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Tombstone detail in Merrimack NH
For additional photographs of some tombstones in the Reeds Ferry,
Thornton's Ferry and Last Rest Cemetery see the "Photographs" section
of this web site

In addition to Last Rest Cemetery (a public cemetery), Merrimack New Hampshire has four Town cemeteries: Reed's Cemetery, Thornton's Ferry Cemetery, Reeds Ferry Cemetery, and Turkey Hill (Meetinghouse) Cemetery. These cemeteries date back to the 1700's and are an important part of Merrimack's past.

The "History of Merrimack NH," 1978 Merrimack Historical Society, Higginson Book Company states:
"In 1754 when the meeting was held to raise money for a mettinghouse, the townspeople provided enough land for a training field and a burying place."

At one time there was an earlier burying ground along the east bank of the Merrimack River, but it was washed away in a flood sometime prior to 1835. Many of Merrimack's early residents came from Litchfield, and when they died, they were buried in this cemetery. The headstones which could be saved were placed in other cemeteries in the town of Litchfield. Early Merrimack names such as Barnes, Caldwell, Darrah, Lund and Underwood can be found in gravestones in Litchfield cemeteries.

Old deeds and diaries have been found that mention private graveyards on private property. Surrounding towns had private family graveyards and Merrimack could have also. However, no stones or records have been found to prove that anyone was ever buried in these palces. People in the northern section of what is now Merrimack were buried in Bedford (NH) prior to 1750. The first burying ground mentioned in town records is that of the meetinghouse, located on Meetinghouse Road near where it joins Turkey Hill Road. It is now known as Turkey Hill Cemetery.

In 1764 we find the town trying to get a deed from Edward Lutwyche for Thornton Cemetery in the southern part of town, known as Thornton's Ferry. No deed from him or anyone else or any records concerning the purchase of this cemetery have been found. It has been said that Matthew Thornton gave it to the town, but no one really knows how the town acquired it.

Although Turkey Hill Cemetery is the first one mentioned in town records, Thornton Cemetery has the oldest date on a gravestone. Both cemeteries have large spaces which show signs of graves with no markers. There are many stones which have fallen or broken and have been left for nature to cover over the years. The oldest known grave in Turkey Hill Cemetery is that of Hugh McInnes who died November 18, 1771. Thornton Cemetery has a stone marked Zebedee Kendall who died April 14, 1749.

These two cemeteries were used for over 150 years. The last burial in Thornton Cemetery was for Louise C. Ferguson, who died in 1945. Raymond family members were buried in Turkey Hill Cemetery in the 1980's (although burials here after 1950 were rare).

Mathew Thornton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence
and prominent colonial statesman, rests in Thornton's Ferry Cemetery.

BESIDES THE RESOURCES ON THIS SITE, there are other websites showing tombstone inscriptions and gravestones that may be helpful to you:

- New Hampshire Old Graveyard Association

- Find-A-Grave (now owned by Ancestry.com)


The photographs above are of new (in 2007) Thorntons, Reeds and Reeds Ferry Cemetery signs that were created and presented by the Merrimack Heritage Commission to the town of Merrimack. These photographs were taken by the Merrimack Heritage Commission and are used here with permission.


Reed's Ferry Cemetery
In memory of Matthew
Son of Mr. Nathan &
Mrs. Mary Parker
who died May 21, 1814
AEt 11
Luther Woods
died June 28, 1823
Aet 27
Peter Woods, Jr.
died December 20, 1835
AEt. 45
Thornton's Ferry Cemetery
Turkey Hill Cemetery (Tombstone Photos)

NASHUA NH Cemeteries
Some early settlers of the area
Old Dunstable Cemetery, Nashua NH
(from Find-A-Grave)

Tombstone inscriptions Old Dunstable (Find-A-Grave)

Old Dunstable aka Old South Cemetery (Grave Addiction)

The Old Dunstable/Old South Cemetery is located at the intersection of Daniel Webster Highway and Poisson Avenue in Nashua, New Hampshire (Hillsborough County).
The coordinates are 42° 42' 53" N, 71° 26' 42" W.

Gilson Road Cemetery Inscriptions (Find-A-Grave) Nashua NH

The Gilson Road Cemetery is located
GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 42.71653, Longitude: -71.51302

Webmaster's Note: My personal thanks to Joyce Bishop, Lorraine Demers and Jo Kilbourn for the extensive work they performed to compile and document lists of those buried in the Merrimack NH cemeteries.

I am especially grateful to Jo Kilbourn who scanned the original documents into PDF format and provided them for this web site

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