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Corner of Turkey Hill Road & Meetinghouse Road

For a listing of tombstone inscriptions in other cemeteries in Merrimack,
see the CEMETERIES page.

The "History of Merrimack NH," 1978 Merrimack Historical Society, Higginson Book Company states: "In 1754 when the meeting was held to raise money for a mettinghouse, the townspeople provided enough land for a training field and a burying place."

The first burying ground mentioned in town records is that of the meetinghouse, located on Meetinghouse Road near where it joins Turkey Hill Road. It is now known as Turkey Hill Cemetery.

Although Turkey Hill Cemetery is the first one mentioned in town records, Thornton Cemetery has the oldest date on a gravestone. Both cemeteries have large spaces which show signs of graves with no markers. There are many stones which have fallen or broken and have been left for nature to cover over the years. The oldest known grave in Turkey Hill Cemetery is that of Hugh McInnes who died November 18, 1771. Some burials were still occurring in Turkey Hill Cemetery until 1987 (although it was rare after 1950).


Recommendations: first, view the list of tombstone inscriptions in the link directly below (PDF file); match up the inscription with the photograph of the tombstone. This should be done because the inscription list will have more detail, while the photograph link has only brief information. Please do not request additional photographs. If you do not see your ancestor/relative here, check the transcription list FIRST, and if it appears there, then other photographs to see if your ancestor's stone is in the background. Some of the stones were missing, broken, or illegible. The photographs may not be of ALL the tombstones (it is possible that I missed a few).

Turkey Hill Cemetery (tombstone inscription list) aka Meeting House Cemetery in south Merrimack (PDF file - 19 pages, so be patient while this loads)
Turkey Hill Cemetery location is: Latitude: 425130N;
Longitude: 0713116W.

Please NOTE: your viewing of these photographs, indicates that you understand that these photographs, in their entirety, or in cropped sections, may NOT be used for any purpose, either electronic or printed medium, which are offered for sale (for example, but not limited to, newspapers, books, web sites, brochure's, booklets, CD's etc.) without my EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION. Doing otherwise is in violation of United States copyright law. You may contact me (as the webmaster) of this site to request permission. If you are unable to contact me, this does NOT give you permission to use these photographs. In those cases where written permission is granted, posted credits must always be given to Janice W. Brown, the photographer and owner of these images.

Turkey Hill Cemetery (Tombstone Photos)
Taken July 2005
Merrymac Welcome Sign (adjacent to graveyard)
Memorial to Reuben CUMMINGS, Merrimack's only casualty of the American Revolutionary War (outside cemetery)
BARNES, Sarah, dau of Lieut Reuben

BARRON, Charlotte C, wife of Jonathan

BLOOD, Mary Elizabeth; DARRAH, Frances (wife of James Darrah Jr., broken stone)
BUTTERFIELD, George son of Frederick & Elizabeth
CARLTON & DANFORTH families - including DANFORTH, Solomon & Solomon Jr.
CHAMBERLAIN, Lydia Ann, dau of James & Lydia
CHANDLER, Samuel [stone broken]
CUMMINGS, Jonathan; 2 sons of Jonathan Jr. & Deborah
DANFORTH Family #2 - Ruth wife of Samuel and Sarah, wife of Dea. Samuel Danforth
DANFORTH Family - including Ruth wife of Samuel & Lephe, dau of Dea. Samuel & Sally
FIELDS, Isaac Franklin, son of Isaac & Hannah
FIELDS, Elizabeth, wife of Joshua
FIELDS, Eliza Susan; Rodney L. [ch Capt. Samuel & Sarah]
FOSTER, Lydia, Irena (stones in background)
GAGE, Mrs. Polly, wife of Isaac, dau Dea. Daniel & Mary INGALLS
GIBSON Family - Samuel & Margaret
GILMORE, Mrs. Rebecca (formerly wife of Capt. Henry FIELDS)
GILMORE, Hannah Vickere, dau James & Lucy Gilmore Jr.
GOSS, John Sullivan & Henry Farmer, ch of John & Rachel Goss
HARTSHORN, Rusha, dau Benj & Abigail
HENDERSON, Mary Jane and Robert, children of James & Fanny Henderson
HENDERSON, Amelia, wife of David
HILLS, Mrs. Lucy wife of Joseph
HOWE, Mark & illegible stone (possibly Anna, wife of Mark) - shown as HOW in transcription
INGALLS, Miss Sarah P. dau Dea. Daniel & Mary
INGALLS, Elizabeth dau Dea. Daniel & Mary
KIDDER, Susanna, wife of Thomas
LONGA Monument (side 2): LONGA, Tyler T.
LUCAS, Erastus A, son of Levi & Loisa
McCLENCHE, Betsey - dau of Joseph & Margaret
McCONIHUE, Sarah, wife of John
McGILVERY, John. (d Dec 24, 1794, a native of Scotland)
NICHOLS, Benjamin - son of Francis & Annia (Akin) NOURSE
NOURSE, Ruth wife of Benjamin Sr.
PARKER, Kezia, wife of Mr. Ebenezer
RAYMOND, Tracy & Hilda (a more recent stone)
REMINGTON, Elizabeth, wife of Jesse
REMINGTON, Mrs. Susanna wife of Mr. Albert
RETTERBUSH, Mary - wife of Christopher
RETTERBUSH, Mrs. Lucy, wife of Mr. Christopher
SHEDD, Caroline, dau Dennis & Elizabeth [stone broken]
SPAULDING, Abigail, wife of Oliver; Oliver; Sarah dau of Samuel & Sarah(Behind) SPAULDING, Samuel; Sarah wife of SamuelSPAULDING, Ephraim; Naby dau of Mr. Oliver & AbigailSPAULDING, Rebecca
SPAULDING, John Langdon, son of Asa & Joannah
STEVENS, Dorothy, consort of Abial Stevens
TARBELL, Ensign Cornelius, son of Cornelius & Elizabeth
THOMPSON, Priscilla, wife of James
WILLIAMS, Anna, widow of Rev. Abraham
WILKINS, Jane Elizabeth, dau of Joshua & Nancy
WILKINS, Hannah, wife of John
VICKERE, Miss Hannah [dau Ensign Benj]
VICKERE, Elifeus, son Ensign Benjamin & Hannah
VICKERE, Benjamin and Dorcas [ch of Ensign Benjamin]
VICKERE, Mary [dau Ensign Benj]
VICKERE, Rachel [dau Ensign Benj]

Note: additional photographs of Turkey Hill Cemetery, taken by Marc Nozell, can be found on this FLICKR page. It is worth looking at, in case I missed any.

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