laconia NH to Amelia Katherina Blake, dau of William J. & Hilda (Soorcski) Blake. She b. 1907 in Center Harbor NH
5.Forrest C. Lund, b. 1905 Meredith NH; m. 25 June 1933 in Meredith NH to Esther A. Roberts, dau of Albert C. & Hattie M. (Sanborn) Roberts; she b. 1905, Meredith NH

Dexter Earl Lund-9, (Earl Willis-8) b. Jan 18, 1918 Nashua NH, d. April 21, 2003 at his home in Nashua NH; He m1) 14 Sep 1940 to Josephine Mycko, dau of Michael & Michalina (Dziekiewicz) Mycko. He m2d) Patricia B. Springer, who d. December 2000. He had been employed at Sanders Associates in Nashua as the head of the transportation department for 25 years. He retired from Sanders Associates in 1984. At one time, he was a board member of the Whip-Poor-Will golf course and a member of the Nashua Lodge 720, Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks. He had been active in programs at the Nashua Senior Center. Mr. Lund was a World War II veteran of the Merchant Marines. He had been affiliated with the Unitarian Universalist Church in Nashua.Mr. Lund was a graduate of Nashua High School and attended Nashua Business College. Survivors include two daughters and a son-in-law, Cheryl Kotsohis of Hudson and Arria and Robert Wheeler of Cape Coral, Fla.; five sisters-in-law and two brothers-in-laws, Beverly and Dean Hemelgarn of Pinelas Park, Fla., Martha Springer of Oahu, Hawaii, Barbara Hull, Georgia Drown and Shelagh and Romeo Currier, all of South Portland, Maine; five grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren; and four great-great-grandchildren.

Vital records of Dunstable, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849
Salem, Mass.: Essex Institute, 1913, 238 pgs.
Thomas, s. Thomas and Mary, March 12, 1739 [1740, dup]
Jesse, d. Thomas and Mary, March 10, 17[torn. bef. 1759]
Joel, s. Thomas and Sarah, Nov. 27, 1752
Sarah, d. Thomas and Sarah, Feb 24, 1755
Phebe, d. Thomas and Sarah, Apr. 13, 1757
Noah, s. Thomas and Sarah, March 31, 1759
Mary, d. Thomas and Sarah, Nov. 30, 1760
Daniel, s. Thomas and Sarah, Oct. 31, 1762
Betty, d. Thomas and Sarah, Oct 15, 1766
Dolly, d. twin, Thomas and Sarah, July 8, 1768
Lydia, d. twin, Thomas and Sarah, July 8, 1768
Hannah, d. Thomas, jr. and Sarah, Oct 5, 1769
Thomas, Dea. Feb 24, 1790
Early Church records of Hudson NH
NEGHS Register 91:257
1755 Aug 10, Levi son to -- Lund
1757 May 15, daughter to Thos Lund
1767 Oct 19, Bettey daughter to Thos Lund
Massachusetts Vital Records to 1850 [NEGHS online database]
Deaths, Dunstable
Thomas, "killed by Indians" Sept 5, 1724 in his 42d y
Jessee, s. Thomas and Mary, Sept 8, 1738
Mary, w. Thomas, Jan 14, 1748
Thomas, Dea. Feb 24, 1790
Sarah, wid. Dea. Thomas, Apr. 16, 1801
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