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F A M I L Y   T R E E S  of Merrimack, NH (Part V)

- Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the accurateness or authenticity of these genealogies. Please see the reference material used for more information. Please see the sources at the bottom of this page for more information. This is not a complete genealogy of all of the Cummings family branches, simply the ones who settled in that area now known as Merrimack NH. Please do not ask me to research your family line. If you have additional material to add to the Merrimack lines, I would be glad to add that information if you contact me.

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NOTE: By about 1850 the Cummings Family had all removed from the town of Merrimack NH, many to nearby townships such as Hudson, Litchfield, Nashua, etc. This line still had descendants in the town from the female lines who married into other families. I do not find any related Cummings in Merrimack NH again until about 1910 and they are noted in this genealogy.

Isaac-1 CUMMINGS [CUMINGS, COMINS, COMMEN] Although family tradition points to Scotland as the ancestral land of the Cummings family, no record of the birthplace or parentage of Isaac-1 Cummings, the immigrant ancestor has been discovered there. According to the New England Genealogical Register (noted in the sources), an Isaack Commen, who had children exactly matching those of this Isaac, was of Mistley, Essex, England (on the Suffolk border). He disappears from the English records just before appearing in Watertown MA. His three children baptized in Mistley exactly match the American records. The spelling "Commen" is in line with the American variations of the name. Isaac-1 Cummings was born in 1600/1601 according to a deposition dated 27 March 1666 (Essex Court Files, 2:90). He married ANNE --- probably in Essex or Suffolk, England by 1628, as his first known child was baptized at Mistley in early 1629.
   Isaac and Anne appear in the Mistley parish registers from 20 May 1629 to 22 February 1634/5. The following year he appears in Massachusetts in "an entry made by the town clerk of Watertown, where his name appears in the records of land grants]. He received a grant of 35 acres of land at Watertown, MA in 1636, and was a land owner at Ipswich MA as early as 25 July 1638, and owned a house lot in Ipswich Village 9, 2 mo 1639. He appears on a list of the "Commoners" of Ipswich, Massachusetts on the last day of the year 1641. This early lot which he owned in Ipswich was a planting lot in "Reedy Marsh," and a house lot in town. An old record is quoted in Essex Co. Historial and Genealogical Register: "Whereas Isaac Comings...Sold Andrew Hodges of this town all the said seven acres of land, more or less, lying near highway to Jeffries Neck, 1639, 26, (6)." The name appears on a list of Freeman in Watertown, 1642. In 1652, Samuel Symonds and his wife Martha sell to him, in consideration of L30, 150 acres "joining partly on Daniel Clark's land." A Cummings descendant (Mr. Samuel Todd) indicates "There is evidence that the first Isaac owned considerable land on the west side of Howlet's (then Winthrop's) Brook, pretty near two miles N.W. of the old Cummings place on this side of the river." "One hundred acres lyding on the westerly side and fifty acres on the easterly side," from Historical Collections, Vol. V, of Topsfield Historical Society.
   In 1666 he was constable, and his son Isaac was his deputy, and in a deposition he states his age to be 65. The same year he was assessed 4s 7d. to pay the town's indebtedness. He was deacon of the church and in 1676, moderator of the town meeting. No mention is made of his wife, nor of her name. She was not living when his will was made, May 8, 1677. His estate was appraised at L166 1s 6d with debts amounting to L19. His wife is not mentioned in his will. He died at Topsfield, MA between 8 and 22 May 1677.
Children of Isaac-1 & Anne (?) Cummings:
1. Isaack-2, bp 20 May 1629 in Mistley, England; buried at Mistley, England 23 May 1629.
2. +John CUMMINGS, baptized 9 May 1630 in Mistley England. On the list of Freemen, 1672, his name precedes Isaac's. 1673 he testified in court to being 40 years old; in 1678, 43 (47?); in 1679, 50.
3. Isaac "Isaack" CUMMINGS, baptized 9 May 1630 in Mistley, England. In 1692 he testified to being 60 years; in 1696, 63; m. 27 Nov 1659 Mary Andrews, eldest dau of Robert and Grace Andrews of Rowley Village (Boxford MA). Lived in Ipswich MA; d. in June 1721 in Topsfield MA, had issue.
4. Ann/Anne CUMMINGS, baptized 22 Feb 1634/5 in Mistley England; she was said to be 60 years of age at her death, June 29, 1689 at Enfield CT. She married, 8 Oct 1669 John PEASE, his second marriage. Had 3 children, James, Isaac and Abigail.
5. Elizabeth CUMMINGS, b. ca 1637 probably in Watertown or Ipswich MA; married 2 Apr 1661 John JEWETT. By deed, Feb 28 following the marriage Isaac Cummings conveyed to him a farm in Topsfield "for and in consideration of his marriage with my daughter, Elizabeth. She died 9 July 1679. He married 2) Elizabeth Chadwell, widow of Benjamin Chadwell. After his death, Elizabeth (Chadwell) Cummings married 23 Oct 1716, Dea. Ezekiel Jewett. Elizabeth (Cummings) Jewett had 9 children: Elizabeth, Hannah, Isaac, Sarah, Abigail, John, Abigail (2d), David, Mary, Daniel, Jonathan, Dorcas and Rebecca.


JOHN-2 CUMMINGS (Isaac-1) baptized 9 May 1630 in Mistley England; married Sarah HOWLET, dau of Sergeant Thomas and Alice (French) Howlet. John Cummings (listed among the commoners 1672) by his father's will, 1677, was made sole executor and given the "house and lands, 40 acres more or less," from which were to be paid the legacies to other heirs. In 1661 he was taxed 10s in Rowley Village (Boxford, MA). Four hundred acres were laid off there to him and Thomas Dorman and Robert Stiles. This was bordered on the west by the Andover MA line. In 1678-9 he is spoken of as "a gatherer" in Boxford of a rate "to procure powder and bullets." Both himself and wife were members of the Topsfield church and dismissed, but he "without recommendation," 16 December 1685. About 1680 he removed with his wife and family to Old Dunstable [Dunstable MA]. On the 16th of 1685 he was one of seven males mentioned as having entered into covenant to form the church in Dunstable. He had become a proprietor, one of the first fourteen proprietors, of that new town, some three years before, 30 November 1682. Jonathan Tyng deeded lands to him and to Isaac, John Jr. and Thomas Cummings at the same time, 29 January 1683. He was selectman in 1682, and for several years town clerk. He died 1 Dec 1700 in Dunstable MA, and his wife died 7 December 1700. Of his children, Nathaniel, Thomas, Sarah, William, Eliezer, Benjamin and Samuel are recorded in the Essex County records at Salem, MA. The birthdays of the others are not known. As respects Isaac and Ebenezer, Fox's Dunstable [book] says: "These two were either killed by the Indians or drowned, as they died 2 November 1688, and were not buried for many days after." Mr. Kimball Webster, of Hudson NH quotes from Dunstable MA records as follows: "Isaac Cummings, son of John and Sarah, departed the 2 Nov., and was buried the 20th Nov. 1688."
Children of John-2 & Sarah (Howlet) CUMMINGS:
1. +John CUMMINGS, b. in Boxford MA 1657 and lived in Old Dunstable; married 13 Sep 1680 Elisabeth, dau of Samuel & Hannah (Bracket) Kinsley of Billerica, MA.
2. +Thomas CUMMINGS, b. 6 Oct 1658
3. Nathaniel CUMMINGS, b. 10 Sep 1659; married Abigail Parkhurst of Chelmsford MA. Settled early in Old Dunstable. Had issue: John, Nathaniel, Eliezer and Joseph. A descendant of this line, namely Eugene B. Cummings would live in Merrimack NH in 1910. Eugene did not marry and had no issue. His line of descent was: Nathaniel-3 & Abigail (Parkhurst) Cummings; John-4 & Elizabeth (French) Cummings, John-5 & Sarah (Howard) Cummings, Willard-6 Howard & Polly (Pike) Cummings; Willard Howard-7 & Joanna C. (White) Cummings; Andrew Jackson-8 & Sarah A. (Blodgett) Cummings; Eugene Burton-9 Cummings. Also in 1910 Harriet (Litchfield) Cummings was living in Merrimack NH. She was the widow of Marcus-8 Cummings, of this same line, son of Willard Howard-7 & Joanna C. (White Cummings). Another descendant of this line was Prentiss Cummings of Brookline MA, a life member of the New England Historical Genealogical Society.
4. Sarah CUMMINGS, b. 28 Jan 1661; married 24 Dec 1682, Lieutenant Samuel FRENCH, son of Lieut. William & Elizabeth French of Billerica, MA. He was an early settler of Dunstable and one of those who formed the church there. Issue (French): Sarah, Samuel, Joseph [who m. Elizabeth Cummings], Ebenezer [killed by Indians 5 Sep 1724 at Naticook], Richard, Alice and Jonathan.
5. Abraham CUMMINGS, married 28 Feb 1686-7, Sarah WRIGHT of Woburn, dau of Dea. Joseph & Elizabeth (Hassell) Wright. His children's births are recorded in Woburn MA except Josiah's which is recorded in Old Dunstable. Had issue: Abraham, Joseph, Sarah, Jacob, Josiah and Eleazer.
6. Isaac CUMMINGS, d. 2 Nov 1688
7. Ebenezer CUMMINGS, d. 2 Nov 1688
8. William CUMMINGS, twin, b. 5 Aug 1671; d. 30 March 1672
9. Eleizer [Eleazer] CUMMINGS, twin, b. 5 Aug 1671
10. Benjamin CUMMINGS, b. 23 Feb 1672-3
11. Samuel CUMMINGS, b. 28 Dec 1677

*********THIRD GENERATION************

JOHN-3 CUMMINGS (John-2, Isaac-1) b. in Boxford MA 1657 and lived in Old Dunstable; married 13 Sep 1680 Elisabeth, dau of Samuel & Hannah (Bracket5) Kinsley of Billerica, MA. She b. in Braintree MA 22 Nov 1657. (She was called "Goody" Cummings). He is probably the John who is designated "Serg't Cummings" and was one of a small garrison in Dunstable, established 25 Dec 1702, under command of Lt. Col. Jonathan Tyng. His house stood on the right hand of the road from Dunstable to the present town of Tyngsboro MA, about a half mile from the garrison. "At sunset a Mr. Cummings and his wife went out to milk their cows and left the gate open. The Indians who had advanced undiscovered, started up, shot Mrs. Cummings dead ('Goody Cummings died July 3, 1706, at night') upon the spot, and wounded her husband who had his arm broken, but was so fortunate as to reach the woods while the Indians were engaged in the house. That night he lay in a swamp in the northerly part of Tyngsborough, about a quarter of a mile west of the great road, and a few rods south of the state line. The next day he arrived at the garrison near Tyngsborough Village." (I. N.H. Historical Collection 133).
Children of John-3 & Elisabeth (Kinsley) CUMMINGS:
1. John CUMMINGS, b. 7 July 1682; m. 3 Oct 1705 [recorded Charlestown MA] to Elizabeth Adams. He died 27 Apr 1759 in Westford MA where he was an early settler. Had issue.
2. Samuel CUMMINGS, b. 6 Oct 1684; married 14 Jan 1708-9, Elizabeth SHED in Charlestown MA. Resided Groton MA. After his death, she married 2) 23 Jan 1720, Robert Robbins of Littleton. Had issue: Samuel, Jerahmeel, James.
3. Elisabeth CUMMINGS, b. 5 Jan 1687; married Joseph FRENCH, son of Samuel & Sarah (Cummings) French who was b. 10 march 1687. Had issue.
4. Sarah [Hannah] CUMMINGS, b. 20 May 1690 [recorded in Groton MA]; married 14 July 1720, Matthew Butman of Boxford MA as his 2nd wife [his 1st wife being Faith, dau of Thomas and Hannah (Sloan) Jewett).
5. Ebenezer CUMMINGS, b. 17 Sep 1695 [recorded in Woburn MA]; died 5 Sep 1724. He belonged to a company under command of Lieut. Jabez Fairbanks, which in the early part of 1724 search for the Indians. 4 Sep 1724 he joined a party of men under Lieut. Ebenezer French (his cousin) in pursuit of some Indians who had taken two neighbors captive. This party were waylaid at what is now Thornton's Ferry [now the southern part of Merrimack NH] on the Merrimack River. Eight bodies of the killed were recovered and buried in one grave. Four rude headstones were still to be seen in 1903 in the old burial place near "Little's station" in Nashua NH, on one of which is the name of "Mr. Ebenezer Cummings, aged 29 years." He was not married.
6. Ann CUMMINGS, b. 14 Sep 1698, probably married John Taylor, as in 1727 the "wife of John Tailor" was notified by administrator in the matter of the estate of Ebenezer Cummings, deceased. In 1718 John Taylor owned, besides meadow land, 188 acres of Brattle Farm, which covered the site of Dunstable village. 12 March 1743 "Dea. John Taylor, Ebenezer Parkhurst and Capt. John Cummings were appointed on a committee of the town." [Loring's Bi-Centennial Oration].
7. Lydia CUMMINGS, b. 14 March 1701, died April 1701
8. William CUMMINGS, b. 24 Apr 1702; married Sarah, dau of William and Esther HARWOOD. William Cummings was one of the men who started on Lovewell's expedition, but near the island at the mouth of the Contoocook, he was disabled by an old wound and sent home. He was assessed in Nottingham West in 1733. There is a record of land deeded to him 7 Jan 1722 on the east side of the Merrimack, as part of the farm known as "the Joseph Hills farm." He was a deacon of the church. He died 29 Aug 1757. Had issue.

DEACON THOMAS-3 CUMMINGS (John-2, Isaac-1) married 19 Dec 1688, Priscilla Warner, dau of Samuel & Mercy (Swan) Warner, b. in Ipswich 25 Sep 1666. He was an early settler of Dunstable. 3 Jan 1712, he was among several persons to whom William Brattle deeded some 2000 acres. In 1718, he owned 125 acres of the Brattle Farm in that town. He was a carpenter by trade. He was elected deacon of the church. He lived, perhaps in the southern part of the old town of Dunstable, as his son joined in 1733 in a remonstrance against the location of the meeting house in the northern part of the town, near the old site [Nason, p. 56]. He was buried at the cemetery near what was called "Little's Station" which is north of the Massachusett's state line. The inscription reads: "Here lyes the body of Deacon Thomas Cummings, aged 64 y. 17 d. Deceased Oct 23, 1722." One source states that he was probably the Thomas who was in Boston [MA] for several years, for whom William Mumford, stone-cutter, became surety, 19 July 1694. Two children's births are on record there to Thomas and Priscilla. During the Indians disturbances, many of the inhabitants of Dunstable were obliged to find refuge elsewhere. In 1696, two-thirds of the settlers had fled, and in 1699 only 20 heads of families remained.
Children of Deacon Thomas-3 & Priscilla CUMMINGS:
1. Priscilla CUMMINGS, b. 1 Oct 1689; d. 13 Sep 1728
2. Mary CUMMINGS, b. 25 Apr 1692; m. Lieut Oliver FARWELL [see]
3. Thomas CUMMINGS, b. 24 Oct 1694, birth recorded in Boston MA; died 2 June 1695/6 in Boston MA
4. Sarah CUMMINGS, b. 15 Sept 1696, birth recorded in Boston MA. One record makes a Sarah Cummings married to -- Parker, of Needham, but according to Needham marriages as given in N.E. Hist. and Gen. Register, LVI 37, Mary Cummings married 7 May 1727, Benjamin PARKER.
5. Ann, b. 6 Feb 1699
6. Thomas CUMMINGS, b. 10 Apr 1701. With his mother, administered his father's estate 1725-6; settled in Hudson NH
7. +Jonathan CUMMINGS, b. 3 July 1703; d. 1791
8. Ephraim CUMMINGS, b. 10 May [March] 1706; married 1732 to Elizabeth Butler, dau of Deacon John & Elizabeth Butler of Pelham NH who was b. 4 Sept 1704 in Woburn MA. His name appears on the tax list in Nottingham West [now Hudson NH] from 1733-1770 where he settled in the south easterly part [and was land originally laid out to his father Thomas, as a part of his share of the common lands of Dunstable. Ephraim Cummings died about 9 March 1771, as by the diary of Nathaniel Merrill, he made his coffin, and the date of the funeral is given as 11 March, 1771. Had issue [b Nottingham West]: Peter, Sarah, David, Elizabeth, Ephraim, Hannah [who m. Joseph Cummings], and Priscilla [who m. Jonathan LUND]
9. Samuel CUMMINGS, b. 12 Apr 1708 in Dunstable MA; d. 20 Jan 1723 probably in Hollis NH; m. Prudence --. Had issue: Sybil, Prudence, Samuel, Mary, Benjamin and Thomas

*********FOURTH GENERATION***********

MARY-4 CUMMINGS (Deacon Thomas-3, John-2, Isaac-1) born 25 Apr 1692, married Lieut Oliver FARWELL, son of Henry and b. 1691. He was killed by the Indians at Thornton's Ferry [now south part of Merrimack NH] in the same attack as that in which Lt. Ebenezer French and Ebenezer Cummings were killed, 5 Sep 1724. He was brother of Josiah, the only survivor of that attack, and who was Lieut under Capt. John Lovewell in the famous fight at Pequawket, 8 May 1725, and being wounded, died on 11 May 1725.
Children of Lieut Oliver & Mary (CUMMINGS) Farwell:
1. Mary FARWELL, b. 8 May 1716
2. Oliver FARWELL, b. 19 Nov 1717, married Abigail HUBBARD, who died 18 Aug, 1789, aged 68. He died 12 Oct 1808 in Dunstable. He was constable in 1743.
3. Benjamin FARWELL, b. 14 May 1720, died 20 May 1772. Selectman in Old Dunstable, 1755.
4. Sarah FARWELL, b. 8 May 1724.

Jonathan-4 CUMMINGS (Deacon Thomas-3, John-2, Isaac-1) b. 3 July 1703; m. Elizabeth, dau of Capt. Joseph and Abiah (Hassell) BLANCHARD. She b. in Old Dunstable, 25 Apr 1697. He was one of the original soldier's in Lovewell's group, but was sent home to accompany William Cummings [see]. He bought about 600 acres of land in Merrimack, about two miles west of Thornton's Ferry, and settled there [on a farm known later as the William McKeen place]. He sold a part but kept a large farm bordering on Naticook Pond. It was very good land but considerably uneven. He was one of the founders of the church in Merrimack (in 1771), and one of the first two deacons (elected deacon 2 Nov 1772). He was a leading man in affairs of the town, and a deacon many years. He was selectmen in Litchfield in 1744; moderator of the first town meeting in Merrimack NH and selectman there 1748, 1749 and 1751; According to the Merrimack Town History he served as Fence Viewer, Moderator, Selectman and Sealer of Weights and Measures. The births of his children are recorded in the old Dunstable records (as this part of Merrimack was part of Old Dunstable). He died in Merrimack NH 1791. She d. 28 May 1744.
Children of Jonathan & Elizabeth (Blanchard) Cummings:
1. +Jonathan CUMMINGS, b. 5 June 1729 in Dunstable MA. [41]
2. Susannah CUMMINGS, b. 16 Nov 1730 in Dunstable MA; d. 1810; m. 26 March 1778 to Thomas BARNES.
3. Benjamin Blanchard CUMMINGS, b. 15 Aug 1732 in Dunstable MA
4. Elizabeth CUMMINGS, b. 1745; d. 7 June 1771/72. Buried Thornton's Cemetery, Merrimack NH.
5. +Joseph CUMMINGS, b. 22 Apr 1742; d. 12 March 1776; buried Thornton's Cemetery, Merrimack NH; m. Susanna
6. +Simeon CUMMINGS, b. 1739 in Merrimack NH [42]

**********FIFTH GENERATION***************

JONATHAN-5 CUMMINGS (Jonathan-4, Deacon Thomas-3, John-2, Isaac-1) b. 5 June 1729; married Deborah Russell, dau of Peter and Deborah (Crosby) Russell. She b. 3 June 1740 and d. 9 Sep 1820 and is buried in Turkey Hill Cemetery in Merrimack NH. He died 10 July 1787 and is buried in Turkey Hill Cemetery, Merrimack NH. He was elected deacon of the church in Merrimack, NH 13 Nov 1781, having been a member at its organization in 1771. Rev. Mr. Allen in his sermon says that Jonathan often held office and was a useful citizen, and that he lived where Ruben Pratt was living in 1846. The History of Merrimack NH states that he served Merrimack NH as Field Driver, Fence Viewer, Constable, Surveyor of Highways, Surveyor of Lumber, Pound Keeper, Tythingman, Town Clerk and Selectman. He is shown in the 1787 Tax list in District 8.
Children of Jonathan-5 & Deborah (Russell) CUMMINGS
1. +Jonathan CUMMINGS, b. 4 March 1759 in Merrimack NH
2. Deborah CUMMINGS, b 14 June 1761 in Merrimack NH; m. m. 17 Apr 1781 to James COOMBS
3. Sibyl [Sibell] CUMMINGS, b. 8 May 1763 in Merrimack NH; m. 12 Oct 1783, Samuel BARRON. She d. 17 Apr 1811. She is buried in Turkey Hill Cemetery, Merrimack NH
4. +Thomas CUMMINGS, b. 15 Dec 1764 in Merrimack NH [105]
5. Rebecca CUMMINGS, b. 28 Sep 1766 in Merrimack NH, d. 13 June 1782; buried Turkey Hill Cemetery, Merrimack NH
6. Susanna CUMMINGS, b. 7 Sep 1768 in Merrimack NH; m. 7 Feb 1793 to John STACY
7. Jane [Jenny] CUMMINGS, b. 30 Sep 1770 in Merrimack NH; d. 6 Sep 1775; buried Turkey Hill Cemetery in Merrimack NH
8. Elizabeth CUMMINGS, b. 12 Sep 1772 in Merrimack NH; unmarried; d. 8 Feb 1858
9. Joseph CUMMINGS, twin, b. 29 Apr 1774 in Merrimack NH, d. May 16 1774; buried Turkey Hill Cemetery, Merrimack NH
10. Benjamin CUMMINGS, twin, b. 29 Apr 1774 in Merrimack NH, d. 24 May 1774; buried Turkey Hill Cemetery, Merrimack NH
11. Rachel CUMMINGS b 12 May 1775 in Merrimack NH
12. Cyrus CUMMINGS, b. 12 May 1775 in Merrimack NH; married Abigail Davis, dau of Moses and Olive (Bodwell) Davis. She b. 17 Nov 1780 and d. at Newport VT 9 Feb 1854. He died at Newport VT 11 Feb 1858. Issue: Abigail (who m. Merrill Pike), Cyrus, Moses, Russell, Lorenzo, Olive, Benjamin, Jonathan, Mary Jane and Lovisa Davis.
13. Mary CUMMINGS, b. 2 June 1779 in Merrimack NH; m. 26 March 1823 to Dr. Abel GOODRICH. He. b in Lunenberg MA Sept 1761, d. 12 Jan 1841. He studied medicine with Dr. Bowers of Billerica MA; moved to Merrimack NH in 1784. She d. 3 March 1830 and is buried in Turkey Hill Cemetery in Merrimack NH.
14. Sarah Crosby CUMMINGS, born 28 Apr 1781, baptized 3 May 1781 in Merrimack NH; m. 26 Aug 1798 to Josiah HODGEMAN of Merrimack NH [See more in Town History]
15. Rebecca CUMMINGS, b. 6 Apr 1783; baptized 13 Apr 1783 in Merrimack NH; [Merrimack Town History states that she d. 14 Dec 1785] m. Dec 1800, Stephen BENSON. He b. 8 June 1777 and d. 27 Aug 1852. She d. 14 Dec 1857. Resided in Maine. Issue (BENSON): Seth Ellis, Rebecca, Sewall, Benjamin Chandeller, Russell C., Mary, Albert, George Binder, Ruth.
16. Ruth Warner CUMMINGS, b. 13 July 1785.

JOSEPH-5 CUMMINGS (Jonathan-4 Deacon Thomas-3, John-2, Isaac-1), b. 22 Apr 1742; died 12 March 1776, buried at Turkey Hill Cemetery in Merrimack NH; married Susanna [Hannah] --.
Children of Joseph-5 & Susanna/Hannah (?) CUMMINGS:
1. Reuben CUMMINGS, b. 25 June 1761 in Merrimack NH. He died 13 Sep 1776. Reuben Cummings was a drummer from Merrimack NH at Cambridge MA and Bunker Hill; in Capt. Barrow's company for Canada July 1776, and died 13 Sep in his 16th year. [SEE HIS MILITARY PAPERS - PDF FILE]
2. Betty CUMMINGS, b. 27 Sep 1762 in Merrimack NH
3. Ruth CUMMINGS, b. 15 Apr 1764 in Merrimack NH

SIMEON-5 CUMMINGS (Jonathan-4, Deacon Thomas-3, John-2, Isaac-1) b. 1739 in Merrimack NH; married 1st) 18 June 1763 at Chelsmford MA to Hannah BOWERS. She d. 31 Jan 1797. He married 2) Mrs. Mary Smith who had (see Hist. of Hollis, p 214) a daughter, Phebe C., born in Dracut 2 June 1790 and married Hon. Ralph E. Tenney of Hollis. After Simeon's decease, 18 Jan 1810, the widow removed to Hollis and died there. Simeon Cummings, Esq., had mills [Atherton Mills] in Merrimack NH. He was justice of the peace after New Hampshire became a State. He was selectman in 1766, 1775-79, 1783, 1785 and 1786, and was often chairman of the board, delegate to the constitutional convention, 1781, represenative in the Legislature, 1797. According to the History of Merrimack NH he served the town of Merrimack as Hog Reeve, Field Driver, Fence Viewer, Constable, Surveyor of Highways, Tythingman, Surveyor of Lumber, Selectman, Moderator and Town Clerk.
Children of Simeon-5 & Hannah (Bowers) CUMMINGS:
1. Sarah CUMMINGS, b. 28 July 1764 in Merrimack NH; m. 29 March 1781 to Deacon Solomon DANFORTH. He b. 12 Jan 1756, son of David & Joanna (Shed) Danforth of Billerica MA. He came to Merrimack NH in 1776. They had "three sons and nine daughters, all excellent singers."
2. +James L. CUMMINGS, b. 28 Dec 1766 in Merrimack NH
3. +Simeon CUMMINGS, b. 29 March 1769 in Merrimack NH
4. Jonathan CUMMINGS, b. 7 July 1776
5. Hannah Peters CUMMINGS, b. 23 Feb 1779; m. 6 Feb 1806 to JOHN LUND, of Dunstable.
6. Leafy Bowers CUMMINGS, b. 24 Feb 1784. Removed with her step-mother to Hollis. "She was feeble-minded."

**********SIXTH GENERATION************

Jonathan-6 CUMMINGS,(Jonathan-5, Jonathan-4, Deacon Thomas-3, John-2, Isaac-1) b. 4 March 1759 in Merrimack NH; married 28 June 1785 to Lydia HILLS, dau of Ebenezer HILLS. She b. 13 July 1761. Resided in Merrimack, NH. Was on the tax list in Hillsborough [town] in 1796-1802. A Jonathan of Merrimack NH apparently was in Capt. Pullman's company at the battle of White Plains and discharged December 1776.
Children of Jonathan-6 & Lydia (?) CUMMINGS:
1. Elizabeth CUMMINGS, b. 21 Aug 1786 in Merrimack NH
2. Lydia CUMMINGS, b. 5 Oct 1788 in Merrimack NH
3. Jonathan CUMMINGS, b. 1 Sep 1790 in Merrimack NH. He died 12 April 1794 and is buried at Turkey Hill Cemetery in Merrimack NH
4. Achsah [Abijah] CUMMINGS, b. 21 Apr 1793 in Merrimack NH. An Achsah Cummings, 13 Jan 1817 married in Hillsborough NH, Edward HARRINGTON of Ashby MA. In the 1850 US Census of Boston (Ward 12) in Suffolk Co. MA, Edward Harrington, age 68 Mariner b. Mass and wife Aschsah Harrington, age 59 b. NH were living in household of Nathaniel and Olive Howard, an Apothecary (age 67, so a contemporary).

Thomas-6 CUMMINGS (Jonathan-5, Jonathan-4, Deacon Thomas-3, John-2, Isaac-1) b. 15 Dec 1764 in Merrimack NH; married 25 Oct 1792, widow Anna (GIBSON) May, daughter of Samuel & Ann (McAffee) Gibson. She b. in Lyman NH and d. in Hinesburg VT, aged 76. She was the widow of Samuel May, who d. 17 Jan 1790, by whom she had Anna, b. 28 Jan 1787, and John, b. 2 Nov 1789. Thomas Cummings died 28 Nov 1838 at White Pigeon, Michigan. She d. 3 Sep 1845.
Children of Thomas-6 & Anna (Gibson) CUMMINGS:
1. Martha CUMMINGS, b. 12 June 1793 in Merrimack NH; married William WRIGHT. Resided in Orange, Wisconsin. "Said to have had 25 children" of whom there are named, Jesse, William and Landon.
2. Jonathan CUMMINGS, b. 7 July 1794; m. Clarissa Gould at Littleton NH. He died 27 Jan 1879 at Mt. Carroll, IL. Resided at Crown Point, NY. Had issue (children born at Littleton NH): Hollis, Simeon, Reuel, Russell, Emily Fanny, Cordelia, Byron G., Samantha E., Milo, Alzina.
3. Rebecca CUMMINGS, b. 6 Apr 1796; married James (?Moses) FELLOWS. She d. 13 Oct 1869 at Mt. Caroll, IL. No children.
4. Elizabeth CUMMINGS, b. 14 May 1797; m. James DUNCAN of Erie, PA. Resided in 1886 with her daughter, Elizabeth (who m. Byron G. Cummings) "in Dakota".
5. Anderson CUMMINGS, b. 23 March 1801; d. 5 Oct 1832 at Quebec, from cholera.
6. Leonard CUMMINGS, b. 26 March 1802; m. Mary Lampson at Crown Point NY. She d. 29 Sep 1834 and he d. 22 Feb 1859 both at Crown Point NY. Issue (b. Crown Point NY): Mary Ann, Adeline, Anderson P., Elizabeth.
7. Russell CUMMINGS, b. 29 Aug 1804, d. 15 Sep 1808 at Franklin NH
8. Simeon CUMMINGS, b. 13 Aug 1806; d. 4 March 1820 at Crown Point NY
9. Peletiah Russell CUMMINGS; b. 5 July 1809 at Littleton NH
10. Hiram CUMMINGS, b. 16 Sep 1810 at Concord VT; m. 14 June 1835 Lavina Soule. He d. 10 Dec 1887 in San Francisco, California
11. Daniel Gibson CUMMINGS, b. 5 March 1812; m. 1842 Louisa Forbes; m2) 1850 Amelia Wallace

James L.-6 CUMMINGS (Simeon-5, Jonathan-4, Deacon Thomas-3, John-2, Isaac-1) b. 28 Dec 1766 in Merrimack NH; m. 5 July 1878 to Lucy FRENCH, dau of Benjamin FRENCH of Dunstable MA. She b. 7 Nov 1769. He removed to Passadumkeag ME by 1809.
Children of James-6 & Lucy (French) CUMMINGS:
1. Lucy French CUMMINGS, m. 1 June 1819 in Old Town ME to Thomas BARTLETT, had issue.
2. Maria J. CUMMINGS, b. in Passadumkeag, ME; m. John B. MORAN
3. Mary CUMMINGS; m. Daniel TWIST
4. James CUMMINGS, bap. 28 Sep 1788 in Merrimack NH; m. Hannah [?Ingalls]. Had issue, born in Maine
5. Nancy CUMMINGS, bap. 20 June 1790 in Merrimack NH; m. 29 Nov 1810 in Penobscot ME to John DUDLEY and had issue.
6. Benjamin French CUMMINGS, 3 June 1792 in Merrimack NH; d. 24 Nov 1874 in Sperry Township, Clayton Co. IA; married and had issue.
7. Leiffy [Olivia] CUMMINGS, bap. 17 May 1797 in Merrimack NH; married 1) Samuel BAILEY; m2) H.M. CODMAN; had issue.
8. Harriet CUMMINGS, bap 24 June 1798 in Merrimack NH; d. 19 Feb 1855 in Greenfield, Penobscot Co ME; m. Jesse WHEELER; had issue
9. Elizabeth B. CUMMINGS, b. abt 7 July 1809 in Passadumkeag ME
10. Fannie Melvina CUMMINGS, b. abt 1811 in Passadumkeag ME; m. Phillip FOSTER and had issue.
11. Frederick Goodrich CUMMINGS; b 17 Feb 1816 in ME; d. 30 Oct 1874 in Sperry Township, Clayton CO. IA; m. Sophia Douglass and had issue (b. in IL, WI and IA).

Simeon-6 CUMMINGS (Simeon-5, Jonathan-4, Deacon Thomas-3, John-2, Isaac-1) b. 30 March 1769 in Merrimack NH; d. 8 Jan 1854 in Tyngsboro MA; m1) 22 Jan 1797 to Mary SIMONDS, dau of William Simonds of Hillsborough NH. She d. 15 March 1815. He married 2) Mary Groves BRIMMER, dau of Daniel and Rebecca (Groves) Brimmer. She b. 29 July 1794 at Beverly MA and d. 2 May 1842 at Tyngsboro MA. He removed to Hillsborough NH and afterwards to Tyngsboro MA.
Children of Simeon-6 & Mary (Simonds) CUMMINGS:
1. Sophia CUMMINGS, b. 25 Dec 1797 in Hillsborough NH; d. 6 Jan 1879 Florida; m. 30 May 1822 to Hugh JAMESON, son of Thomas & Mary (Steele) Jameson. Had issue.
2. Charles CUMMINGS, b. 27 Dec 1798
3. Gilman CUMMINGS, b. 21 Sep 1799; d. 21 July 1816
4. Leafe CUMMINGS, b. 3 Oct 1801
5. Alfred C. CUMMINGS, b. 4 Jan 1802 in Hillsborough NH; d. 7 Feb 1814
6. Welthy Ann CUMMINGS, b. 2 Aug 1806; d. 28 July 1882; m. 4 Apr 1844 Cummings Kendall, son of Temple and Prudence (Swallow) Kendall. He was b. in Dunstable 21 Sep 1812 and d. in Tyngsboro MA 20 Sep 1885. She d. 28 July 1882. No issue.
7. Joseph Willes CUMMINGS, b. 10 Feb 1808 in Hillsborough NH; m. 17 May 1836 in Boston MA to Martha E. Mandell. Had issue.
8. Simeon Bowers CUMMINGS, b. 28 Feb 1810, bap 8 July 1810 in Merrimack NH; d. 12 Sep 1823; d. in Tyngsboro MA 12 Sep 1823.
9. Mary CUMMINGS, b 22 Jan 1814; d. 4 Jan 1900, Los Angeles, California; m. 7 Apr 1840, Joseph Brooks Pierce. Had issue.
Children of Simeon-6 & Mary G. (Brimmer) CUMMINGS:
10. Robert Brimley CUMMINGS, b. 4 Jan 1822; d. 15 Jan 1877 in Boston MA; m. 8 Apr 1858 Mary Whaland, dau of Edward & Eliza (Breed) Whaland. No issue
11. Edward Simeon CUMMINGS, b. 1 Dec 1823
12. George Lang CUMMINGS, b. 20 Oct 1825; d. 15 Jan 1833, drowned.
13. William Dennis CUMMINGS, b. 4 Nov 1829
14. George Lang (2d) CUMMINGS, b. 27 June 1833; m. 23 Feb 1859 Annie Eliza Fletcher, dau of Samuel & Caroline (Johnson) Fletcher. Had issue.

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