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To learn about how to research your family tree in Peterborough NH and in the state of New Hampshire
VISIT this important section of my web site!!

Only Peterborough NH specific documents, located on this web site, or available to the public on-line are listed here.


In New Hampshire, birth, death and marriage records since 1640 may be obtained EITHER from the City or Town Clerk in the city or town where the event occurred, OR from the NH Bureau of Vital Records.

Please note that the State of NH did not require town clerks to send records to the Bureau until the early 1800's. You probably want to first check with the Peterborough NH town clerk to see what records they do maintain.

Bureau of Vital Records
Division of Vital Records Administration
29 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03301
800-852-3345 x4651 (M-F, 8-4:30)
in NH - 603-271-4650
Fax: 603-271-3447
Email: vitalrecords@sos.state.nh.us

Peterborough NH Town Clerk's Office
Town Clerk
Town of Peterborough
1 Grove Street
Peterborough, NH 03458
Phone: 603.924.8000 -- Ext 105

Annual Report of the Town of Peterborough (including vital statistics, births marriages and deaths) for the years as follows: 1927, 1936-1938, 1940-1949, 1951-1963-1966, 1968-1991, 1996-1998, 1999-2003

For Divorce, Land/Deed Records and Probate Records...
SEE NH Genealogy


Note: The Department of Public Works, for the town of Peterborough is responsible for maintenance of some of the following cemeteries.

Peterborough Cemeteries include:
[click this link for listing of cemeteries in Peterborough AREA and directions]

  • Ed MacDowell Cemetery, Peterborough North*
  • Jarmany Hill Cemetery, Peterborough South* (Route 123) | Find-a-Grave Listings
  • North Cemetery, Peterborough South
  • Norway Plain Cemetery, Peterborough North*
  • Pine Hill Cemetery, Peterborough North
  • Pine Ridge Cemetery, Peterborough
  • Seccombe Cemetery - situated between Union Street and MacDowell Road adjacent to the Adams Playground
  • St. Peter's Cemetery, Peterborough North
    [this is behind St. Peter's Church on Vine Street]
  • Old Town Cemetery - Old Street Road [see LOOKUP below]
  • Village Cemetery, Peterborough North (Concord St.)

    For a history of Peterborough cemeteries, SEE History on this site.
    For a limited number of photographs of tombstones in St. Peter's and the Village Cemetery, SEE Photographs



SEE History of the town of Peterborough, Hillsborough county, New Hampshire, with the report of the proceedings at the centennial celebration in 1839 ; an appendix containing the records of the original proprietors and a genealogical and historical register by Smith, Albert, b. 1801; Morison, John Hopkins, 1808-1896; Publication date 1876 [Internet Archive]

[NOTE: For those with access through HeritageQuest at their local library, the History of Peterborough is available online for free]. Much of this book is also available FREE at Google Books HERE.

Surnames included in this history are: Abbot, Adams, Alexander, Alld, Allison, Ames, Annan, Bailey, Baker, Barber, Blair, Blanchard, Bowers, Boynton, Brackett, Brennan, Bruce, Bullard, Buss, Caldwell, Carey, Carley, Carter, Chapman, Chase, Cheney, Childs, Clark, Cogswell, Converse, Cragin, Cram, Crane, Cuningham, Cutler, Cutter, Davis, Davison, Day, Diamond, Dodge, Dunbar, Duncan, Dustan, Edes, Evans, Fairbanks, Farnsworth, Farnum, Farwell, Faxon, Felt, Ferguson, Ferry, Field, Finch, Follansbee, Forbush, French, Frost, Gates, Gibbs, Goodridge, Gordon, Gowing, Gray, Gregg, Grimes, Hadley, Haggett, Hammill, Hannaford, Hill, Holmes, Holt, Hovey, Howe, Howden, Hunt, Ingalls, Jewett, Kimball, Laws, Leathers, Little, Livingston, Longley, Loring, McAlister, McCoy, McCloud, McClourge, McKean, Maynard, Mears, Melvin, Miller, Mitchell, Moore, Morison, Mussey, Nahor, Nay / McNee, Nelson, Osgood, Parker, Payson, Ritchardson, Ritchie, Robbe, Sawyer, Scott, Senter, Shedd, Smiley, Smith, Spalding, Spofford, Spring, Steele, Stevens, Stuart, Swan, Taggart, Taylor, Templeton, Thayer, Todd, Treadwell, Turner, Tubbs, Twiss, Upton, Vose, Varnum, Walker, Wallace, Washburn, Weston, White, Whittemore, Wilder, Wilson, Young, and Youngman.


"At the battle of Bunker Hill, though there could not have been more than seventy or eighty families in the town, twenty-two of our citizens [of Peterborough] were present and seventeen actively engaged in the fight." For further details of Peterborough and the Revolutionary war, view "History of Peterborough - American Revolution" (13 pages, PDF file, please be patient for this to download)

For ALL OTHER sources of military records, SEE THIS PAGE.


A Topographical and Historical Account of Peterborough, New Hampshire, by Rev. Elijah Dunbar, published August 1, 1822 in "Historical Collections." (includes info on early settlers).

An Address Delivered at the Centennial Celebration in Peterborough NH, by John Hopkins Morison, published in 1839

History of the Morrison-Steele Families of Peterborough NH (and elsewhere), by Leonard Allison Morrison, published 1880

Proceedings of the Sesqui-centennial Celebration Held at Peterborough NH, 1890 (Google Books, free, searchable)

Thomas Treadwell of Ipswich MA and some of his descendants, by Henry Fritz-Gilbert Waters in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register (some descendants settled in NH, including Peterborough), published 1906.

Peterborough memorial pageant [The House of dreams; held August 16-20, 1910 in the woods on the grounds of the MacDowell Memorial Association. - by George Pierce Baker

The Walkers of Peterborough in New Hampshire : Concord, October, 1899 - Sanborn, F. B. (Franklin Benjamin)


Peterborough Historical Society

Mail: Michelle M. Stahl, Executive Director
Peterborough Historical Society
P.O. Box 58, 19 Grove Street
Peterborough, NH 03458
(603) 924-3235
email: director@peterboroughhistory.org

According to recent correspondence with the
Peterborough Historical Society any inquiries for information and research request can be sent to the above address

Their resources include:

1) History of Peterborough New Hampshire. George Abbot Morison and Etta M. Smith. Richard R. Smith Publishers Inc., Rindge NH, 1954. This is a two volume set that is no longer in print. Book one is a narrative and history of town. Book two is the genealogy. This history covers from settlement to the late 1940's including the MacDowell Colony, Military history through to the Korean war, a section on old houses and farms in the area, the fire, flood and hurricane of 1926 and 1938 and the depression area. The genealogy covers from the early 1800's to the 1950's.

2) Our Changing Town Peterborough 1939-1989. Peter Randal Publisher, Portsmouth, NH 1996.This is a two volume set, narrative and genealogy, that covers the recent town history from 1939-1989.The genealogy covers the late 1800's to 1989. This book is still in print and available.

3) Inscriptions on Gravestones in the Two Old Cemeteries on the East Hill in Peterborough, N.H. Peterborough Historical Society, 1979.This book list all the grave stone inscriptions from the two cemeteries on Old Street Road.

4) The Early Roads of Peterborough: Transcripts of the early roads from 1760 to 1860 with explanatory notes. Richard H. Sanderson, 2000

If you visit the Historical Society in person, you can obtain a free brochure "A Walking Tour of Peterborough NH" which you will greatly enjoy.

Peterborough Library
Michael Price, Director
Peterborough Town Library
2 Concord Street
Peterborough, NH 03458
Telephone: 603-924-8040

Historical resources at the library - they have the McGilvray HistoricalRoom- items can't be checked out, but they can be photocopied. Mainly town histories, and some vital records. They can be accessed online through the library's online catalog link. We also have a microfilm reader/printer in the Historical Room, so if you can find it on the microfilm, you can print it. There are also paper copies of most newspapers, although we prefer you use the microfilm where you can. The Transcript goes back to 1854, the Ledger from 1976 on; and smatterings of other microfilmed holdings.

A lot of people doing historical or genealogical research contact the Reference Librarian at the Peterborough Library.

Read the story by "Life From the Roots," about the offerings of the Peterborough (NH) Library.

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History and Genealogy of Peterborough, Hillsborough County, New Hampshire
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