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F A M I L Y   T R E E S  of Merrimack, NH (Part IX)

- Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the accurateness or authenticity of these genealogies. Please see the reference material used for more information. Please see the sources at the bottom of this page for more information. This is not a complete genealogy of all of the HASSELL family branches, simply the ones who settled in that area in or near what is now known as Merrimack NH. There is much dispute about the origin of this line, and I have done my best to present an accurate genealogy. Please do not ask me to research your family line. If you have additional material to add to the Merrimack lines, I would be glad to add that information if you contact me.


HASSELL FAMILY of Dunstable & Merrimack NH
See the complete list of other family trees available


[Note, one source states this Richard's father was William Hassell, b. 1598 of Axbridge, Somerset England, who d. 26 Dec 1664 in Cambridge MA & his wife Sarah Seward, b. 1605 Bristol England and d. 1650 Cambridge MA. I have no proof of same, but am including it here]

RICHARD-1 HASSELL, born abt 1622 probably in England, settled in Cambridge, before 1643. He was admitted freeman in Cambridge MA 1647. He and his wife, Joan (or Joanna or Jane in some records), were early members of the church of Cambridge. [One source states her surname is BANKS, and that she was b. 1625 in Cambridge MA, dau of John BANKS]. In the division of Shawshin, now Billerica, by Cambridge in 1652, he received lot 69, of 60 acres. Court files of Middlesex County MA, 1662 shows "Test: Richard Hassall aged abt 40 yrs." He removed to Billerica in 1676, and April 12, 1678, he was chosen "to inspect the lads on the Sabbath days." He removed from Billerica to Dunstable in 1679. He was an intelligent man and a worthy citizen. There is no record of his death. [One source states she d. Sept 1691, and after Richard's death remarried to William Borlase.
Children of Richard & Joan HASSELL:
1. ELIZABETH, born September 20, 1643 Cambridge MA; married November 1, 1661, Joseph Wright, born in Woburn about 1639, son of Dea. John and Priscilla Wright. He was a deacon and a selectman of Woburn. He died March 31, 1724; she died June 28, 1713. Eleven children b. in Woburn MA [WRIGHT]: including Benjamin, Elizabeth, Sarah, John, Joanna, James, Timothy, Stephen, Jacob, and Ruth.
2. +JOSEPH, born September 20, 1645; married Anna Perry (sister to Obadiah, his sister Hester's husband). [Boston recs: "Joseph Hassall sonne of Richard & Joan borne 20 (7) 1645.
3. +ESTHER / HESTER. born December 6, 1648; married 21 Aug 1667 to Obadiah Perry; married, second, 30 Aug 1693 to Martin Townsend of Watertown MA. See Perry family in book, "Old Dunstable, Maine and New Hampshire Founders" [Boston recs: "Hester Hassall dau of Richard & Jane borne 6 (10) 164[].
4. ALICE, born about 1665, married Christopher Temple; married, second, 10 Jan 1694-95 to Jacob Kendall (as his 2nd wife, his first being Persis Haywood). See Temple family in book, "Old Dunstable, Maine and New Hampshire Founders"
5. ANNAH [from the "Watertown MA Genealogies and History"] daughter of Richard and Anna Hassell of Waterbury, b. 6 Oct 1669. Possibly she is a child of another family


JOSEPH-2 (Richard-1) HASSELL, son of Richard, was born in Cambridge MA, September 20. 1645. He married August 21, 1667, Anna Perry, a daughter of William and Anna Perry of Watertown. In his life he was a good townsman and in the achievement of his descendants his name is boldly written in the annals of Dunstable. His daughter, Anna, was the mother of Capt. John Lovewell, his daughter, Abiah, was the mother of Col. Joseph Blanchard, and his granddaughter, Esther, was the wife of Col. Zaccheus Lovewell. Fox confuses this family with that of Richard, his father. Joseph Hassell and his wife and son. Benjamin, were slain by the Indians, September 2, 1691.
Children of Joseph & Anna (Perry) HASSELL:
1. ANNA, born in Watertown MA, October 6, 1669; married December 7, 1686, John Lovewell. See Lovewell family.
2. ELIZABETH, born in Concord MA, September 11, 1671; died June 19, 1672 Concord MA
3. ABIAH, born in Concord, May 13, 1673; married May 25, 1696, Capt. Joseph Blanchard. See Blanchard family.
4. +JOSEPH, b abt 1675.
5. RICHARD, b abt 1679; d. 28 Sep 1691;was captured by the Indians during Queen Anne's War; [one source states he m. 1700 in Concord MA to Elizabeth Taylor.
6. BENJAMIN, b. abt 1677 Dunstable; d. 2 Sep 1691 Dunstable; was slain by the Indians.

ESTHER/HESTER-2 (Richard-1) HASSELL born December 6, 1648; married 21 Aug 1667 to Obadiah Perry; married, second, 30 Aug 1693 to Martin Townsend of Watertown MA. See Perry family in book, "Old Dunstable, Maine and New Hampshire Founders"
Children of Obadiah & Hester (Hassell) PERRY:
1. Obadiah PERRY, b. 11 Oct 1669 Watertown MA
2. Ebenezer PERRY, b. 20 Nov 1671 Watertown MA
3. Hester/ Esther PERRY, b. 11 Aug 1674 Watertown MA; m. 11 May 1692 at Concord MA to William HARWOOD, son of Nathaniel Harwood. They removed to Dunstable and their dau, Esther, b. 1696-7 married in 1724 to Joseph BAKER of Marlborough MA. [A descendant writes: " hello, my name is jon and i'm a decendant of peter harwood who was the brother of william harwood. i have a correction for you on the second generation for the children of ESTHER/HESTER-2 (Richard-1) HASSELL well realy for the third child Hester/Esther. i'm assumeing that you don't know which name it was eather Hester or Esther. well by what i've found out reasurching my family tree it was Esther. she was born Jan. 10, 1696 she did married Joseph Barker (not Baker) they must have gotten a devorce or he had died because of her father's will she was called Esther Morse by my records Esther had 2 brothers John and thomas and 2 sisters Elizabeth and Sarah." Webmaster's note: I cannot verify this, as it is not my research.]

4. Samuel PERRY, b. 19 July 1677 Billerica MA; d. 25 Nov 1677
5. John PERRY, b. 31 Jan 1682 Dunstable; went to Marlborough MA and settled there when a young man; married Marlborough MA 27 May 1707 to Sarah INGOLDSBY.
6. Elizabeth PERRY, b. 7 Apr 1683 Dunstable


JOSEPH-3 (Joseph-2, Richard-1) HASSELL, son of Joseph, was born about 1675. He was a soldier, 1702, in the company commanded by Lieut. William Tyng. He lived in Dunstable and the name of his wife was Hannah, but there is no record of his marriage or death. [one source states Hannah's surname was Galusha]. They had one son and seven daughters.
Children of Joseph & Hannah (?) Hassell:
1. +BENJAMIN, born August 9, 1701.
2. JOSEPH, b. 1703 [not found in either Dunstable or Merrimack NH recs, only found in an individual family tree on ancestry.com]
2. HANNAH, born September 10, 1705.
3. RACHEL, born March 3, 1707.
4. ESTHER, born July 30, 1709; married Col. Zaccheus Lovewell, see.
5. DINAH, born January 6, 1713. A record, possibly of this Dinah is found in the Brookline Historical Society Records: "1730, 13 Dec. Dinah Hassell, adult" [baptized].
6. ABIAH, born March 16, 1715 Dunstable, d. 8 Dec 1746 Dunstable; m. 1673 in Dunstable to Joseph Blanchard [see Blanchard Family]
7. BETSEY, born August 16, 1718 Dunstable; married November 27, 1740, Robert Pomroy/Pomray/Pomeroy.
8. SARAH, born August 4, 1721.


BENJAMIN-4 (Joseph-3, Joseph-2, Richard-1) HASSELL, [Dunstable rec, son of Joseph Jr. and Hannah], born in Dunstable, August 9, 1701, died 12 May 1785 [Merrimack NH town recs]. He was a soldier in the third expedition of Capt. John Lovewell, and was present at the beginning of the fight at Pigwacket. During the battle he left the field and returned to the fort. At the time he was censured, and he was the soldier whom Rev. Thomas Symmes in his sermon refused to mention by name. Subsequently he was a useful and respected citizen of Merrimack. His daughter, Adah, was the first white child born in that town. Two of his sons served in the Revolution. He married December 18, 1728, Elizabeth Taylor, daughter of John & Sarah (Cummings) Taylor. She was b. 30 Dec 1710, d. 18 Sep 1799 [Merrimack Town recs]. He served Merrimack NH as Tythingman, Surveyor of Highways, Deer Keeper, Field Driver and Fence Viewer. A record of seven children is found.
Children of Benjamin & Elizabeth (Taylor) HASSELL:
1. ADAH, born April 27, 1734, Dunstable
2. +ELIAS, born June 25, 1740, Dunstable
3. +ABEL, d. 1801.
4. +KEZIA(H), born May 7, 1746, Merrimack NH, d. 24 Feb 1816; married 6 Sep 1773 to Ebenezer PARKER. Buried at Turkey Hill Cemetery, Merrimack NH.
5. +JASON, born December 4, 1748 Merrimack NH, d. 1799
6. DEBORAH, born December 7, 1751 Merrimack NH; d. 28 Feb 1755 [Merrimack NH town recs]
7. BENJAMIN, born February 12, 1755 Merrimack NH, d. 29 March 1774, age 19 years [from Merrimack Town recs]


ELIAS-5 (Benjamin-4, Joseph-3, Joseph-2, Richard-1) HASSELL, son of Benjamin, born June 25, 1740. He settled in Deering. He was a selectman and in 1776 was one of the signers of the association test. He married December 21, 1792, Mary Morrill and removed to Hillsborough.
Children of Elias & Mary (Morrill) HASSELL:
1. HANNAH, born October 2, 1793; married Samuel Morrill. Lived in Deering.
2. WILLIAM, born 1799. He lived in Pepperell, Mass., and in New Ipswich, where he died March 3, 1874. He was a deacon of the Congregational church of New Ipswich. He married in Pepperell, November 30, 1826, Betsey H. Butterfield, born in Pepperell, August 9, 1806, daughter of Daniel and Sarah (Shattuck) Butterfield. She died September 21, 1868. He married, second, May 3, 1870, Rhoda (Butterfield) Powers, a sister of his first wife and widow of Nathan Powers of Milford. Three children: William E., born 1823, James L., born 1828 and George A., born 1842, died 1846.
3. WILLARD, born in Hillsborough, January 8, 1803. He died unmarried about 1838.

ABEL-5 (Benjamin-4, Joseph-3, Joseph-2, Richard-1) HASSELL, son of Benjamin. Died 1801; m. 22 Sep 1773 Rachel Houston. Served Merrimack NH as Field Driver, Constable, Hog Reeve, Surveyor of Highways, Tythingman and Petit Juror. In 1787 Tax list as living in District 1. The book, "Old Dunstable, Maine and New Hampshire Founders" states "He served in the Revolution in Capt Jason Ford's company of Col. Moses Nichols' regiment at Bennington, 1777. He married September 22, 1773, Rachel Houstan and lived in Merrimack. His children were Amos, Hannah and Rachel, who married James Cash."
Children of Abel & Rachel (Houston) HASSELL [per Merrimack NH town records]:
1. AMOS, b. 18 June 1774 Merrimack NH, d. 18 Feb 1776 [Merrimack NH town recs]
2. HANNAH, b. 30 Jan 1776 Merrimack NH
3. RACHEL, b. 29 Sep 1779 Merrimack NH; m. 11 Apr 1802 to John BREWER [according to Merrimack NH recs]. According to "Old Dunstable, Maine and New Hampshire Founders," she married James CASH.

KEZIA(H)-5 (Benjamin-4, Joseph-3, Joseph-2, Richard-1) HASSELL, born May 7, 1746, Merrimack NH, d. 24 Feb 1816; married 6 Sep 1773 to Ebenezer PARKER. She is buried at Turkey Hill Cemetery, Merrimack NH. Ebenezer Parker was b. 1748 at Chelmsford MA, d. 16 Apr 1804, buried Turkey Hill Cemetery in Merrimack NH. He served Merrimack as Surveyor of Highways, Selectman and Town Clerk. On 1781 Tax List, District 1.
Children of Ebenezer & Keziah (Hassell) PARKER:
1. John PARKER, b. 15 June 1774; m1) 8 Oct 1795 Hitty Bradford Wilkins; m2) 15 March 1803 Sarah McCain of Bedford NH. Had issue by first wife.
2. BENJAMIN PARKER, b. 17 June 1776; m. 12 Feb 1805 Elizabeth GIBSON, dau of Samuel Gibson. She b. 23 Aug 1779. Had issue.
3. WILLARD PARKER, b. 19 Aug 1778, died young
4. JESSIE PARKER, b. 2 May 1782, d. 27 Nov 1824; m. 31 Oct 1809 Jane MOOR of Bedford NH
5. RACHEL PARKER, b. 3 March 1785; m. -- MILLS
6. JOSEPH PARKER, b. 2 June 1786
7. ELIZABETH PARKER, b. 29 Feb 1788; m. David NICHOLS
8. WILLARD PARKER (2d), b. 14 Apr 1790; d. 29 Apr 1873; m. Anna RIDDLE of Bedford NH

JASON-5 (Benjamin-4, Joseph-3, Joseph-2, Richard-1) HASSELL, son of Benjamin, born December 4, 1748. In the Revolution, he served in Capt. Joseph Moor's company of Col. William Prescott's regiment at Bunker Hill and siege of Boston, 1775. This was a Massachusetts regiment and his name is written Hassell, Harsell and Haskell. In 1778, he was a corporal in Capt. Peter Cross' company of Col. Moses Nichols' regiment which marched to Rhode Island. He was a farmer and lived in Merrimack, where he died 1799. He served Merrimack NH as Hog Reeve, Fence Viewer, Constable and Surveyor of Highways. In 1787 Tax List as living in District 5. [Merrimack History states children by 1st wife, however she died in 1782 prior to the births of some of the children.] Jason married December 28, 1779, Elizabeth McClench, dau of John McClench. She d. 28 Nov 1782 [Merrimack NH town recs]. He married 2d) Alice ? [An ancestry.com family tree shows her surname as Ripley, however Masachusetts records show a Jason Hassell marrying in Methuen MA 3 March 1785 to Alice Standley].
Child of Jason & Elizabeth (McClench) HASSELL:
1. JASON, b. 1 Dec 1779 Merrimack NH
2. +JOHN McCLENCH, b. 6 Nov 1782 Merrimack NH
Children of Jason & Alice (?) HASSELL:
3. ELIZABETH, born November 6, 1785, Merrimack NH; m. 6 Jan 1803 Amos UPHAM
4. SUKEY, born September 10, 1787 [no mention of this in Merrimack records]
5. LUCY, born September 9, 1789 Merrimack NH.
6. +BENJAMIN, born September 19, 1791, Merrimack NH.
7. +LUTHER RIPLEY, born October 9, 1793, d. Jan 1850; married Nancy S.--
8. JOSEPH, born July 20, 1795, died before 1799
9. CLARISSA, baptized 9 July 1797 in Merrimack NH; m. 5 Feb 1828 to Phineas WHITNEY


+JOHN McCLENCH-6 (Jason-5, Benjamin-4, Joseph-3, Joseph-2, Richard-1), b. 6 Nov 1782 Merrimack NH; d. 1878 in Montville ME; m. 30 Dec 1821 in Belfast ME to Elizabeth PIERCE. She b. abt 1795 in Southport ME. Had issue (at least one child)
Children of John M. & Elizabeth (Pierce) Hassell:
1. Rufus, b.16 Jul 1825 in Belfast, ME

+BENJAMIN-6 (Jason-5, Benjamin-4, Joseph-3, Joseph-2, Richard-1) HASSELL,
b. 19 Sep 1791 in Merrimack NH; m. 3 Feb 1820 Sarah Parker. She b. 1806 poss Reading, MA. Benjamin, d. 11 May 1880; Sarah d. 1860. Benjamin Hassell for years owned the large farm later known as the W.B. Davis farm--also was an expert Cabinet maker. In 1850 and 1860 U.S. Census living in Dover, Piscataquis Co., Maine. [In the 1850 census he states Benjamin was born in Merrimack, Massachusetts; in the 1860 census in NH. The Merrimack NH town records states he was born there].
Children of Benjamin & Sarah (Parker) Hassell:
1. Sarah E. b abt 1829 possibly in Reading MA [per 1850 census]; m. David Anderson
2. Gilman P., b abt 1830/31 poss Foxcroft ME [per 1850 census]; m. Sarah Robinson
3. Maria L., b abt 1832/33 poss Foxcroft ME [per 1850 census]; m Edward Delabarre
4. Martha A., b abt 1834 poss Foxcroft ME [per 1850 census]
5. Joseph E., b abt 1836 poss Foxcroft ME [per 1850 census]
6. Phoebe S., b abt 1838 poss Foxcroft ME [per 1850 census], m. Otis Gibson
7. Appleton B., b 1842/43 poss Dover ME [per 1850 census]
8. George b abt 1844/45 poss Dover ME [per 1850 census]; m. Louisa Counter
9. Harriet E., b. 1846/47 poss Dover ME [per 1850 census] ; m. Augustus Chandler.

LUTHER RIPLEY-6 (Jason-5, Benjamin-4, Joseph-3, Joseph-2, Richard-1) HASSELL
born October 9, 1793 in Merrimack NH, d. 30 Jan 1850; married Nancy S.--. She b abt 1837. Both buried in Thornton Cemetery, Merrimack NH [Tombstone inscriptions: HASSELL, Luther R., died Jan. 30, 1850, 56 years // Nancy S. HASSELL wife of Luther Hassell, died Jan. 25, 1875, age 38 years.] Possibly the three HASSELL men found in Merrimack NH in 1850 are children of this couple. [1850 Census, HASSELL: James W. (b abt 1827 NH), Joseph (b abt 1830 NH) and John (b abt 1833 NH).

After the 1850 census mentioned above, the HASSELL family (by that surname) is no longer found in Merrimack NH

1. Old Dunstable, Maine and New Hampshire Founders
2. History of Merrimack NH


The ancestor of the McKeens was James McKeen, who lived in the North of

James McKeen had three sons:
1. +James McKeen, b. northern Ireland
2. +John McKeen, b. northern Ireland
3. William McKeen, b. northern Ireland, a farmer

-------------------Next Generation---------------------

James McKean, son of James was twice married, and had in all twenty-one children, not half of whom are known to have arrived at the age of maturity. By his first wife, Janet Cochran, he had two daughters, Elizabeth, who married in Ireland James Nesmith, and Janet who married John Cochran of Windham NH, and had a daughter Elizabeth who became the wife of William Dinsmoor and the mother of Robert Dinsmoor, the "Rustic Bard," and of Gov.Samuel Dinsmoor of Keene NH.

John McKeen, son of James, was born about 1675 in Ireland. He married Janet/Jeanette -- and had four children, James, Robert, Samuel and Mary. He intended to emigrate to the American colonies with his brother, but died suddenly before embarkation. His widow and children accompanied his brothers in 1718 and settled in Londonderry NH, where she had a lot assigned to her. She later married Capt. John Barnett,one of the early settlers of the town.
Children of John & ? McKean:
1. James McKean
2. Robert McKean, settled in Pennsylvania, served in French & Indian War
3. +Samuel McKean, born in the vicinity of Londonderry Ireland
4. Mary McKean, married her cousin John McKean

-------------------Next Generation---------------------

Samuel McKean, son of John & Jeanette McKean, was born c1700-1714 in the vicinity of Londonderry, Ireland (Ballymoney, County Antrim). He came with his mother to Londonderry NH. He married 15 Aug 1723 in Londonderry NH to Agnes Clark and settled in Amherst NH.
Children of Samuel & Agnes (Clark) McKean:
1. Hugh McKean, b. 1724 in Londonderry NH; killed by Indians during the French & Indian War
2. John McKean, b. 20 Feb 1726 in Londonderry NH; killed at Fort William Henry in the French and Indian War
3. James McKean, b. 3 Apr 1728 in Londonderry NH; m. Jane Scott McKean; settled at Amherst NH
4. +Dea. Samuel McKean, b. abt 1731 in Amherst NH [or Londonderry]
5. William McKean, b. abg 1733 in Londonderry NH m. Ann Graham, settled in Deering NH; among their 11 children was William McKean Jr. a member of the state senate 1844-45
6. Robert McKean, b abt 1735 in Londonderry NHsettled in Cherry Valley, NY and became a "captain of renown"
7. Mary McKean
8. Martha McKean
9. Agnes McKean
10. Jane McKean

-------------------Next Generation---------------------

Deacon Samuel McKean, son of Samuel & Agnes McKean was b. 1731 in Londonderry NH [once source says b in Amherst NH] and d. 1 Feb 1815.[one source says he d. in 1784] He married 24 Jan 1754 in Windham NH to Janet/Jane Graham, daughter of Hugh Graham of Windham NH. He lived for a time at Amherst NH (settling there in 1761 on the farm later owned by James Alexander in Mont Vernon). He moved in 1775 to Windham NH, and subsequently to Belfast, Maine where he was the deacon of a church. Finally he lived with his sons in Acworth NH where he died.
Children of Samuel & Janet (Graham) McKean:
1. Hugh McKean, b. 14 Jan 1755 in Amherst NH, d. 29 June 1840 in New Hudson, Allegheny Co NY; m1) Joanna Danforth; m2) Mary Gregg; settled in Acworth NH; In 1775 at the age of twenty he enlisted as a private soldier in Daniel wilkin's company (American Revolution) from Acworth NH. His colonel was Timothy Bedell. They occupied a fort near Montreal, called the Cedars. Col. Bedell left his men in charge of Major Butterfield and went for reinforcements. The major surrendered to the Birish and Indians, and the men were inhumanely treated, starved and suffering from the cold. The small number who escaped found refuge at Crown Point. Later in life Mr. McKeen was granted a pension.. A soldier of the American Revolution. His descendants here
2. Agnes McKean, b. 24 March 1756
3. +Samuel McKean, b. 18 Feb 1758
4. John McKean, b. 24 Apr 1760; m1) Mary Gregg; m(2) Martha Dunn; settled in Acworth NH c1784; soldier in the American Revolution; had children, b. in
Acworth NH: Hugh, Samuel, John, Betsy and Polly
5. Janet McKean, b. 15 Feb 1762
6. Martha McKean, b. 20 Dec 1763; m. Samuel True of Seaport ME
7. Ephraim McKean, b. 21 Jan 1766, d. 22 June 1848; he m. Lucia Eayers. She
b. Dec 1767 in Merrimack NH, dau of Joseph & Bridget (Coburn) Eayers. She d.1838. They had children: Nancy (b 16 June 1791, d. 13 Sep 1793), John (b 10
March 1793; m1 Fanny True, m2 Elsay McKean, m3 Sabra K. Gooding), Samuel (b 29 Dec 1794, d. 23 Sep 1800), Isaac (b 8 May 1797, d. 27 Feb 1803), Joseph (b 4 March 1799, d. 3 Sep 1800), Nancy (b 4 March 1801, d. 9 Feb 1883, m 8 Apr 1820 to William Ryan), Benjamin Franklin (b 18 Apr 1803, d. 9 Oct 1822), Joseph A. (b 17 July 1805 in Belfast, Waldo Co ME, d. 12 March 1860 in Belfast ME, m. 29 Dec 1825 to Eliza Holmes), Lucy Maria (b 5 Nov 1808, m. 18 Sep 1825 to Samuel B. Hanson) and Betsey C. (b 1812, m. 26 Oct 1834 in Swanville ME to Josiah Curtis).
8. Jane McKean, b. 25 Feb 1768; m. Jacob Eames and had 7 children
9. Keziah McKean, b. 16 Dec 1769, d. 5 March 1859, m. 5 Jan 1791 in Belfast
ME to Joseph Eayers/Ayres. He b. 5 Jan 1760 in Dunstable NH, son of Joseph & Bridget (Coburn) Eayers.
10. Isaac McKean, b. 30 Sep 1771; m1) Martha Drew Buffet; m2) Elizabeth
"Betsey" Cogswell of Castine Maine. She d. 1856, aged 86. He had at least one son by his 2nd wife, Abner McKeen who was b. abt 1804 and m. Mary
11. Abner Graham McKean, b. 4 January 1774
12. Abi /?Abby McKeen, b. 20 Sep 1779 prob Belfast, Waldo Co ME

-------------------Next Generation---------------------

[The following is mostly from the "History of Merrimack NH"]
From "History of Merrimack NH" page 296

SAMUEL McKEAN, son of Samuel & Janet (Graham) McKean b. 18 Feb 1758, d. July 11, 1838; m. Nov. 28, 1782 Sarah Eayers, dau. of Joseph & Briget (Coburn) Eayers, b. 28 Sep 1762/63, d. June 23, 1834. He served Merrimack as Pound Keeper. He was on the 1787 Tax List in District 8.
Children of Samuel & Sarah (Eayers) McKean:
1. Bridget McKean, b. Apr. 21, 1783
2. +Samuel McKean, b. March 29, 1785, d. July 16, 1845 (Roby Cemetery, Nashua NH)
3. Sarah McKean, b. Feb 20, 1787; d. Sept 28, 1858. Buried Last Rest
Cemetery; married Feb. 16, 1809 to Isaac Hills*
4. Joseph McKean, b. March 3, 1789
5. John Graham McKean, b. Feb 18, 1791
6. +William McKean, b. Oct 27, 1792, d. July 2, 1870
7. +James McKean, b. 1799, d. 1862; buried Last Rest Cemetery, Merrimack NH
8. +Isaac McKean, bap. Apr. 20, 1807 Merrimack NH; d. Jan 28, 1869. Buried
Roby Cemetery, Nashua NH
9. Abner McKean, bap. Apr. 20, 1807 Merrimack NH
10. +Frederick McKean, bap Apr. 20, 1807 Merrimack NH; d. March 17 1857, buried Roby Cemetery, Nashua NH. He m. Dec. 30, 1831 Almira Roby of Dunstable, MA, daughter of Benjamin*, b. 1813, d. June 26, 1838.
11. Rebecca McKean, bap Apr. 20, 1807 Merrimack NH
12. Kezia McKean, bap. Apr 20, 1807 Merrimack NH

-------------------Next Generation---------------------

Samuel McKean, son of Samuel & Sarah (Eayers) McKean, was b. March 29, 1785, d. July 16, 1845 and is buried in Roby Cemetery, Nashua NH. He m. Betsey Bowen, she b. 1793, d. June 2, 1876 and is buried at Roby Cemetery in Nashua NH.
Children of Samuel & Betsey (Bowen) McKean:
1. +Hugh McKean, b. 1814, d. Feb. 10, 1893
2. Isaac McKean, b. 1818, d. Apr. 6, 1889, buried Roby Cemetery, Nashua NH

William McKean, son of Samuel & Sarah (Eayers) McKean, b. Oct. 27, 1792, d. July 2, 1870; m1st) Elizabeth Hamblet. She b. 1800. He m2nd) Apr. 20, 1847 to Mary Spaulding, daughter of Daniel and Mary. She was baptized Oct 19, 1793 in Merrimack NH.
U.S. Census > 1850 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Merrimack
William McKean 57 M Farmer 5000 b NH
Elizabeth McKean 50 F NH
Charles H. McKean 21 M Farmer NH
Adaline H. McKeen 15 F NH
Nancy Ann McKean 12 F NH
Angeline McKean 9 F NH
U.S. Census > 1860 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire > Hillsborough > Merrimack
William McKean 67 M Farmer 5000/4500 NH
Elizabeth McKean 60 F Wife
Nancy M. McKean 22 F Teacher
Angeline H. McKean 19 F Domestic
Children of William & Elizabeth (Hamblett) McKean:
1. Charles McKean, b. 1829, d. Dec 19, 1874, buried Roby Cemetery, Nashua NH
2. Adaline McKean, b. 1835
3. Nancy Ann McKean, b. 1838; d. March 11, 1924, buried Last Rest Cemetery; she m. George C. Hoitt
4. Angeline McKean, b. 1841
5. William McKean [this child shown in history of Merrimack NH, but I believe it is either an error, or the child died young]

James McKean, son of Samuel & Sarah (Eayers) McKean, b. 1799, d. 1862,
buried Last Rest Cemetery in Merrimack NH; he m. Mary R. Allen. She was b.
1807 and d. Jan 1871 and is buried in Last Rest Cemetery.
Children of James & Mary R. (Allen) McKean:
1. James A. McKean, b. 1827, d. 1861, buried Last Rest Cemetery; married
Mary Rogers
2. Mary A. McKean, b. 1829, d. 1830, buried Last Rest Cemetery
3. Mary E. McKean, b. 1832, d. Fe 21, 1901, buried Last Rest Cemetery
4. Lucy M. McKean, b. 1834, d. 1849, buried Last Rest Cemetery
5. Charlotte E. McKean, b. 1841, d. 1849, buried Last Rest Cemetery
6. Henry L. Forest McKean, b. 1846, d. 1907, buried Last Rest Cemetery; m. Emma A. Hovey. She b. 1850, d. 1906, buried Last Rest Cemetery; in 1880 living with the John & Carrie Read family in Merrimack, both working in a mill.
7. Francis J. McKean, b. 1847, d. 1849, buried Last Rest Cemetery

Isaac McKean, son of Samuel & Sarah (Eayers) McKean, bap Apr 20, 1807 in Merrimack NH, d. Jan 28, 1869, buried Roby Cemetery, Nashua NH. He married March 30, 1837 to Adaline Caldwell. She b. 1815 and d. Jan 14, 1859 and is buried in Roby Cemetery in Nashua NH.
U.S. Census > 1850 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire >
Hillsborough > Nashville
Benjamin Roby 63 M Farmer 1500 NH
Rebecca Roby 68 NH
Rebecca Roby 33 F NH
Benjamin F. McKean 17 M Laborer
Charles N McKean 33 M Laborer
--living next door--
Isaac McKean 59 M Farmer 200
Adaline McKean 36 F NH
Clemina McKean 12 F NH
Adoline? A.L. 10 M NH
Sabra C. 4 F NH
Children of Isaac & Adaline (Caldwell) McKean:
1. Abaeline L. McKean, b 1840, d. June 7, 1863
2. Saraphine "Sabra C." McKean, b. 1852
3. Irena McKean, b. July 29, 1856; d. Dec 25, 1930, buried Roby Cemetery, Nashua NH

Frederick McKean, son of Samuel & Sarah (Eayers) McKean, bap Apr. 20, 1807 Merrimack NH; d. March 17 1857, buried Roby Cemetery, Nashua NH. He m. Dec. 30, 1831 Almira Roby of Dunstable, MA, daughter of Benjamin*, b. 1813, d. June 26, 1838 and is buried in Hillside/Roby Cemetery in Nashua NH. He married 2nd) Sarah --.
Children of Frederick & Almira (Roby) McKean:
1. +Benjamin F. McKean, b. 17 June 1833 in Nashua NH
2. Louisa McKean, b. abt 1836 NH
Children of Frederick & Sarah (?) McKean:
3. Sarah McKean
4. Mary Ann McKean
5. Lucy Jane McKean

-------------------Next Generation---------------------

Hugh McKean, son of Samuel & Betsey (Bowen) McKean, b. 1814, d. Feb 10,
1893; he m1st) ? who d. July 25, 1870. He m2nd) Annette Morgan. She b. 1838, d. Sept 14, 1924.
Child of Hugh & Annette (Morgan) McKean:
1. Roxanna McKean, b. 1877; m. Nov 12, 1902 Henry A. Lawrence

Benjamin F. McKean, son of Frederick & Almira (Roby) McKean, b. 17 June 1833 in Nashua NH, and d. 3 Jan 1923 in Nashua NH. He is buried at Hillside/Roby Cemetery in Nashua NH. He married 31 March 1870 in Nashua NH to Sarah A. Stearns, dau of Henry H. & Amelia Poole (Blake) Stearns. She was b. abt 1848 in Hollis NH and d. 11 Sep 1873 in Hollis NH.
U.S. Census > 1850 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire >
Hillsborough > Nashville
Benjamin Roby 63 M Farmer 1500 NH
Rebecca Roby 68 NH
Rebecca Roby 33 F NH
Benjamin F. McKean 17 M Laborer
Charles N McKean 33 M Laborer
--living next door--
Isaac McKean 59 M Farmer 200
Adaline McKean 36 F NH
Clemina McKean 12 F NH
Adoline? A.L. 10 M NH
Sabra C. 4 F NH
U.S. Census > 1860 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire >
Hillsborough > Nashua Ward 1
Benjamin Roby 73 M Farmer 1800 150 NH
Rebecca Roby 78 F House Keeper NH
Rebecca Roby 43 F NH
Benjamin F. McKean 27 M Farm Laborer NH
U.S. Census > 1870 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire >
Hillsborough > Hollis
Stearns, Henry H. 49 M W Farmer 100 NH
Stearns, Amelia 50 F W Keeping House Maine
Stearns, George H. 25 M W Farm Laborer NH
Stearns, Charles A. 18 M W Farm Laborer NH
McKean, Benjamin 37 M W Farmer NH
McKean Sarah A. 22 F W housekeeper NH
U.S. Census > 1880 United States Federal Census > New Hampshire >
Hillsborough > Nashua > District 0
Tinker, Leonard W M 63 Farmer NH Conn NH
Tinker, Rebecca W F 63 wife keeping House NH NH NH
McKean, Benjamin F. W M 47 nephew Teamster
McKean, Sadie A. W F 8 grand niece attending school NH NH NH
January 4, 1932 Obituary - B. F. McKean - Manchester Union Leader
NASHUA, Jan. 3.--Benjamin F. Mckean, 90, died today at the John M. Hunt Home where he had been an inmate for the past 14 years. He was widely known to old time residents. He was a native of Merrimack. He is survived by a
daughter, Mrs. Salle Weston of Pepperell, Mass. two granddaughters and 13
great grandchildren. Mrs. William Hazelton of Hudson is a niece.
Child of Benjamin F. & Sarah A. (Stearns) McKean:
1. Sadie Amelia McKean, b. 12 Jan 1872 in Nashua NH, d. 24 May 1959 in Groton MA. She married 18 June 1890 in Manchester NH to Edwin George Weston. She m2) --- Trumbull; m3rd) George Gillette.


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