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Daniel Webster Highway,
directly across the street from
The Common Man Restaurant (304 DW Highway)
in the Thornton's Ferry section of the town
located in south Merrimack near exit 11 on the Everett Turnkpike

For a listing of tombstone inscriptions in other cemeteries in Merrimack,
see the CEMETERIES page.

Recommendations: first, view the list of tombstone inscriptions in the link directly below (PDF file); match up the inscription with the photograph of the tombstone. This should be done because the inscription list will have more detail, while the photograph link has only brief information. Please do not request additional photographs (as I do not live in NH currently). If you do not see your ancestor/relative here, check the transcription list FIRST, and if it appears there, then other photographs to see if your ancestor's stone is in the background. Some of the stones were missing, broken, or illegible. The photographs are not ALL the tombstones, only some of the stones in the oldest section. In a few cases the inscriptions are not shown in the original tombstone listing, so I have provided the inscription as a hypertext link to the photograph. Note that there are a couple of tombstones that I photographed that you won't find in the transcription list (go figure).

Thornton Cemetery Tombstone Inscription List - (PDF file - 8 pages)

Please NOTE: your viewing of these photographs, indicates that you understand that these photographs, in their entirety, or in cropped sections, may NOT be used for any purpose, either electronic or printed medium, which are offered for sale (for example, but not limited to, newspapers, books, web sites, brochure's, booklets, CD's etc.) without my EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION. Doing otherwise is in violation of United States copyright law. You may contact me (as the webmaster) of this site to request permission. If you are unable to contact me, this does NOT give you permission to use these photographs. In those cases where written permission is granted, posted credits must always be given to Janice W. Brown, the photographer and owner of these images.

Thorton Cemetery (Tombstone Photos)
Taken July 2005
Not to give away any secrets, but alot of folks believe that Matthew Thornton is buried at the large obelisk next to the Thornton's Ferry Cemetery in south Merrimack. His burial spot is actually in a different spot, within the Thornton's Ferry Cemetery, where he is buried along with his wife and other Thornton family members. SEE below see photographs of his actual burial spot and tombstone.
SEE FREE ONLINE BOOK: "Addresses at the Dedication of the Monument Erected to the Memory of Matthew Thornton," by New Hampshire Governor and Council; Published 1894; The Republican Press Association (Google Books)
General View #2 - Thornton Cemetery
General View #3 - Thornton Cemetery
General View #1 - Thornton Cemetery
General View #5 - Thornton Cemetery
Tombstone - General View #6
General View #4 - Thornton Cemetery
Tombstone - General View #7 .
Tombstone - General View #8

Thornton's Graveyard sign (new sign in 2007) presented by Heritage Commission to the Town (photo used with permission of MHC)
From inside the cemetery, looking across the road to the old Thornton homestead #1- Thornton Cemetery
From inside the cemetery, looking across the road to the old Thornton homestead #2 - Thornton Cemetery
Matthew Thornton Monument - Thornton Cemetery #1
Matthew Thornton Monument - Thornton Cemetery #2
The ACTUAL grave site of Matthew Thornton who signed the Declaration of Independence
Tombstones - Hannah Thornton wife of Hon. Matthew Thornton & Hon. Matthew Thornton (d 1803) "An Honest Man"
Tombstones - Thornton FAMILY - the entire groiup
Historic site marker at Thorntons Ferry Cemetery
Historical Marker at Thornton Monument
Tombstones - Thornton family
Tombstones - Mary THORNTON, dau of James & Mary - Thomas THORNTON, son of James & Mary
SEE Photographs of Matthew Thornton's grave in the Thornton's Ferry cemetery (external site)
Tombstones - Sally W. THORNTON, wife of Matthew Thornton (d 1857)& Matthew Thornton d. 1822
Tombstones - Andrew THORNTON (d 1787) & Matthew Thornton (son of Hon. Matthew & Hannah,(d. 1804)
Tombstone - Sophia SHEPHERD wife of Hon. James B. THORTON; her husband, Hon. James Bonaparte THORNTON
Tombstones - Mary THORNTON wife of James Thornton & James Thornton

Tombstone - Sally BARRETT (d 1819)
Tombstone -
Rhoda BLANCHARD (wife of Joseph, d. 1858)
Tombstone - Willie W. BLANCHARD, son of Joseph and Rhoda W. (d 1874)
Tombstone -
Hannah BLANCHARD, wife of Joseph Blanchard (d 1904)
Tombstone -
Joseph BLANCHARD (d 1896)
Tombstone - George BLANCHARD (d 1916)
Tombstones - Timothy BOWERS (d 1840) and his wife Lucy (d 1852)
Tombstone - Young sons of John and Elizabeth BOWERS, i.e. Ephraim and Joseph.
Tombstones - Ruth BURNAP, wife of Rev. Jacob (d 1773) & Mary LUND, widow of JOHN
Tombstone - Robert CARTER (1835-1916) and his wife Mary A. (1832-1906)
Tombstone - Ballard Smith CONANT, son of John and Sarah Conant (d 1812)
Tombstones - John CONANT (d 1824) and Sarah his wife (d 1812
Tombstone - Capt. Israel Conant (d 1808)
Sacred to the memory
of Capt
who died
May 26 1808
in the 33 Year
of his age
. . Tombstones - Clara and Mary COTTON and Cotton stones
Tombstones - Mary COTTON, wife of Capt Samuel (d. 1836) and Capt. Samuel COTTON, (d. 1822)
Tombstone - Anna Crooker (dau of A.F. & M.A. Crooker) d. 1860 et al
Tombstones - Stephen CROOKER, Esq. (d 1824) and hiw wife Sarah (d 1835)
Tombstones - Martin CROOKER Esq. (d 1837) -- Lydia Crooker wife of Japhet (d 1819) -- Capt Japhet Crooker (d 1835)
Tombstones - Anna, dau of Capt Japhet CROOKER (d 1840) -- Sarah, wife of Martin M. Crooker (d. 1884) -- Martin Crooker Esq. (d 1837)
Elizabeth Cumings, dau of Capt Jonathan & Elizabeth Cumings / Mrs. Elizabeth Cumings, wife of Capt Jonathan Cumings
Tombstone - Joseph CUMINGS, son of Capt Jonathan & Elizabeth Cumings
In Memory of
Joseph Cumings
Son of Cap. Jonathan Cumings and Mrs.
Elizabeth his wife
who departed this life
March 9, 1776 in the 34th year
of his age
Tombstone - Sarah Darrah, dau of James & Sarah Darrah.
Samuel Dickey
July 6, 1824
56 years
Tombstone - Samuel DICKEY (d 1824)
Tombstone - Margaret C. DICKEY, widow of Samuel
Tombstone - Hannah EAYRS, dau of William and Hannah (d 1804)
Tombstone - Ferguson Stone - Side 3: Granville, Margaret his wife, Emily May their daughter.
Tombstone - Ferguson Monument - James W. (1829-1914) and his wife Emily (1831-1920)
Tombstone - Ferguson Stone - 2nd side: David (1827-1898), William (1854-1911) and Louise G., William G.'s Wife (1856-1945)
Tombstone - Abbie J. Goodwin wife of Daniel Dempsey (1833-1925)
Tombstone - William Goodwin (d 1891) and wife Abigail F. Goodwin (d 1889)
Tombstone - Freeman H. HAMBLETT 1873-1901
Tombstone - Ann HARRIS, d. 1888
Tombstone - Prudence S. Harris, died Aug 26, 1858?
Tombstones - Ebenezer HARRIS, d. 17 March 1843, AET 83 yrs 8 ms [revolutionary patriot] -- Rebecca wife of Ebenezer Harris died March 20, 1852 Aet 90 yrs.
Tombstone - ESTHER HARRIS, wife of Azariah Harris (d. Sep 6, 1851 Aet 80)
Tombstone - Azariah HARRIS (d 1856)
Tombstone - John H. HARTWELL (d 1912) and Sarah F. HARTWELL (d 1916)
Tombstone - Mary A. HENSON, wife of Richard (d 1875)
Tombstone - Thomas W. HERBERT (d 1891)
Tombstone -
Evelyn A. HERBERT, wife of Thomas W. (d. 1907)
Tombstone - Charlotte H. HERBERT, wife of Thomas W. (d 1870)
Tombstones - HILLS family
Tombstones - Elisabeth HILLS, wife of Ebenezer (d. 1771) & Ebenezer HILLS (d. 1804)
Tombstone - Joseph HILLS, son of Ebenezer & Elizabeth Hills
In Memory of Mr.
Joseph Hills Son
of Mr. Eben & Mrs. Elizabeth Hills
who departed this life
July 5, 1785 in 27th year
of his age [DAR flag]
Tombstone - Dr. BARNARD HOITT, d 1839
Tombstone - Ann P. (COTTON) HOITT, wife of Barnard E. Hoitt M.D. (d 1881) .
Tombstone - John A. HUTCHINS, d. 8 July 1828
Tombstone -
HORATIO CATES HUTCHINS, son of Horatio and Abigail HUTCHINS, d. May 14, 1855, aged 10 years 3 mos.
Tombstone - HORATIO G. HUTCHINS, died Jan 31, 1850, AE 58. [Note: not on tombstone transcription list]
Tombstone - Mrs. LUCY HUTCHINS, wife of Col. Gordon Hutchins
Tombstone - MEHITABLE JONES [transcription record says incorrectly Mehetable], d. 13 Feb 1863
Tombstone - Dorothy JONES, wife of Daniel Jones, d. 1836
Tombstone - Caleb JONES (d 1859) and Eliza T. Moulton (formerly wife of Caleb Jones) d. 1876
Tombstone - Kendall family (group)
Zebedee KENDALL, son of Lt John & Deborah Kendall
Here Lyes the Body
of Mr. Zebedee
the Son of
Lieut John Kendall
& Mrs. Deborah Kendall wife
Departed his life the 24th of
Aprill A.D. 1749
Tombstones - Leonard KENDALL (d 1875) and Clarrisa Kendall (d 1871) Tombstone - Francis Kendall (d 1839, age 13)
Tombstone - Died Feb 13, 1812, age 34 - broken stone, probably that of REBEKAH LUND
Tombstones - Lt. Charity LUND (d 1793) and Lucy, wife of Charity Lund (d 1805)
In memory of Lieut
who departed this life
June 11th 1793
in the 62 year
of his age
"In the cold mansions of the silent tomb
How still the solitude, how deep the gloom
Here sleeps the dust unconscious close confined
But far, far distant dwells the immortal wind."
Tombstones - Esther LUND (d. 1857), William Lund (d 1845), Cosmo Lund (d 1834)
Tombstones - Jarahmeel LUND (d 1818) and Stephen LUND (d 1821)

Tombstone - Charity LUND, d. 1813
Tombstones - Margaret A. Thornton (d 1850) and Mrs. Sarah LUTWYCHE, wife of Capt. Lawrence Lutwyche (d 1778)
Tombstone - Miss Eveline Frances MORSE, d. 1881 [transcription says stone missing, but thats incorrect because here it is]
Tombstone - Mr. James QUINTON, d. 1776
In memory of
Mr. James Quinton
who departed this
Life Feby 12th
in the 76th year
of his age
Tombstone - Miss Polley Underwood, dau of Phinehas & Mary Underwood
Tombstone - Phinehas UNDERWOOD, d. 24 Sep 1757 [transcription says footstone only, this is an error, as this is the headstone]
Tombstone - William WELLS (1840-1901) and his wife Josephine E. WELLS (1844-1918)
Tombstone - John E. WORCESTER (d 1898) and Chastina WORCESTER, John's wife (d 1896)
Tombstone - Job WORCESTER (no date) -- Ann his wife died 1898

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